Location name:
Trenton - National Air Force Museum of Canada, Ontario, Canada
44.11436462N 77.54924011W
Last update:
10 July 2014
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
3521A-17A Nomad ICanadaAir ForcestdRecovered wreck
C-FLWK/VF5822598Auster AOP.6CanadaCivilpreIn CAF colours
13620444004CH-136CanadaAir ForcepreAs 136208
13510232002CH-135CanadaAir ForcepreUN markings
1560CA-160Expeditor 3TMCanadaAir ForcestdParts seen, complete frame now here?
134201M-1325CT-134CanadaAir Forcepre
3411/X-764-2167YaleCanadaAir Forcepre
1303134066CC-130ECanadaAir Forcepre
18774674CF-100 Mk.5CanadaAir Forcepre
1446011040CC-144ACanadaAir Forcepre
1073223CP-107CanadaAir Forcepre
1140151015CT-114CanadaAir Forcepre
CF-LTW-X1CT-114CanadaCivilstdAs CAF 114000
1167211021CF-5ACanadaAir Forcepre
1889110097CF-188BCanadaAir Forcepre
232571047Sabre Mk.5CanadaAir Forcepre
101040551CF-101BCanadaAir Forcepre
101046562CF-101BCanadaAir ForcepreStill here?
104646583A-5316CF-104DCanadaAir Forcepre
1181013213CH-118CanadaAir Forcepre
960151.018H-5CanadaAir Forcepre
113154009CH-113CanadaAir Forcepre
147201M.3284CH-147DCanadaAir Forcepre
FK466414-6942Hudson Mk.VICanadaAir Forcestd
KB88237183Lancaster B.10CanadaAir Forcestd
140102285B-5689CP-140CanadaAir Forcepre
3270/AN-C07-137Harvard IICanadaAir Forcepre
21435T33-435CT-133CanadaAir Forcepre
133593T33-593CT-133CanadaAir Forcepre
77696002009MiG-21MFEast GermanyAir Forcepre
J-402941H/697396Hunter F.58SwitzerlandAir Forcepre
FZ658/P12217Dakota IIIUnited KingdomAir Forcepre
WB550C1/0002Chipmunk T.10United KingdomAir Forcepre
NA337/2P-XHalifax A.7United KingdomAir Forcepre
134213M-1337CT-134CanadaAir ForcepreRemoved
1303144067CC-130ECanadaAir ForcepreRemoved
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