Location name:
Bentwaters, England, United Kingdom
52.12638474N 1.44181311E
Various stored airframes
Last update:
20 October 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
XT5971611Phantom FG.1United KingdomAir Forcepre
XT905/P2636Phantom FGR.2United KingdomAir Forcestd
XT907/W2665Phantom FGR.2United KingdomAir Forcestd
XV4603231Phantom FGR.2United KingdomAir ForcestdForward fuselage only
XW267212006Harrier T.4United KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ996/DD-96712219Harrier GR.3United KingdomAir Forcestd
ZH806/N-730NB11Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavystd
ZH810/125NB15Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavystd
ZH812/005NB17Sea Harrier FA.2United KingdomNavystd
XX292119/312117Hawk T.1WUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XG19641H/680021Hunter F.6AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XX150/FYB15Jaguar T.4United KingdomAir Forcestd
XX838/FZB26Jaguar T.4United KingdomAir Forcestd
XX842/FXB30Jaguar T.4United KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ107/FHS108Jaguar GR.3AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ360/FNS127Jaguar GR.3AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ361/FTS128Jaguar GR.3United KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ366/FCS133Jaguar GR.3AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ385/FTS150Jaguar GR.3AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XZ400/FQS165Jaguar GR.3AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XW321/62EEP/JP/985Jet Provost T.5AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
XW416/84EEP/JP/1038Jet Provost T.5AUnited KingdomAir Forcestd
ZD258/365270Lynx HMA.8SRUUnited KingdomNavystd
ZE375319Lynx AH.9AUnited KingdomArmystd
ZG884346Lynx AH.9AUnited KingdomArmystd
ZG886348Lynx AH.9AUnited KingdomArmystd
ZG889352Lynx AH.9AUnited KingdomArmystd
ZG916355Lynx AH.9AUnited KingdomArmystd
G-TMPV41H-511591Tempest VUnited KingdomCivilstd
42-66841/153422-1352P-38HUnited StatesAir Forcestd
E.18B-2/42-7131P-67PA-31PSpainAir ForcedltRemoved
ZE396257211BAe.125-CC.3United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
ZF160/160S012Tucano T.1United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
ZF412/412S131Tucano T.1United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
ZF516/516S160Tucano T.1United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
ZH655TX003Harrier T.10United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
ZK534259/312278Hawk T.53United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
XX739/IS36Jaguar GR.1United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
XX751/10S48Jaguar GR.1United KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
XZ113/FDS114Jaguar GR.3AUnited KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
XW330/82EEP/JP/994Jet Provost T.5AUnited KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
XX486/CU-567265Jetstream T.2United KingdomNavystdRemoved
XZ246/EE-434070Lynx HAS.3SUnited KingdomNavystdRemoved
ZD565/IR-404316Lynx HMA.8SRUUnited KingdomNavystdRemoved
XX947P-03TornadoUnited KingdomAir ForcestdRemoved
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