Location name:
Bangkok - Museum, Thailand
13.92013741N 100.62195587E
Last update:
3 June 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
3917839-178JAS-39ASwedenAir Forcepre
1275N.6476F-5ATaiwanAir ForcepreAs Thai AF Kh18-1/10
TL7-1/21/402040056IAI.201ThailandAir Forcepre
H7-9/15/21821894OH-13HThailandAir Forcepre
L11-1/2623059B737-2Z6ThailandAir Forcepre
L4-6/07/55520004C-123BThailandAir Forcepre
L2-39/15/54719010C-47AThailandAir Forcestd
Kh18-13/17/70143N.6008F-5AThailandAir Forcepre
Kh18k-1/09/70101N.8001F-5BThailandAir Forcepre
TKh18-3/13/70104/SRTRF.1038RF-5AThailandAir Forcepre
Kh17-27/04/4322191-681F-86FThailandAir Forcepre
Kh17k-5/06/1215201-125F-86LThailandAir Forcepre
S6-2/941449G.44AThailandAir Forcepre
H4K-64/30/2011758.1117S.58TThailandAir Forcepre
H5-2/05/6321115HH-43BThailandAir ForcepreAs H5-4/04
S3-4/9013513L-4JThailandAir Forcepre
T2-27/1523059O-1AThailandAir Forcepre
ThO-5/1RTAF-5ThailandAir Forcepre
F11-23/13/56131580-9405T-33AThailandAir Forcepre
TF11-5/10/56141580-9215RT-33AThailandAir Forcepre
TF11-8/13/56142580-8612RT-33AThailandAir Forcepre
F12-09/13/RR09-1342001T-37CThailandAir Forcepre
J5-10/14/41110342-10OV-10CThailandAir Forcepre
79-032461-109F-16AUnited StatesAir ForcepreIn Thai AF markings
15055658.1683UH-34DUnited StatesMarine CorpspreIn Thai AF markings
520275069108MiG-21bisViet NamAir Forcepre
L2-8/90/7651732849C-47BThailandAir ForcepreRemoved
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