Location name:
Swartkop - SAAF Museum, South Africa
25.80612946S 28.16091728E
Last update:
21 April 2019
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
SU-97/34yw4202034Mi-24AAlgeriaAir ForcepreAs Russian AFOct 22
475099/VD-TD475099Fi.156C-7GermanyAir ForcepreOct 22
98729C.4MSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyAug 21
4437Anson ISouth AfricaAir ForcepreComposite airframe with parts of 4588, as 3209Aug 21
141719723B707-328CSouth AfricaAir ForcepreForward fuselageAug 21
141919917B707-328CSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
414B3-14-63Buccaneer S.50South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
421B3-06-64Buccaneer S.50South AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
337Z4C-160ZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
457R3/EA3/6616/71543Canberra T.4South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
710185-0312Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
711185-0314Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
713185-0338Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
715185-0344Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
718185-0350Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyOct 22
724185-0370Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
731185-0390Ce.185ASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
747185-1178Ce.185ESouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
749185-1183Ce.185ESouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
342004Cheetah CSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
842Cheetah ESouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
847205Cheetah D2South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
8026P-003CN-235MSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
685912586C-47ASouth AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyAug 21
ZS-DAK1498DC-3DST-144South AfricaCivilpreAug 21
690243155DC-4South AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
ZS-CHZ36Edgar Percival EP.9 ProspectorSouth AfricaCivilpreAirworthy As Royal Army XM797Aug 21
361/F1470Sabre Mk.6South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
367/E1476Sabre Mk.6South AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyOct 22
A151.102S.51South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
A455.959S.55CSouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
20078121DH.87BSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
ZS-AGJJu-86z-5South AfricaAir ForcedltAug 21
ZS-ATL18-2058L.18-08South AfricaCivilpreAug 21
532/2A57MB-326MSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
562A87MB-326MSouth AfricaAir ForcestdOct 22
589A114MB-326MSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
10006555MB-326KSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
106566MB-326KSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
805158Mirage 3CZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
816218Mirage 3BZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
818230Mirage 3BZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
835Mirage 3RZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
838Mirage 3RZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
857Mirage 3RZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
20363Mirage F1CZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
21172Mirage F1CZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
235/K143Mirage F1AZSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
881/ZU-DFI417P.166SSouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
6487237-6219Ventura VSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
6498237-6290Ventura VSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
683ADM-001XH-2South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
309129SA.321LSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
1291070SA.330CSouth AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
1751468SA.330HSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyOct 22
1901561XTP-1 BetaSouth AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
1221022TP-1South AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
151452SE.3130South AfricaAir ForcepreAug 21
291478SE.3160South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
571055SE.3160South AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
6421250SA.316BSouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
1721/N1531Shackleton MR.3South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
707288-9868Harvard IIASouth AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
756988-15277Harvard IIISouth AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyAug 21
757388-15336Harvard IIISouth AfricaAir ForcepreFuselage/frame onlyOct 22
229V0581Vampire FB.52South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
25715431Vampire T.11South AfricaAir ForcestdAug 21
27615497Vampire T.55South AfricaAir ForcepreAirworthyAug 21
96F.9764Wasp HAS.1South AfricaNavypreOct 22
00101XH-1South AfricaAir ForcepreOct 22
KK4761094Argus 3United KingdomAir ForcepreOct 22
C34075096900MiG-21bisAngolaAir ForcepreRemoved
1331089SA.330CSouth AfricaAir ForcepreRemoved
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