Location name:
Kunovice - Museum, Czech Republic
49.03483963N 17.45797920E
Last update:
18 April 2013
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
OK-FHA51163Ae-45Czech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-RFS171116L-200DCzech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-SZA390517L-29ACzech RepublicCivilpre
2347232347L-39ZACzech RepublicAir Forcepre
OK-022750401L-410MCzech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-ADO00-05L-410ACzech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-ADP710101L-410ACzech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-YKE001XL-410Czech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-ZKA004XL-410Czech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
0005X-05L-610MCzech RepublicAir ForcepreDec 18
OK-BYZ96A1016Tu-154MCzech RepublicGovernmentpre
OK-IFD739Z-126Czech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-MPW269Z-226BCzech RepublicCivilpreDec 18
OK-078006Z-37TMCzech RepublicCivilpre
1103601103Av-14FGCzechoslovakiaAir Forcepre
3157013157Av-14TCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
0113290113L-29CzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
2613792613L-29RSCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
OK-030X01L-410UVPCzechoslovakiaGovernment AgencypreStill here?
18741874Mi-4CzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
3005713005MiG-15bisSBCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
1040651040MiG-19PMCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
0514660514MiG-21F-13CzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
05100510Su-7UCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
55305530Su-7BMCzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
PK-35171721C-11CzechoslovakiaAir ForcepreDec 18
OK-WZA910101L-610Czech RepublicCivilpreRemoved
DDR-SNK06-15Z-37AEast GermanyCivilpreRemoved
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