Location name:
Zeltweg - Museum, Austria
47.19746017N 14.75357246E
Last update:
25 October 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
3B-HD2482OH-13HAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3C-JD8131AB.206AAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
4D-YL359CM.170AustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3A-BB157G.46-5BAustriaAir ForcepreOct 21
S2-044242Grunau Baby IIIAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
4D-BW3202AB.204BAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
29449/Fy29-449J-29FAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
29588/Dr29-588J-29FAustriaAir ForcestdSep 22
0835-1408J-35OEAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
0935-1409J-35OEAustriaAir ForcestdSep 22
1235-1412J-35OEAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
1435-1414J-35OEAustriaAir ForcestdSep 22
2135-1421J-35OEAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3A-BH23935L-19EAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3A-BM23939L-19EAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3F-SO91-450S.91DAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3F-SW91-462S.91DAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
GD-14105-414S.105OEAustriaAir ForcestdUnder restoration
GF-16105-416S.105OEAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
5S-TASH.1855SC.7-3MAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
17-524SG-38AustriaAir Forcepre
OE-0547232L-SpatzAustriaCivilpreOct 21
4C-TE168-295T-6GAustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
5C-VF15694Vampire T.11AustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
4C-AF171227C-11AustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
3A-AA10113Yak-18AustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
2A-AM864Z-126AustriaAir ForcepreSep 22
11075017895MiG-21bisCroatiaAir ForcepreSep 22
26092609Bf.109GermanyAir Forceprewreck
76911833SE.3130GermanyArmypreAs Austrian AF 3D-XJSep 22
V-278154/1100SA.316BSwitzerlandAir ForcepreAs Austria AF 3E-KGSep 22
2611294R01906MiG-21RYugoslaviaAir ForcepreRemoved
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