Location name:
Hatzerim - Israeli Air Force Museum, Israel
31.23781013N 34.69636917E
Last update:
17 July 2016
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Planes at this location

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RegistrationCnPlane typeCountryServiceStatusRemarksl/n
C-713CJ42Mirage 3CJArgentinaAir ForcepreAs 159 With Israel AF and Argentina AF roundels/markings
J-747S4/U/3276Hunter FGA.9ChileAir ForcepreIn Jordanian AF markings, no serial
27013983A-4HIsraelAir ForcepreAs 272
61113826A-4FIsraelAir Forcepre
88513349A-4EIsraelAir Forcepre
11520710AH-1GIsraelAir Forcepre
...Auster AOP.5IsraelCivilpreAs VQ-PAH rebuild of a crashed Auster
0408538AB.206BIsraelAir Forcepre
02632227B.212IsraelAir Forcepre
00817667B707-131IsraelAir Forcepre
109LD-489Be.65-B80IsraelAir Forcepre
004285BN-2AIsraelAir Forcepre
039/4X-FPN16767KC-97GIsraelAir Forcepre
059U206-01536Ce.U206DIsraelAir Forcepre
184278CM.170RIsraelAir ForcepreAs 212
63030TzukitIsraelAir Forcepre
67474TzukitIsraelAir ForcepreAs 216
67777TzukitIsraelAir Forcepre
038/4X-FNZ33307C-47BIsraelAir Forcepre
0272016Do.27Q1IsraelAir Forcepre
0053113Do.28B1IsraelAir Forcepre
0026952DH.89IsraelAir ForcepreAs VQ-PAR
944A044E-2CIsraelAir Forcepre
1563920F-4EIsraelAir Forcepre
2974822F-4EIsraelAir Forcepre
3233461F-4EIsraelAir Forcepre
3342594F-4E 2000IsraelAir ForcepreAs 229
485RF-4EIsraelAir Forcepre
4984023RF-4E(S)IsraelAir Forcepre
6144020F-4E 2000IsraelAir Forcepre
1076V-4F-16AIsraelAir Forcepre
0024020AB.205AIsraelAir Forcepre
0355.992UH-19DIsraelAir Forcepre
...58.1595CH-34BIsraelAir ForcepreAs 07 ex serial 25 or 26
47165.084CH-53AIsraelAir Forcepre
20489-0550DH.500MDIsraelAir Forcepre
212110-0598DH.500MDIsraelAir Forcepre
303B01Kfir TC2IsraelAir ForcepreAs 301
451/0147Kfir C2RIsraelAir Forcepre
529178Kfir C7IsraelAir Forcepre
712B01Kfir C1IsraelAir Forcepre
87474Kfir C2IsraelAir Forcepre
B-2LaviIsraelAir Forcepre
49332MD.450IsraelAir Forcepre
80234MD.450IsraelAir Forcepre
113MD.450IsraelAir Forcepre
09214Mystere 4AIsraelAir ForcepreAs 11
60173Mystere 4AIsraelAir Forcepre
...Meteor F.8IsraelAir ForcepreAs 40 according to some sources ex RAF WA905
06Meteor F.8IsraelAir Forcepre
15Meteor T.7IsraelAir Forcepre
18Meteor T.7IsraelAir Forcepre
21Meteor T.7½IsraelAir Forcepre
51Meteor NF.13IsraelAir Forcepre
1575582Meteor NF.13IsraelAir Forcepre
007MiG-21F-13IsraelAir ForcepreReal origin unknown
27860390324522MiG-23MLAIsraelAir Forcepre
111CJ-06Mirage 3CJIsraelAir ForcepreAs 158
988Kfir TC2IsraelAir Forcepre
045/4X-FAED151N.2501DIsraelAir Forcepre
501S-01Nesher AIsraelAir Forcepre
4X-ARS769UC-64AIsraelCivilpreFrame only
38P-51DIsraelAir Forcepre
39111-36126F-6KIsraelAir Forcepre
53P-51DIsraelAir ForcepreAs 41
06818-5252PA-18-150IsraelAir Forcepre
09918-7760PA-18-150IsraelAir Forcepre
06/4X-SVY646PC-6/A-H2IsraelAir ForcepreAs 02
2752/5275-5096PT-17IsraelAir Forcepre
31376256S.11.2IsraelAir ForcepreAs 05
D-120S-199IsraelAir Forcepreserial is in Hebrew written: 120.ד
010125SA.321KaIsraelAir Forcepre
020138SA.321KaIsraelAir Forcepre
9071788SA.342LIsraelAir ForcepreAlso wearing Syria AF marks and serial 1333 (real Syrian AF serial 1335)
121969SA.318CIsraelAir ForcepreAs 03
19SA.318CIsraelAir ForcepreAs 05 black c/s
0930SO4050-IIAIsraelAir Forcepre
3395SO4050-IIBRIsraelAir Forcepre
704SO4050-IINIsraelAir Forcepre
2028Spitfire LF.IXeIsraelAir ForcepreAs 26
2057CBAF/171351Spitfire LF.IXeIsraelAir ForcepreAs 57 Restoration/Airworthy?
20786S/223490Spitfire LF.IXeIsraelAir ForcepreAs 78
096006Super Mystere B2IsraelAir Forcepre
111484-7666AT-6BIsraelAir ForcepreAs 14
112588-17025AT-6DIsraelAir ForcepreAs 25, Airworthy?
3341694TB-20IsraelAir Forcepre
339516999339MiG-21UMMadagascarAir Forcepre
3073507MiG-15UTIPolandAir Forcepreas Egypt AF
255V0699Vampire FB.52South AfricaAir ForcepreAs Lebanese AF L158, also reported as ex-Swiss J-1139
J-1516726Venom FB.50SwitzerlandAir ForcepreAs Iraq AF 353
1033MiG-17FSyriaAir Forcepreas Egypt Air Force
G-AHAY1956Auster J/5-1United KingdomCivilpreAs Israel AF A-13
G-BDZZ182-720T-6GUnited KingdomCivilpreAs Israel AF 001, Restoration/Airworthy?
68-1502120555AH-1FUnited StatesArmypreAs Israel AF 444
73-00980040F-15AUnited StatesAir ForcepreAs Israeli AF 398
999764/0329F-21AUnited StatesMarine Corpspre
N285RA2087PBY-6AUnited StatesCivilpreAs Israel AF 3401
N6564K834RC-3United StatesCivilpreAs Israel AF B-61
N7850C2094TBM-3EUnited StatesCivilpreIn USN markings as V34
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