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15 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Maine. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Augusta, Maine, United States44.31749725N 69.79200745WUH-1Military10 Jul 20151
Bangor, Maine, United States44.81773376N 68.82148743WF-101, F-89Military2 Sep 20122
Bangor, Maine, United States44.80802917N 68.80957031WUH-1Military10 Jul 20151
Bangor, Maine, United States44.79250717N 68.81800842WSeveral SF.340 and DHC.8 stored (and being broken up)Civil10 Jul 2015
Bangor, Maine, United States44.80191040N 68.81188202W2x UH-1Military30 Dec 20161
Bangor - Cole Land Transport Museum, Maine, United States44.78567886N 68.80431366WUH-1Military10 Jul 20151
Bangor - Maine Aviation Historical Society, Maine, United States44.80059433N 68.80998993WUH-1, small prop outsideCivil4 Nov 20191
Biddeford, Maine, United States43.46605682N 70.47289276WSmall twin prop wreckCivil9 Sep 2017
Brunswick, Maine, United States43.89816284N 69.92683411WP-3Military2 Sep 20121
Brunswick, Maine, United States43.90472794N 69.91905212WP-2Military2 Sep 20121
Greenville, Maine, United States45.46493149N 69.55464172WDC-3Civil4 Nov 20191
Holden, Maine, United States44.76103973N 68.69907379WMiG-21Military4 Nov 20191
Millinocket, Maine, United States45.65676498N 68.68146515WUH-1Military29 Apr 20141
Old Town, Maine, United States44.95037079N 68.66835785WSmall twin propCivil4 Nov 2019
Owls Head Transportation Museum, Maine, United States44.06637192N 69.10123444WWWI, WWII aircraft onlyBoth2 Sep 20127