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65 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Malaysia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alor Setar, Malaysia6.20094824N 100.41152191E2x small prop, B.47Military1 Mar 20153
Alor Setar, Malaysia6.19390392N 100.41025543EVariousMilitary27 Jun 20135
Alor Setar, Malaysia6.19562149N 100.40844727EVarious i/aMilitary13 Dec 201810
Alor Setar, Malaysia6.19508362N 100.40633392EMany PC-7, Alouette 3Military3 Mar 201930
Alor Setar, Malaysia6.19959593N 100.40397644E2x BulldogCivil3 Mar 20192
Banting, Malaysia2.81968188N 101.45284271EF-86Military3 Mar 20191
Butterworth, Malaysia5.46485090N 100.38285065EF-5Military31 Oct 20141
Butterworth, Malaysia5.46492672N 100.38402557EA-4Military27 Jun 20131
Butterworth, Malaysia5.46540642N 100.38399506EMirage 3Military27 Jun 20131
Butterworth, Malaysia5.46325445N 100.38177490EF-86Military31 Oct 20141
Butterworth, Malaysia5.46457005N 100.38531494EF-5, MB-339Military17 May 20161
Gong Kedak, Malaysia5.79385376N 102.49567413EF-86Military14 Oct 2013
Gong Kedak, Malaysia5.79566908N 102.49510956EF-5Military12 Dec 2018
Ipoh, Malaysia4.56832695N 101.10396576EHU-16Military17 Oct 20161
Ipoh, Malaysia4.56756973N 101.10362244EA-4Military15 Jul 20171
Ipoh, Malaysia4.57048798N 101.10064697ECe.172, PA-28Civil2 Mar 20191
Ipoh, Malaysia4.56408453N 101.10121918EB.47Military15 Jul 20171
Jenderam Hulu, Malaysia2.85205507N 101.73690796EVarious i/a at Malaysian Institute of Aviation TechnologyBoth1 Nov 201615
Kluang, Malaysia2.03803301N 103.30777740EAlouette 3Military24 Mar 2019
Kota Bharu, Malaysia6.17021608N 102.29329681ESmall propCivil24 Mar 2019
Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia4.77204514N 100.94175720EA-4Military17 May 20161
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3.07906866N 101.73893738EProvostMilitary20 Apr 20141
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2.72583199N 101.71447754EB747Civil21 May 20181
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3.14710355N 101.71821594EB737 as restaurant Dinner in the SkyCivil3 Jul 20201
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2.76611090N 101.70026398EFokker 50Civil13 Feb 2022
Kuala Lumpur - Police Museum, Malaysia3.14057088N 101.68878174ECe.U206Civil27 Jun 20131
Kualu Lumpur, Malaysia3.15783000N 101.61395264EB737 forward fuselage at KidzaniaCivil5 Oct 2016
Kuantan, Malaysia3.75818372N 103.20516205ECL-41Military12 Jun 20151
Kuantan, Malaysia3.75966120N 103.20504761EA-4, F-5, MB-339Military5 Mar 20193
Kuantan, Malaysia3.76096988N 103.20423126EA-4Military27 Jun 20131
Kuantan, Malaysia3.77749157N 103.21218109EDHC-4Military23 Jan 20161
Kuantan, Malaysia3.77824092N 103.21125793EA-4Military23 Jan 20161
Kuantan, Malaysia3.83079004N 103.27935791EA-4, Bulldog, Wasp insideBoth3 Mar 20193
Kuantan, Malaysia3.76402879N 103.21128845EMiG-29Military3 Mar 20191
Kuching, Malaysia1.47965562N 110.33942413EA-4Military27 Jun 20131
Kuching, Malaysia1.48474944N 110.35075378EDHC.4Military27 Jun 20131
Labuan, Malaysia5.30674458N 115.24993896EDHC-4Military23 Nov 20171
Labuan, Malaysia5.29302788N 115.25977325EA-4Military19 Sep 2018
Malacca, Malaysia2.19140673N 102.24870300ETwin PioneerMilitary20 Apr 20141
Malacca, Malaysia2.22762775N 102.26583862EVariousCivil3 Jun 20162
Malacca, Malaysia2.28251481N 102.27539062EA4, F-5 insideMilitary3 Mar 20192
Malacca, Malaysia2.26905894N 102.25207520ESmall propCivil13 Feb 2022
Malacca - Royal Malaysian Navy Museum, Malaysia2.19132590N 102.24671936EWaspMilitary5 Mar 20191
Nibong Tebal, Malaysia5.14775705N 100.49583435EVarious i/a at Universiti Sains MalaysiaBoth12 Dec 20183
Nilai, Malaysia2.81684804N 101.76817322EVarious i/a at Nilai UniversityCivil17 Nov 20162
Pekan, Malaysia3.48786497N 103.38256073EA-4, F-5Military17 May 20162
Pekan - Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar, Malaysia3.49419475N 103.39004517EWasp, F-86Military17 May 20162
Penningau, Malaysia5.35209227N 116.16616058EPA-28Civil20 Apr 2014
Perak - State Museum, Malaysia4.86013126N 100.74523163EF-86Military31 Oct 20141
Port Dickson - Malaysian Army Museum, Malaysia2.49643874N 101.84745789EvariousMilitary4 Jun 20155
Puchong, Malaysia3.05886054N 101.64479065EC-130 fuselage inside building at "Institut Latihan Pengurusan Materiel", exact location TBCMilitary3 Mar 20191
Sandankan, Malaysia5.85908175N 118.11183167EWidgeonUnknown25 Feb 20151
Selangkor, Malaysia2.88651395N 101.71978760ESmall prop at University College of Aviation Malaysia, might be a mock up, no evidence found of more airframes hereCivil13 Feb 2022
Sepang, Malaysia2.80629897N 101.72393036EPA-28, Ce.402 at ADMAL Aviation CollegeBoth13 Feb 20222
Serdang, Malaysia3.00728512N 101.72210693EVarious i/aMilitary17 May 20165
Shah Alam, Malaysia3.01106644N 101.51019287EA-4 inside "ADTEC Shah Alam", exact location TBCMilitary3 Mar 20191
Simpang, Malaysia3.11922002N 101.70597076EVarious - Malaysian Air Force Museum collection, not open to the public at the momentBoth15 Jul 201729
Subang, Malaysia3.11643910N 101.54797363EA-4Military17 May 20161
Subang, Malaysia3.12169099N 101.55719757Evarious storedCivil17 May 2016
Subang, Malaysia3.12528276N 101.55642700EVariousMilitary3 Mar 201911
Subang, Malaysia3.12755489N 101.55432892EVariousCivil3 Mar 20196
Subang, Malaysia3.12862897N 101.56488037EF.28Civil23 Dec 20191
Sungai Besi, Malaysia3.04860806N 101.72258759EF-86Military12 Dec 2018
Sungai Petani, Malaysia5.64541817N 100.49103546E3x Aero TigaMilitary3 Mar 20192
Terendak Camp, Malaysia2.29130507N 102.11186981EUnknown fuselageMilitary25 Mar 2019