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30 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Massachusetts. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Attleborough, Massachusetts, United States41.99262619N 71.32862854WOH-13Military12 September 2012
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.16717529N 72.71952057WT-33Military9 June 20181
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.17112350N 72.7184906WF-100, F-84, F-86Military9 June 20183
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.17275238N 72.71785736WA-10Military2 September 20121
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.16996384N 72.71696472WF-15 stored in cocoon on base for future display on new west gate, exact current hangar not knownMilitary9 June 20181
Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States41.65847778N 70.26592255WPA-28Civil1 January 20171
Beverly Municipal, Massachusetts, United States42.58590698N 70.91165924WMiG-15, H-1Military11 July 20152
Beverly Municipal, Massachusetts, United States42.58900452N 70.91674805WC-1Civil11 July 20151
Boston, Massachusetts, United States42.38993835N 70.99668121WSmall civil propCivil18 September 2012
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States41.75133133N 70.63048553WPA-28Civil1 December 2012
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States41.66474915N 70.526474WHU-25, HU-16Military2 January 20152
Fall River, Battleship Cove, Massachusetts, United States41.70553207N 71.16307068WT-28, UH-1, AH-1Military2 September 20124
Freetown, Massachusetts, United States41.76384735N 71.01405334WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Hanscom, Massachusetts, United States42.46197128N 71.2798233WF-86Military11 July 20151
Hanscom, Massachusetts, United States42.46473312N 71.28496552WC-130, bizjetBoth1 November 20161
Hanscom, Massachusetts, United States42.47387314N 71.297966WDa.20?Military1 November 2016
Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States42.81084061N 71.143013WSmall prop, at least there from 1992Civil24 January 2018
Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States42.20861816N 72.60223389WSmall propCivil13 April 2013
Leominster, Massachusetts, United States42.55292130N 71.76784515WRC-3Civil1 January 20171
Northbridge, Massachusetts, United States42.15094757N 71.64938354WPA-22, V-6Civil29 December 20172
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.64998245N 70.54401398WF-15Military4 June 20141
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.65407562N 70.53735352WT-33Military2 September 20121
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.65963364N 70.53652954W2x UH-1, AH-1, OH-6Military28 December 2016
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.65638733N 70.56529236WUH-1Military2 September 2012
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.64348984N 70.52481842WF-15Military28 December 2016
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.64828491N 70.52156067WT-33, F-84, F-86 (probably only temporary)Military11 July 20153
Otis, Massachusetts, United States41.64737701N 70.51921844WF-100Military28 December 2016
South Weymouth, Massachusetts, United States42.16452789N 70.94606018WA-4Military26 November 20121
Stow - Collins Foundation, Massachusetts, United States42.40240097N 71.50820923WT-33Military11 July 2015
Worcester, Massachusetts, United States42.27441406N 71.87351227WBizjet fuselageCivil9 June 2018