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279 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Mexico. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Acapulco, Mexico16.76315308N 99.76040649WCommander, 2x small twin propCivil30 May 2017
Antón Lizardo, Mexico19.05687523N 95.98525238WHU-16Military17 October 20161
Apatzingan, Mexico19.09126282N 102.39585876WSmall prop wreckCivil1 August 2018
Apizaco, Mexico19.42192078N 98.15214539WSF.260, Helicopter (not yet visible on GE image, placed here early 2018, exact location unknown)Military4 August 20181
Apodaca, Mexico25.73197174N 100.16144562WBAe.125Civil28 June 20151
Atizapan, Mexico19.57523918N 99.28936768WVariousCivil3 January 20181
Atizapan, Mexico19.57138824N 99.29496002WDC-3 fuselageCivil3 July 20181
Bahias de Huatulco, Mexico15.77133274N 96.26020813WDC-3Civil5 August 20181
Bosque Esmeralda, Mexico19.54920387N 99.28660583WCommander at restaurant "El Farolito Esmeralda"Civil3 July 20181
Buenavista, Mexico19.60094070N 99.18942261WMi-8, T-33Military20 October 20172
Cadereyta, Mexico20.70941162N 99.81201172WDC-9 in use as a libraryCivil5 June 20181
Cajititlán, Mexico20.44133377N 103.33509827WDC-9Civil24 October 20161
Campeche, Mexico19.81348991N 90.50463867WHU-16Military26 May 20171
Campeche, Mexico19.83623123N 90.50614166WHU-16Military26 May 20171
Cancun, Mexico21.02371216N 86.81513214WL-410 in Vantura ParkCivil23 November 2016
Cancun, Mexico21.04564095N 86.87086487W2x B727, DC-3Civil26 May 20173
Cancun, Mexico20.87169456N 87.07328796WDC-3 at Selvatica zip line parkCivil22 January 2019
Celaya, Mexico20.54557991N 100.88939667WSmall prop wrecksCivil29 May 20171
Celaya, Mexico20.53462982N 100.81639862WBe.18?Unknown2 December 2017
Chetumal, Mexico18.50477791N 88.32161713WCommanderCivil26 May 2017
Chetumal, Mexico18.50519371N 88.32278442WCommanderCivil2 December 2017
Chetumal, Mexico18.50270462N 88.31754303WB737Civil2 December 20171
Chichén Itzá, Mexico20.63866806N 88.44747925W2x B727Civil3 February 20162
Chihuahua, Mexico28.70142555N 105.97084045WVarious small planesCivil14 January 2013
Chihuahua, Mexico28.70403099N 105.97232819WT-33Military14 January 20131
Chihuahua, Mexico28.70976257N 105.96604919W2x Cv.440, small propCivil14 January 20132
Chihuahua, Mexico28.69830704N 105.97311401W2x small propCivil12 December 2015
Chihuahua, Mexico28.70049858N 105.97233582WSmall propMilitary12 December 2015
Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico18.65473938N 91.80545807WSmall propCivil28 May 2017
Ciudad Guzman, Mexico19.70236206N 103.48828888WBN-2, Be.18Civil17 October 20162
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico31.63247681N 106.43809509WVarious small prop wrecksCivil20 January 2013
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico31.63913155N 106.43476868WB737 (only visible on latest GE image)Civil3 December 20171
Ciudad Lerdo, Mexico25.54290199N 103.52097321WGee BeeCivil29 June 20151
Ciudad Obregon, Mexico27.39095116N 109.83694458WDC-9Civil20 January 2013
Ciudad Pemex, Mexico17.88106155N 92.47874451WT-33, Be.33?Military3 December 20171
Ciudad Victoria, Mexico23.71381569N 98.96635437WSeveral small plane wrecksCivil13 December 2016
Ciudad Victoria, Mexico23.72788048N 99.12690735WPC-7, 2x Be.33Military3 December 20172
Colima, Mexico19.22614479N 103.72537994WSmall propCivil20 October 2017
Comitan, Mexico16.17060089N 92.05404663WT-33Military27 September 20131
Cozumel, Mexico20.52112770N 86.94300079W2x T-28, T-33Military22 December 20143
Cozumel, Mexico20.49033165N 86.9361496WDC-9Civil23 November 2016
Cozumel, Mexico20.50950241N 86.92454529WF.27, small twin propCivil1 March 20181
Cuautla, Mexico18.70384216N 98.8894577WAn-2Civil5 June 20181
Cuernavaca, Mexico18.83605766N 99.25852966WB727, plus some derelictCivil1 November 20163
Cuernavaca, Mexico18.83019638N 99.26221466WSeveral small propsCivil1 August 2018
Culiacan, Mexico24.76329803N 107.4737854W2x Small twin prop, 1x small prop wreckCivil20 January 2013
Culiacan, Mexico24.77291107N 107.4651947Wvarious i/aCivil29 June 2015
Culiacan, Mexico24.76216507N 107.47416687WVarious wrecksCivil26 May 2017
Culiacan, Mexico24.76203918N 107.47145081WT-33, AravaMilitary26 May 20171
Culiacan, Mexico24.75929260N 107.47312927WSmall propMilitary1 August 2018
Culiacan - Science Center, Mexico24.82887077N 107.3846817WSmall propCivil2 December 2017
Durango, Mexico24.12887192N 104.53279114WSeveral wrecksCivil24 May 20172
Ecatepec, Mexico19.61859512N 99.03855896WDC-9 in use as restaurant "Flyboys restaurant"Civil7 December 20171
Ecatepec, Mexico19.55380630N 99.01922607WDC-9Civil12 January 20191
El Eden, Mexico20.52230453N 105.2605896WUH-1 used in movie Predator used to be here, may have been replaced now with a mock-up, exact location not sureUnknown22 June 2018
El Lencero, Mexico19.47294235N 96.80178833WUnknown fuselageCivil13 December 2016
Ensenada, Mexico31.79885864N 116.59474945WT-6Military12 December 20151
Gran Puerto, Mexico19.87774086N 99.65267181WSE.210Military3 July 20181
Gran Puerto, Mexico19.87690353N 99.65011597WSE.210Military3 July 20181
Guadalajara, Mexico20.52753830N 103.31710052W3x DC-9Civil27 May 20173
Guadalajara, Mexico20.53074837N 103.30251312WVariousCivil7 December 20171
Guadalajara, Mexico20.53229713N 103.30133057WSeveral helicoptersMilitary20 October 2017
Guadalajara - Museo del Ejército y Fuerza Aérea, Mexico20.66906929N 103.33274078WVariousMilitary19 December 20135
Guadalajara - Museo del Niño, Mexico20.66150475N 103.34308624WAL.60Military1 October 20171
Guanajuato, Mexico20.97654724N 101.28556061WPC-7Military18 October 20161
Guaymas, Mexico27.97234154N 110.91951752WHelicopterMilitary30 May 2017
Hermosillo, Mexico29.09495544N 111.04227448WT-33Military20 January 20131
Hermosillo, Mexico29.09442711N 111.04219055WBe.33Military3 December 20171
Hermosillo, Mexico29.09310913N 111.04486084WVarious wrecksCivil12 December 20151
Hermosillo, Mexico29.09933090N 111.05348969WB737Civil12 December 20151
Huejotsingo, Mexico19.16965485N 98.3762207WTwin prop, small propCivil30 May 2017
Isla Guadalupe, Mexico29.01938438N 118.27806091WBe.18 wreckCivil12 December 2015
Ixtapa, Mexico17.60805511N 101.46121979WSmall twin propCivil30 May 2017
Ixtepec, Mexico16.45870590N 95.0898056WT-33, Be.33 (only visible on latest GE image)Military3 December 20171
Ixtepec, Mexico16.45869637N 95.08516693WT-28Military3 December 2017
Ixtepec, Mexico16.45655441N 95.0903244W2x PC-7? (only visible on latest GE image)Military3 December 2017
Ixtepec, Mexico16.46206093N 95.08482361WSmall propMilitary3 December 2017
Jamiltepec, Mexico16.28122520N 97.83382416WDC-3Civil22 January 20161
Jiutepec, Mexico18.89315796N 99.20939636WF.27 in use as restaurant - Flyer's Snack BarCivil5 March 20181
La Paz, Mexico24.08101845N 110.36565399W6x DC-9, several small propCivil2 December 20173
La Paz, Mexico24.08224106N 110.36651611WDC-3, 3x small propCivil14 January 20131
La Paz, Mexico24.08564568N 110.36714172W2x Unknown small propMilitary26 May 2016
La Paz, Mexico24.08542252N 110.36823273WT-28Military9 March 20141
La Paz, Mexico24.09132195N 110.36740112WHU-16Military31 May 20171
La Paz, Mexico24.09249306N 110.36666107WSmall propMilitary31 May 2017
La Paz, Mexico24.09592247N 110.36525726W2x Twin prop (formerly preserved near the gate)Military31 May 2017
La Ventanilla, Mexico15.67332745N 96.59394073WDrug smuggling plane (HU-16?) crashed here after being shot down by Mexican Air Force, only just above the sand by nowCivil27 October 2016
Leon, Mexico21.01468277N 101.50126648WVarious i/a at Instituto Politécnico NacionalCivil1 November 20161
Leon, Mexico20.99051666N 101.48269653WSmall twin propCivil24 May 2017
León, Mexico21.10206223N 101.55557251WVarious at "Aeronautical College Bajio"Both18 July 20173
Leon, Mexico21.18717194N 101.69165039WB727Civil2 December 2017
Leon - Explora Center, Mexico21.10969543N 101.65869141WC-46, BT-13, Alouette 3Civil22 January 20161
Llano San Juan, Mexico16.77044106N 93.36547852WCommanderCivil26 May 2017
Llano San Juan, Mexico16.76994705N 93.35972595WSmall twin propCivil26 May 2017
Los Cerritos, Mexico25.81328964N 108.93310547WCommander wreckCivil30 May 2017
Los Mochis, Mexico25.69016075N 109.08608246WVarious small prop wrecksCivil20 January 2013
Matamoros, Mexico25.77240181N 97.52949524W2x small prop wreckCivil26 May 2017
Mazatlán, Mexico23.16634750N 106.26634979WCommanderCivil27 May 2017
Merida, Mexico20.92766571N 89.66079712WSeveral overgrown proplinersCivil14 January 20133
Merida, Mexico20.92882919N 89.66127014WVariousCivil26 May 20172
Merida, Mexico20.92989731N 89.60391998WF.27Civil7 January 2014
Merida, Mexico20.96845818N 89.64053345WAL.60Military1 October 2017
Merida, Mexico20.93636322N 89.64543915WT-33Military26 May 20171
Merida, Mexico20.92824554N 89.67962646WT-33, Be.33Military3 December 20172
Mérida, Mexico20.93272209N 89.66608429WSA.227Civil3 July 20181
Mexico City, Mexico19.42146301N 99.07502747WDC-3Military4 May 20161
Mexico City, Mexico19.42982674N 99.06376648WAS.350Civil30 September 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.42403984N 99.05780792W2x Small prop, twin propCivil14 January 2013
Mexico City, Mexico19.24511909N 99.14957428WDC-3Military9 March 20141
Mexico City, Mexico19.50920868N 99.13433075WVarious i/a at ESIME TICOMANBoth7 March 20198
Mexico City, Mexico19.29708481N 99.18080902WDC-9 forward fuselage at KidzaniaCivil5 October 20161
Mexico City, Mexico19.44196701N 99.2352066WSmall propMilitary18 May 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.44022179N 99.23362732WMi-8Military3 December 20171
Mexico City, Mexico19.44098091N 99.233078WCommanderMilitary4 June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico19.44338417N 99.22910309WSmall twin propMilitary4 June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico19.44327354N 99.22825623WDC-3Military4 June 20151
Mexico City, Mexico19.44379616N 99.22742462WC-130 fuselage, 2x UH-1 fuselageMilitary18 May 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.44292450N 99.22767639WMi-8 (only visible on latest GE image)Military4 June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico19.44884109N 99.22718811WT-33Military4 June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico19.44801140N 99.22885895WT-33Military4 June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico19.42542267N 99.09217834Wvarious i/aCivil28 June 2015
Mexico City, Mexico19.45073700N 99.05085754Wvarious i/aCivil28 June 20152
Mexico City, Mexico19.45268822N 99.21412659WVarious i/a (exact building unknown) at Centro de Estudios Cientificas y Technologicos 2Civil16 November 20171
Mexico City, Mexico19.35944366N 99.27519226WDC-9 nose at Kidzania in Santa Fe shopping mallCivil18 April 20161
Mexico City, Mexico19.41890526N 99.11264801WDC-9Civil26 May 20161
Mexico City, Mexico19.36801910N 99.05815125WDC-8Civil17 July 20161
Mexico City, Mexico19.44696426N 99.0473938WVariousCivil22 October 201611
Mexico City, Mexico19.44496346N 99.23570251WMi-8Military18 May 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.34560585N 99.0252533WVarious i/a at Centro de Estudios Científicos y TecnológicosCivil29 December 20161
Mexico City, Mexico19.25479507N 99.24537659WB737 and some small props at Gotchamania paintball parkCivil30 November 20171
Mexico City, Mexico19.42641640N 99.07389069WPumaMilitary18 May 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.44416809N 99.22695923WSmall twin propMilitary18 May 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.44801521N 99.22413635WCommanderMilitary18 May 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.42948914N 99.07263947WVariousCivil30 September 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.24784470N 99.24434662WB737 and some bits and pieces at Gotchamania paintball parkCivil30 November 20177
Mexico City, Mexico19.24834061N 99.24317932WAn-32Military2 December 20172
Mexico City, Mexico19.44002724N 99.1946106WL.1329Civil2 December 2017
Mexico City, Mexico19.24707794N 99.24259949WG.1159Civil6 June 20181
Mexico City, Mexico19.48919106N 99.01942444WC-130, H-53 (visible on latest GE image)Military3 July 20182
Mexico City, Mexico19.43497276N 99.09128571WFokker 100 forward fuselageCivil9 September 20181
Mexico City - MUTEC, Mexico19.41504097N 99.19462585WVariousBoth19 December 20146
Mexico City Totalpan, Mexico19.26447487N 99.24144745WYS-11, Commander at Gotchamania paintball parkCivil30 November 2017
Mexico City Totalpan, Mexico19.26409531N 99.2407608WCommander at Gotchamania paintball parkCivil3 July 2018
Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico19.28513336N 99.04679871WSmall plane at a paintball field (or is it fake?)Unknown30 November 2017
Minatitlan, Mexico18.10408211N 94.57680511WB737Civil3 December 2017
Monclova, Mexico26.92796898N 101.43091583WPC-7Military3 November 20171
Monterrey, Mexico25.77008438N 100.10929108WDC-9, F.27 fuselageCivil18 October 20161
Monterrey, Mexico25.86075401N 100.24393463WT-33Military26 May 20161
Monterrey, Mexico25.86112785N 100.24619293WCe.206Military25 May 20171
Monterrey, Mexico25.86784554N 100.24572754WVariousCivil28 June 2015
Monterrey, Mexico25.85966873N 100.2381134WBe.65Civil26 May 20161
Monterrey, Mexico25.63912773N 100.31693268WDC-9 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Liverpool shopping mallCivil5 October 2016
Monterrey, Mexico25.87189674N 100.23068237WSmall propCivil25 May 2017
Monterrey, Mexico25.77252960N 100.11289978WDC-9, SabrelinerCivil1 June 2017
Monterrey, Mexico25.86347771N 100.18622589WB727, Commander, BAe.125 at a paintball fieldCivil30 November 20171
Monterrey, Mexico25.85657883N 100.24626923WDC-3, possibly the one removed from the Parque Niños Héroes in 2008, which lingered also at location #16164 for a while (only visible on latest GE image)Military9 December 2017
Monterrey, Mexico25.77181053N 100.30416107WB737 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil12 January 2019
Morelia, Mexico19.84168434N 101.02772522WSeveral small twin propCivil14 January 2013
Morelia, Mexico19.85750008N 101.01005554WCV-240?Civil20 October 20171
Morelos, Mexico32.62606049N 114.88243103W2x PA-25 plus a few more small propsCivil13 March 2018
Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico19.40381050N 98.98640442WVarious at "Technological University of Nezahualcoyotl".Civil18 July 20171
Nogales, Mexico31.22816849N 110.9718399WVarious small prop wrecksCivil20 January 2013
Nogales, Mexico31.22403145N 110.97429657WDC-3Unknown4 May 20161
Oaxaca, Mexico16.99316025N 96.72427368WT-33, UH-1?Military1 August 20181
Oaxaca, Mexico17.01014519N 96.72097015WDC-3, 2x F.27, small twin propCivil5 October 20133
Oaxaca, Mexico17.07287216N 96.69791412WT-33Military29 June 2015
Oaxaca, Mexico17.17089462N 96.79291534WDC-3 at Santa Martha de Barcena restaurantCivil14 June 20171
Pachuca, Mexico20.07642937N 98.77747345WDC-3Unknown22 January 20161
Pachuca, Mexico20.08158875N 98.7818222WDC-3Military22 January 2016
Pachuca, Mexico20.07589531N 98.78229523WVariousCivil22 January 2016
Pantano, Mexico19.24469948N 99.37438202WSabreliner at a paintball fieldCivil3 July 2018
Parral, Mexico26.93605232N 105.6868515WDC-6Civil1 August 20181
Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico16.90636444N 99.9773407WT-28, T-33Military9 March 20142
Piedras Negras, Mexico28.67635918N 100.56900787WBe.50 on a new monument according to article, location and type to be confirmedMilitary1 August 2018
Plan de Guadalupe, Mexico25.54253387N 100.93516541WVarious storedCivil17 December 20134
Plan de Guadalupe, Mexico25.54680443N 100.93486786W2x Learjet, 2x SA.226Civil17 December 2013
Plan de Guadalupe, Mexico25.54464531N 100.93603516WBAe.125Civil12 August 20151
Plan de Guadalupe, Mexico25.55138206N 100.92985535WCommanderCivil12 August 2015
Puebla - Museo del Ejército y Fuerza Aérea Mexicanas, Mexico19.04897690N 98.20861053WPT-17Military24 May 20171
Puerto Escondido, Mexico15.87522697N 97.08994293WDC-3, small propUnknown14 January 20131
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico20.68859100N 105.24098206WB737Civil27 May 20171
Queretaro, Mexico20.62450409N 100.37096405WCommanderCivil20 January 20131
Queretaro, Mexico20.62738419N 100.18728638WB737, Arava preserved, more i/a inside at Universidad Nacional Aeronautica en QueretaroBoth21 October 201713
Queretaro, Mexico20.62794304N 100.19051361WDo.28?Civil9 March 2014
Queretaro, Mexico20.62101364N 100.18318176WDC-8Civil5 November 20161
Queretaro, Mexico20.62560272N 100.36885834WPA-23Civil18 May 20171
Queretaro, Mexico20.59234428N 100.42757416WBe.90?Military1 August 2018
Quetzalcoatl, Mexico27.44750214N 99.56816864WConvairCivil20 January 20131
Quetzalcoatl, Mexico27.45102692N 99.56999207WB720Civil18 November 20141
Reynosa, Mexico26.01320839N 98.22661591WDC-3Unknown20 January 2013
Reynosa, Mexico26.01370430N 98.22834778WVarious small prop wrecksCivil20 January 2013
Saltillo, Mexico25.45165825N 100.89900208WSabre at a paintball fieldCivil30 November 20171
Saltillo, Mexico25.42256355N 100.96598053WT-33, Be.33Military3 December 20172
San Blas - Playa del Borrego, Mexico21.53044128N 105.28490448WB737, intended to be a library but not completedCivil3 December 20171
San Luis Potosi, Mexico22.25276756N 100.934021WB737Civil14 January 20131
San Luis Potosi, Mexico22.12983894N 100.99623108WDC-3Civil11 January 20151
San Luis Potosi, Mexico22.21252251N 100.91469574WL.1329Civil5 July 20151
San Luis Potosi, Mexico22.18475723N 100.97969818WPC-7Military18 October 20161
San Luis Potosi, Mexico22.12634850N 101.01521301WSmall twin propCivil1 June 2017
Santa Gertrudis, Mexico27.78392410N 105.71591187WT-33 (only visible on latest GE image)Military3 December 20171
Santa Gertrudis, Mexico27.78428841N 105.71413422WPT-13 (only visible on latest GE image)Military3 December 20171
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74847984N 99.00045776WT-33Military28 September 20141
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.75346375N 99.00837708WUnknownMilitary28 September 2014
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74944115N 99.0138855WUnknown small propMilitary28 September 20141
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74838066N 98.97592926W2x T-33Military28 September 20142
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74858475N 98.97323608WCommanderMilitary18 May 2017
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74951935N 98.98048401WDC-3Military28 September 20141
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.75148964N 98.99278259WC-130, DC-6Military28 September 20142
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.75241470N 99.00835419WSmall propMilitary28 September 2014
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74934959N 99.01437378WSeveral helicopter fuselages (Mi-8/17?)Military28 September 20141
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.75231743N 99.0078125WBe.23Military6 December 20171
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.75279236N 99.00778198WUnknownMilitary28 September 2014
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.76028633N 98.98407745WDC-3Military18 October 20161
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.74701691N 98.97209167W2x PC-7Military18 October 20161
Santa Lucia, Mexico19.75275993N 99.0113678WVarious (visible on latest GE image)Military18 July 20174
Santa Lucia - Mexican Air Force Museum, Mexico19.75166321N 99.00249481WvariousMilitary1 December 201734
Santa María Rayón, Mexico19.13791275N 99.59480286WIAI.201Military1 August 2018
Santa María Rayón, Mexico19.14110184N 99.59156036WCV-580 (not yet visible on GE image, moved here early 2018, to become a restaurant, exact location unknown but around here)Civil1 August 2018
Tajin, Mexico20.60050583N 97.45845795WLearjet, small prop wreckCivil13 December 2016
Tampico, Mexico22.22842407N 97.852005WB727Civil30 June 20151
Tampico, Mexico22.29545975N 97.87185669WSeveral wrecksCivil6 May 2016
Tapachula, Mexico14.79447269N 92.36068726WBe.33Military26 May 20171
Tapachula, Mexico14.78969383N 92.37010956WUnknown commuterCivil5 September 20151
Tapachula, Mexico14.79281521N 92.36704254WB737Civil26 May 20171
Teacalco, Mexico18.61302757N 99.47289276WDC-9Civil21 October 20171
Tecamac, Mexico19.68744087N 98.99073792WPumaMilitary18 October 20161
Tecamac, Mexico19.68802643N 98.99192047WPC-7Military18 October 20161
Temamatla, Mexico19.19671059N 98.85441589WCommanderMilitary3 December 2017
Temamatla, Mexico19.18697357N 98.86738586W2x Be.33, 2x B.206?Military3 December 2017
Temamatla, Mexico19.18586349N 98.86973572WIAI.201, Mi-8, B.206?Military3 December 2017
Temamatla, Mexico19.18714523N 98.86998749WB.212Military3 December 20171
Temamatla, Mexico19.19104576N 98.85146332WSmall propMilitary3 December 2017
Temamatla, Mexico19.18620300N 98.85310364W3x Helicopter, IAI.201, Commander?Military3 December 2017
Temamatla, Mexico19.18869781N 98.85569763WSmall propMilitary3 December 2017
Temamatla, Mexico19.18721771N 98.87139893WB.206Military3 December 2017
Tepic, Mexico21.41413116N 104.83946228WHU-16Unknown27 May 20171
Tequesquitengo, Mexico18.64831734N 99.26468658WSmall twin prop fuselageCivil1 August 2018
Tijuana, Mexico32.53955841N 116.98841858WT-28Military9 March 20141
Tijuana, Mexico32.54312515N 116.99227905W7x DC-9, 3x B737Civil9 March 20148
Tijuana, Mexico32.54082108N 116.98911285WT-33Military9 March 20141
Tijuana, Mexico32.53158188N 116.98600769WVarious i/a at Tijuana Institute of TechnologyBoth8 November 20173
Tijuana, Mexico32.54388428N 116.96553802WB747Civil8 November 20171
Tizayuca, Mexico19.83360100N 98.99556732WVarious at "Bioparque de Convivencias Tizayocan".Military18 July 20176
Tlahuac, Mexico19.25509071N 99.00908661WDC-3Civil2 December 20171
Tlaxaca, Mexico19.53068352N 98.17818451WBe.33Military29 May 20171
Tlaxaca, Mexico19.52668953N 98.17874146WT-33Military29 May 20171
Tolcayuca, Mexico19.94479942N 98.8887558WVarious at "Universidad Politècnica Metropolitana de Hidalgo"Military18 July 20178
Toluca, Mexico19.31985664N 99.55568695WSeveral stored planesCivil14 January 20136
Toluca, Mexico19.34186172N 99.57115936WBAC1-11Civil1 August 20181
Toluca, Mexico19.33901024N 99.57998657WScrapyardCivil18 May 20175
Toluca, Mexico19.28067207N 99.64137268WSabrelinerCivil18 May 20171
Toluca, Mexico19.31272316N 99.56292725WB737, DC-9Civil4 December 20172
Torreón, Mexico25.56714058N 103.39679718WSmall twin propCivil9 December 2017
Torreón - Museo Nacional de la Aviación y el Espacio, la Ciencia y la Tecnología, Mexico25.52365685N 103.43806458WMi-2Military24 May 2017
Tuxpan, Mexico20.95522690N 97.34674072WLj-25 (exact location TBC)Military13 October 20181
Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico16.74290276N 93.16985321WT-33Military20 January 20131
Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico16.74302292N 93.16861725WVariousMilitary18 October 20161
Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico16.56189156N 93.02105713WB737Civil25 May 20171
Uruapan, Mexico19.40115929N 102.03871155WMetroliner fuselage?Civil14 January 2013
Uruapan, Mexico19.40509224N 102.03649902WSeveral stored airframesCivil24 May 20171
Veracruz, Mexico19.14326859N 96.17857361WF27Civil2 December 2017
Veracruz, Mexico19.14829445N 96.1812973WDC-3, HU-16Unknown14 January 20131
Veracruz, Mexico19.15364647N 96.18460083WVarious wrecksMilitary26 May 2017
Veracruz, Mexico19.13924980N 96.1844101WSmall twin prop wreckCivil26 May 2017
Veracruz, Mexico19.15186119N 96.18261719WHelicopterMilitary2 December 2017
Veracruz - Museo Naval Mexico, Mexico19.19942474N 96.1348114WUH-12, Lancair, MD-900Military6 December 20173
Xalapa - Museo Interactivo, Mexico19.51882935N 96.89456177WVariousBoth24 May 20174
Zacatecas, Mexico22.89748001N 102.67666626WSmall propCivil18 October 2016
Zacatecas, Mexico22.76305389N 102.56012726WH-53, PA-23Military3 August 20182
Zapopan, Mexico20.75346756N 103.45931244WVampireMilitary14 January 20131
Zapopan, Mexico20.75342941N 103.45786285WT-33Military14 January 20131
Zapopan, Mexico20.75289536N 103.46251678WBe.18Military6 December 20171
Zapopan, Mexico20.74630737N 103.44707489WUH-1Military14 January 2013
Zapopan, Mexico20.75195122N 103.44651031WT-28Military14 January 20131
Zapopan, Mexico20.75610733N 103.45072174WUnknown small propMilitary14 January 2013
Zapopan, Mexico20.75423431N 103.45848083W4x small propMilitary18 October 2016
Zapopan, Mexico20.75523758N 103.45455933Wsmall propMilitary18 October 2016
Zapopan, Mexico20.75478935N 103.4613266WLarge amount of stored airframesMilitary24 May 2017
Zumpango, Mexico19.79048538N 99.05576324WB727Military14 November 20171