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56 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Minnesota. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Albert Lea, Minnesota, United States43.68020248N 93.36425781WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Alexandria, Minnesota, United States45.86544800N 95.38813019WT-33Military4 Sep 20121
Arlington, Minnesota, United States44.61074066N 94.08322906WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Belle Plaine, Minnesota, United States44.61497498N 93.76715088WUH-1Military3 Jan 20171
Bemidji, Minnesota, United States47.50358200N 94.92998505WVarious (not yet visible on GE image, visible on street view)Civil11 Jun 20205
Blaine Airport, Minnesota, United States45.13699722N 93.21704102W2x small propCivil26 Jul 20211
Blaine Airport - Golden Wings Museum, Minnesota, United States45.12761307N 93.21261597WVariousBoth6 Jul 202111
Bloomington, Minnesota, United States44.85099411N 93.28404236WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Brainerd, Minnesota, United States46.39155960N 94.14050293WF9F-6Military2 Sep 20121
Breckenridge, Minnesota, United States46.26836395N 96.58763123WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Buffalo, Minnesota, United States45.16037750N 93.84562683WT-33Military4 Sep 20121
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.09267426N 94.35177612WUH-1Military28 Dec 20161
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.11206436N 94.38411713WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.28894424N 94.35422516WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.10654449N 94.35415649WAH-1, UH-1Military7 Sep 2021
Camp Ripley - Minnesota Military Museum, Minnesota, United States46.08071899N 94.34713745WVariousMilitary28 Dec 20166
Chisholm, Minnesota, United States47.47946930N 92.89331818WUH-1, F-94Military22 May 20142
Clear Lake, Minnesota, United States45.44041061N 93.96897125WSeveral small prop wrecksCivil18 Jun 2019
Crystal, Minnesota, United States45.06295395N 93.35918427WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Duluth, Minnesota, United States46.83743286N 92.17596436WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Duluth, Minnesota, United States46.73722076N 92.17108917WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Duluth, Minnesota, United States46.83713913N 92.16746521WF-16Military23 Jul 20151
Duluth, Minnesota, United States46.83794403N 92.20000458WVarious i/a at Lake Superior CollegeCivil23 Jun 20202
Eagan, Minnesota, United States44.84924316N 93.1324234WL.1329 dismantledCivil16 Nov 20171
Eden Prairie - Planes of Fame Air Museum, Minnesota, United States44.83224869N 93.46224976WVarious (exact location unknown, at the airport)Both2 Sep 2012
Fairmont, Minnesota, United States43.66802216N 94.45516968WAH-1 (at newly installed monument, not yet visible on GE image)Military7 Sep 20211
Fosston, Minnesota, United States47.57176590N 95.74258423WAH-1Military4 Sep 20121
Glencoe, Minnesota, United States44.76797104N 94.17107391WUnknown dismantled bizjetCivil2 Apr 2021
Glencoe, Minnesota, United States44.80530548N 94.24767303WT-33 at a paintball field
credits: SabreOH
Military7 Apr 2021
Granite Falls - Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, Minnesota, United States44.75097275N 95.55690765WVariousBoth17 Mar 20152
Hector, Minnesota, United States44.73260498N 94.7188797WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Hill City, Minnesota, United States46.99050522N 93.60018158WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Holt, Minnesota, United States48.29147720N 96.19469452WDC-9
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil25 Mar 20211
Hutchinson, Minnesota, United States44.89410019N 94.36617279WAH-1Military19 Dec 20161
La Crescent, Minnesota, United States43.83453369N 91.30188751WUH-1Military12 Jul 20151
Lakeville, Minnesota, United States44.65504074N 93.23532104WF-86 (under shed at the veterans memorial in Aronson Park)Military26 Nov 20121
Lakeville, Minnesota, United States44.61778259N 93.29524994WSmall prop in crashed position at Hot Sam's antiquesCivil23 Nov 2016
Lakeville, Minnesota, United States44.61863708N 93.29618073WSmall prop at Hot Sam's antiques, marked as N420, may be fakeCivil23 Nov 2016
Long Prairie, Minnesota, United States45.97406006N 94.8636322WUH-1Military23 Jul 20151
Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, United States44.89593124N 93.21239471WC-130 fuselageMilitary17 Mar 20151
Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, United States44.88900375N 93.22930908WDC-9Civil24 Oct 2016
Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, United States44.86986542N 93.22528839WDC-9Civil4 Jan 20171
Minneapolis-St Paul - Minnesota Air Guard Museum, Minnesota, United States44.89297104N 93.20361328WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201219
Moose Lake, Minnesota, United States46.41866302N 92.7985611WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Owatonna, Minnesota, United States44.12103653N 93.24800873W3x T-38Military3 Jun 20143
Proctor, Minnesota, United States46.74160767N 92.22337341WF-101Military4 Sep 20121
Shakopee, Minnesota, United States44.80206299N 93.49897766WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
South St Paul - Confederate Air Force, Minnesota, United States44.86064911N 93.03044891WVarious (Airport road, hangar 3)Both2 Sep 20127
St Francis, Minnesota, United States45.38533020N 93.3431778WOV-1Military3 Jun 20131
St Paul - Minnesota History Center, Minnesota, United States44.94960403N 93.10546112WJN-4 hanging inside (cutaway frame, origin to be confirmed), DC-3 fuselageUnknown3 Jan 2017
St Paul Downtown, Minnesota, United States44.93675995N 93.05558014WB727Civil13 Jan 20171
Thief River Falls, Minnesota, United States48.06610107N 96.1780777WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Thief River Falls, Minnesota, United States48.06727982N 96.17936707WVarious i/a inside and around this hangar at Northland Community and Technical CollegeBoth23 Oct 201612
Wells, Minnesota, United States43.74607849N 93.77372742WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Willmar, Minnesota, United States45.11429214N 95.13227844WF-14Military3 Jun 20131
Winona, Minnesota, United States44.07316589N 91.70591736WVarious instructional airframes (not 100% sure of the right hangar)Both3 Jan 20151