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89 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Missouri. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bates City, Missouri, United States39.01251221N 94.09024811WLearjetCivil24 Nov 20121
Bates City, Missouri, United States39.01831818N 94.08803558WHundreds of small props, commuters and biz jets being broken upCivil1 Dec 2012
Bloomfield, Missouri, United States36.86589813N 89.93066406WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Branson, Missouri, United States36.63834763N 93.28466797WPV-2Unknown7 Sep 2012
Branson, Missouri, United States36.64186478N 93.24586487WBe.18 inside at Fritz's AdventuresCivil17 May 20211
Branson - Veterans Memorial Museum, Missouri, United States36.64002991N 93.24105072WP-51, UH-1Military6 May 20211
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States37.23027802N 89.56351471WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Caruthersville, Missouri, United States36.17603302N 89.67090607WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Caruthersville, Missouri, United States36.19430542N 89.65671539WUH-1Military14 Jul 20151
Chillicothe, Missouri, United States39.77660751N 93.49434662WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Cuba, Missouri, United States38.06230164N 91.42907715WCe.150 on a stick (not yet visible on GE image, exact location not sure)Civil1 Oct 2020
De Soto, Missouri, United States38.11769867N 90.56031799WAH-1Military14 Jul 20151
East Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.01707840N 94.20956421WSabrelinerCivil7 Nov 20172
Ellington, Missouri, United States37.24017334N 90.96542358WAH-1 (moved to De Soto, MO? Pictures show the Cobra there to have serial 15018 in the tail)Military4 Jan 20171
Festus, Missouri, United States38.20566940N 90.39852905WF-84Military12 Sep 20121
Florissant, Missouri, United States38.79191971N 90.29866028WF-101Military6 Mar 20151
Fort Leanord Wood, Missouri, United States37.72821808N 92.14408112WF-18 fuselage, 2x UH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.76361084N 92.11672211WA-10Military27 May 20131
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.74456787N 92.11134338WUH-1Military27 May 20131
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.71472549N 92.19462585WF-4Military13 May 2015
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.62855911N 92.22161865W5x AH-1, UH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.63892365N 92.2173996WAH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.72838974N 92.15814209WHH-3Military13 Jan 2017
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.71848297N 92.0504303WUH-1Military29 Oct 2020
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.74597549N 92.13295746WUH-1Military27 Jun 2021
Higginsville, Missouri, United States39.07332611N 93.67642975WAA-1Civil5 Dec 20171
Jefferson City - Museum of Missouri Military History, Missouri, United States38.54904175N 92.07240295WVariousMilitary18 Apr 20206
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29228210N 94.69664001WVariousCivil21 Nov 2019
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29645157N 94.69464874WB737, B727Civil22 Sep 2021
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29362488N 94.70014191WB727 and a few moreCivil22 Sep 20213
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.11463928N 94.59331512WDC-9 (probably part of the TWA museum and may move there)Civil24 Oct 20161
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.04954529N 94.49843597WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil17 Nov 20165
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.16102982N 94.46776581WSeveral planes at a paintball field (some may also be fake)Civil8 Jan 2017
Kansas City - Airline History Museum, Missouri, United States39.11875534N 94.60044098WAirlinersCivil7 Apr 20187
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States38.90370560N 94.35723114WPA-38Civil9 Dec 20171
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States38.96193314N 94.37606812WCe.152 (latest GE image does not show it because it was down for refurbishment for some time, already back again)Civil9 Dec 2017
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States38.96194839N 94.37684631WPA-23Civil9 Dec 2017
Marshall - Nicholas-Beazley Aviation Museum, Missouri, United States39.09740067N 93.19695282WVariousCivil27 Sep 20213
Maryville, Missouri, United States40.33020782N 94.87555695WCe.172 tail sticking out of the buildingCivil11 Oct 20161
Monett, Missouri, United States36.91260910N 93.86496735WBe.18Civil4 Jun 2021
Monnett, Missouri, United States36.91095734N 93.92803192WF-4Military18 Sep 20121
Mosby, Missouri, United States39.33550262N 94.30723572W4x Commander, small twin propCivil6 Jul 2019
Mountain View, Missouri, United States36.99927139N 91.69796753WT-33 (under the trees, not visible on GE image)Military18 Sep 20121
Neelyville, Missouri, United States36.50131989N 90.53894806WPembrokeCivil29 May 20191
Neosho, Missouri, United States36.86954117N 94.3588562WUH-1 (Stil here?)Military12 Sep 20211
Neosho, Missouri, United States36.80612564N 94.39130402WT-37 (currently stored in a hangar, to be put on display at this airport)Military26 Dec 20161
Nixa, Missouri, United States37.07032394N 93.29351807WSmall prop (not yet visible on GE image)Civil12 Jun 2021
O'Fallon, Missouri, United States38.79989624N 90.69313049WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Paynesville, Missouri, United States39.27542496N 90.91442108WSeveral T-2 fuselages (and possibly other parts)Military4 Jan 2017
Purdy, Missouri, United States36.81568527N 93.91895294WA-4Military18 Sep 20121
Richmond, Missouri, United States39.27719498N 93.962677WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Sikeston, Missouri, United States36.88520432N 89.56578064WF-4, B.47Military14 Jul 20152
Spirit of St Louis, Missouri, United States38.66446304N 90.64490509WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Springfield, Missouri, United States37.16637802N 93.33082581WAH-1, UH-1Military7 Sep 20122
Springfield, Missouri, United States37.22432709N 93.24349976WF-84Military14 Jul 20151
Springfield, Missouri, United States37.24274826N 93.38339233WLarge amount of commuters across the airportCivil9 Sep 2017
Springfield - Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks, Missouri, United States37.24022293N 93.24910736WAH-1 (inside), T-33 (wings can be seen outside, fuselage inside)Military6 Sep 20212
St Charles, Missouri, United States38.92848969N 90.4258728WF-15Military17 Mar 20151
St Charles, Missouri, United States38.92614746N 90.42286682WF-18, B747 (parts only)Both17 Mar 20152
St Charles, Missouri, United States38.93475342N 90.42798615WSmall prop wreckCivil30 Oct 2020
St Charles - Commerative Air Force, Missouri, United States38.92649460N 90.43430328WvariousBoth17 Mar 20156
St Joseph, Missouri, United States39.77309418N 94.90407562WBird Wing Imperial under restoration inside one of the hangarsCivil1 Jul 20211
St Joseph - National Military Heritage Museum, Missouri, United States39.76277924N 94.85134888WUH-1, AH-1 (inside?)Military13 Dec 20123
St Louis, Missouri, United States38.70300293N 90.39833832WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
St Louis, Missouri, United States38.63342285N 90.2011261WSabreliner plus fuselageCivil2 Jun 20131
St Louis, Missouri, United States38.63633728N 90.23047638WCe.310 (possible more inside at SLU, including a T-39)Civil4 Jan 20171
St Louis, Missouri, United States38.62350464N 90.22740936WvariousMilitary22 Mar 201511
St Louis, Missouri, United States38.77005005N 90.28355408WVarious i/a at St. Louis Aerospace Institute (exact location not 100% sure)Civil17 Nov 20161
St Louis - Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum, Missouri, United States38.72409439N 90.5062027WVarious, many airworthyBoth25 Apr 20217
St Louis - Missouri History Museum, Missouri, United States38.64538574N 90.28578949WRyan NYPCivil11 Jul 20211
St Louis - Museum of Transportation, Missouri, United States38.57457352N 90.46627045WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
St Louis - Museum of Transportation, Missouri, United States38.57272720N 90.46146393WC-47Military2 Sep 20121
St Louis - Science Center, Missouri, United States38.63171768N 90.27037048WF-18Military22 Nov 20141
Table Rock, Missouri, United States36.52865982N 93.67556WTS-11Civil4 Dec 2017
Vichy, Missouri, United States38.13127518N 91.76377106W3x DC-3Civil10 Nov 20193
Vichy, Missouri, United States38.13166046N 91.77082062WDC-3Civil22 Jan 20181
Warrensburg, Missouri, United States38.76523590N 93.73155212WAH-1Military26 Nov 20121
Warrensburg, Missouri, United States38.77775192N 93.77651978WT-39 (moving about in this yard a lot)Military6 Dec 20171
Warsaw, Missouri, United States38.21437836N 93.33260345WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Wentzville, Missouri, United States38.79570389N 90.85353851WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.73482132N 93.56871796WF-111, T-38Military26 Nov 20122
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.73703384N 93.57575989WB-29Military26 Nov 20121
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.72408295N 93.56808472WF-4, F-15, F-100Military23 Aug 20163
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.72642517N 93.56171417WA-10Military25 Jun 20211
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.71580887N 93.5635376WC-97Military26 Nov 20121
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.73938751N 93.55884552WB-52Military1 Dec 20121
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.71636581N 93.56232452WAH-1Military23 Aug 20161
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.72028351N 93.56533813WUH-1 (visible on latest GE image)Military25 Jun 20211
Whiteman, Missouri, United States38.73346710N 93.5762558WB-47 (visible on latest GE image)Military25 Jun 20211