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16 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Moldova. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Balti, Moldova47.77368164N 27.95296478ESeveral Mi-2Civil6 September 20181
Cahul, Moldova45.89623260N 28.21400642EMiG-17Military17 March 20161
Chisinau, Moldova46.93714905N 28.93309402ETu-134Civil1 December 20121
Chisinau, Moldova46.93664932N 28.92190361ESeveral stored Ka.26Civil12 July 20163
Chisinau, Moldova46.93457794N 28.92525291EVarious stored Soviet built airlinersCivil1 December 20125
Chisinau, Moldova47.06105042N 28.86936569EMi-2, Ka-26Civil3 July 20152
Chisinau, Moldova46.97823334N 28.87795448EYak-50Unknown17 March 2016
Chisinau - Army Museum, Moldova47.01569366N 28.84002495EMiG-21 (under the trees)Military10 March 20161
Chisinau - National Museum, Moldova47.02289200N 28.82768440EKa-26Civil3 July 20151
Florești, Moldova47.89230728N 28.28646851EMiG-19Military17 March 2016
Mărculești, Moldova47.85803986N 28.20562935EVariousMilitary5 August 20172
Semionovca, Moldova46.51795959N 29.51407623EMiG-21 (latest image is a bit distorted, but should still be here)Military17 March 20161
Tiraspol, Moldova46.83963776N 29.65678787EMiG-19Military1 December 20121
Tiraspol, Moldova46.85928726N 29.58904076EAn-2Civil1 December 20121
Tiraspol, Moldova46.86956024N 29.59745216ESeveral helicoptersCivil1 December 2012
Vatra, Moldova47.07982254N 28.72625351EAn-2Civil18 September 2013