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21 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Mongolia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.85394287N 106.75759888EIl-14Civil22 Mar 20161
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.84879684N 106.77185822EVariousCivil6 Sep 20183
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.85534286N 106.76026917EAn-2Civil22 Mar 20161
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.85266876N 106.78022766EAn-24Civil6 Sep 20181
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.84314346N 106.77691650EAn-24 fuselage and moreCivil6 Sep 2018
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.84983826N 106.76771545EAn-24Civil27 Dec 20191
Buyant Uhaa, Mongolia47.84780884N 106.76734924EAn-24Civil30 Nov 20201
Choibalsan, Mongolia48.13496017N 114.63131714EAn-2Civil9 Aug 20191
Choir, Mongolia46.56029892N 108.30934906EMiG-21Military11 Apr 20151
Dalanzadgad, Mongolia43.60558319N 104.37107086EL-410?Civil27 Dec 2019
Khovd, Mongolia47.96359253N 91.62656403EAn-2Civil8 Aug 2019
Mörön, Mongolia49.66197586N 100.09404755EAn-2Military6 Sep 20181
Nalayh, Mongolia47.74254608N 107.39669800EMi-4Military8 Aug 20191
Nalayh, Mongolia47.74429321N 107.39466858EMiG-21Military21 Sep 2013
Nalayh, Mongolia47.78343201N 107.39555359EMiG-21Military11 Apr 20151
Nalayh, Mongolia47.74528122N 107.37384796EMiG-15Military31 Aug 20171
Nalayh, Mongolia47.78469467N 107.22826385EMiG-15Military6 Sep 20181
Ulanbatar, Mongolia47.92297745N 106.95367432EMiG-21Military22 Mar 20161
Ulanbatar, Mongolia47.89388275N 106.71505737EAn-26/30 (two planes joined together as one)Civil12 Jul 20162
Ulanbatar, Mongolia47.90142822N 106.89456177EAn-24 i/a at School of Mechanical EngineeringCivil31 Aug 20171
Ulanbatar, Mongolia47.92577744N 106.95577240EMi-8Unknown6 Sep 2018