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63 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in New Jersey. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alexandria, New Jersey, United States40.58657074N 75.0138092WCe.172Civil5 August 2015
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.44362259N 74.58527374WF-16, F-100, F-106Military2 September 20123
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.43549347N 74.55460358WB727Civil17 June 20141
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.43659592N 74.55623627WSmall twin propCivil17 June 2014
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.45936966N 74.55775452WB737, B747, L1011Civil3 November 20161
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.44836044N 74.56185913WB727Civil15 March 20151
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.45155716N 74.56907654WB727Civil30 November 20161
Burlington, New Jersey, United States40.06750870N 74.82730865WF-86, UH-1Military2 September 20122
Camden - USS New Jersey, New Jersey, United States39.93880844N 75.13278961WSH-2Military2 September 20121
Cape May, New Jersey, United States39.00419617N 74.90781403WCaribou storageCivil7 May 201412
Cape May - NAS Wildwood Museum, New Jersey, United States39.00548172N 74.90960693WVariousBoth18 July 201617
Cape May - Vietnam Veterans Museum, New Jersey, United States39.00419235N 74.90938568WUH-1, H.269Military27 May 20153
Charles Wood, New Jersey, United States40.29154205N 74.08734131WC-130 forward fuselageMilitary5 January 2017
Charles Wood, New Jersey, United States40.29225922N 74.0860672WUH-1 cabinMilitary5 January 2017
Clark, New Jersey, United States40.61970901N 74.29815674WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Ewing, New Jersey, United States40.27735138N 74.80290222WA-4Military18 September 20121
Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States40.02957153N 74.61898041WUH-1, H-53Military25 October 20162
Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States40.01692963N 74.63546753WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Freehold, New Jersey, United States40.23115921N 74.20057678WH-53 at Military Sealift Command Fire Fighting School (or is it a replica?)Military24 October 2016
Greenwood Lake, New Jersey, United States41.12947845N 74.34294891WL-1049Military2 September 20121
Hamilton, New Jersey, United States40.21594620N 74.66635895WF-4Military2 July 20141
Hamilton, New Jersey, United States40.21072388N 74.66210938WAH-1Military18 September 20121
Hammonton, New Jersey, United States39.66780853N 74.75604248WSmall prop fuselageCivil11 April 2014
Holmdel, New Jersey, United States40.38962936N 74.17480469WUH-1Military18 December 20161
Hope, New Jersey, United States40.90176773N 74.95743561WDC-3 forward fuselage inside 'Land of Make Believe'Unknown13 April 20131
Hopewell, New Jersey, United States40.29683685N 74.78387451WHelio Courier fuselageCivil8 May 2017
Jackson, New Jersey, United States40.13908005N 74.43836975WF-104Military7 July 20141
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.02606964N 74.3085556WF-18Military25 October 2016
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.01879120N 74.37253571WF-18, F-14, F11FMilitary3 November 20181
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.02554321N 74.31794739WF-14 (and two drones)Military25 October 20161
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.03102493N 74.3181839WA-4, A-7, F-4Military26 July 20143
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.03336334N 74.33919525WAH-1, UH-1Military25 October 2016
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.03122711N 74.33485413W2x C-23Military25 October 2016
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.01689911N 74.39830017WE-2, F-18Military25 October 2016
Lumberton, New Jersey, United States39.93035126N 74.80538177WSeveral small prop wrecksCivil11 April 2014
Lumberton - Air Victory Museum, New Jersey, United States39.93961716N 74.84468842WVariousMilitary5 January 20178
Manville, New Jersey, United States40.52597046N 74.59273529WPA-23Civil2 June 20161
McCoy's Corner, New Jersey, United States41.20425415N 74.62226105WZ-37Civil30 May 20161
McGuire, New Jersey, United States40.02912140N 74.61148071WC-135, C-141, F-4Military2 September 20123
McGuire, New Jersey, United States40.02404785N 74.61457062WF-105Military2 September 20121
McGuire, New Jersey, United States40.02464294N 74.61386108WF-84Military26 December 20121
McGuire, New Jersey, United States40.02798843N 74.58493042WC-118Military7 June 20141
Milltown, New Jersey, United States40.45137024N 74.43546295WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Millville, New Jersey, United States39.37083817N 75.06297302WTS-11Civil26 April 20171
Millville Aviation Museum, New Jersey, United States39.37201309N 75.07209015WA-4, C-23Military2 September 20123
Monroe - Stone Museum, New Jersey, United States40.33343887N 74.37896729WAH-1Military31 December 20151
Newark, New Jersey, United States40.75661469N 74.179245WErcoupe 415Civil24 November 2012
Newton, New Jersey, United States41.02609634N 74.7552948W2x small propCivil8 May 20172
Ocean City, New Jersey, United States39.27325058N 74.57660675WH-6, small biplaneBoth7 December 2017
Ocean City, New Jersey, United States39.27917862N 74.57542419WCe.150 (hanging inside B&B department store)Civil27 June 2015
Old Bridge, New Jersey, United States40.32672882N 74.35168457WCe.310Civil21 January 20181
Princeton, New Jersey, United States40.39796066N 74.66339874WCommander, small prop (only visible on latest GE image)Civil22 December 2017
Princeton, New Jersey, United States40.39814758N 74.66605377WCe.337Civil22 December 20171
Robbinsville, New Jersey, United States40.21442413N 74.60006714WSeveral small props missing partsCivil7 May 2013
Sea Girt - National Guard Militia Museum, New Jersey, United States40.12305069N 74.03870392WF-84, F-4, UH-1, AH-1Military28 December 20164
Solberg, New Jersey, United States40.58084869N 74.73273468WSmall propCivil11 April 2014
South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States40.58289337N 74.41461182WAH-1Military29 April 20141
Southern Cross, New Jersey, United States39.65570068N 75.01358032WSmall propCivil11 April 2014
Teteboro, New Jersey, United States40.84143829N 74.07138824WVarious i/a at Teterboro School of AeronauticsCivil10 December 201617
Teteboro - Aviation hall of fame, New Jersey, United States40.85230255N 74.05535889WOV-1, C-131, H-13, moreMilitary2 September 20127
Twin Pines, New Jersey, United States40.30950928N 74.76328278WBe.18 (somewhere underneath these trees)Unknown8 May 2017
Warren Grove, New Jersey, United States39.70823288N 74.41290283WA-7 (range target)Military24 December 2016
West Milford, New Jersey, United States41.07704163N 74.39679718WT2V wreck, crashed here in 1967, approximate locationMilitary21 September 2016