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54 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in New South Wales. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Albion Park - Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, New South Wales, Australia34.56142807S 150.78967285EVarious (some airworthy)Both30 October 201436
Albury, New South Wales, Australia36.07247543S 146.95086670EDC-2Military4 January 20171
Balickera, New South Wales, Australia32.68859863S 151.80050659EUH-1Military8 January 20171
Balickera, New South Wales, Australia32.69123459S 151.79931641EUH-1 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 January 20171
Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia33.41487885S 149.65295410EMiG-15 (there were two, one is gone, need confirmation on which is still here) and a few more small propsCivil10 June 20182
Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia31.99887085S 141.46954346ENomadCivil15 October 20131
Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia32.28997803S 148.55659485EP-2 (is this part of the Dubbo Military Museum and are there more planes here?)Military23 October 20141
Evans Head, New South Wales, Australia29.102211S 153.42109680EVariousMilitary30 December 20173
Forbes, New South Wales, Australia33.38928986S 148.00779724EVampireMilitary20 December 20121
Griffith, New South Wales, Australia34.28888321S 146.05093384EFireflyMilitary4 January 20171
Harrington Park - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia34.03720474S 150.73866272EVariousMilitary4 January 201718
Holbrook, New South Wales, Australia35.68102264S 147.32664490EFacet SapphireCivil14 October 20171
Holsworthy, New South Wales, Australia33.99474716S 150.95515442EUH-1Military24 September 20161
Holsworthy, New South Wales, Australia33.96875381S 150.95516968EC-130 fuselageMilitary2 December 20161
Illawara, New South Wales, Australia34.55047607S 150.78602600EP.166 (part of HARS, see location #9283)Civil2 January 20171
Larras Lee, New South Wales, Australia32.99875641S 148.86167908EDC-3Civil30 October 20142
Ludenham, New South Wales, Australia33.85948563S 150.71678162EH-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary14 October 20171
Luskintyre - Aviation Flying Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.66637421S 151.41625977EMostly vintage planes, some airworthyBoth23 October 2014
Moree, New South Wales, Australia29.48429871S 149.84519958EDC-3Military4 January 20171
Mulwala, New South Wales, Australia36.00366211S 146.00065613EDC-3Military24 October 20141
Narrandera, New South Wales, Australia34.74497223S 146.55055237ETiger Moth (inside)Military28 October 20141
Narromine - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.2220459S 148.22831726EF-86 and some vintage planes (exact building unknown)Both23 October 20141
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.86681747S 150.60241699EUH-1Military4 January 20171
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.94800949S 150.54913330E2x DC-3Military27 December 2017
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia34.94631195S 150.52700806ELj-35Civil27 December 2017
Nowra - Museum, New South Wales, Australia34.93603897S 150.55480957EVariousBoth4 January 201725
Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia31.56306267S 147.19665527EUH-1Military25 October 20141
Orchard Hills, New South Wales, Australia33.81817627S 150.72219849EMirage 3Military24 September 20161
Parkes - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.13829041S 148.23251343EVarious, also storage for HARSBoth30 December 20177
Richmond, New South Wales, Australia33.59806442S 150.77555847EDHC-4 fuselage sectionMilitary30 December 20171
Richmond, New South Wales, Australia33.59986877S 150.78117371E3x C-130, DHC-4Military2 December 20162
Salt Ash, New South Wales, Australia32.79711914S 151.92660522ECe.310? at a paintball fieldCivil8 January 2017
Singleton - Australian Infantry Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.6289978S 151.17507935EUH-1 (building only visible on latest GE image)Military10 December 20171
Sydney - Australian National Maritime Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.86921692S 151.19876099EWessexMilitary22 October 20141
Sydney - Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.92753601S 150.98445129EVariousBoth24 August 201612
Sydney - Powerhouse Museum, New South Wales, Australia33.87814331S 151.19972229EVariousCivil28 October 20146
Table Top, New South Wales, Australia35.96822739S 147.00846863ESmall prop, looks like a Ce.152, but may also be completely fake, needs to be confirmedCivil11 October 2016
Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia31.0817337S 150.84217834EF.27Civil9 March 20181
Tamworth - East-West Airlines Museum, New South Wales, Australia31.08571053S 150.84880066EAnson (inside museum, exact location not 100% sure)Civil28 October 20141
Temora - Aviation Museum, New South Wales, Australia34.42759705S 147.51484680EVariousBoth26 October 201410
The Oaks, New South Wales, Australia34.08191681S 150.55953979EHS.125Civil4 January 20171
Tooraweenah - Butler Air Transport Museum, New South Wales, Australia31.43979836S 148.89968872ENew museum is being set up in this town, location not yet knownUnknown30 October 20141
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.1572876S 147.46644592ECanberraMilitary20 December 20121
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.15363693S 147.46792603EMeteorMilitary20 December 20121
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.14972687S 147.46801758EVariousMilitary4 January 20175
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.1195488S 147.37500000EVampireMilitary20 December 20121
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.15737915S 147.45982361ESF.340Civil4 January 2017
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia35.15541458S 147.46855164EMB.326 (need confirmation this is indeed the MB.326)Military26 October 20141
West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia33.92298508S 147.19953918EDC-3Military24 October 20141
Williamtown, New South Wales, Australia32.79230118S 151.84083557ECanberraMilitary17 August 20171
Williamtown, New South Wales, Australia32.79175949S 151.84182739EMB-326Military17 August 20171
Williamtown - Fighterworld Museum, New South Wales, Australia32.80289459S 151.85046387EVariousMilitary31 October 201411
Wingham, New South Wales, Australia31.86986923S 152.37425232EVampireMilitary26 October 20141
Woolgoola, New South Wales, Australia30.11131096S 153.19506836EUH-1Military25 October 20141