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46 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in New Zealand. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ardmore - New Zealand Warbird Association, New Zealand37.03166199S 174.97817993EA-4, MB-339 both inside a hangar, not sure which, also a number of flying warbirdsMilitary9 January 20182
Ashburton - Aviation Museum, New Zealand43.90468979S 171.80603027EVariousBoth7 March 201718
Auckland, New Zealand37.01079178S 174.80400085EB767 fuselageCivil17 October 20161
Auckland, New Zealand37.01605225S 174.80809021EF.27, G.159Civil20 April 20182
Auckland, New Zealand37.00501633S 174.78327942EGull hanging inside the international terminalCivil30 January 20181
Auckland - Museum of Transport and Technology, New Zealand36.86010361S 174.71473694EVariousBoth23 October 201422
Auckland - War Memorial Museum, New Zealand36.86065292S 174.77781677EZekeMilitary23 October 20141
Christchurch, New Zealand43.49534607S 172.53060913EF.27Civil4 January 2017
Christchurch, New Zealand43.49235535S 172.54949951ESpitfire (replica?)Military4 January 2017
Christchurch, New Zealand43.48281479S 172.53044128E2x L-29Civil29 December 20182
Christchurch - Ferrymead Museum, New Zealand43.57062149S 172.70129395EVariousBoth23 October 201419
Croydon - Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre, New Zealand45.99168015S 168.80986023EMB-339 (and many old airworthy planes)Military9 January 20181
Gisborne, New Zealand38.66651535S 178.00096130EDC-3Civil24 October 20141
Gisborne - Aviation Preservation Society, New Zealand38.66137695S 177.98353577EVarious (probably housed in the hangar here, but not 100% sure)Both23 October 20145
Gore - Air Force Museum, New Zealand46.08476257S 168.95504761EVariousBoth23 October 20141
Hamilton, New Zealand37.87335587S 175.35543823EDC-3 (currently removed for restauration, no info on if and when it will be back)Civil22 October 20141
Hamilton - Tauwhare Military Museum, New Zealand37.78161621S 175.43942261EEmb.110Civil8 October 20171
Kaiangaroa - Chatham Islands Aviation Museum, New Zealand43.73645782S 176.24562073WF.27, SunderlandBoth4 February 20182
Kaiapoi - NZ Helicopter Heritage Museum, New Zealand43.4273262S 172.56262207EVarious helicopters (exact location to be confirmed)Civil4 February 201810
Manakau - The Deer Museum, New Zealand40.71459579S 175.21583557EH.369Civil9 July 20171
Mangaweka, New Zealand39.81007767S 175.78770447EDC-3Civil4 January 20171
Mount Cook - Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, New Zealand43.73701859S 170.09832764EAuster J-1 (inside)Civil12 November 20141
Nelson, New Zealand41.26129532S 173.29565430EBristol FreighterCivil4 January 2017
Ngatarina, Devonport, New Zealand36.82538223S 174.79017639ERNZN Stores Depot
credits: Dave Taskis (dyvroeth)
Military6 October 2017
North Shore, New Zealand36.65419769S 174.65425110EPA-23, Ce.172Civil10 May 20172
Ohakea, New Zealand40.20354462S 175.37214661EA-4, 2x MB-339 (all move around on the airbase and may well be kept in a hangar most of the time)Military9 January 20183
Ohakea, New Zealand40.19942474S 175.38949585EVampireMilitary22 October 20141
Ohakea, New Zealand40.20126343S 175.39215088ESpitfire, Avenger, UH-1, HarvardMilitary11 March 2019
Omaka - Aviation Heritage Center, New Zealand41.53792572S 173.92900085EVariousBoth6 February 20182
Onehunga, New Zealand36.92053986S 174.80723572EMiG-21Military14 October 20171
Pahiatua, New Zealand40.44874573S 175.84414673ET-6Military23 October 20141
Paraparaumu - Southward Car Museum, New Zealand40.89413834S 175.02873230EVariousBoth23 October 20142
Taranaki - Transport Museum, New Zealand39.13161087S 174.11964417ET-6 (more?)Military23 October 20141
Tararua Ranges, New Zealand40.74762726S 175.32766724EOxford wreckMilitary22 October 20141
Taupo, New Zealand38.68961716S 176.07164001EDC-3Civil4 January 20171
Taupo, New Zealand38.64361572S 176.08778381EMi-8Civil15 November 20141
Tauranga - Classic Flyers Museum, New Zealand37.66799545S 176.19749451EVarious (many still airworthy)Both7 June 20146
Waitomo, New Zealand38.25444031S 175.11892700EBristol FreighterCivil4 January 20171
Wanaka - Transport Museum, New Zealand44.72236252S 169.23934937EVariousBoth22 October 201414
Wanaka - Warbirds & Wheels, New Zealand44.7244072S 169.24389648EA-4, Vampire, StrikemasterMilitary17 August 20175
Wellington - Te Papa Museum, New Zealand41.29050827S 174.78207397ETiger MothCivil23 October 20141
Whenuapai, New Zealand36.78576279S 174.62612915EHS.748, S.58Military4 January 20171
Wigram, New Zealand43.54331589S 172.54681396ET-6Military23 October 20141
Wigram - RNZAF Museum, New Zealand43.5471344S 172.54766846EVariousMilitary23 October 201435
Woodbourne, New Zealand41.5136795S 173.87622070EB727Military4 January 20171
Woodbourne, New Zealand41.51216507S 173.85864258EArgossyCivil4 January 20171