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44 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Nigeria. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abuja, Nigeria8.97604084N 7.25865793EMiG-21Military17 Apr 20161
Abuja, Nigeria9.01043034N 7.27006483EVarious
credits: Dave Broome
Civil28 Jan 2021
Bauchi, Nigeria10.49474144N 9.75810242EMiG-21Military3 May 20181
Benin City, Nigeria6.32094097N 5.60636568EFokker 27Military31 Oct 20181
Enugu, Nigeria6.46871281N 7.56398582EL-410Civil30 Apr 2022
Jaji, Nigeria10.81054115N 7.54781055EP.149Military31 Oct 20181
Jos, Nigeria9.87064362N 8.89072323EP.149Military2 May 20181
Jos, Nigeria9.87101173N 8.88660240EL-29Military16 May 20161
Kaduna, Nigeria10.59874535N 7.43723631EDo.27Military31 Oct 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.59210777N 7.43506861EDo.28Military17 Apr 20161
Kaduna, Nigeria10.58851624N 7.43430662EBulldogMilitary31 Oct 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.58591461N 7.43439531EP.149Military31 Oct 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.60858440N 7.44028568EDo.27Military31 Oct 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.60845184N 7.44289064EVarious at technical schoolMilitary31 Oct 20186
Kaduna, Nigeria10.60874176N 7.43943310EDo.28Military31 Oct 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.59603310N 7.44385433EMiG-17Military8 Dec 20151
Kaduna, Nigeria10.59995937N 7.44315100EVarious planes and plane partsMilitary31 Oct 201826
Kaduna, Nigeria10.61469746N 7.35998917EL-39Military31 Oct 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.61616325N 7.36906719ESmall propMilitary13 Oct 2016
Kaduna, Nigeria10.60872936N 7.44239664EF.27Military13 Jul 20171
Kaduna, Nigeria10.60803413N 7.43987274EMi-34Military2 May 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.55311203N 7.45204926EMiG-17Military3 May 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.53190708N 7.43705845EBulldogMilitary3 May 20181
Kaduna, Nigeria10.59894943N 7.44273901ESmall propMilitary29 Dec 2020
Kano, Nigeria12.04074287N 8.52693367EL-29Military8 Dec 20151
Kano, Nigeria12.04545403N 8.53049469EJaguar?Military31 Oct 2018
Kano, Nigeria12.04353333N 8.51707935EB737, B747Civil29 Feb 2020
Kano, Nigeria12.03974152N 8.52589989EMiG-17Military8 Dec 20151
Kano, Nigeria12.04011059N 8.52631760EMiG-21Military16 Jun 2017
Kano, Nigeria12.04367638N 8.53118801ESmall propUnknown17 Mar 2018
Kano, Nigeria12.04714775N 8.52556038E3x B747 (listed planes are not all at this specific location, unknown which is where)Civil31 Oct 20184
Lagos, Nigeria6.59617662N 3.33260536EVarious airlinersCivil14 Apr 2013
Lagos, Nigeria6.57995844N 3.33177257ESome wfu C-130 and G222 between active aircraftMilitary14 Apr 20137
Lagos, Nigeria6.43942165N 3.28273773ELynxMilitary31 Oct 20181
Lagos, Nigeria6.57017040N 3.31674004EB737 (visible on latest GE image)Civil31 Oct 2018
Maiduguri, Nigeria11.84272099N 13.07172680E3x MiG-21Military31 Oct 20183
Makurdi, Nigeria7.69488859N 8.60702610ELarge number of MiG-21s, JaguarsMilitary31 Oct 201815
Makurdi, Nigeria7.71485710N 8.63505554EMiG-21Military18 May 20161
Port Harcourt, Nigeria5.01660013N 6.95376968EGulfstreamCivil30 Jun 2016
Port Harcourt, Nigeria4.83644676N 7.01702023EBo.105Military31 Oct 20181
Umuahia - National War Museum, Nigeria5.54491997N 7.48610306EVariousMilitary18 May 20165
Zaria, Nigeria11.13776302N 7.69032955ECe.172Civil18 May 20161
Zaria, Nigeria11.13391113N 7.68586063ESeveral small prop wrecksCivil18 Oct 2021
Zaria, Nigeria11.13519955N 7.68664122EHS.125 i/a at Nigerian College of AviationCivil31 May 20181