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92 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Ohio. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Akron-Canton, Ohio, United States40.91786194N 81.43238068WL-29 (airworthy?)Unknown2 September 2012
Akron-Canton - MAPS Air Museum, Ohio, United States40.91745758N 81.45402527WVariousMilitary6 March 201529
Alliance, Ohio, United States40.91231155N 81.11036682WA-7Military4 September 20121
Arcanum, Ohio, United States39.98666763N 84.55046844WUH-1Military7 September 20121
Baltimore, Ohio, United States39.85191345N 82.63000488WP-2Military2 September 20121
Beach City, Ohio, United States40.64591217N 81.55249786WDC-3Civil23 January 20161
Blue Ash, Ohio, United States39.25673294N 84.38635254WA-7Military4 September 20121
Blue Ash, Ohio, United States39.24422836N 84.39391327WCe.172 (to be removed soon)Civil21 June 20181
Bolton Field, Ohio, United States39.90859985N 83.13607788WVarious i/a at Columbus State Community CollegeCivil10 December 201613
Bowling Green, Ohio, United States41.38560867N 83.63561249WT-33Military7 September 20121
Brooklyn, Ohio, United States41.43972015N 81.73790741WT-33Military4 September 20121
Cadiz, Ohio, United States40.23687363N 81.01185608WT-33Military3 June 20141
Cambridge, Ohio, United States39.97653198N 81.57985687WT-33Military2 September 20121
Camp Perry, Ohio, United States41.54252625N 83.01979065WUH-1, AH-1Military7 January 2017
Canton, Ohio, United States40.92713165N 81.44734955WAH-1Military7 September 20121
Cincinnati West, Ohio, United States39.25511932N 84.77798462WVarious i/a at Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeCivil17 November 20162
Circleville, Ohio, United States39.56752396N 82.93811798WF-105Military2 September 20121
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.51132202N 81.68785095W2X F-4Military2 September 20122
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.50540161N 81.60382843WS.76 fuselage i/a at Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, in use to train in-flight medical assistanceCivil17 November 2017
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.39611053N 81.85339355WC-97 in use as restaurant (not yet visible on GE image, location to be confirmed)Military28 May 20181
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.41322327N 81.85862732WS-3Military24 March 2019
Cleveland - Frederick C. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Ohio, United States41.51352310N 81.61011505WVariousCivil14 January 20183
Cleveland - NASA Lewis, Ohio, United States41.41438293N 81.86034393WLj-23Civil6 May 2016
Cleves, Ohio, United States39.20315552N 84.75506592WTS-11
credits: SabreOH
Civil1 July 20151
Cleves, Ohio, United States39.22127533N 84.75699615WA-7, plus B-47 fuselage parts (52-0410, main components are at Ellsworth, see location #3361)Military13 January 20171
Clinton, Ohio, United States40.92470932N 81.62529755WAH-1Military29 May 20161
Columbus, Ohio, United States39.97840881N 82.90328979WUH-1Military7 January 20171
Columbus, Ohio, United States39.98104095N 82.89897156WAH-1Military29 May 2016
Columbus, Ohio, United States40.15956116N 83.11356354WBe.18 inside Columbus zooCivil7 January 20171
Columbus, Ohio, United States40.08588791N 83.07209015WHU-16Civil7 January 20171
Columbus, Ohio, United States39.99719238N 82.87475586WCaravelleCivil13 January 20171
Columbus - Ohio Historical Museum, Ohio, United States40.00485992N 82.9874115WSmall propCivil21 September 20161
Dayton, Ohio, United States39.90369797N 84.20735931WB727 (temporarily here for outfitting, will move to Wright State University)Civil24 January 20161
Dayton, Ohio, United States39.77794266N 84.09560394WVarious - USAFM storage facilityMilitary24 December 20164
Dayton - USAF Museum, Ohio, United States39.78126144N 84.11144257WVariousMilitary2 September 2012204
Ellsworth, Ohio, United States41.02600861N 80.86361694WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Fairfield County - Historical Aircraft Museum, Ohio, United States39.75404358N 82.66436768WVariousCivil22 January 20184
Forest Park, Ohio, United States39.30322647N 84.51874542WCe.120 (inside mall, entrance to the Bass Pro Shops)Civil5 November 20141
Gibsonburg, Ohio, United States41.38680267N 83.31923676WT-33Military3 June 20131
Gilboa Quarry, Ohio, United States41.01476288N 83.93541718WG.159 submerged as diving attractionCivil15 January 20171
Grimes Field - Champaign Aviation Museum, Ohio, United States40.13493729N 83.74890137WVariousBoth7 January 20156
Groveport - Motts Military Museum, Ohio, United States39.85923386N 82.88713837WVariousMilitary24 December 20165
Hamilton, Ohio, United States39.36805344N 84.52230072WBe.18Unknown7 January 2017
Hamilton Fairfield, Ohio, United States39.36511993N 84.53235626WA-4, CommanderBoth5 June 20151
Harrod, Ohio, United States40.70957947N 83.92038727WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Holmesville, Ohio, United States40.66525269N 81.94389343WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Jefferson, Ohio, United States41.74673843N 80.76184082WAH-1Military30 July 20151
Mansfield, Ohio, United States40.81168747N 82.51351166WF-100, F-84Military4 June 20142
Marion, Ohio, United States40.55838013N 83.14224243WAH-1Military9 May 20141
Mc Arthur, Ohio, United States39.32706070N 82.43964386WT-33Military3 June 20141
Medina, Ohio, United States41.16830826N 81.86193085WUH-1Military4 September 20121
New Carlisle, Ohio, United States39.93109512N 84.01003265WCe.337Civil25 April 20171
Newark, Ohio, United States40.02276611N 82.46363068WF-4Military2 September 20121
Newark, Ohio, United States40.05347443N 82.40824127WUH-1 (on trailer)Military17 January 20181
Newark - The Works museum, Ohio, United States40.05694962N 82.39875793WCe.180 partial fuselage and wing as part of Jerrie Mock exhibit (not her actual plane, which is at NASM)
credits: Mark Moxley-Knapp
Civil22 January 2018
Newbury - Waltar Soplata Collection, Ohio, United States41.46915817N 81.22018433WVariousBoth2 September 20121
Pickerington, Ohio, United States39.90723038N 82.73260498WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Port Clinton - Liberty Aviation Museum, Ohio, United States41.50922775N 82.86458588WVarious, mostly airworthy
credits: Mark Moxley-Knapp
Civil22 January 2018
Portage Quarry, Ohio, United States41.33571243N 83.6526947WHFB.320 submerged as diving attractionCivil21 April 20171
Portsmouth, Ohio, United States38.84136200N 82.84934998WPA-28Civil11 December 20171
Ravenna, Ohio, United States41.16748810N 81.08618164WAH-1, UH-1Military7 September 2012
Rickenbacker, Ohio, United States39.81488419N 82.94674683WA-7, F-84, F-100Military2 September 20123
Rickenbacker, Ohio, United States39.81990433N 82.9447403WA-7Military2 September 20121
Rickenbacker, Ohio, United States39.81802750N 82.94197845WSeveral stored commuters (in process of being scrapped?)Civil3 June 2013
Rickenbacker, Ohio, United States39.80723190N 82.9515686WAH-1Military1 November 20161
Rock Creek, Ohio, United States41.65987015N 80.85993958WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Sheffield, Ohio, United States41.42440033N 82.14434052WCV-240Civil7 January 20171
Sidney, Ohio, United States40.23595428N 84.15297699WT-33Military24 November 20121
Sidney, Ohio, United States40.30008316N 84.17333221WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Smithfield, Ohio, United States40.28709412N 80.7687149WF-89, O-2Military29 July 20151
Springfield, Ohio, United States39.84819031N 83.83831787WF-84Military2 September 20121
Springfield, Ohio, United States39.84972000N 83.83896637WA-7Military2 September 20121
Springfield, Ohio, United States39.85126495N 83.83422089WF-100Military2 September 20121
Springfield, Ohio, United States39.84848404N 83.83956146WF-84Military2 September 20121
Toledo, Ohio, United States41.58386612N 83.78980255WA-7, F-84, F-100Military2 September 20124
Toledo, Ohio, United States41.59045792N 83.51877594WB727Civil14 March 20151
Troy - WACO museum, Ohio, United States40.01275635N 84.1993103WVariousCivil16 February 20196
Union Township, Ohio, United States39.08422089N 84.27329254WUH-1Military19 December 20161
Valley City, Ohio, United States41.25953293N 81.9695816WSmall propCivil10 February 2019
Vandalia, Ohio, United States39.91106415N 84.1950531WUH-1Military7 September 20121
Wadsworth, Ohio, United States41.00426102N 81.75595093WT-33Military7 September 20121
Wakeman, Ohio, United States41.29714203N 82.37172699Wsmall twin prop fuselageCivil29 July 2015
Wapakoneta - Neil Armstrong Museum, Ohio, United States40.56394958N 84.17316437WF5DMilitary25 July 20151
Washingtonville, Ohio, United States40.89699936N 80.76616669WUH-1Military2 September 20121
Wilmington, Ohio, United States39.43624878N 83.77687836WF-101Military2 September 20121
Wilmington, Ohio, United States39.42385101N 83.80027771WDC-9 for scrap? (B747 gone)Civil6 May 2016
Wilmington, Ohio, United States39.50469971N 83.8609848WNavion, no markings (other and stored aircraft maybe around)Civil18 June 2018
Wright-Patterson, Ohio, United States39.79848862N 84.04411316WF-15, F-16Military2 September 20122
Wright-Patterson, Ohio, United States39.80139923N 84.04903412WMiG-29Military2 September 20121
Wright-Patterson, Ohio, United States39.82505035N 84.05812073WC-130 parts, 2x unknown fuselageMilitary30 November 2016
Youngstown, Ohio, United States41.26010513N 80.66635132WVarious i/a at Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, exact building not sure, may be a new buildingCivil17 November 20171
Zanesville, Ohio, United States39.94761658N 81.89221954WF-105Military2 September 20121