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84 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Oklahoma. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.65221786N 99.28807068WC-45Military2 Sep 20121
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.65580750N 99.28596497WC-135, C-141Military2 Sep 20122
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.66019821N 99.28603363WC-47Military2 Sep 20121
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.69833755N 99.33529663WC-141 hulkMilitary2 Sep 20121
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.63807297N 99.31674957WB-47Military18 Sep 20121
Ames, Oklahoma, United States36.24576569N 98.18635559WT-37Military6 Dec 20211
Ardmode, Oklahoma, United States34.29600906N 97.01152802WB737Civil1 Nov 20161
Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States34.29327774N 97.01886749WB727Civil2 Sep 2012
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States36.71688461N 95.9311142WA-4Military29 Apr 20171
Bartlesville - Woolaroc Museum, Oklahoma, United States36.66347122N 96.10948944WTravel AirCivil29 Apr 20171
Bristow, Oklahoma, United States35.80774689N 96.42255402WUH-1, Ce.337Military1 Jul 2019
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States36.05189133N 95.79832458WBe.18Civil4 Dec 20171
Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, United States35.67601395N 95.20484924WUH-1Military22 Dec 20161
Cushing, Oklahoma, United States35.95276260N 96.77314758WUH-1Military27 May 20141
El Reno, Oklahoma, United States35.51467133N 97.94807434WB-26Military2 Sep 20121
Elk City, Oklahoma, United States35.42238235N 99.39698029WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Elk City - National Route 66 Museum, Oklahoma, United States35.41202927N 99.43685913WBaby Ace insideCivil24 Sep 20211
Enid Woodring, Oklahoma, United States36.38559341N 97.78517914WF-4, T-37Military2 Sep 20122
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.64750290N 98.69280243WF-111Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.64477158N 98.69210815WT-33, T-37, A-7Military24 Dec 20161
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65835953N 98.69828796WA-4Military24 Dec 20161
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65679932N 98.70360565WUH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65518570N 98.70563507WA-4, 2x AV-8Military24 Dec 20163
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65484238N 98.710289W2x A-7Military24 Dec 2016
Glencoe, Oklahoma, United States36.18889236N 96.92807007WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Goldsby, Oklahoma, United States35.15513611N 97.47283936WCe.320 in one of these three hangarsCivil24 Apr 20191
Grove, Oklahoma, United States36.59760284N 94.73101044WF-4 (visible on latest GE image)Military20 Jun 20211
Gundys, Oklahoma, United States36.26677322N 95.78388214WBe.18Civil4 Dec 20171
Gundys, Oklahoma, United States36.26753998N 95.78353119WBe.18 fuselageCivil24 Apr 20191
Gundys, Oklahoma, United States36.26417542N 95.78330231WBD-5Civil31 Aug 2020
Guthrie, Oklahoma, United States35.85220718N 97.41834259WLj-24Civil16 Nov 20171
Holdenville, Oklahoma, United States35.08550262N 96.41355896WSmall prop fuselageCivil10 Jun 2018
Jenks, Oklahoma, United States36.03386307N 95.98181152WT-33Military3 Jun 2013
Jenks, Oklahoma, United States36.03449631N 95.98226929WVarious i/a at Tulsa TechBoth24 Oct 20161
Jet, Oklahoma, United States36.66637421N 98.17745972WT-37Military4 Jun 20141
Mannford, Oklahoma, United States36.11666870N 96.40826416WBe.35Civil1 Jul 20191
Midwest City, Oklahoma, United States35.46187973N 97.371521WDC-3Military16 Jul 20201
Muldrow, Oklahoma, United States35.02275848N 97.22995758WUH-1Military9 Sep 2017
Muldrow, Oklahoma, United States35.02554321N 97.228508WH-23Military9 Sep 20171
Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States35.66749191N 95.37522125WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Mustang, Oklahoma, United States35.40578079N 97.72821045WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Okarche, Oklahoma, United States35.72011948N 97.97640991WB737 cockpitCivil10 Sep 2021
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.39443207N 97.61514282WB747, TigressCivil5 Jun 20181
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.43482208N 97.40159607WT-38Military2 Sep 20121
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.39648056N 97.61911011WLear FanCivil5 Jun 20181
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.40919495N 97.61671448WVarious i/a at Metro Tech AviationBoth24 Oct 20165
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.39358902N 97.62231445WVarious wrecksBoth30 May 20161
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.40555191N 97.61012268WC-130Military25 Oct 20161
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.35134506N 97.5977478WLarge amount of plane partsCivil18 Nov 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.43571854N 97.40419006WWindwagon hanging inside Santa Fe SteakhouseCivil4 Dec 2017
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.53232956N 97.63812256WPA-31Civil5 Jun 20181
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.39539337N 97.61994171WUH-1Military5 Jun 2018
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.49398422N 97.49997711WVega 5C suspended from ceiling in main hallCivil2 May 20211
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States35.49385071N 97.49755859WUH-1 (visible on latest GE image)Military27 Jul 20211
Oklahoma City - 45th Infantry Division Museum, Oklahoma, United States35.50853348N 97.4729538WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201212
Oklahoma City - Science Museum, Oklahoma, United States35.52388000N 97.47418976WVarious, insideBoth3 Jun 20145
Okmulgee, Oklahoma, United States35.67189407N 95.95419312WHU-16Civil12 Sep 20211
Owasso, Oklahoma, United States36.31067276N 95.76741791WVarious fuselagesCivil31 Aug 2020
Owasso, Oklahoma, United States36.30873489N 95.76668549WUnknown fuselageCivil31 Aug 2020
Roland, Oklahoma, United States35.41487885N 94.51499176WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Salina, Oklahoma, United States36.29311371N 95.15797424WT-38Military3 Jun 20131
Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States35.33158112N 96.92276001WUH-1Military19 Dec 20161
Skiatook, Oklahoma, United States36.35753250N 96.01302338WT-33, T-37Military8 May 20142
Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States36.12278366N 97.06574249WF-84Military3 Jun 20131
Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States36.16125488N 97.09275055WBe.18 fuselageCivil4 Dec 20171
Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States36.15365982N 97.08293915WMD-80Civil26 Dec 20191
Tinker, Oklahoma, United States35.40505600N 97.39903259WB-52, C-135Military2 Sep 20122
Tinker, Oklahoma, United States35.40379333N 97.39595795WC-130Military2 Sep 20121
Tinker, Oklahoma, United States35.43367386N 97.40380096WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201210
Tinker, Oklahoma, United States35.42801285N 97.39872742WC-121Military2 Sep 20121
Tishimingo, Oklahoma, United States34.23516464N 96.68276978WF11FMilitary29 Apr 20171
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States36.22002792N 95.87464905WA-7, F-16, F-86, F-100Military2 Sep 20124
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States36.20073318N 95.89575958WMu-2Civil7 Sep 2012
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States36.19063950N 95.89481354WVarious i/a at Spartan College of Aeronautics & TechnologyCivil17 Nov 201620
Tulsa - Air and Space Museum, Oklahoma, United States36.20650864N 95.89597321WVariousBoth3 Jun 20133
Vance, Oklahoma, United States36.33722687N 97.90129089WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Vance, Oklahoma, United States36.34072495N 97.90311432WA-26Military2 Sep 20121
Vance, Oklahoma, United States36.34615326N 97.89936066WT-38Military2 Sep 20121
Vance, Oklahoma, United States36.35362625N 97.90041351WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20127
Vance, Oklahoma, United States36.34209061N 97.89955902WA-10Military28 Apr 20141
Vance, Oklahoma, United States36.34027863N 97.89927673WT-37Military28 Apr 20141
Weatherford, Oklahoma, United States35.53710175N 98.66994476WF-4Military8 Nov 20141
Weatherford - Air & Space Museum, Oklahoma, United States35.54431915N 98.67006683WVariousBoth27 Apr 20218
Yukon, Oklahoma, United States35.48715591N 97.81452179WWW.1124Civil31 Aug 2020