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19 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Oman. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Al Ansab, Oman23.56144524N 58.37348175EStrikemasterMilitary25 Mar 20151
Al Kathir, Oman17.02795410N 54.09019470ESkyvanMilitary11 Mar 20131
Al Kathir, Oman17.02676773N 54.09042358EStrikemaster, UH-1Military20 Sep 20181
Ghalla, Oman23.54753876N 58.36942673E2x HunterMilitary25 Mar 20152
Ghalla, Oman23.54584694N 58.36646652EStrikemasterMilitary25 Mar 20151
Khasab, Oman26.16478157N 56.23397064EHunterMilitary11 Mar 20131
Masirah, Oman20.66706848N 58.88486099EHunterMilitary11 Mar 20131
Masirah, Oman20.66824913N 58.88875198EStrikemasterMilitary31 Oct 20181
Masirah, Oman20.66993523N 58.87965775EStrikemasterMilitary31 Oct 20181
Masirah, Oman20.68784523N 58.89533615EVariousMilitary2 May 20173
Muscat, Oman23.59538269N 58.25873947EB737Civil5 Oct 20201
Muscat, Oman23.59922218N 58.25915527E3x SkyvanMilitary24 Jun 20173
Muscat - Sultan's Armed Forces Museum, Oman23.60751534N 58.54605865EVariousMilitary31 Oct 20187
Seeb, Oman23.58518028N 58.28203201EHunterMilitary21 Mar 20131
Seeb, Oman23.58364105N 58.27079773EB.214Military21 Mar 20131
Seeb, Oman23.58945274N 58.27897644E2x BAC 1-11Military5 Oct 20202
Seeb, Oman23.58680916N 58.26658630E2x B.214Military31 Oct 20182
Seeb, Oman23.56825447N 58.27848053EVarious i/a at the Air Force Technical College (Exact location TBC)Military31 Oct 20185
Thumrait, Oman17.67619133N 54.03379822EHunter, StrikemasterMilitary11 Mar 20132