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129 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Ontario. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Acton, Ontario, Canada43.62548065N 80.04704285WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Alexandria, Ontario, Canada45.33126068N 74.62078857WAn-2? fuselageCivil26 Jun 2019
Bar River, Ontario, Canada46.42459869N 84.09037781W2x HS.748Civil7 Nov 20163
Barrie, Ontario, Canada44.32324982N 79.7707901WF-5, small twin prop at a paintball fieldBoth14 Oct 2017
Belleville, Ontario, Canada44.15217590N 77.39014435WF-86Military14 Dec 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26775742N 79.90740967WF-101, T-33, F-86, CF-100Military7 Nov 20164
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26919174N 79.90887451WF-104, S-2Military7 Nov 20162
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25829315N 79.92469025WF-5Military14 Dec 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25740433N 79.9227066WCT-114Military7 Nov 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27250671N 79.89824677WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26847839N 79.91344452WVariousMilitary7 Nov 20164
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.28499222N 79.89115906WF-5Military14 Dec 20121
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25848389N 79.91977692WF-5Military7 Nov 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25710297N 79.92118073WUH-1Military7 Nov 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27176666N 79.89096069WCT-114Military7 Nov 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26522827N 79.95545959WT-33Military7 Nov 20161
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26753616N 79.91352844WCF-100Military3 Sep 20171
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.28180695N 79.90176392WCF-100Military11 Dec 20181
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.25475311N 79.92567444WH-3Military11 Dec 20181
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27110672N 79.90809631WLarge number of CT-114 inside hangar 17Military12 Dec 201816
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.27011490N 79.90943909WF-18, large number of CT-114 inside hangarMilitary12 Dec 201814
Borden, Ontario, Canada44.26642609N 79.90045166W6x CT-114Military12 Dec 20186
Borden - Base Borden Military Museum, Ontario, Canada44.28611755N 79.89321899WF-5 and more insideMilitary7 Nov 20168
Brantford, Ontario, Canada43.13008881N 80.33506775WBe.18Civil7 Jun 20211
Brockville, Ontario, Canada44.58627701N 75.68252563WF-86Military14 Dec 20121
Brockville, Ontario, Canada44.57249451N 75.71501923WCT-134Military3 Jun 20161
Campbellford - Memorial Military Museum, Ontario, Canada44.30207825N 77.8059845WVariousBoth1 Jul 20217
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada44.50450134N 80.20159912WT-33Military12 Dec 20181
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada45.02673340N 74.68196106WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada45.01297379N 74.73244476WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Creemore, Ontario, Canada44.32710648N 80.11121368WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Dunnville, Ontario, Canada42.90425491N 79.61658478WT-6Military8 Nov 20141
Dunville, Ontario, Canada42.87679672N 79.58998871WT-6Military12 Dec 20181
Dunville - No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum, Ontario, Canada42.87553787N 79.58885193WVariousBoth12 Dec 20184
Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada50.63347626N 93.22808075WBe.18Civil10 May 20181
Edenvale, Ontario, Canada44.44393158N 79.96286774WMiG-15, CT-114, S-2Military29 Nov 20213
Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada42.92235947N 78.91827393WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada42.91976166N 78.95594025WEC.120Civil17 Sep 2016
Fort Frances, Canada, Ontario, Canada48.62804413N 93.36051941W4x Be.18Civil21 Mar 20194
Frankford, Ontario, Canada44.19934845N 77.63898468WCT-134Military3 Jun 20161
Gananoque, Ontario, Canada44.40432739N 76.23848724WPA-31, PBYCivil20 Jul 20192
Grand Blend, Ontario, Canada43.27440643N 81.78315735WT-33Military21 Mar 20191
Guelph - Tiger Boys, Ontario, Canada43.56336212N 80.19308472WVarious, most airworthy or under renovation to airworthinessBoth7 Nov 20167
Haliburton, Ontario, Canada45.04262924N 78.52141571WCF-100Military14 Dec 20121
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada43.26677322N 79.94355774WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada43.16672134N 79.92852783WB727 (several visible, only one left, not sure which one...)Civil27 Sep 20215
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada43.16464233N 79.91915131WVarious i/a at Hamilton CollegeCivil1 Nov 20163
Hamilton - Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Ontario, Canada43.15987015N 79.92501831WVariousBoth1 Nov 201649
Hanmer, Ontario, Canada46.63684082N 80.93454742WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Ignace, Ontario, Canada49.41625214N 91.65935516WBe.18 on floats in a small pondCivil25 Dec 20171
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.21931458N 76.59334564WT-6Military14 Dec 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.23751831N 76.46690369WCF-100Military14 Dec 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.24345779N 76.44548798WH-58Military14 Dec 20121
Kingston, Ontario, Canada44.24368668N 76.45082092WF-5Military14 Dec 20121
London, Ontario, Canada43.03129959N 81.15264893WDiamond DA-20Civil18 Jun 2014
London, Ontario, Canada43.03429794N 81.16205597WSmall prop fuselageCivil14 Dec 2012
London, Ontario, Canada43.02751541N 81.14906311WT-33Military14 Dec 20121
London, Ontario, Canada43.01816177N 81.14966583WDA-20Civil29 Nov 2021
London, Ontario, Canada43.02666473N 81.14697266WVarious i/a at Fanshawe College's School of Aviation TechnologyCivil1 Nov 201611
London, Ontario, Canada43.03583908N 81.1572876WCe.150?Civil7 Oct 2018
London - Jet Aircraft Museum, Ontario, Canada43.03085709N 81.1557312WCF-101, Hunter, Jet Provost, several T-33Both7 Oct 20188
Long Sault, Ontario, Canada45.04092789N 74.85751343WSmall prop wreckCivil4 Jun 2019
Malton, Ontario, Canada43.71138000N 79.63294983WCF-100Military14 Dec 20121
Markham, Ontario, Canada43.93352127N 79.2684021W2x F-5, F-104Military28 Oct 20213
Markham, Ontario, Canada43.93397141N 79.26520538WVarious, most has recently been cleared, confirmation needed on what is still hereMilitary1 Jul 20197
Millgrove, Ontario, Canada43.35819626N 79.98313141WSeveral wrecksCivil4 Jun 2019
Minaki, Ontario, Canada49.97316742N 94.70269012WBe.18Civil1 Feb 20161
Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada43.15543747N 79.93305969WCT-134 (not yet visible on GE image, placed along Highway 6, exact location not sure)Military3 Jun 20221
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada44.03578568N 79.56700897WStinson 108Civil4 Jul 2021
Newtonville, Ontario, Canada43.94633484N 78.46852112WSmall twin propCivil13 Apr 2013
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35940552N 79.41703033WCF-100Military14 Dec 20121
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35495758N 79.42340088WF-101Military14 Dec 20121
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.29780579N 79.45689392WCF-100Military14 Dec 20121
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35689545N 79.41612244WT-33Military1 Nov 20161
North Bay, Ontario, Canada46.35756302N 79.43378448WVarious i/a at Canadore CollegeBoth9 Dec 201610
Norwood, Canada, Ontario, Canada44.41229630N 78.04516602W3x CT-114, CT-134Military2 Mar 20194
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada43.91702652N 78.89392853WF-86Military14 Dec 20121
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada43.92628098N 78.9010849WBe.18, small propCivil1 Jul 20192
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.31471252N 75.65497589WB727Civil12 Apr 20171
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.32900620N 75.66378784WDHC-8 fuselageCivil1 Nov 2016
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.33033752N 75.68049622WB737 (note that the B727 is gone here and it is now a B737, per the latest GE images)Civil14 Mar 2019
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada45.32554626N 75.6648407WB737Civil5 Mar 20191
Ottawa - Canadian War Museum, Ontario, Canada45.41728973N 75.71671295WVariousMilitary14 Dec 20125
Ottawa Rockcliffe, Ontario, Canada45.46185303N 75.64801788WSmall propCivil19 Jul 2019
Ottawa Rockcliffe - Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Ontario, Canada45.45904922N 75.6437912WVariousBoth24 Oct 2016129
Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada45.25378418N 79.83443451WBe.50Civil27 Apr 2021
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada45.91270447N 77.2905426WDC-3Military8 Jan 20151
Petawawa, Ontario, Canada45.90635681N 77.28778076WH-58Military8 Jan 20151
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.23306656N 78.36284637WDC-3, 2x Be.99Civil29 Jan 20163
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.33863068N 78.31362152WF-86Military14 Dec 20121
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.23838043N 78.35700989WSeveral CRJCivil18 Aug 20171
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada44.23487091N 78.35694885WCRJ fuselageCivil18 Aug 20171
Red Lake, Ontario, Canada51.02067184N 93.82372284WNorsemanCivil14 Dec 20121
Red Lake, Ontario, Canada51.06845093N 93.80023193WNorsemanCivil2 Dec 20201
Red Lake, Ontario, Canada51.03157425N 93.84902954WNorseman wreckCivil2 Oct 20211
Reece's Corner, Ontario, Canada42.97965240N 82.13711548WPA-23 as weathervaneCivil2 Jun 20161
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada42.97555161N 82.38409424WF-86Military14 Dec 20121
Sault Ste Marie - Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, Ontario, Canada46.50525284N 84.32467651WVariousCivil3 Jul 201521
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada46.48384476N 84.49623871W3x DHC-8Civil10 Feb 2018
Shirley's Bay, Ontario, Canada45.35833740N 75.90115356WT-33Military4 Mar 20192
Shirley's Bay, Ontario, Canada45.35533524N 75.90615082WF-5Military4 Mar 20191
Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada50.09183121N 91.90810394WRC-3Civil3 Jul 20151
Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada44.89598465N 76.02341461WT-6Military10 May 20181
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada42.77580261N 81.10283661WSmall prop fuselageCivil19 Jun 2018
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada42.77413559N 81.10553741WDHC-8 (somewhere on the field, exact location unknown, not yet visible on GE image)Civil26 Jun 20221
Straffordville, Ontario, Canada42.71289444N 80.73470306WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Straffordville, Ontario, Canada42.71521378N 80.7350769WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada46.62162018N 80.79419708WMetro (not yet visible on GE image)Civil6 Jun 20181
Temp - Arizona Historical Society Museum, Ontario, Canada33.44302750N 111.93386841WT-6Military30 Jan 20181
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada48.37733078N 89.31378174WDC-9 i/a at Confederation collegeCivil24 Oct 20161
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada48.36951447N 89.31899261WBe.1900? fuselageCivil12 Jun 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.74305725N 79.41368866WF-104Military14 Dec 20121
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.75130463N 79.4673233WF-5Military14 Jan 20131
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.67440796N 79.65219879WB737Civil24 Oct 2016
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.73225403N 79.29315186WVarious i/a at Centennial CollegeCivil9 Dec 20165
Toronto, Ontario, Canada43.82497025N 79.54277039WDHC-2 hanging in Bass Pro Shops Outdoor WorldCivil13 May 20171
Toronto - Canadian Air & Space Museum, Ontario, Canada43.74772644N 79.4754715WVarious. This is the old location of the museum. According to their own website they have had to move from this location. All exhibits (including aircraft) are in storage right now. New location is likely going to be built at Toronto IAP, south of runway 24L-06R.Both10 Oct 20183
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.10252762N 77.56892395WF-86Military30 May 20221
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.13087082N 77.58347321WF-5Military10 Jul 20141
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11939240N 77.55275726WT-33Military31 May 20221
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11711121N 77.54772949WVariousMilitary21 Mar 201912
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11515808N 77.54730225W12x CT-114Military4 May 201610
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11465836N 77.54807281WMany CT-114 inside hangar, exact location TBCMilitary19 Mar 201914
Trenton, Ontario, Canada44.11857986N 77.53746796W3x F-18 (visible on latest GE image, may be moving around)Military19 Mar 20192
Trenton - National Air Force Museum of Canada, Ontario, Canada44.11436462N 77.54924011WVariousMilitary10 Jul 201438
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada44.10933685N 79.19396973WMany aircraft partsBoth16 Aug 20202
Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada45.46621323N 74.67736816W5x Ce.150 at an airport turned truck stopCivil6 Dec 20175
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada43.45383835N 80.38991547WR.22Civil7 Apr 20181
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada43.45217514N 80.38408661WWW.1124 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil5 Jun 2019