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44 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Oregon. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Adair Village, Oregon, United States44.65552902N 123.21276093WDC-3Civil22 January 20161
Albany, Oregon, United States44.63936615N 123.06028748W3x A-4, O-2Military11 January 20174
Albany, Oregon, United States44.65835953N 123.0594635WHeronMilitary14 December 20171
Astoria, Oregon, United States46.15350342N 123.88348389WHU-25Military13 May 20151
Astoria, Oregon, United States46.15515518N 123.88008881WBe.18Civil22 December 20181
Aurora, Oregon, United States45.25386810N 122.76500702WDC-3 fuselageCivil11 January 2017
Baker City, Oregon, United States44.83390427N 117.80962372WT-33Military22 April 20141
Boise, Oregon, United States43.53689575N 116.19073486WB727Civil13 March 20151
Boring, Oregon, United States45.43488312N 122.37339783WUH-1Military11 January 20171
Canby, Oregon, United States45.25711441N 122.70175171WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Clackamas - Oregon Military Museum, Oregon, United States45.41103363N 122.55876923WH-23Military11 January 20171
Eagle Creek, Oregon, United States45.31952286N 122.36219025WCe.182Civil21 January 20181
Eugene, Oregon, United States44.11280823N 123.21443176WVarious i/a at Lane Community CollegeBoth17 November 20162
Eugene - Oregon Air & Space Museum, Oregon, United States44.11508942N 123.21266174WVariousBoth2 September 20126
Gates, Oregon, United States44.74525833N 122.41885376WSeveral small propsCivil2 April 2019
Hillsboro - Classic Aircraft Museum, Oregon, United States45.53261948N 122.95137024WVariousBoth2 September 201213
Hood River - Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum, Oregon, United States45.67697906N 121.54116058WVariousCivil2 June 201637
Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States42.16241074N 121.74832153WF-4, F-15, F-16Military1 December 20123
Lambert Field, Oregon, United States44.73009491N 123.07542419WSmall propCivil14 March 2019
Madras, Oregon, United States44.67010498N 121.15135956WSeveral DC-9 for scrappingCivil29 April 2017
Madras - Erickson Aircraft Collection, Oregon, United States44.67047119N 121.14929199WVariousCivil23 December 2018
McMinnville, Oregon, United States45.19822311N 123.1496582WS.64Unknown3 May 2015
McMinnville, Oregon, United States45.20008087N 123.14535522WF-15Military3 May 20151
McMinnville - Evergreen Aviation Museum, Oregon, United States45.20407104N 123.14499664WVariousBoth2 September 201242
Medford, Oregon, United States42.37526703N 122.88168335WC-97Military2 September 20121
Medford, Oregon, United States42.36998749N 122.87511444WF-16Military12 September 20121
Midway, Oregon, United States45.40804291N 123.00787354WB727Civil10 November 20141
Ontario, Oregon, United States44.02317810N 117.00769806WF-4Military2 February 20191
Ontario, Oregon, United States44.02109146N 117.00926971WBe.18Civil5 June 2018
Pendleton, Oregon, United States45.69253922N 118.85146332WB-25Military4 September 20121
Pendleton, Oregon, United States45.68953323N 118.84738922WSeveral UH-1 (not visible on GE image)Both16 July 20186
Portland, Oregon, United States45.57883835N 122.59455109WF-4, F-101Military2 September 2012
Portland, Oregon, United States45.57617188N 122.59558868WF-15Military2 September 2012
Portland, Oregon, United States45.56829834N 122.85849762WVarious i/a at Portland Community CollegeCivil10 December 201614
Portland - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Oregon, United States45.50834274N 122.66597748WA F-89 was displayed outside (picture of 2010), now no longer visible, moved inside or gone?Military18 September 2012
Salem, Oregon, United States44.91392517N 122.99949646WUH-1Military3 June 20131
Salem, Oregon, United States44.91206360N 122.99765778WO-1 hanging inside building, may be visible through windowsMilitary20 December 20161
Sunriver, Oregon, United States43.87721634N 121.454422WBe.90Civil4 December 20171
Tillamook, Oregon, United States45.42658615N 123.82382202WA-4Military2 September 20121
Tillamook - Air Museum, Oregon, United States45.42033768N 123.80476379WVariousBoth23 January 20169
Vale, Oregon, United States43.98000336N 117.23984528WF-86Military2 September 20121
White City, Oregon, United States42.42979050N 122.87729645WSeveral H-3 fuselagesUnknown23 February 2019
White City, Oregon, United States42.43030548N 122.90526581WVarious helicoptersCivil23 February 2019
White City, Oregon, United States42.43094635N 122.87477875WVarious helicoptersUnknown23 February 2019