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32 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Paraguay. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Asuncion, Paraguay25.32301331S 57.51534653WB707
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Asuncion, Paraguay25.23987579S 57.51346588WVariousCivil14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.25854301S 57.51556396WT-6Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.26030159S 57.51750183WUH-1, T-33Military14 Feb 20212
Asunsión, Paraguay25.25564575S 57.51787186WT-33Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.24559975S 57.51311874WCV-240Civil14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.25859642S 57.51898193WDC-3Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.2548008S 57.51780319WMB-326Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.25778961S 57.51552582WPA-32Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.25766754S 57.51890564WC-212Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.25621986S 57.51792526WPZL 104Military14 Feb 20211
Asunsión, Paraguay25.2521534S 57.51697159WVarious small propsCivil14 Feb 2021
Capiatá, Paraguay25.35945129S 57.42855072WT-6Military28 Apr 20191
Cerro Vera, Paraguay25.44866943S 57.16420364WL.188 fuselageCivil8 May 20211
Chacoi, Paraguay25.25096321S 57.64506912WL.188 fuselageCivil8 May 20211
Concepción, Paraguay23.43987846S 57.43131256WT-33Military27 Oct 20131
Concepción, Paraguay23.43887329S 57.42958832WSeveral small propsCivil25 Apr 2019
Coratei - River Parana, Paraguay27.41205978S 56.9553833WFokker 100 at Dona Ramonita Hotel riverside resortCivil1 Aug 20181
Guarani, Paraguay25.45365715S 54.83590317WF.27Civil4 Sep 20171
Guarani, Paraguay25.45841408S 54.8421402WB747, DC-8Civil4 Sep 20172
Loma Grande, Paraguay25.20005798S 57.22340012WFokker 100, B707Both4 Oct 20172
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27730179S 57.52700043WDC-3 fuselageMilitary27 Apr 20191
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27319717S 57.52571487W2x DC-3 fuselageMilitary4 Oct 20172
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27635765S 57.53020477WVarious small planes
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military4 Oct 2017
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27527428S 57.52954483WPZL 104
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military27 Apr 20191
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27427101S 57.52561569WDC-3 fuselage
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military4 Oct 20171
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.26870155S 57.5242157WDC-3Military4 Oct 20171
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.2745266S 57.52938461WMB-326Military4 Oct 2017
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27666473S 57.52926254WT-25Military4 Oct 20171
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.27391052S 57.52850342WUH-1Military4 Oct 20171
Ñu Guazú, Paraguay25.28016853S 57.52710724WT-6Military27 Apr 2019
Ñu Guazú - Museo Aeronautico, Paraguay25.26469803S 57.52837372WVariousMilitary4 Oct 20178