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93 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Pennsylvania. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States40.68523407N 75.35462189WH-37, Cl.600, Ce.150, SB2C submerged as diving attractionsBoth29 April 20172
Allentown - Allied Air Force, Pennsylvania, United States40.57470322N 75.4881897WVarious, exact location unknown, at Queen City Airport (not sure if these are still present)Military2 June 20161
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States40.77436829N 80.39038849WF-86Military2 September 20121
Beaver Falls - Air Heritage Museum, Pennsylvania, United States40.77692032N 80.39012146WVariousBoth2 September 20124
Beaverdale, Pennsylvania, United States40.32105255N 78.69692993WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Berwick, Pennsylvania, United States41.06740570N 76.18231964WPA-28Civil28 July 2018
Bethel - Golden Age Air Museum, Pennsylvania, United States40.48735046N 76.2677536WVarious - mostly pre-WWII era planes in airworthy conditionCivil29 April 2017
Buck Run, Pennsylvania, United States40.71107483N 76.33714294WBellanca Viking (only tail sticks out of the building)Civil11 October 20161
Butler, Pennsylvania, United States40.77917862N 79.94818115WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States40.20491791N 77.15738678WUH-1Military13 April 20131
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States40.20278931N 77.15818024WAH-1Military13 April 20131
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States40.18866730N 77.16719055WHU-16Civil27 September 20161
Carrolltown, Pennsylvania, United States40.61127853N 78.70908356WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States40.20385361N 75.42720032WCe.152Civil4 December 20171
Donegal Springs, Pennsylvania, United States40.09094620N 76.57683563WAerostarCivil20 May 20181
Du Bois, Pennsylvania, United States41.12478256N 78.76678467WAH-1Military2 September 20121
East Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States39.93622589N 76.9777298WF-14Military7 September 20121
Edgemont, Pennsylvania, United States39.96639633N 75.47210693WUH-1Military28 February 2019
Erie, Pennsylvania, United States42.03590393N 80.11518097WF-94Military2 September 20121
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.43070602N 76.57006073WF-102Military4 September 20121
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.43264771N 76.56791687WEC-130, AH-1, UH-1, H-6Military24 November 20124
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.44350815N 76.55645752WUH-1Military6 March 2015
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.44417191N 76.55239105WUH-1Military15 December 2016
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.43948364N 76.56780243WH-47Military15 December 2016
Green County, Pennsylvania, United States39.89932632N 80.12944031WCe.310Civil15 August 2018
Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.30919266N 79.53283691WUH-1Military27 September 20161
Hamburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.55762482N 76.00201416WPA-18 (hanging inside store)Civil20 March 2015
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.20151901N 76.77909851WT-29Military10 August 20151
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.25262833N 76.82801819WCe.140 hanging from the ceiling in the boat showroomCivil12 January 2017
Harrisburg - State Museum of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States40.26583481N 76.88537598WSeveral small propsCivil12 January 20171
Imperial, Pennsylvania, United States40.44143677N 80.23670197WF-86Military2 September 20121
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, United States41.20390320N 77.25700378WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States40.32132721N 78.84576416WAH-1, OH-6Military10 August 20152
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States40.31912994N 78.84248352WAH-1Military29 April 2017
Kempton, Pennsylvania, United States40.62527466N 75.93921661WCe.172Civil13 January 2017
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States40.12357712N 76.29820251WSmall twin propCivil30 November 2016
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States40.11729813N 76.2976532WPA-30, GA-7Civil14 December 20172
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, United States40.65948105N 75.43914032WB727Civil23 November 20171
Lock Haven - Piper Aviation Museum, Pennsylvania, United States41.13399887N 77.42697144WVarious small civilCivil2 September 20129
Mercer - Western Pennsylvania Warbird Military Museum, Pennsylvania, United States41.18713379N 80.188797WVariousBoth29 April 20172
Merrit Field - Eagles Mere Air Museum, Pennsylvania, United States41.41627121N 76.53427887WVarious - mostly pre-WWII warbirds in airworthy conditionCivil29 April 20174
Midland, Pennsylvania, United States40.63756561N 80.45419312WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Milford, Pennsylvania, United States41.32334518N 74.81748962WUH-1Military1 December 20121
New Berlin, Pennsylvania, United States40.87653732N 76.98298645WUH-1Military18 September 20121
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States40.21364212N 76.8524704WAH-1Military28 May 2013
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States40.21450424N 76.85216522WF-14Military3 June 20131
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States40.21303177N 76.84864044WA-10Military3 June 20131
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States40.21306992N 76.84279633WT-2Military3 June 20131
New Galilee, Pennsylvania, United States40.83527374N 80.40176392WAH-1Military2 September 20121
New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States40.57485962N 79.74847412WT-33Military4 September 20121
New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States40.57783127N 79.71161652WUH-1Military18 September 20121
North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, United States40.32577896N 79.71905518WT-33Military3 June 20131
Palo Alto, Pennsylvania, United States40.70396423N 76.16306305WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Perkasie, Pennsylvania, United States40.34635925N 75.23287201WLarge number of H-3 fuselagesBoth11 August 201524
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States40.04493332N 75.09134674WVariousMilitary2 September 20125
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States40.07017136N 75.00725555WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 November 20161
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States39.88215256N 75.22189331WA320Civil13 June 20171
Philadelphia - Fine Arts Center, Pennsylvania, United States39.95544434N 75.16384125WWrecked S-2 as art projectCivil2 September 20121
Philadelphia - Franklin Institute Science Museum, Pennsylvania, United States39.95835114N 75.17313385WT-33, BB-1Both9 March 20182
Philadelphia - National Constitution Center, Pennsylvania, United States39.95375443N 75.14897156WUH-1 inside (may be only a temporary exhibit)Military18 December 2016
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States40.47866058N 80.21965027WA-7Military2 September 20121
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States40.47964478N 80.21989441WF-86Military2 September 20121
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States40.48061371N 80.21881866WF-84, P-47, P-51Military2 September 20121
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States40.47794724N 80.21988678WF-102Military16 March 20151
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States40.35099411N 79.92633057WVarious i/a at Pittsburgh Institute of AeronauticsCivil17 November 201628
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States40.48294830N 80.24832916WC-130 fuselageMilitary18 March 2019
Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, United States40.32434082N 79.95768738WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, United States41.14103699N 75.37805176WSmall propCivil7 November 2016
Reading, Pennsylvania, United States40.38245773N 75.97068024W4x Su-25 (now inside, not sure which hangar)Military26 December 20174
Reading, Pennsylvania, United States40.37129593N 75.96325684WPA-28Civil30 May 20161
Reading - Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Pennsylvania, United States40.38161850N 75.96692657WVariousBoth2 September 201225
Rock, Pennsylvania, United States40.60438538N 79.81932831WStored Citation ?Civil2 September 2012
Scotrun, Pennsylvania, United States41.06159973N 75.31668091WBK.117Civil1 December 2012
Smethport - Allegheny Arms and Armor Museum, Pennsylvania, United States41.84221268N 78.44158173WA-6, H-34Military28 July 20142
Stoystown, Pennsylvania, United States40.09554291N 78.94599915WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, United States41.18662262N 75.4291153WF-14, OV-1, C-12Military7 November 20162
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, United States41.18910599N 75.42766571WAH-1, H-6Military7 November 20161
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, United States41.19162369N 75.43760681WC-130 hulkMilitary3 June 20131
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, United States41.18692780N 75.4202652WUH-1Military11 August 2015
Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, United States41.19557190N 75.42800903WUH-1Military12 January 20171
Towanda, Pennsylvania, United States41.75704575N 76.45132446WUH-1Military12 January 20171
Van Sant, Pennsylvania, United States40.48463821N 75.10253143WVarious small propsCivil31 January 2018
West Brownsville, Pennsylvania, United States40.03363419N 79.87945557WUH-1Military20 May 20141
West Chester - American Helicopter Museum, Pennsylvania, United States39.99182129N 75.57894897WVariousBoth2 September 201230
White Haven, Pennsylvania, United States41.04205704N 75.7800293WUH-1Military18 September 20121
Whitehall, Pennsylvania, United States40.68636322N 75.51931WF-14Military2 September 20121
Wilcox, Pennsylvania, United States41.52292252N 78.67626953WBe.24Civil22 February 2018
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States41.24564743N 76.92219543WVarious i/a at Lumley Aviation CenterBoth17 November 201615
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States40.19489670N 75.1390152WF8U, S.55, P-3Military26 December 20162
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States40.20198822N 75.13976288WMuseum - variousMilitary2 September 201212
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States40.20957947N 75.14386749WA-10Military2 September 20121
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, United States40.21062851N 75.14291382WA-37Military20 March 2015
Wings Field, Pennsylvania, United States40.13270569N 75.26665497WSmall prop fuselageCivil17 July 2018