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88 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Portugal. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alcafozes, Portugal39.94446564N 7.11882019WT-37Military2 September 20121
Alcochete, Portugal38.77567673N 8.88604927WA-7Military21 April 20141
Alfeite, Portugal38.66177750N 9.15485859WG.91Military2 September 20121
Alverca, Portugal38.89109802N 9.0360918WT-37Military30 June 20171
Alverca, Portugal38.88540649N 9.03246784WVarious stored propsMilitary1 October 20149
Alverca, Portugal38.89256287N 9.03792667WPA-31Civil1 October 20141
Alverca, Portugal38.88937759N 9.03230858WT-37Military1 October 20141
Alverca, Portugal38.88764572N 9.03297997WVarious (most of what is visible on GE images is long gone)Military12 October 20163
Alverca - Museu do Ar, Portugal38.89056396N 9.0325346WVarious - this is the old location which still has some planes on display. Open on Mondays and holidays only.Military1 October 201416
Amadora, Portugal38.77688599N 9.21942806WDC-9 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Dolce Vita mallCivil20 October 2016
Aveiro, Portugal40.66064072N 8.7311058WCe.337Military21 March 20171
Barragem de Calde, Portugal40.77647781N 7.85902214WG.91 submerged as diving attractionMilitary18 June 2018
Barro, Portugal40.53459930N 8.46986485WG.91Military2 September 20121
Beja, Portugal38.07124710N 7.91532135WT-33, T-38, F-104Military3 March 20163
Beja, Portugal38.07965851N 7.91594505WAlpha JetMilitary30 September 20141
Beja, Portugal38.07204437N 7.92421198WStorage hangar, various inside and outside - all removed now from here?Military3 September 20185
Beja, Portugal38.06364059N 7.92720175W2x Alpha Jet wreck?Military14 March 2014
Beja, Portugal38.05926514N 7.87497807WS-2RCivil3 September 20181
Beja, Portugal38.08349991N 7.92566109WVarious (only visible on latest GE image)Military3 September 201819
Belas Queluz, Portugal38.79228973N 9.25608158WDC-6 (on military proving grounds)Military2 September 20121
Braga, Portugal41.58670807N 8.44314003WT-37Military2 September 20121
Braganca, Portugal41.85671997N 6.70544863WT-33Military2 September 20121
Carvalhal, Portugal40.31541443N 7.3296032WG.91Military2 September 20121
Cascais, Portugal38.72584534N 9.35428047WSmall civil prop wreckCivil2 September 20123
Cascais, Portugal38.72586823N 9.35801125WBAe.125, Be.200 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil19 November 20171
Chaves, Portugal41.72385406N 7.46640635WT-33Military2 September 20121
Coimbra, Portugal40.15513611N 8.4675293WDo.27Military2 September 2012
Constância - Parque de Astronomia, Portugal39.49504471N 8.32319736WT-33 (not visible on GE image, inside a new structure here)Military21 February 20181
Covilha, Portugal40.27748489N 7.50921059WT-37, G.91Military2 September 20122
Evora, Portugal38.53162003N 7.88800955WCv.440Civil2 September 20121
Evora, Portugal38.53121185N 7.88808393WVarious planes derelict after collapse of flight academyCivil16 March 20175
Evora, Portugal38.53003311N 7.88863277WCe.182, Ce.402Civil21 May 20182
Faro, Portugal37.01880646N 7.97411585WB727Military1 November 20161
Faro, Portugal37.02045059N 7.96824598WAuster D5 (still here after terminal remodelling?)Civil2 December 20171
Guia, Portugal37.12538528N 8.31509495WCe.172 in Zoomarine aquaparkCivil25 July 2017
Horta do Douro, Portugal41.06547546N 7.31415415WG.91Military18 April 20171
Lajes, Portugal38.76606369N 27.09120941WG.91 (inside, exact location unknown)Military20 May 20151
Lajes, Portugal38.76456451N 27.08595657WG.91Military9 June 20151
Leiria, Portugal39.74647903N 8.80268764WBe.18Military11 June 20151
Lisbon, Portugal38.78378296N 9.13056278WT-38Military17 September 20161
Lisbon, Portugal38.75910187N 9.18161583WG.91Military2 September 2012
Lisbon, Portugal38.76849365N 9.17475414WT-37Military2 September 20121
Lisbon, Portugal38.69892120N 9.22305202WT-33Military2 September 20121
Lisbon, Portugal38.78162766N 9.13102818WDa.50 inside hangarMilitary19 April 20191
Lisbon - Museo da Liga dos Combatentes, Portugal38.69276047N 9.2185564WG.91 (cockpit only)Military11 March 2013
Lisbon - Naval Museum, Portugal38.69719315N 9.2093544WVariousMilitary2 September 20123
Lisbon Amadora, Portugal38.73978806N 9.21771145W2x G.91Military29 August 20132
Matosinhos, Portugal41.19117355N 8.65328789WVarious i/a at Centro de Divulgação Aeronáutico (not yet visible on GE image)Civil29 March 20173
Mirandela, Portugal41.47675705N 7.17907906WT-37Military2 September 20121
Monte Real, Portugal39.82701111N 8.8795805WF-86Military2 September 20121
Monte Real, Portugal39.83301926N 8.88163471WA-7, F-16Military2 February 20182
Monte Real, Portugal39.82866287N 8.88223839WVarious, moving around the base from time to time, currently around hereMilitary2 February 20185
Montijo, Portugal38.72445297N 9.01180458WG.91Military2 September 20121
Montijo, Portugal38.70996857N 9.04416656WG.91Military2 September 20121
Montijo, Portugal38.69884872N 9.04368877WG.91Military16 January 20181
Montijo, Portugal38.70528030N 9.01675892WP-3Military12 March 20181
Montijo, Portugal38.69997787N 9.04430008WSeveral C-212 (seem to be moving inside and outside on a fairly regular basis)Military14 May 20186
Montijo, Portugal38.71162415N 9.01961422WC-130Military27 March 20171
Ota, Portugal39.09346008N 8.97768497WF-84Military2 September 20121
Ota, Portugal39.09336853N 8.97097111WVarious at firetraining areaMilitary10 August 20174
Ota, Portugal39.09926605N 8.96996212WP-3Military8 March 20141
Ota, Portugal39.09468460N 8.97097111WMuseu do Ar storage - not sure which hangar on the fieldBoth24 August 20161
Ota - Technical School, Portugal39.09400177N 8.96993542WVariousMilitary12 May 201711
Ovar, Portugal40.92337418N 8.63508987WA-7Military2 September 20121
Ovar, Portugal40.91921997N 8.63919258WVariousMilitary28 June 201612
Palhais, Portugal40.81365967N 7.43157244WG.91Military2 September 20121
Pedroso - Museu Pedagogico Luso Brasileiro, Portugal41.08696365N 8.57071781WT-33Military10 August 20171
Portimao, Portugal37.14413452N 8.53891754WG.91Military2 September 20121
Santa Cruz, Portugal39.12655258N 9.37917042WAlpha JetMilitary29 November 20161
Santa Maria, Portugal36.96839523N 25.15504456WG.91Military2 September 20121
Santarem, Portugal39.20695877N 8.68743038WPA-23Civil8 June 20181
Santo André das Tojeiras, Portugal39.80878830N 7.69808531WG.91Military18 June 20181
São Pedro de Penaferrim, Portugal38.77780151N 9.37022018WSD.360 fuselage at a fire school (not yet visible on GE image)Civil12 June 20171
Setubal, Portugal38.52152634N 8.8697567WG.91Military2 September 20121
Sintra, Portugal38.83671951N 9.3330946WT-38Military2 September 20121
Sintra, Portugal38.83481598N 9.33218288WAlpha JetMilitary18 February 20191
Sintra, Portugal38.84165192N 9.34142399WT-37Military2 September 20121
Sintra, Portugal38.82856369N 9.33209324WVariousMilitary8 April 20174
Sintra, Portugal38.83693314N 9.33410358WL-23Military29 November 20161
Sintra - Museu do Ar, Portugal38.83649826N 9.34106541WVariousBoth30 September 201436
Tancos, Portugal39.47034454N 8.3712368WG.91Military2 September 20121
Tancos, Portugal39.47479248N 8.38043976WC.212Military14 April 20131
Tancos, Portugal39.47903061N 8.37499809WG.91Military18 March 2017
Terceira, Portugal38.73682404N 27.304245WC.212 (wreck, not visible on GE image, only parts of the plane remain)Military6 January 20151
Vila Nova da Rainha, Portugal39.03846359N 8.93185616WAlpha Jet (not yet visible on GE image)Military10 August 20171
Vila Nova de Famalicão - Museu da Guerra Colonial, Portugal41.36782455N 8.54878807WAlouette 3Military10 August 20171
Vila Real, Portugal41.27635574N 7.71859121WG.91Military2 September 20121
Viseu, Portugal40.72230911N 7.89022732WG.91Military2 September 20121