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25 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Puerto Rico. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Aguada, Puerto Rico, United States18.38816643N 67.20173645W2x Ahrens 404, one mostly complete but toppled over by a hurricane and another fuselageCivil28 Feb 20211
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, United States18.47729492N 67.15135956WDC-4 fuselageCivil25 Apr 20171
Arecibo, Puerto Rico, United States18.48105621N 66.69915009WMi-2Civil5 Jun 20221
Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, United States18.17469025N 66.33229828WDC-3, CV-440, SD.360 in use as restaurant Los AvionesCivil22 Feb 20183
Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, United States18.17545509N 66.33062744WBN-2 at entrance to Los Aviones restaurantCivil22 Feb 20181
Bayamon, Puerto Rico, United States18.41115952N 66.16088867WA-7, 2x UH-1Military2 Nov 20173
Bizarreta, Puerto Rico, United States17.99470329N 66.45740509WUH-1Military23 Dec 20181
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.49988747N 67.12838745W2x PA-23Civil22 Feb 20182
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.50172043N 67.14090729WVarious i/a at Caribbean Aviation Training InstituteCivil22 Feb 20183
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.50237846N 67.14117432WCe.172Civil30 Apr 2021
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.46238327N 67.15547943WCe.150Civil6 May 2019
Borinquen - Ramey AFB Museum, Puerto Rico, United States18.49308395N 67.14506531WU-8Military22 Feb 20181
Camp Santiago, Puerto Rico, United States18.00169754N 66.29181671WVariousMilitary28 Feb 20156
Carolina - Children's Museum, Puerto Rico, United States18.41876411N 65.96746063WDC-9Civil22 Jun 20151
Dorado, Puerto Rico, United States18.45618820N 66.26048279WA-7DMilitary22 Feb 20181
Fajardo, Puerto Rico, United States18.29968452N 65.64833832WVarious i/a at Puerto Rico Aviation Maintenance InstituteCivil14 Feb 2022
Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, United States18.17621040N 65.87221527WUH-1, A-7 at never completed memorialMilitary22 Feb 20182
Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico, United States18.44274521N 65.99217224WF-104Military23 May 20191
Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico, United States18.44160271N 65.99534607WA-7Military14 Jan 20131
Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico, United States18.43551826N 65.99236298WVarious airplanesCivil14 Jan 20135
Moca, Puerto Rico, United States18.35378647N 67.10978699WSeveral fuselagesCivil21 May 20191
Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, United States18.36947632N 65.76741791WDC-3 fuselage, H-34 at a paintball fieldBoth26 Nov 20201
Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, United States18.24297142N 65.63697052WVarious i/a at Michael Such Vocational SchoolCivil24 Oct 20161
San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States18.45781517N 66.1034317WVariousCivil1 Aug 20171
Vieques, Puerto Rico, United States18.13434982N 65.49154663WSmall propCivil22 Feb 2018