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49 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Queensland. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Amberley, Queensland, Australia27.64308548S 152.70123291ECanberraMilitary20 Dec 20121
Amberley, Queensland, Australia27.64865875S 152.69598389EF-111Military7 Nov 20171
Amberley, Queensland, Australia27.62446594S 152.69400024EG.222 fuselage (not yet visible on GE image, exact location unknown)Military26 Mar 20201
Amberley - Aviation Heritage Center, Queensland, Australia27.63862991S 152.70925903EVarious (restoration/storage)Military3 Nov 201413
Amberley - Aviation Heritage Center, Queensland, Australia27.6419754S 152.70706177EVariousMilitary16 Jul 20199
Archerfield, Queensland, Australia27.5687809S 152.99806213EVarious inside hangar of Flying FightersBoth16 Jul 20194
Archerfield, Queensland, Australia27.57709122S 153.01232910EA-26Civil16 Jul 20191
Bamaga, Queensland, Australia10.93887806S 142.46554565EBeaufort wreck (various large parts under the trees)Military24 Oct 2014
Bamaga, Queensland, Australia10.91541958S 142.42680359EDC-3 wreck (exact location not 100% sure, pictures place it here or on the other side of the road, a little to the south)Civil24 Oct 20141
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.41509247S 153.10496521EVarious i/a at Aviation AustraliaCivil19 Nov 20165
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.36094093S 153.13368225EFokker 100Civil15 Jul 20171
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.38732147S 153.13458252EFokker 70 wfu for spare partsCivil10 Jul 20181
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia27.3698349S 153.12658691E2x DC-9Civil13 Mar 20232
Brisbane - Queensland Museum, Queensland, Australia27.47289085S 153.01809692EAvro 581Civil29 Nov 20201
Brymaroo, Queensland, Australia27.22807693S 151.62727356ECanberraMilitary9 May 20131
Bundaberg - Hinkler Aviation Museum, Queensland, Australia24.85168648S 152.33625793EAvro Baby (should be on loan from Queensland museum)Civil23 Oct 20142
Caboolture - Warplane Museum, Queensland, Australia27.07831573S 152.98420715EVariousMilitary25 Oct 201414
Cairns, Queensland, Australia16.87210464S 145.74325562EUnknown twin prop
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil21 Sep 2023
Caloundra, Queensland, Australia26.79992294S 153.12236023EUH-1Military29 Nov 20161
Caloundra - Queensland Air Museum, Queensland, Australia26.79810333S 153.10858154EVariousBoth2 Jan 201785
Calvert, Queensland, Australia27.67453003S 152.51930237EVampireMilitary16 Jul 20191
Dalby, Queensland, Australia27.16300011S 151.26573181EVarious small propsCivil2 Feb 201816
Emerald, Queensland, Australia23.56830978S 148.17562866ECe.210Civil4 Sep 20191
Enoggera, Queensland, Australia27.42433167S 152.98493958EUH-1Military7 Oct 20231
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia28.15947533S 153.50654602ESmall twin propCivil24 Jul 2018
Kuranda, Queensland, Australia16.81909943S 145.63308716EDC-3 (wreck underneath the trees)Civil4 Jan 20181
Longreach - Qantas Founders Museum, Queensland, Australia23.43953133S 144.27233887EVariousCivil31 Oct 20145
Lyra, Queensland, Australia28.84725571S 151.85755920EBe.35Civil11 Oct 20171
Mackay - Tiger Moth Museum, Queensland, Australia21.16605568S 149.18202209E3x Tiger Moth
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil15 Oct 20233
Mareeba - The Beck Museum, Queensland, Australia17.05311966S 145.43342590EVarious - museum closedBoth17 Jul 20197
Maryborough, Queensland, Australia25.51733208S 152.71247864EWackett under restoration for the new Maryborough Military Aviation MuseumCivil11 Jul 20201
Mayborough, Queensland, Australia25.51929283S 152.71267700EEmb.110Civil6 May 20191
Meandarra - ANZAC Memorial Museum, Queensland, Australia27.322855S 149.88261414ECanberraMilitary17 Jul 20191
Miles, Queensland, Australia26.50165558S 150.09934998EViscount at Possum Park campsiteCivil5 Nov 20211
Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia20.72486687S 139.48812866EDHA-3Civil25 Oct 20141
Mudgeeraba - Gold Coast War Museum, Queensland, Australia28.09900856S 153.32650757E2x UH-1 (other planes are replicas)Military16 Jul 2019
Mundoo, Queensland, Australia17.56201553S 146.01216125EDC-3, unknown fuselageCivil16 Jul 20191
Oakey, Queensland, Australia27.41667747S 151.72927856EUH-1Military25 Oct 20141
Oakey, Queensland, Australia27.41427994S 151.73971558EDHC-4 fuselageMilitary29 Dec 20161
Oakey - Museum of Australian Army Flying, Queensland, Australia27.41640663S 151.74345398EVariousMilitary13 Dec 201319
Rewan, Queensland, Australia24.97711754S 148.38902283EDC-3 wreck (parts only)Military24 Oct 20141
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia23.37146759S 150.47695923EMiG-21 (exact hangar unknown)Military16 Jul 20191
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia27.54326248S 151.91668701EStipa-Caproni inside one of the hangars (not known which)Civil20 Oct 20211
Townsville, Queensland, Australia19.26350975S 146.76853943EP-2, DHC-4Military17 Jul 20192
Townsville, Queensland, Australia19.26213646S 146.76124573EUH-1Military17 Jul 20191
Townsville, Queensland, Australia19.24900246S 146.75650024ESD.330Civil30 Dec 20171
Townsville - RAAF Aviation Heritage Center, Queensland, Australia19.26301384S 146.76666260EVariousMilitary6 May 20214
Whitsunday, Queensland, Australia20.27892685S 148.75471497ELA-4Civil24 Sep 20161
Willowbank, Queensland, Australia27.67138481S 152.68942261E2x CanberraMilitary4 Jan 20172