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112 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Romania. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bacǎu, Romania46.52336884N 26.91320801ELarge number of MiG-21Military11 Aug 201715
Bacau, Romania46.52283096N 26.91492653EMiG-15, MiG-21, LIA-88Military3 Dec 20133
Bacau, Romania46.53015137N 26.91656685EMiG-15Military2 Mar 20141
Bacau, Romania46.55688095N 26.88603210EMiG-21Military26 Apr 20211
Bacau, Romania46.52431488N 26.92140770EMiG-21Military27 May 20201
Bacau, Romania46.59031296N 26.91150284EL-40
credits: Corneliu
Civil27 May 20151
Bacǎu, Romania46.52056503N 26.91483498ESeveral MiG-21sMilitary10 Mar 20186
Bacǎu, Romania46.51371765N 26.91728020ESeveral MiG-21sMilitary10 Mar 201813
Bacau, Romania46.51197052N 26.91874695ESeveral MiG-29Military10 Mar 20183
Bacau, Romania46.52824783N 26.91436386EMiG-15Military27 May 20201
Baia Mare, Romania47.66141891N 23.46628952EPZL 104Civil3 Mar 20161
Bălăbănești, Romania46.08946228N 27.71795654EIAR.93Military5 Aug 20171
Balaci, Romania44.34208298N 24.92443848EMiG-21Military23 Jun 20131
Băneasa, Romania44.50755692N 26.06559181EAn-24, BAC 1-11 fuselage (unfinished) at the Police Terrorist Training Centre
credits: Dave Broome
Civil28 Dec 20201
Bicosa, Romania45.54715729N 26.67912483EL-29Military3 Mar 20161
Bistriţa, Romania47.15310287N 24.53866005EMi-8Military4 Nov 20191
Boboc, Romania45.21809006N 26.95179176EVariousMilitary9 Aug 20176
Boboc, Romania45.22002411N 26.94887733EL-29, MiG-15 (both partly hidden by trees)Military9 Jun 20192
Boboc, Romania45.22143555N 26.95041847EMiG-21, Alouette 3Military9 Jun 20191
Boboc, Romania45.21976471N 26.95382881EVarious i/a (not sure of exact location on the field)Military21 May 201513
Boboc, Romania45.22042084N 26.94732094EL-29Military5 Aug 20171
Boboc, Romania45.22120667N 26.94852066EAlouette 3Military5 Aug 20171
Boboc, Romania45.21712112N 26.95329094ESeveral An-2Military10 Mar 20187
Boboc, Romania45.21868134N 26.95191765EMiG-21Military9 Jun 2019
Brașov, Romania45.66221619N 25.58850288EVariousMilitary2 Mar 20146
Brașov, Romania45.66334152N 25.59174347EMiG-15Military12 Aug 20231
Brasov, Romania45.66955566N 25.61552620EIAR.824Civil9 Jun 20221
Bucharest, Romania44.40799332N 26.11648178EL.13Civil23 Jun 20131
Bucharest, Romania44.49579239N 26.08814049EVarious airlinersCivil23 Jun 20139
Bucharest, Romania44.49603271N 26.09301949EVarious airliners and small propsCivil23 Jun 20132
Bucharest, Romania44.49380875N 26.09304428E2x MiG-15, MiG-21Military9 Aug 20173
Bucharest, Romania44.50384903N 26.08997154EAlouette 3Military28 Dec 2020
Bucharest, Romania44.57118988N 26.10164261E2x BAC1-11Civil3 Dec 20132
Bucharest, Romania44.51968765N 26.07451057EIAR.93Military2 Mar 20141
Bucharest, Romania44.44907379N 26.07861710EVarious i/a insideBoth21 Mar 20164
Bucharest, Romania44.43431473N 26.00590324EIAR.93Military2 Mar 20141
Bucharest, Romania44.55997849N 26.09014702EVariousMilitary5 Oct 20205
Bucharest, Romania44.55918121N 26.07849121EAn-24Military5 Aug 20171
Bucharest, Romania44.50500107N 26.09964561E6x Mi-8Military2 Jan 20241
Bucharest, Romania44.55985260N 26.07925797EAlouette 3Military5 Oct 20201
Bucharest - Museum, Romania44.47763443N 26.11178017EVariousBoth2 Mar 201452
Bucharest - Museum, Romania44.44058228N 26.07698822EVariousBoth2 Mar 201411
Bucharest - Museum, Romania44.47602844N 26.10939789EVarious inside buildingMilitary9 Mar 20184
Bucharest-Otopeni, Romania44.56924057N 26.09477615EMD-80Civil25 May 20181
Buzău, Romania45.16273117N 26.81635666EL-39 (visible on latest GE image)Military28 Oct 20191
Buzias, Romania45.64809418N 21.60792732ELi-2, An-2, TB-9 at La Aeroport RestaurantMilitary30 Dec 20233
Buziaş, Romania45.65292358N 21.57578278EAn-2Civil9 Jun 2019
Câmpia Turzii, Romania46.49276352N 23.89622879ESeveral MiG-21Military30 Apr 201719
Campia Turzii, Romania46.52746201N 23.90234375EMiG-21Military2 Mar 20141
Câmpia Turzii, Romania46.49865723N 23.89326286ESeveral Pumas, some may have moved to another location at the airfield, that place to be located.Military5 Aug 20175
Cioca, Romania45.78886795N 21.19583893EAn-2Civil20 Apr 20141
Clinceni, Romania44.36127090N 25.93342590EMiG-21, IAR.823, IAR.824, Alouette 3Both27 May 20204
Coloneşti, Romania44.63372421N 24.67809105EIAR.93Military3 Mar 20161
Craiova, Romania44.31386185N 23.88769913EIAR-93Military11 Mar 20181
Craiova, Romania44.31278610N 23.88478279EIAR-93Military9 Aug 20171
Craiova, Romania44.31515884N 23.88751984EIAR.93Military18 Jun 20181
Craiova, Romania44.30920410N 23.83474350EAn-24, Z-526Civil21 Mar 20162
Craiova, Romania44.30925369N 23.81218719EMiG-15
credits: Dragomir Catalin
Military9 Aug 20171
Craiova, Romania44.28288651N 23.79454994EAn-2Civil13 Dec 20161
Craiova, Romania44.31648254N 23.90257263E2x B737Civil11 Mar 20182
Craiova, Romania44.31518173N 23.88585091EM-18, 4x IAR.93 (5 listed, 1 is no longer here, not known which)Both31 May 20236
Craiova, Romania44.31278229N 23.88362122EPZL 104Civil24 May 20181
Craiova, Romania44.31338120N 23.88500595EAbout 60+ gliders and motor gliders stored inside hangarCivil25 May 2018
Craiova, Romania44.30945969N 23.83566666EMiG-21 (inside this building), Z-526Both10 Jun 20181
Craiova, Romania44.28334427N 23.79247475EAn-2 fuselageCivil23 Sep 20221
Daneasa, Romania44.12587357N 24.60120010EAn-2Civil25 May 20181
Deveselu, Romania44.06839371N 24.37859154EMiG-21Military11 Mar 20181
Faget, Romania45.85691071N 22.18458176ELi-2Military9 Aug 20171
Feteşti, Romania44.39149857N 27.71221352EMiG-21Military3 Mar 20161
Feteşti, Romania44.38965988N 27.71373749EIl-28Military5 Aug 20171
Feteşti, Romania44.38691330N 27.71463013ELarge number of MiG-21sMilitary5 Aug 201713
Fetești-Gară, Romania44.40929794N 27.82134056EMiG-21Military2 Aug 20131
Focşani, Romania45.68154526N 27.19289398EMi-8Military3 Mar 20161
Gagu, Romania44.61207199N 26.26003647EIAR.93Military4 Nov 2019
Geamăna, Romania44.81716537N 24.89467049E3x An-2, 2x Ka-26Civil29 Jun 20216
Ianca, Romania45.13496780N 27.47899437EMiG-15Military9 Aug 20171
Iași, Romania47.16535187N 27.62367821EMi-8Military31 Jan 2021
Iași, Romania47.15377808N 27.59762955EIAR-93Military20 Apr 20141
Iași - Palatul Culturii Museum, Romania47.15725327N 27.58699036EYak-17Military22 May 20151
Letca Noua, Romania44.22984314N 25.75043678EAn-2
credits: Deaks
Civil31 Jan 20201
Medias, Romania46.17048645N 24.33869362EMiG-15Military3 Mar 20161
Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania44.37027740N 28.48477745ESeveral MiG-29Military11 Mar 20182
Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania44.35946274N 28.48453903EMiG-29 (visible on latest GE image)Military11 Mar 20181
Mihail Kogălniceanu, Romania44.35508347N 28.48260307ESeveral MiG-23, MiG-29Military11 Mar 201816
Moineşti, Romania46.46710205N 26.48450279EMiG-21Military3 Mar 20161
Movilita, Romania44.61940002N 26.43957329EAn-2Civil22 May 20151
Orăştie - Arsenal Park, Romania45.83414078N 23.16465950EIAR.93Military26 Apr 20211
Orăştie - Arsenal Park, Romania45.83393478N 23.16832352EAn-2Civil26 Apr 20211
Orăştie - Arsenal Park, Romania45.83494949N 23.16407585EKa-26Civil9 Aug 20171
Orăştie - Arsenal Park, Romania45.83382034N 23.16541672EMiG-21 - pin at exact spot, but not clearly visible, tail section elsewhereMilitary26 Apr 20211
Orăştie - Arsenal Park, Romania45.83422852N 23.16558838EIAR.93Military26 Apr 20211
Perisor, Romania44.14354706N 23.48936081EIAR.93Military8 Oct 20141
Petroşani, Romania45.40710068N 23.37204742EAn-2Unknown3 Mar 20161
Ploiești, Romania44.95366287N 25.89838982EB737Civil22 Oct 20161
Puciosa, Romania45.07864380N 25.43860626EVariousBoth2 Jul 20234
Roşiorii de Vede, Romania44.09893417N 24.96388626EIAR-93Military20 Apr 20141
Șiria, Romania46.26395035N 21.60348129EIAR-93, MiG-21, An-2Both23 Oct 20213
Strejnic, Romania44.92177963N 25.96903801EZ-50Civil3 Mar 20161
Suceava, Romania47.68561935N 26.34933281EAn-2Civil22 May 20151
Targoviste, Romania44.79615021N 25.58768845EAn-2 fuselageCivil5 Oct 20201
Targu Mures, Romania46.46646500N 24.42380524EMiG-21Military29 Aug 20151
Tecuci - Aviation Museum, Romania45.84828949N 27.41390228EIAR.93, Alouette 3, MiG-15Military15 Jan 20213
Timisoara, Romania45.79936218N 21.33093071EMiG-21, MiG-23Military23 Jun 20132
Timisoara, Romania45.80635071N 21.33819008E2x MiG-23, IAR.93 (most of what is still visible on GE image is gone)Military9 Aug 20173
Timisoara, Romania45.71886063N 21.20013046EIAR-93Military20 Apr 20141
Topraisar, Romania44.02226257N 28.47308731EMi-8Military3 Mar 20161
Tuzla, Romania43.98529434N 28.61663437EB737 noseCivil9 May 20202
Tuzla, Romania44.00539398N 28.63906479EZ-142Civil3 Mar 20161
Tuzla, Romania43.98720551N 28.61649132EMi-2Civil9 May 20201
Tuzla, Romania43.98603058N 28.61575508EPZL 104Civil9 May 20201
Vǎdeni, Romania45.36294174N 27.93934441EIAR.93, MiG-21Military8 Dec 20172
Valea Budului, Romania46.58463669N 26.78820801EMiG-15Military10 Mar 20181