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38 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Scotland. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom55.46034241N 4.61961699WBulldog i/a inside Ayrshire College.Civil18 October 20161
Blantyre, Scotland, United Kingdom55.80258179N 4.10992765WGnatMilitary29 October 20171
Borgue, Scotland, United Kingdom54.78720856N 4.12901211WMeteorMilitary19 October 20161
Carluke, Scotland, United Kingdom55.73114014N 3.88697267WCV-440Civil19 October 20161
Deeside Activity Park, Scotland, United Kingdom57.10250473N 2.71533966WCH601Civil25 December 20161
Dumfries - Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum, Scotland, United Kingdom55.09082413N 3.56845689WVariousBoth21 September 201217
Dyce, Scotland, United Kingdom57.20505142N 2.19384575WLynxMilitary17 October 20171
Dyce - Aberdeen Airport, Scotland, United Kingdom57.21006775N 2.20841813WJaguar and Jetstream in use as instructional airframe. Still there or in the nearby area? l/n may 2015.Military16 October 20164
East Fortune - National Museum of Flight, Scotland, United Kingdom55.99528885N 2.7209897WVariousBoth24 August 201644
Edinburg - National Museum of Scotland, Scotland, United Kingdom55.94693756N 3.18987799WVariousCivil29 September 20165
Elgin, Scotland, United Kingdom57.66326904N 3.31210947WBuccaneerMilitary21 September 20121
Errol, Scotland, United Kingdom56.40225601N 3.19540358WGannetMilitary21 September 20121
Errol, Scotland, United Kingdom56.40066910N 3.19219875WSeveral aircraft stored in several shedsMilitary18 October 20161
Errol, United Kingdom, Scotland, United Kingdom56.40370941N 3.19099712WBuccaneer stored inside shedMilitary19 October 20171
Glasgow - Kelvingrove Lawn Bowls Centre, Scotland, United Kingdom55.86857224N 4.29056692WSpitfireMilitary29 September 20161
Greenock, Scotland, United Kingdom55.93668365N 4.70399094WBulldog i/a at West College ScotlandMilitary21 October 20171
Hillington, Scotland, United Kingdom55.86268997N 4.37389803WB737 forward fuselageCivil10 October 20161
Houston, Scotland, United Kingdom55.88193893N 4.52076197WLynx at a paintball fieldMilitary12 August 20181
Inverness - Highland Aviation Museum, Scotland, United Kingdom57.54063034N 4.06655455WVariousBoth21 September 201210
Keith, Scotland, United Kingdom57.59440994N 2.86486864WNimrod cockpit (not yet visible on GE image, should be at these premises)Military1 February 20151
Kemback, Scotland, United Kingdom56.32219315N 2.94628596WVictor nose sectionMilitary23 October 20171
Kinloss, Scotland, United Kingdom57.64817429N 3.58434319WNimrodMilitary23 October 20171
Kinloss - Morayvia Museum, Scotland, United Kingdom57.63444519N 3.55687737WVariousMilitary17 October 201613
Kinross-Balado, Scotland, United Kingdom56.21833801N 3.45719028WJet ProvostMilitary17 October 20161
Leuchars, Scotland, United Kingdom56.37783432N 2.88159299WTornadoMilitary17 October 20172
Lossiemouth, Scotland, United Kingdom57.71053696N 3.30939031WTornadoMilitary21 September 20121
Lossiemouth, Scotland, United Kingdom57.71159363N 3.32024741WTornado, Spitfire inside hangar, exact location TBCMilitary26 October 20172
Montrose, Scotland, United Kingdom56.73293304N 2.4582231WWG-30Civil29 October 20171
Montrose - Montrose Air Station Heritage Center, Scotland, United Kingdom56.72612762N 2.46196389WVariousBoth5 July 20185
Netherley, Scotland, United Kingdom57.04972076N 2.24812388WHunterMilitary31 May 20161
North Roe, Scotland, United Kingdom60.59374619N 1.32207966WPotez 840 fuselageCivil18 October 20161
Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom56.43603134N 3.36872697WVarious i/a at Air Service TrainingBoth29 October 20176
Peterhead, Scotland, United Kingdom57.48232651N 1.81527567WLightningMilitary21 September 20121
Prestwick, Scotland, United Kingdom55.50829315N 4.58114576WUnfinished ATP fuselageCivil18 October 20161
Spey Bay, Scotland, United Kingdom57.66014481N 3.06197214WWhirlwindMilitary19 October 20171
Stoneykirk, Scotland, United Kingdom54.80821228N 5.02076244WSeveral aircraft nose sections preserved inside a buildingMilitary28 April 20175
Thornhill, Scotland, United Kingdom56.17162323N 4.15165901WSea King in use as cabin at a campsiteMilitary15 July 20172
Vatersay, Scotland, United Kingdom56.93088150N 7.52293921WCatalina wreckMilitary22 July 20181