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61 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Serbia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Backi Brestovac, Serbia45.61629868N 19.26648903EF-84Military18 Sep 20121
Batajnica, Serbia44.92715073N 20.24478722EMiG-21Military18 Sep 20121
Batajnica, Serbia44.92348480N 20.25984573E5x MiG-21, MiG-23Military16 Feb 20185
Batajnica, Serbia44.92245102N 20.25971794EGaleb?Military16 Feb 2018
Batajnica, Serbia44.92109680N 20.25559998ESuper GalebMilitary18 Sep 20121
Batajnica, Serbia44.94939423N 20.23650551EVariousMilitary10 Nov 201734
Batajnica, Serbia44.93062592N 20.24834251EOrao, Galeb stored?Military18 Sep 20121
Batajnica, Serbia44.94108582N 20.23540688EUnknownMilitary16 Feb 2018
Belgrade, Serbia44.81443787N 20.29103088EVarious civilCivil18 Sep 20123
Belgrade, Serbia44.81204605N 20.30028534EVarious civilCivil18 Sep 20126
Belgrade, Serbia44.81748199N 20.29784966EDC-9Civil24 Nov 20171
Belgrade, Serbia44.81097794N 20.40015411EOraoMilitary18 Sep 20121
Belgrade, Serbia44.82641983N 20.45524406EJastreb, MiG-21Military21 Mar 20153
Belgrade, Serbia44.76916504N 20.46950150EJastrebMilitary11 Oct 20161
Belgrade, Serbia44.73252869N 20.41955757EDC-3Military12 Mar 20161
Belgrade, Serbia44.74388885N 20.40610886ESuper GalebMilitary26 Oct 20161
Belgrade, Serbia44.81406784N 20.29952049EVarious airlinersCivil22 Nov 20167
Belgrade - Aeronautical Museum, Serbia44.81910324N 20.28546906EVariousBoth2 Nov 201660
Belgrade - Aeronautical Museum - Storage area, Serbia44.81919098N 20.28449059EMany aircraft storedMilitary15 Nov 201692
Beli Potok, Serbia44.72252274N 20.54338646E4x Mi-2Civil3 May 20221
Brajkovac, Serbia44.29552460N 20.32748032ET-33Military11 Oct 20161
Dolac Naselje, Serbia43.30962753N 22.18596077EDC-3 Cockpit sectionMilitary11 Oct 20161
Ečka, Serbia45.33275223N 20.44975471ESeveral airframes stored & preservedCivil11 Oct 201615
Gornje Crniljevo, Serbia44.41961670N 19.64729500EJastreb
credits: Marc Lehmann
Military16 Dec 20181
Gospodjinci, Serbia45.41114044N 19.99379539ESoko 522Military18 Sep 20121
Irig, Serbia45.07103729N 19.85639572EMiG-21Military25 Oct 20161
Kostolac, Serbia44.73426819N 21.15791893EGalebMilitary18 Sep 20121
Kraljevo, Serbia43.72590256N 20.71253014EG-2AMilitary6 Nov 20141
Krusevac, Serbia43.57047653N 21.33847237EMiG-21Military25 Oct 20161
Kuršumlija, Serbia43.13621140N 21.26900673EJastrebMilitary11 Oct 20161
Ladevci, Serbia43.81655121N 20.59438133E9x Mi-24Military12 Feb 2023
Ladevci, Serbia43.80813599N 20.59406853EOraoMilitary12 Feb 2023
Ladevci, Serbia43.81427765N 20.59986115EVariousMilitary12 Feb 2023
Lađevci, Serbia43.81681442N 20.60289955EOraoMilitary11 Oct 2016
Lađevci, Serbia43.81937027N 20.59506607E3x OraoMilitary12 Feb 2023
Lađevci, Serbia43.82178116N 20.58577728EMiG-21 wreckMilitary11 Oct 20161
Lozovik, Serbia44.46772385N 21.10152054ET-33Military19 Sep 20191
Minićevo, Serbia43.68842316N 22.29414177EPZL 104Civil23 Nov 20191
Nikinci, Serbia44.83191681N 19.86117554EJastrebMilitary25 Oct 2016
Niš, Serbia43.33228302N 21.85660553EVariousMilitary11 Oct 20169
Niš, Serbia43.33071136N 21.86202049EGazelle preserved somewhere on base, exact location to be confirmedMilitary11 Oct 20161
Niš, Serbia43.33861923N 21.83926201EAn-26Military11 Oct 20161
Novi Sad, Serbia45.38414001N 19.83037186EF-84Military11 Oct 20161
Novi Sad, Serbia45.23559952N 19.83491135EMi-8 (sticking through the wall)Military26 Apr 20211
Novi Sad, Serbia45.38626099N 19.83099174EAn-2Civil19 Sep 20191
Padinski Skela, Serbia44.93430710N 20.44465828E2x J-20 Kraguj, moreBoth14 Nov 20166
Pancevo, Serbia44.90168762N 20.63324738EOraoMilitary18 Sep 20121
Pančevo, Serbia44.90063477N 20.63349152ESeveral Iraqi Air Force MiG's stored in parts.Military16 Oct 20164
Paracin-Davidovac, Serbia43.86598206N 21.48090744EJastrebMilitary11 Oct 20161
Potocac, Serbia43.81607056N 21.32518005EGalebMilitary2 Nov 20161
Ratina, Serbia43.70180511N 20.75001717EMiG-21Military21 Mar 20151
Ravni, Serbia43.74181366N 19.88848114EGalebMilitary25 Oct 20161
Sevojno, Serbia43.83559799N 19.91188240EVarious wrecks visible on Street View (at least Mi-8, F-86, Whirlwind)Military10 Aug 20192
Smederevo, Serbia44.63948822N 20.96316338EAn-2Civil3 Nov 20162
Smederevska Palanka, Serbia44.35740280N 20.96838570EF-84Military25 Oct 20161
Srpski Itebej, Serbia45.56150818N 20.71287918EGalebMilitary19 Aug 20161
Topola, Serbia44.25030518N 20.68863106EOraoMilitary11 Oct 20161
Tovarisevo, Serbia45.35524750N 19.32293320ESoko 522Military18 Sep 20121
Vrbovac, Serbia44.57241821N 20.95305634ET-33
credits: Marc Lehmann
Military16 Dec 20181
Vršac, Serbia45.14536667N 21.30376053ESeveral fuselagesCivil17 Jul 2018
Vršac, Serbia45.12918854N 21.31795883EGliderCivil28 Jul 2020

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