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19 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in South Australia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.79179382S 138.64625549ECe.310Civil26 Oct 20141
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.94146729S 138.53317261EVimyCivil18 Jul 20191
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.79124832S 138.63639832EVarious at Reevers Warbirds, exact location TBCBoth18 Jul 20193
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia34.94797516S 138.52920532EFokker 27 fuselageCivil29 Jul 20191
Adelaide - Classic Jets Fighter Museum, South Australia, Australia34.78908539S 138.63771057EF4U, now in a smaller hangar, not sure which exactlyMilitary8 Oct 20201
Adelaide - South Australian Aviation Museum, South Australia, Australia34.84828568S 138.51165771EVariousBoth23 Oct 201423
Calvin Grove, South Australia, Australia34.69416809S 138.57934570ESmall propCivil23 May 2019
Edinburgh, South Australia, Australia34.71567154S 138.64395142EMB.326Military2 Apr 20161
Edinburgh, South Australia, Australia34.72413635S 138.64549255EMB-326Military23 May 20191
Edingburgh, South Australia, Australia34.71641541S 138.64599609EP-3 (not yet visible on GE image)Military26 Apr 20211
Greenock - Lincoln Nitschke Military and Historical Aircraft Collection, South Australia, Australia34.43814087S 138.93711853EVariousMilitary29 Sep 20199
Lyndoch, South Australia, Australia34.61884689S 138.89283752EG-115Civil29 Sep 2019
Minlaton, South Australia, Australia34.7678566S 137.59771729EBristol M-1CMilitary17 Jul 20191
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia34.60490036S 135.88832092EUnknown twin propCivil4 Aug 2018
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia34.60149765S 135.87503052ESeveral Ce.337Civil29 Sep 2019
Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia34.60394287S 135.87455750EAuster 5 suspended from ceiling inside terminalCivil28 Apr 20211
Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia33.18891907S 138.00355530EUH-1 (inside)Military25 Oct 20141
Steinfield, South Australia, Australia34.31349945S 139.33108521EVariousCivil18 Jul 2019
Woomera - Missile Museum, South Australia, Australia31.19864464S 136.82502747ECanberra, MeteorMilitary2 Dec 20132