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24 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Sudan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Al Fashir, Sudan13.62344265N 25.33151245E2x Su-25Military4 August 2018
El Obeid, Sudan13.16120148N 30.23555183EAn-26Notset14 April 20131
El Obeid, Sudan13.15754509N 30.23507309EYak-40Civil14 April 20131
Geneina, Sudan13.48229122N 22.46585274EAn-26, small twin propCivil16 April 20161
Geneina, Sudan13.48717403N 22.46269798EAn-12Civil16 April 2016
Khartoum, Sudan15.60068989N 32.54503632EVariousMilitary30 August 2017
Khartoum, Sudan15.60770988N 32.54611969EMiG-21Military14 April 20131
Khartoum, Sudan15.60224056N 32.55587006EB707, B737, An-24Civil30 August 20171
Khartoum, Sudan15.59794235N 32.55656052EVarious airlinersCivil16 April 201611
Khartoum, Sudan15.56093216N 32.54014969EVarious i/a at Sudan University of Science and TechnologyMilitary30 August 2017
Khartoum, Sudan15.58089066N 32.55011368EUnknown small propCivil30 August 2017
Khartoum, Sudan15.59063244N 32.54979324EA300, A310Civil9 January 20182
Khartoum, Sudan15.58409595N 32.55149460ETu-134Civil9 January 20181
Port Sudan, Sudan19.43621826N 37.23649979EAn-24Notset14 April 20131
Port Sudan, Sudan19.58525276N 37.21436310EL-39?Military31 July 2018
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81245804N 32.49679184ESeveral helicopter fuselagesNotset14 April 2013
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81241131N 32.51450348EAn-26, unknown twinCivil31 March 2019
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81937408N 32.49511719EVarious wrecks and plane partsMilitary16 April 2016
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.78163147N 32.52694321EMiG-17, small propMilitary30 August 2017
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.78300571N 32.53064346EMi-8, MiG-19Military30 August 2017
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81284428N 32.52282333EMiG-15Military30 August 2017
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81936264N 32.49692917EAn-24, An-26Civil31 March 20192
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81181431N 32.49884796EIl-76, Il-18, 2x An-12Civil31 March 20194
Wadi Seidna, Sudan15.81673527N 32.52078629ESmall propMilitary31 March 2019