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105 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Sweden. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alleberg - Segelflygmuseum, Sweden58.13724899N 13.59917831EVarious gliders, some still airworthyCivil6 Apr 202131
Angelholm, Sweden56.28590775N 12.84185505EDrakenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Angelholm - Flyg Museum, Sweden56.28822708N 12.84634686EVariousBoth28 Apr 201711
Arboga, Sweden59.39192200N 15.90318775EViggenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Arboga - Robotsmuseum, Sweden59.39673996N 15.85552025EDraken, ViggenMilitary6 Mar 20164
Arlandastad, Sweden59.60790634N 17.89792061EPembrokeMilitary15 Oct 20201
Arvidsjaur, Sweden65.59526825N 19.25975037ELansenMilitary23 May 20151
Boden, Sweden65.80679321N 21.68104553EUH-1Military6 Mar 20161
Boden - Försvarsmuseum, Sweden65.80529022N 21.67854309EUH-1, AB.206 (inside)Military6 Mar 20162
Farosund - Bunge Flygmuseum, Sweden57.85210419N 19.03057098EDraken, Viggen, S.105Military28 Apr 20175
Garsnas - Osterlens Flygmuseum, Sweden55.57475662N 14.24805737EVarious (all inside)Both28 Apr 201722
Gothenburg - Volvo Museum, Sweden57.69475937N 11.81937122EDraken, ViggenMilitary28 Apr 20172
Gothenburg-Save, Sweden57.77559280N 11.89137936EDrakenMilitary10 Feb 20151
Gothenburg-Save - Aeroseum, Sweden57.77080154N 11.88055038EVariousMilitary10 Feb 201547
Grastorp, Sweden58.35499573N 12.67787838EViggenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Haggvik, Sweden62.91117096N 18.30487442EDrakenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Halmstad, Sweden56.69407654N 12.82586002EVarious for crash rescue trainingMilitary23 Jan 20183
Halmstad, Sweden56.67824173N 12.81252098ELansen
credits: Mtpearson
Military12 Sep 20221
Hillerstorp, Sweden57.26148224N 13.82977676EViscountCivil28 Apr 20171
Hillerstorp, Sweden57.26143646N 13.82880783ETunnan (and a Draken should be inside)Military28 Apr 20172
Holmestad, Sweden58.54698944N 13.60620594EDraken, RallyeBoth22 Mar 20212
Kalix, Sweden65.95664978N 22.88051224EDraken, B.206, UH-1Military6 Mar 20163
Kalmar, Sweden56.67692184N 16.28822708EDrakenMilitary22 Aug 20211
Kalmar, Sweden56.67566681N 16.27086830EDrakenMilitary5 Feb 2014
Kareby, Sweden57.90586090N 11.92390060EDraken, TunnanMilitary28 Apr 20172
Karlsborg, Sweden58.52362823N 14.52364063ELansenMilitary28 Apr 20171
Karlsborg, Sweden58.53504181N 14.52777195EDC-3Military19 Dec 20151
Karlskoga, Sweden59.33944702N 14.49435806ECe.414 fuselage
credits: Jan Broe
Civil30 Sep 20211
Kärnskogen, Sweden58.84380722N 15.31747341E2x Tunnan and several Lansen wingsMilitary14 Feb 20182
Kattleberg, Sweden57.98081589N 12.14842510EOrange PA-28 fuselage with spare wings (not yet visible on GE image)Civil31 Aug 20221
Kattleberg, Sweden57.97859955N 12.14113045EParted out An-2Civil20 May 20221
Kyrkhult, Sweden56.36640167N 14.59282112EBellanca 8KCAB in private garden, visible from roadCivil8 Sep 20231
Landskrona - Landskrona Museum, Sweden55.87068939N 12.82843685EThulin NAMilitary14 Feb 20181
Linkoping, Sweden58.43225479N 15.67561436ESF.340Civil28 Apr 20171
Linkoping, Sweden58.43812943N 15.57490540ES.105, S.91Military28 Apr 20172
Linkoping, Sweden58.42731476N 15.50401783ELansen, TunnanMilitary28 Apr 20172
Linkoping, Sweden58.44581985N 15.72795677EDraken, ViggenMilitary28 Apr 20172
Linkoping-Malmen, Sweden58.39894104N 15.52995586EViggen, S.105, Draken, Bo.105Military8 Sep 20234
Linkoping-Malmen, Sweden58.40837479N 15.52132607EUH-1Military28 Apr 20171
Linköping-Malmen, Sweden58.39558792N 15.51149940EViggenMilitary8 Sep 2023
Linkoping-Malmen, Sweden58.39950562N 15.51174736EATP at SAAB technical school
credits: garymorris
Civil8 Sep 20231
Linkoping-Malmen - Flygvapenmuseum, Sweden58.41026688N 15.52383041EVariousMilitary6 Mar 201671
Linkoping-SAAB Factory, Sweden58.40093231N 15.66085052EDrakenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Linkoping-SAAB Factory, Sweden58.40889740N 15.67952251EDraken fuselage, S.2000 fuselage, Ce.172Both1 Sep 20233
Ljungbyhed, Sweden56.07464600N 13.22356224ES.105Military2 Jun 20141
Ljungbyhed - Flygteknikcenter Ljungbyhed, Sweden56.07813263N 13.23084831EVarious i/a (mostly inside, not sure which hangar specifically)Both6 Mar 201612
Lulea, Sweden65.55174255N 22.12667847EDrakenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Luleå, Sweden65.54559326N 22.09615326ETunnanMilitary28 Apr 20171
Lulea, Sweden65.61885834N 22.05288124EViggenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Luleå, Sweden65.54655457N 22.12875557Evarious i/aBoth6 Mar 20168
Luleå, Sweden65.56646729N 22.30265808E2x ViggenMilitary28 Apr 20172
Luleå - Flygmuseet F21, Sweden65.54133606N 22.10603523EVariousMilitary28 Apr 201710
Malmo, Sweden55.52846146N 13.37021732ESE.210Civil10 Feb 20156
Malmo - Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus, Sweden55.60490036N 12.98262119EDraken, Kl35Both7 Jun 20193
Norrkoping, Sweden58.58256912N 16.23779678EDC-9Civil2 Jan 20171
Norrköping - F13 Museum, Sweden58.60617065N 16.11528015EViggen
credits: garymorris
Military1 Sep 20231
Norrtalje, Sweden59.74552536N 18.67597389EDC-3Military31 May 20221
Nyarsasen, Sweden56.73207855N 12.82648945EViggenMilitary14 Feb 2018
Örebro, Sweden59.26171875N 15.17841530EB.206Civil22 Jan 2018
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden63.40927887N 18.99727631EDrakenMilitary1 Jul 20211
Ostersund, Sweden63.19271851N 14.48600292EJ-35Military28 Apr 20171
Ostersund-Froson, Sweden63.19204712N 14.48775291ETunnanMilitary28 Apr 20171
Ostersund-Optand - Jamtlands Flyg & Lottamuseum, Sweden63.12509918N 14.79450130EVariousMilitary14 Feb 201821
Porjus, Sweden67.00855255N 19.72911644ELancaster "Easy Elsie" wreck at the site where it crashlanded 19 October 1944Military14 Feb 20181
Pukarhagen, Sweden59.69401550N 17.90439796E2x An-2Civil22 Aug 20212
Rinkaby, Sweden55.98332596N 14.27668285EDrakenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Ronneby, Sweden56.25806427N 15.28630829ELansenMilitary28 Apr 20171
Ronneby, Sweden56.26620102N 15.27977085EDraken, Viggen, AB.206Military28 Apr 20174
Ronneby, Sweden56.23051071N 15.25972843EViggenMilitary19 Oct 20161
Satenas, Sweden58.43598175N 12.72276306EGripen, Viggen, LansenMilitary14 Oct 20223
Satenas, Sweden58.44472885N 12.71950340E2x DrakenMilitary28 Apr 20171
Simlångsdalen, Sweden56.71701050N 13.10934258EEnstrom F-28Civil29 May 2018
Simrishamn - Autoseum, Sweden55.54906464N 14.34193993EDraken, UH-12, F-280, S.91Both15 Jul 20214
Skå Edeby, Sweden59.34565353N 17.75009918EAn-2Civil6 Dec 20231
Skövde, Sweden58.40462875N 13.89933586EPembroke at Swedish Rescue Training Center, may be more bits and pieces hereMilitary14 Feb 20181
Skurup - Stenbäcks Flygmuseum, Sweden55.49758911N 13.43733501EVariousBoth14 Feb 201813
Soderhamn, Sweden61.29576874N 17.02251625EViggenMilitary5 Mar 20161
Soderhamn - Flygmuseum F15, Sweden61.27043533N 17.08780098EVariousMilitary28 Apr 201715
Stockholm, Sweden59.66277695N 17.93620872EMD-81Civil24 Oct 20161
Stockholm - ABBA Museum, Sweden59.32489395N 18.09667778EB.47 cockpitCivil6 May 2021
Stockholm - Police Museum, Sweden59.33294678N 18.11926842EAB.206 (not yet visible on marked location), more insideCivil10 Feb 20152
Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden59.63991165N 17.93884850EB747Civil28 Apr 20171
Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden59.64158630N 17.94461632EVarious small civil - former Flygsamlingar museum - fate of listed aircraft not yet knownCivil14 Mar 20239
Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden59.63855362N 17.94927788ESE.210Civil11 Feb 20151
Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden59.65761948N 17.95566750EDC-8Civil14 Dec 20171
Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden59.65911484N 17.96619225EVariousCivil7 Jun 20192
Stockholm-Bromma, Sweden59.35264969N 17.93844986ECV-440Civil23 Oct 20171
Stockholm-Bromma, Sweden59.34951019N 17.94875145EEmb.120, SA.227
credits: ErwinS
Civil6 Dec 20232
Stockholm-Skavsta, Sweden58.78459167N 16.92737007EVarious at technical schoolBoth21 Mar 20154
Stockholm-Skavsta, Sweden58.78502274N 16.92302132ESparrow (hanging inside terminal)Civil11 Feb 20151
Stockholm-Skavsta - F11 Museum, Sweden58.78744125N 16.93138313EVariousBoth28 Apr 201711
Sundsvall, Sweden62.52627182N 17.43664360EBu-131 (hanging inside terminal)Civil11 Feb 20151
Tingstäde - Gotlands Försvarsmuseum, Sweden57.72953415N 18.58609390EVariousMilitary6 Mar 20167
Trollhattan, Sweden58.31244659N 12.32532883EViggenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Ugglarp - Svedinos Bil och Flygmuseum, Sweden56.82122803N 12.63070965EVariousBoth28 Apr 201729
Uppsala, Sweden59.88883209N 17.59948921EViggenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Uppsala, Sweden59.88843536N 17.60553169EDrakenMilitary7 Sep 20121
Uppsala, Sweden59.86495590N 17.62621498EViggen (i/a, more? Exact building unknown)Military5 Mar 20161
Vännäs - Motormuseum, Sweden63.90846634N 19.73397255EVariousMilitary20 Nov 20205
Västerås, Sweden59.58511353N 16.62283325EDrakenMilitary6 Mar 20161
Västerås - Flygmuseum, Sweden59.59408188N 16.62636185EVariousBoth6 Mar 201614
Västerås - Hässlö, Sweden59.58171463N 16.62550735ESA.365 (inside)Civil14 Aug 2017
Västerås - Hässlö gymnasium, Sweden59.58643723N 16.62480164EVarious i/aBoth6 Mar 20167
Vidsel - RFN Museum, Sweden65.88027191N 20.11570549EVarious (exact location unknown, but on the military airfield)Both28 Apr 20176
Visby, Sweden57.65361404N 18.34551430EViggenMilitary7 Sep 20121