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86 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Switzerland. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Alpnach, Switzerland46.94169617N 8.28556824EAlouette 3Military17 Jan 20171
Altenrhein, Switzerland47.48536682N 9.54849339EVampireMilitary3 Sep 20121
Altenrhein, Switzerland47.48826981N 9.55342388ECe.152 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil19 Jan 20201
Altenrhein, Switzerland47.48664856N 9.56220818EPC-6 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil3 Oct 20221
Altenrhein - Fliegermuseum, Switzerland47.48839188N 9.55559444EVariousBoth3 Sep 201218
Baretswil - Fahrzeugmuseum, Switzerland47.32262421N 8.86048412EMirage 3, Alouette 3Military3 Sep 20122
Basel, Switzerland47.57339096N 7.56376266ECM.170Military3 Sep 20121
Basel, Switzerland47.60813522N 7.52088308EF.27Civil24 Dec 20171
Basel, Switzerland47.59329605N 7.54145908EVikingCivil24 Dec 20171
Basel, Switzerland47.60447311N 7.52400017EHunter, Bu-133 in a private collectionBoth3 Jun 20182
Basel - Museum Tinguely, Switzerland47.55923843N 7.61218166EJungmann 1.131Military18 Jul 20171
Bern, Switzerland46.91511154N 7.49833488ECe.320
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil21 Mar 20211
Bern, Switzerland46.91531754N 7.49786472E2x Do.328
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil21 Mar 20212
Bern, Switzerland46.91395187N 7.49949360EUnkown fuselage in use as a training tool
credits: RonaldV
Civil18 Sep 20211
Bex, Switzerland46.25550842N 6.98816156EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Birrfeld, Switzerland47.44404221N 8.22707462EAS-202Civil17 Jan 20171
Diepoldsau, Switzerland47.38004303N 9.64616680EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Dietwil, Switzerland47.14990234N 8.40898228EAlouette 3 inside building at the paintball centreMilitary15 Sep 20211
Dubendorf, Switzerland47.40737534N 8.63829231EHunter (visible on GE image March 2022, not noted July 2022, to be confirmed it has been removed)Military23 Sep 20221
Dubendorf - Fliegermuseum, Switzerland47.39736557N 8.63216400EVariousBoth18 Oct 201652
Emmen, Switzerland47.09208298N 8.29949379EHunterMilitary3 Sep 20121
Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland46.83160019N 6.85724306EMirage 3Military16 Aug 20201
Fehraltorf, Switzerland47.37609482N 8.76046467ETerrier 2 insideCivil11 Nov 20171
Full Reuenthal - Schweizerische Militärmuseum, Switzerland47.60936356N 8.19346333EVampire, Alouette 3 insideMilitary18 Apr 20202
Geneva, Switzerland46.22428513N 6.08684444EPA.28Civil15 Dec 20121
Geneva, Switzerland46.23657608N 6.11308718EB737 (moves around the airport)Civil5 Jul 20201
Geneva, Switzerland46.23217010N 6.09492922EDa.20, Da.50, small propCivil5 Sep 20212
Grandvillard, Switzerland46.55149078N 7.08343887EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Grenchen, Switzerland47.17990112N 7.40943336ECAP-231Civil21 Mar 20211
Grenchen, Switzerland47.18138885N 7.41060400ESu-26Military3 Sep 20121
Interlaken, Switzerland46.66860580N 7.87551546EHunterMilitary18 Jul 20171
Langenbruck, Switzerland47.35006714N 7.76756048EVampireMilitary3 Sep 20121
Langenthal, Switzerland47.21764755N 7.76714945EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Laupersdorf - Tanksäulenmuseum, Switzerland47.31150055N 7.66467524EVampire, Venom partsMilitary9 Nov 20172
Lausanne, Switzerland46.54179764N 6.61903000EVarious stored for restoration at AMPA, plus many more airworthy (not 100% sure of exact hangar)Both26 Jan 20185
Les Geneveys sur Coffrane, Switzerland47.01583862N 6.85058260EMirage 3Military3 Sep 20121
Locarno, Switzerland46.16353989N 8.87765121EP3Military3 Sep 20121
Lodrino, Switzerland46.29299927N 8.99511719ESes KingMilitary28 Oct 2021
Lodrino, Switzerland46.28943634N 8.99246120EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Lodrino, Switzerland46.29016876N 8.99243069EVarious inside Heli-TV hangarBoth18 Jul 20174
Lugano, Switzerland46.00602341N 8.91240788ECommanderCivil31 Oct 20171
Lugano, Switzerland46.00534821N 8.91214752ECe.310
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil22 Apr 20221
Luzern - Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Switzerland47.05302429N 8.33647346EVariousBoth3 Sep 201223
Martigny, Switzerland46.10102463N 7.07097721EVampire (in vertical position)Military3 Sep 20121
Meiringen, Switzerland46.73950958N 8.11676979EAlouette 3, 2x F-5Military14 Oct 20223
Meiringen, Switzerland46.73920059N 8.12034988EAlouette 3 as artwork inside hangarMilitary18 Jul 20171
Mollis, Switzerland47.07624435N 9.06584740EHunter (inside a shelter, pin may not be at the exact location)
Military19 Jul 20221
Payerne, Switzerland46.84839630N 6.92017984EMirage 3Military3 Sep 20121
Payerne, Switzerland46.84561539N 6.93187857EMirage 3Military3 Sep 20121
Payerne, Switzerland46.83465576N 6.93408918EHunterMilitary3 Sep 20121
Payerne, Switzerland46.81064606N 6.93863201EVampireMilitary3 Sep 20121
Payerne, Switzerland46.83982468N 6.91299486EHunter (not yet visible on GE image)Military16 Aug 20201
Payerne - Museum, Switzerland46.84601974N 6.91640759EVariousMilitary25 Dec 201416
Rickenbach, Switzerland47.22555542N 8.14398003EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Saland, Switzerland47.38335800N 8.83971977EPA-60Civil4 Sep 20191
Savigny, Switzerland46.53303146N 6.70454073EMi-8 at Paintball centre "Cobalt Project".Military18 Jul 20171
Schlatt, Switzerland47.67906952N 8.69153023EVampireMilitary3 Sep 20121
Schupfart, Switzerland47.50837326N 7.95316410EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Signau, Switzerland46.93762970N 7.74033356EVenomMilitary18 Jul 20171
Sion, Switzerland46.21954346N 7.33543062EHunterMilitary2 Sep 20191
Sion, Switzerland46.21981049N 7.32433701E2x Unknown small planesCivil15 Dec 2012
Sion, Switzerland46.22147369N 7.34709597ESA.360 as a mobile bar with Dauphin on Wheels
credits: RonaldV
Civil1 Sep 20191
Sion, Switzerland46.21851349N 7.33120298EVampireMilitary3 Oct 2022
Sitterdorf, Switzerland47.50972748N 9.26066494EAS-202Civil22 May 20221
Stabio, Switzerland45.84458923N 8.92649174EMiG-21Military11 Sep 20211
Stans, Switzerland46.96814346N 8.35465527E2x Mirage 3Military3 Sep 20122
Stans-Buochs, Switzerland46.97493744N 8.37939358EPC12Civil15 Dec 2012
Stans-Buochs, Switzerland46.97879028N 8.39116478EPC-6Military18 Jul 20171
Stans-Buochs, Switzerland46.97807693N 8.39238834EMirage 3 inside hangar at the "Mirage Verein"Military18 Jul 20171
Stans-Buochs, Switzerland46.97702408N 8.39139843EMirage 3
credits: RonaldV
Military14 Oct 20221
Stans-Buochs, Switzerland46.97008896N 8.40444183EPC-9 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil9 Dec 20211
Statt, Switzerland47.26832199N 7.83117151EVampireMilitary18 Jul 20171
Studen Worben, Switzerland47.10019302N 7.29730749EThe owner of this company collected some aircraft and helicopters in his hall. Entry only with permission!Military6 Nov 20164
Unteriberg, Switzerland47.05773544N 8.79869461EAlouette 3Military16 Jul 20171
Waltenschwil, Switzerland47.32584381N 8.29621506EMirage 3Military3 Sep 20121
Wangen-Lachen, Switzerland47.20386887N 8.86393261EM20Civil6 Jun 20181
Wildegg - Militärmuseum, Switzerland47.41129303N 8.16012859EVarious insideMilitary17 May 20185
Wilihof, Switzerland47.22660828N 8.06465054EVenomMilitary3 Sep 20121
Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland46.92327499N 8.39782524EMirage 3 (under the cover)Military3 Sep 20121
Zetzwil, Switzerland47.28980255N 8.14369392EMirage 3Military3 Sep 20121
Zofingen, Switzerland47.29069519N 7.93537045EAlouette 3Civil18 Apr 20201
Zurich, Switzerland47.44005585N 8.55780029EIl-14 (inside restaurant Runway 34), Mirage 3 outsideBoth14 Oct 20222
Zurich, Switzerland47.45244980N 8.54601192EMi-8 in use as foodtruck Heligrill (helicopter severly damaged in a storm 13 July 2021, but restored)Civil4 Nov 20211
Zurich, Switzerland47.45545959N 8.57616901ECe.500, Ce.650Civil1 Aug 20182
Zurich, Switzerland47.38747787N 8.57821751ECe.172 inside Zurich ZooCivil29 Nov 20221
Zurich, Switzerland47.43991089N 8.55770206EPC-7, L.1049 cockpit at Sim AcademyBoth14 Oct 20222