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104 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Syria. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abu ad Duhur, Syria35.73634720N 37.09162140ESeveral MiG-23 wrecksMilitary16 Aug 2018
Afis, Syria35.96910477N 36.78660965EMi-8Military16 Aug 2018
Aleppo, Syria36.18670654N 37.21714783EMiG-17Military26 Dec 2017
Aleppo, Syria36.18591690N 37.20694351EIl-28Military26 Dec 2017
Aleppo, Syria36.10018539N 36.99413681EDC-4Civil26 Dec 20171
Aleppo, Syria36.16637802N 37.12507248EMiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Aleppo, Syria36.16587067N 37.11719131EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Aleppo, Syria36.18465424N 37.21444702ESeveral MiG-23, L-39, helicoptersMilitary23 Dec 2018
Damascus, Syria33.40356064N 36.51334763E7x B727, 3x A320, 2x Tu-154Civil16 Aug 2018
Damascus, Syria33.40690231N 36.51826859EB707, B727, BAe.146Civil16 Aug 2018
Damascus, Syria33.39411926N 36.50056458E2x Tu-134, An-26Civil16 Aug 2018
Damascus - October War Panorama, Syria33.53622437N 36.32201004EMiG-21, Mi-8Military16 Aug 20182
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.29408264N 40.15880203ESeveral MiG-17, MiG-21, Su-22 wrecksMilitary18 Aug 2018
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.28791809N 40.18799591EMiG-17Military18 Aug 2018
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.29101181N 40.18913651EMiG-17Military18 Aug 20181
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.29002762N 40.17346191ESeveral MiG-21sMilitary18 Aug 2018
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.28923035N 40.18083191EMiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.28955460N 40.17501831ESeveral MiG-21sMilitary23 Dec 2018
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.29073334N 40.16604233ESeveral MiG-21, L-29Military23 Dec 2018
Deir ez-Zor, Syria35.28268433N 40.19332886ESeveral jetsMilitary23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.62291336N 36.74152756EMiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.61277390N 36.72978592ESu-7Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.60667419N 36.73202133ESeveral Su-7Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.60907745N 36.72789764ESu-7Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.60335541N 36.73681259ESeveral Su-7Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.60439682N 36.74293518ESeveral Su-7, MiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.61123657N 36.76044464ESeveral Su-7, MiG-17, MiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.60856247N 36.76438141EMiG-23Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.60921478N 36.76734543ESu-22?Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.61491776N 36.77193069EMiG-23Military23 Dec 2018
Dumayr, Syria33.61677551N 36.74811554EMiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Hamah, Syria35.12336731N 36.69616318EMiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Hamah, Syria35.12448883N 36.72037506EMiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Hamah, Syria35.12154007N 36.69745255E2x MiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Hamah, Syria35.12221527N 36.70230484E3x Mi-8Military23 Dec 2018
Hamah, Syria35.12251282N 36.72659302ESeveral MiG-21, MiG-23Military23 Dec 2018
Hamah, Syria35.11895370N 36.69409561ESeveral Mi-8, MiG-21, Mig.23Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09339523N 37.94462967ELarge number of MiG-17sMilitary16 Aug 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09590912N 37.93752670EL-29, MiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09711838N 37.93328094EL-29Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09900284N 37.92213821EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.10045242N 37.92672348E2x MiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.10035324N 37.92934799E2x MiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.10063934N 37.93353653EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.10080338N 37.93920135EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.10086060N 37.94182968EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.10041809N 37.94517517EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09597778N 37.95238495EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09460068N 37.95214462EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09459305N 37.94822311EMiG-17Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09316254N 37.94956970ESeveral MiG-17, L-29Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09226227N 37.95146179EL-29, L-39?Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09988403N 37.94863129ESeveral L-29Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09797668N 37.94557571ESeveral L-29Military23 Dec 2018
Jirah, Syria36.09437180N 37.94271469EMiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Khalkhalah, Syria33.09040070N 36.53552628E4x MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Khalkhalah, Syria33.06948471N 36.54298019ESeveral MiG-17, MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Khalkhalah, Syria33.07502747N 36.57804871ESeveral MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Khalkhalah, Syria33.07231522N 36.57290268EMiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Khalkhalah, Syria33.07142639N 36.56841660E2x MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Latakia, Syria35.41339111N 35.94282532EMiG-21Military25 Apr 2021
Marj Ruhayyil, Syria33.28682327N 36.47628784E2x MiG-17, MiG-21, MiG-23, 3x Su-22Military16 Aug 2018
Marj Ruhayyil, Syria33.27636337N 36.45085907EMiG-17, 3x MiG-21, some fuselagesMilitary16 Aug 2018
Marj Ruhayyil, Syria33.29084396N 36.46530914ESeveral Mi-24, Mi-8 along the taxiwayMilitary22 Dec 2018
Marj Ruhayyil, Syria33.28487396N 36.44020081ESu-7Military22 Dec 2018
Marj Ruhayyil, Syria33.28261185N 36.43692398ESu-7Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.17604828N 37.56550980EL-29, MiG-21Military23 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18278122N 37.57540512ESeveral L-29, L-39, Mi-8Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18299103N 37.57852173EVariousMilitary22 Dec 20181
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18266678N 37.58323669ESeveral L-39Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18299484N 37.58661270ESeveral L-39Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18391418N 37.58889389E3x MiG-21Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18786621N 37.59372330ESeveral MiG-17Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18754196N 37.58974075EMeteorMilitary22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.19047928N 37.58451843ESeveral MeteorsMilitary22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.19075012N 37.57864380ESeveral MeteorsMilitary22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.19166946N 37.57492447ESeveral small propsMilitary22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18963623N 37.57434082E2x MeteorMilitary22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.19028091N 37.57315445ESeveral small propsMilitary22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18517685N 37.56747437ESu-7Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18275833N 37.56258011EL-29, MiG-21, MiG-23Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18177032N 37.56385422EMiG-15?Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18051529N 37.56127548EMiG-23Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18141937N 37.56870651EL-29Military22 Dec 2018
Rasin El Aboud, Syria36.18374252N 37.57242584ESeveral Mi-8s and small propsMilitary22 Dec 2018
Saiqal, Syria33.67636108N 37.20126724ESeveral MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Saiqal, Syria33.68523407N 37.20818329EMiG-25Military16 Aug 2018
Shayrat, Syria34.49143600N 36.89620972E5x MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Shayrat, Syria34.48242188N 36.91887665E6x MiG-21Military16 Aug 2018
Shayrat, Syria34.48987961N 36.91852188E4x Su-22, MiG-17Military22 Dec 2018
Shayrat, Syria34.49520111N 36.91992569EMiG-17Military22 Dec 2018
Tabqa, Syria35.76507568N 38.57836533EMiG-21Military22 Dec 2018
Tabqa, Syria35.76076126N 38.58272552ESeveral MiG-17, MiG-21Military22 Dec 2018
Tabqa, Syria35.75817108N 38.58444595EMiG-21 wreckMilitary22 Dec 2018
Tabqa, Syria35.75909424N 38.58818436EMiG-21Military22 Dec 2018
Tabqa, Syria35.75205994N 38.58430862EMiG-21Military22 Dec 2018
Tabqa, Syria35.75820923N 38.55593872ESeveral MiG-21 wrecksMilitary22 Dec 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.52459717N 37.60750580E3x MiG-25Military16 Aug 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.52630234N 37.60313797E3x MiG-25Military16 Aug 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.53304291N 37.64916611E4x MiG-25Military16 Aug 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.53137207N 37.64595795E2x Su-22Military16 Aug 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.53380203N 37.64270782EMiG-25Military16 Aug 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.52944565N 37.64706421EMiG-25Military16 Aug 2018
Tiyas, Syria34.53014374N 37.65154648EMiG-25Military16 Aug 2018