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94 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Taiwan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bade, Taiwan24.93958855N 121.30825806EF-5Military22 May 20161
Bei, Taiwan24.83613396N 120.94304657EF-104Military9 May 20131
Changhua, Taiwan23.96984863N 120.49285889ER-CH-1Military22 May 20161
Chiayi, Taiwan23.45634460N 120.39987183EVariousMilitary23 May 20166
Ching Chuan Kang, Taiwan24.25440788N 120.63359070EF-104Military23 December 20141
Ching Chuan Kang, Taiwan24.26438522N 120.63545990EVariousMilitary4 January 20144
Ching Chuan Kang, Taiwan24.24144173N 120.63074493EF-104Military4 January 20141
Ching Chuan Kang, Taiwan24.25559998N 120.63375092EB727Military22 May 20161
Chungli, Taiwan24.93676186N 121.26023865EVarious (inside school complex, which building unknown)Military22 May 20164
Coatun, Taiwan23.97217751N 120.64852142EF-5Military22 May 20161
Daxi, Taiwan24.87339592N 121.26631165EF-100 (F-104 should be here as well, probably hidden by trees)Military22 May 20162
Daxi, Taiwan24.87342072N 121.26490784EA-CH-1, U-6Military22 May 20162
Daya, Taiwan24.25651741N 120.64694214EF-5Military31 December 20141
Daya, Taiwan24.24568558N 120.60523224EF-5Military3 June 20131
Dayuan, Taiwan25.09360695N 121.19673920EF-5 (under the bridge)Military22 May 20161
Erlun, Taiwan23.77626801N 120.40700531EF-5Military3 June 20131
Ershui, Taiwan23.81411171N 120.61635590EF-5Military3 June 20131
Feng Nin, Taiwan22.75566673N 121.10639954ETrislanderNotset7 May 20131
Guanyin, Taiwan25.02562332N 121.14656067EH.269 (not clearly visible, but should be here)Military22 May 20161
Gueishan, Taiwan24.99467468N 121.33065033E2x F-5Military22 May 20162
Guiren, Taiwan22.93959808N 120.27563477EF-100, F-104, PL-1Military23 May 20163
Hsinchu, Taiwan24.82008553N 120.95119476EVariousMilitary22 May 20167
Hsinchu, Taiwan24.71434593N 121.11428070EVariousNotset3 June 20136
Hsinchu, Taiwan24.80335999N 120.95427704EF-5Military22 May 20161
Hualian, Taiwan23.97211266N 121.55798340E2x F-5, F-104 (on some pictures outside, on others probably inside the building here)Military23 May 20165
Hualien, Taiwan24.01783943N 121.62061310EVariousNotset7 May 20136
Hualien, Taiwan23.97141838N 121.61051941EF-5Military15 November 20171
Jhanghua, Taiwan24.07866859N 120.55892944EC-119, F-5Military7 May 20132
Jhanghua, Taiwan24.07997131N 120.54969025EF-104Military22 May 20161
Jiayi, Taiwan23.41293526N 120.38529205EF-5Military14 May 20131
Jiji, Taiwan23.82718277N 120.79533386EF-104, C-119 (not clearly visible on current GE image, visible on older)Military31 December 20142
Kangshan, Taiwan22.79874420N 120.28150940EVariousMilitary23 May 20165
Kangshan, Taiwan22.79809570N 120.28010559EF-5Military9 May 20131
Kangshan - Museum, Taiwan22.78359795N 120.27294159EVarious (a lot has moved indoors on base, not sure which building)Military23 May 201642
Kaohsiung, Taiwan22.65302849N 120.36067200EF-104Military9 May 20131
Kaohsiung, Taiwan22.60685158N 120.36052704EF-100, F-104Military9 May 20132
Kaohsiung, Taiwan22.59999847N 120.39311981EF-5Military3 June 20131
Kaohsiung, Taiwan22.65302086N 120.28076172EF-5 (only visible on some GE images)Military23 May 20161
Kaohsiung - Science and Technology Museum, Taiwan22.64133263N 120.32238770EF-104 (inside)Military3 June 20131
Keelung, Taiwan25.13616753N 121.75814056EF-104Military9 May 20131
Kinmen, Taiwan24.43688393N 118.35291290EC-119, F-5, F-104Military7 May 20134
Kinmen - Artillery War Museum, Taiwan24.44297028N 118.43254089EF-86Military28 December 20141
Kuei Jen, Taiwan22.97839546N 120.28280640EPL-1 (plus B.47 and H.500, not visible on GE image)Military23 May 20163
Kuei Jen, Taiwan22.97914696N 120.28282166EU-6, O-1Military23 May 20162
Ligang, Taiwan22.80659676N 120.52350616EF-5Military3 June 20131
Longtan, Taiwan24.86789322N 121.21881866EF-5, H.269Military22 May 20162
Lung Tan, Taiwan24.85264015N 121.23201752EU-6, O-1Military22 May 20162
Luodong, Taiwan24.71511269N 121.73492432EF-5Military23 May 20161
Luzhu, Taiwan22.84153748N 120.26493835EF-104Military9 May 20131
Madou, Taiwan23.20380211N 120.21083832EH.269, F-5Military23 May 20162
Meishan, Taiwan23.57884789N 120.55675507EF-5Military3 June 20131
Nanhua, Taiwan23.09255791N 120.53424072EF-5, F-104Military9 May 20132
Nanhua, Taiwan23.09169006N 120.53485870EC-119Military31 December 20141
Pingtung, Taiwan22.70178032N 120.47613525ESeveral F-5 along this taxiwayMilitary7 May 2013
Pingtung, Taiwan22.67843246N 120.45388031EC-119, S-2Military7 May 2013
Pingtung, Taiwan22.67518997N 120.44993591EC-119Military7 May 2013
Pingtung, Taiwan22.67787933N 120.46701813EDC-3, C-119Military7 May 20132
Pingtung, Taiwan22.65363884N 120.52422333EVarious i/a insideBoth23 May 20161
Pingtung, Taiwan22.63768005N 120.53662109ET-33Military3 June 20131
Puli, Taiwan24.02426910N 120.95274353EF-5Military22 May 20161
Qingshui, Taiwan24.26426506N 120.58280182EF-104Military9 May 20131
Shalu, Taiwan24.23316383N 120.56470490EF-104Military9 May 20131
Shuili, Taiwan23.81251144N 120.84897614EF-5, F-104Military22 May 20162
Suao, Taiwan24.60098076N 121.83370972EF-104Military9 May 20131
Tachia, Taiwan24.35872078N 120.64657593E2x F-104Military9 May 20132
Taichung, Taiwan24.18564796N 120.64831543EVariousNotset7 May 20134
Taichung, Taiwan24.18713379N 120.68903351EF-5, F-104 (not visible on current GE image, but both are here)Military9 May 20132
Taichung, Taiwan24.11966324N 120.67744446EF-100, PL-1Military22 May 20162
Taichung, Taiwan24.12256050N 120.60237122EVariousNotset3 June 20136
Taichung, Taiwan24.12340355N 120.60300446EF-100Military3 February 20161
Taichung, Taiwan24.10642433N 120.72544861EF-5Military9 September 20181
Taidong, Taiwan22.80334282N 121.05979919EF-104Military9 May 20131
Tainan, Taiwan22.95175743N 120.21600342EVariousNotset7 May 20135
Taipei, Taiwan25.06443787N 121.55963135EDC-3Military22 May 20161
Taipei, Taiwan25.01331520N 121.40872192E2x F-5, F-104Military22 May 20163
Taipei, Taiwan25.04772758N 121.61853027EF-5 (only visible on latest GE image)Military22 May 20161
Taipei, Taiwan25.07166862N 121.59751129EF-5 (only visible on latest GE image)Military22 May 20161
Taipei, Taiwan25.08083534N 121.54341125E3x F-5Military1 February 2019
Taipei, Taiwan25.07707787N 121.52674103EF-86 (not yet visible on GE image)Military10 February 2019
Taipei, Taiwan25.09307098N 121.23640442EB747Civil20 February 20191
Taitung, Taiwan22.78694344N 121.17301178E3x F-5Military7 May 20133
Tamsui, Taiwan25.17641449N 121.45063019EVariousNotset3 June 20134
Taoyuan, Taiwan25.06082916N 121.19226837EF-104, H.269 (inside school)Military22 May 20162
Taoyuan, Taiwan25.05354691N 121.24922943EVarious (ex TPE Airport Museum aircraft stored after the museum was demolished)Military20 February 201911
Taoyuang, Taiwan24.97506523N 121.27196503EVarious (inside school) - These may actually be at location #12689Both22 May 20164
Taoyuang, Taiwan24.96574783N 121.27317047EF-104Military15 February 20151
Tucheng, Taiwan24.95392990N 121.41528320EF-5Military3 June 20131
Xihu, Taiwan23.96291733N 120.47332764EC-119, F-104, F-5Military22 May 20163
Xihu, Taiwan23.96259689N 120.47422028EF-100Military9 May 20131
Yanshui District, Taiwan23.28221893N 120.24084473EB737Civil6 February 20191
Yunlin, Taiwan23.70258522N 120.42961121ET-33 (not visible on GE image)Military3 June 20131
Zhongli, Taiwan24.99026680N 121.23266602ECe.152Civil22 May 20161
Zhongli, Taiwan24.99110031N 121.23213959EUH-1Military29 November 20161
Zhuqi, Taiwan23.52516365N 120.54959869EF-5 (under the trees)Military3 June 20131