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364 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Texas. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abilene, Texas, United States32.41648102N 99.81337738WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Abilene, Texas, United States32.43033600N 99.688797WERJ.135Civil13 Feb 20231
Abilene, Texas, United States32.42815781N 99.68771362WVarious i/a at TSTC Texas State Technical Institute
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil7 Jan 20233
Addington, Texas, United States33.24507523N 97.22479248WCommanderCivil12 Mar 2020
Addison, Texas, United States32.96663666N 96.83203888W3x Da.20Civil24 Apr 20211
Addison - Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Texas, United States32.97275543N 96.83420563WVariousBoth2 Sep 201216
Allen, Texas, United States33.06187057N 96.60593414WCe.401 fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil13 Oct 20221
Amarillo, Texas, United States35.17238617N 101.86590576WF-100, UH-1Military7 May 20212
Amarillo, Texas, United States35.22397232N 101.69712067WDC-9 belongs to the local museum, but not on display and may never go on displayCivil21 Jun 2021
Amarillo - English Field Air & Space Museum, Texas, United States35.21368790N 101.71399689WVariousBoth29 Apr 20149
Aransas Pass, Texas, United States27.90944672N 97.14914703WUH-1 (dismantled, used to be on display here)Military5 Jun 2022
Arcola, Texas, United States29.50750160N 95.47040558WBe.95Civil14 May 20201
Austin, Texas, United States30.12956810N 97.83527374WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Austin, Texas, United States30.17784882N 97.61502075WF-4Military7 May 20131
Austin, Texas, United States30.20686722N 97.67604065WB727Civil11 Feb 20211
Austin, Texas, United States30.29972649N 97.68956757WPA-28Civil6 May 20191
Austin, Texas, United States30.30848122N 97.68336487WBe.55 fuselageCivil28 Jun 20211
Austin - Camp Mabry, Texas, United States30.31521606N 97.75714111WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20127
Austin - Texas State History Museum, Texas, United States30.28031540N 97.73905182WT-6Military3 Dec 2016
Azle, Texas, United States32.84202576N 97.49929047WVarious fuselages and parts at a recycling companyCivil4 Jul 2021
Bastrop, Texas, United States30.10991287N 97.29382324WF-4Military29 May 20161
Baytown, Texas, United States29.78747177N 94.95602417WPA-24Civil30 Jul 20191
Beaumont, Texas, United States30.09705734N 94.11466217WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Beeville, Texas, United States28.40150833N 97.74880219WA-4Military25 May 20131
Benavides, Texas, United States27.62388992N 98.36911774WUH-1Military5 Sep 2021
Big Spring, Texas, United States32.22903824N 101.4988327WF-4, UH-1, AH-1Military2 Sep 20123
Big Spring, Texas, United States32.21247864N 101.52713776WSmall twin propCivil9 Mar 20151
Big Spring, Texas, United States32.07686234N 101.56538391WVariousBoth3 Dec 20161
Big Spring - Hangar 25, Texas, United States32.22230530N 101.51177979WVariousMilitary9 Mar 20159
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83151627N 106.38292694WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83089447N 106.39128113WOV-1Military2 Sep 20121
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83082771N 106.3927002WC-12Military2 Sep 20121
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83515358N 106.37410736WUH-1Military18 Mar 2019
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83323288N 106.37763214WH-47Military21 Apr 2018
Biggs, Texas, United States31.84799576N 106.37143707WUH-1 and several H-58 pods?Military21 Apr 2018
Biggs, Texas, United States31.82965088N 106.39655304WC-130 fuselageMilitary18 Mar 2019
Bloomburg, Texas, United States33.13127136N 94.06837463WScrapyardCivil23 Oct 2019
Bonham, Texas, United States33.58214569N 96.16726685WUH-1
credits: emarsh5009
Military31 Aug 20191
Borger, Texas, United States35.69440460N 101.39699554W2x MiG-23 fuselageMilitary28 Nov 20212
Borger, Texas, United States35.69405746N 101.39459991W5x MiG-23 insideCivil30 Jul 20195
Bowie, Texas, United States33.41312408N 97.74318695WSeveral T-33 fuselages and wingsMilitary3 Dec 2016
Breckenridge, Texas, United States32.72126007N 98.8927536WF8F wreck
credits: Erwin van Dijkman
Civil9 Mar 20151
Breckenridge - Breckenridge Aviation Museum, Texas, United States32.72101212N 98.89253235WVarious WWII warbirdsCivil9 Mar 2015
Brenham, Texas, United States30.17417526N 96.39945221WF-111Military15 Jun 20211
Brookshire, Texas, United States29.83278656N 95.95058441W2x DC-9 forward fuselageCivil24 Oct 20162
Brookshire, Texas, United States29.83489990N 95.94917297WSmall prop, small twin propCivil7 Jul 2021
Brownsville, Texas, United States25.91149902N 97.41825104WViscountCivil12 Dec 20151
Brownwood, Texas, United States31.79194450N 98.95124817WF-4, F-111Military2 Sep 20122
Brownwood, Texas, United States31.67777061N 98.99142456WUH-1 (visible on latest GE image)Military6 Sep 20211
Bullard, Texas, United States32.14992523N 95.32906342WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Burnet - Air Museum, Texas, United States30.73977661N 98.23561859WVariousMilitary28 Apr 20144
Caddo Mills - Aviation Unmanned Vehicle Museum, Texas, United States33.03780746N 96.23963165WPQ-14 (and many drones which are not covered on this website)Military22 Jul 2021
Camp Bullis, Texas, United States29.66263008N 98.59144592W2x C-130, H-60, B707 fuselageMilitary5 Dec 20163
Camp Bullis, Texas, United States29.66038322N 98.58959961WUH-1, H-60Military27 Sep 2016
Camp Mabry - Texas Military Forces Museum, Texas, United States30.31371880N 97.76128387WVariousMilitary5 Jan 20175
Canton, Texas, United States32.54409790N 95.86244965WF-4, UH-1Military25 Oct 20162
Cedar Park, Texas, United States30.52203941N 97.78349304WErcoupe fuselageCivil4 Jan 20231
College Station, Texas, United States30.59656906N 96.35348511WAvenger should be inside the President Bush Presidential LibraryMilitary3 Jun 2013
College Station - Museum of the American G.I., Texas, United States30.51879120N 96.21451569WAH-1
credits: yangzao_li
Military20 Apr 20221
Commerce - Northeast Texas Children's Museum, Texas, United States33.22928619N 95.87409973WPA-60 fuselageCivil19 Mar 2023
Conroe, Texas, United States30.32256126N 95.47171021WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.69503212N 97.26783752WF-18, C-12Military17 Aug 20202
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.77682686N 97.44237518WVarious i/a at Del Mar CollegeBoth17 Nov 20173
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.78105736N 97.50832367WHU-25Military17 Aug 20201
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.69348335N 97.25772095WT-34Military15 Jul 20191
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.77865982N 97.4994278WT-34 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military30 Dec 20221
Corpus Cristi, Texas, United States27.67598152N 97.35140991WT-28?, small prop fuselageBoth17 Aug 2020
Dallas, Texas, United States32.83580780N 96.94179535WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth16 Nov 20163
Dallas, Texas, United States33.02592468N 96.83646393WPA-28Civil4 Sep 20191
Dallas - Frontiers of Flight Museum, Texas, United States32.84211731N 96.83546448WVariousBoth2 Sep 201230
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88776016N 97.06482697WB727Civil9 May 20131
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88668442N 97.06666565WB727Civil9 May 2013
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88936234N 97.06596375WDC-9 and some other fuselagesCivil2 Aug 2019
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88791656N 97.0663681W2x Helicopter, 3x small prop fuselageCivil18 Mar 2019
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.90850830N 97.06723022WMetroliner
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil7 Jan 20231
Del Rio, Texas, United States29.38377571N 100.9042511WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Denison, Texas, United States33.70938110N 96.65992737WF-86Military14 Jun 20221
Denison, Texas, United States33.72366333N 96.66759491WBe.18 fuselage/wings, T-33A
credits: Dave Broome
Civil14 Jun 20221
Denison, Texas, United States33.71014023N 96.66600037WCe.172 fuselage behinc CAP building (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Dave Broome
Civil14 Jun 2022
Denison, Texas, United States33.70894623N 96.66836548WBAe.125 stored on mainramp, pin on current location, but moves around
credits: Dave Broome
Civil14 Jun 20221
Denison, Texas, United States33.72011948N 96.68003082WUnknown fuselageUnknown14 Jun 2022
Denison - Perrin AFB Museum, Texas, United States33.70891571N 96.66191101WT-37 (inside)Military14 Jun 20221
Denton, Texas, United States33.20901489N 97.19549561WBizjet (visible on latest GE image)Civil12 Mar 2020
Denton, Texas, United States33.20549011N 97.1938858WSeveral bizjets being broken up (visible on latest GE image)Civil12 Mar 2020
Dumas, Texas, United States35.84861374N 101.96621704WF-4Military3 Jun 20131
Dumas, Texas, United States35.84285736N 101.97592926WF-84Military12 Jul 20141
Dyess - Linear Air Park, Texas, United States32.43285370N 99.81360626WVarious - all along this roadMilitary26 Dec 201633
Eagle Pass, Texas, United States28.70466423N 100.48009491WT-33, UH-1Military20 Jan 20132
El Paso, Texas, United States31.79276466N 106.38896942WVariousBoth2 Sep 20121
El Paso, Texas, United States31.79479027N 106.38657379WMD-220Civil6 Aug 20191
El Paso, Texas, United States31.81164169N 106.3728714WB727Civil3 Dec 20141
El Paso, Texas, United States31.79720497N 106.38605499WB727Civil19 Jun 20181
El Paso - National Border Patrol Museum, Texas, United States31.90314865N 106.44857788WPA-18, H.500Civil3 Dec 20161
Ellington, Texas, United States29.60154343N 95.17819977WF-84Military7 Sep 20121
Ellington, Texas, United States29.60125351N 95.17225647WS-2Civil16 Sep 20201
Ellington, Texas, United States29.59475708N 95.1701355WCe.310Civil16 Sep 20201
Ellington, Texas, United States29.61184311N 95.1703186WT-33Military16 Sep 2020
Ellington - Lone Star Flight Museum, Texas, United States29.60431862N 95.17458344WVarious (mostly airworthy)Both16 Feb 202326
Ellington - Vietnam War Musuem, Texas, United States29.59861755N 95.16867828WVarious, but not (yet?)open to the public as a museum
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Both30 Dec 202210
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.60285568N 95.17447662WC-135Military2 Sep 20121
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.61189651N 95.17157745WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.61455917N 95.17138672WF-4Military21 May 20161
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.61649895N 95.171875WF-102Military2 Sep 20121
Fabens, Texas, United States31.49565125N 106.1512146WBe.35 fuselageBoth20 Jun 20211
Flying Oaks, Texas, United States32.82941055N 97.53570557WM20 (not 100% sure of exact hangar)Civil4 Dec 20171
Forney, Texas, United States32.81076431N 96.44917297WUH-1, 2x Be.18? at a paintball fieldBoth26 Jan 2023
Forney, Texas, United States32.69202423N 96.51950073WH-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 2017
Forney, Texas, United States32.70441437N 96.48255157WSeveral small propsCivil14 Jul 20194
Fort Bliss - Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museum, Texas, United States31.82181931N 106.42945862WAH-1, UH-1Military21 Apr 20182
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.14485550N 97.72199249WAH-1Military27 May 20131
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.13514900N 97.77099609WAH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.15023613N 97.76918793WA-10Military28 May 20141
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.14418221N 97.71744537W10x H-58Military4 Mar 2020
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.13929749N 97.73278046WUH-1Military7 Jul 20211
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.14979744N 97.72506714W3x UH-1Military7 Jul 20212
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.36669922N 97.68032837WH-60Military7 Jul 2021
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.36674500N 97.67741394WUH-1Military7 Jul 2021
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.14156342N 97.78453827W2x UH-1Military16 Feb 20232
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.13863564N 97.70843506WAH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military14 Jan 20231
Fort Hood - 1st Cavalry Division Museum, Texas, United States31.13938713N 97.77059937WVariousMilitary27 May 20136
Fort Hood - 1st Cavalry Division Museum, Texas, United States31.12494850N 97.76752472WUH-1, H-6 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military31 Dec 20222
Fort Hood - Third Cavalry Museum, Texas, United States31.13722801N 97.74887085WUH-1, OH-13Military7 Jul 20211
Fort Sam Houston, Texas, United States29.46658325N 98.41757202WF-4Military27 Jun 2017
Fort Wolters, Texas, United States32.81106567N 98.05492401WH-23, H-55Military4 Dec 20162
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.76448059N 97.42155457WF-18Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.76587296N 97.42080688WF-18Military3 Aug 20191
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.76641464N 97.42014313WH-34, F-14Military29 Nov 20162
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77062607N 97.4196701WF-86, F-80Military13 Jun 20142
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77706528N 97.42336273WF-4, F-16, F-105Military2 Sep 20123
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77469254N 97.42216492WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.78611755N 97.44706726W2x F-16, 2x F-35 (fake?)Military4 Jul 2014
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.83493805N 97.38999939WCommanderCivil14 Jul 2018
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.62327194N 97.35388947W2x small twin propCivil21 Jun 2019
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.57217407N 97.30032349W2x small propCivil21 Jun 2019
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77357483N 97.42396545WA-4Military12 Mar 2020
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.86112213N 97.19590759WFuselage at former Mangham Airport siteCivil18 May 2022
Fort Worth - CR Smith Museum, Texas, United States32.83326721N 97.06355286WDC-3Civil13 Jan 20151
Fort Worth - Fort Worth Aviation Museum, Texas, United States32.80565643N 97.35539246WVariousBoth7 Apr 201823
Fort Worth - Vintage Flying Museum, Texas, United States32.81158829N 97.35626984WVarious, also airworthyBoth28 Dec 20206
Fort Worth Alliance, Texas, United States32.97985840N 97.31280518WVarious i/a at Tarrant County CollegeCivil30 Sep 20198
Forth Worth, Texas, United States32.96091080N 97.30828857WPiper Cub hanging from ceiling inside Cabela's storeCivil17 Oct 2019
Fredericksburg, Texas, United States30.24560738N 98.90721893WDC-3Civil20 Jul 20201
Fredericksburg, Texas, United States30.24465752N 98.90795135WNavionCivil14 Jun 20211
Fredericksburg - National Museum of the Pacific War, Texas, United States30.27300262N 98.86760712WSome warbirdsMilitary4 Jul 20141
Frisco, Texas, United States33.09880066N 96.81344604WB737 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Stonebriar CenterCivil26 Jan 20201
Fulton, Texas, United States28.09077072N 97.04754639WSeveral small propsCivil17 Aug 2020
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.64847565N 97.19405365WATL-98Civil12 Mar 20201
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.64691925N 97.19540405W2x small twin propCivil12 Mar 2020
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.65152740N 97.19293976W3x small propCivil12 Mar 2020
Galveston - Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum, Texas, United States29.31119537N 94.79056549WB.206Civil19 Jul 20211
Gaveston, Texas, United States29.26266098N 94.85603333WSmall twin propCivil14 May 2020
Georgetown, Texas, United States30.68546867N 97.67615509WCe.172, small prop under the treesCivil29 Jul 20181
Georgetown, Texas, United States30.68470573N 97.67591095WSA.226
credits: AnimeBirder
Civil18 May 2022
Georgetown, Texas, United States30.68008614N 97.67572784WPA-28?Civil18 May 2022
Georgetown, Texas, United States30.68400764N 97.67569733WSA.226Civil18 May 2022
Gilmer - Flight of the Phoenix Museum, Texas, United States32.70029449N 94.94716644WVarious - anything still here?Both23 Mar 20233
Glasscock, Texas, United States29.37616348N 99.33953857WSmall twin propCivil24 Jun 2020
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.42464447N 100.40885925WB-25Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43359184N 100.41012573WC-47, T-6Military6 May 20162
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43650055N 100.41092682WMiG-29Military6 May 20161
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43580437N 100.41267395WMiG-23Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43772888N 100.41000366WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43111610N 100.41320801WBT-13Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43261719N 100.40444183WH-43Military28 Nov 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43597603N 100.39963531W2x C-130, F-14, H-53, H-60 (one of these often on the pad to the east)Military7 Jul 20214
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43164444N 100.41320038WT-28Military18 Sep 20121
Granbury, Texas, United States32.42145920N 97.71485138WCe.310Civil7 Jul 2021
Grand Prairie, Texas, United States32.70115280N 97.05329895WBo.105Civil9 Sep 2017
Groves, Texas, United States29.95374870N 93.87799072WF-4, UH-1Military1 Dec 20122
Hale County, Texas, United States34.17084885N 101.70765686WT-33Military26 May 20131
Halletsville, Texas, United States29.46057510N 96.93963623WAH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Harlingen, Texas, United States26.21523476N 97.66606903WVarious i/aCivil29 May 2016
Hawkins, Texas, United States32.59333801N 95.20570374WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Helotes, Texas, United States29.63529205N 98.80688477WUH-1 at a paintball fieldUnknown14 Oct 2017
Helotes, Texas, United States29.63468552N 98.80410004WSmall prop fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil13 Oct 2022
Henderson, Texas, United States32.15064621N 94.85198212WT-33Military2 Jun 20141
Hicks, Texas, United States32.93494034N 97.41513824WSmall twin propCivil12 Mar 2020
Hondo, Texas, United States29.36171532N 99.16313171WVarious for scrappingCivil24 Jun 2020
Hondo, Texas, United States29.35146332N 99.16910553WSmall twin propCivil24 Jun 2020
Hooks, Texas, United States33.46650696N 94.2133255WF-111Military16 Feb 20181
Houston, Texas, United States29.82239723N 95.41978455WF-4Military3 Jun 20131
Houston, Texas, United States29.65857315N 95.28262329WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil17 Nov 20166
Houston, Texas, United States29.99407578N 95.41683197WVarious i/a at MIAT College of TechnologyCivil13 Dec 2016
Houston, Texas, United States29.66674423N 95.38513947WErco 415Civil27 Apr 20211
Houston, Texas, United States30.01158333N 95.35032654WB737
credits: nilson
Military15 Jan 20231
Houston - Art Car Museum, Texas, United States29.77203941N 95.39690399WCe.170, H.269 cockpit, both used in art displaysCivil15 May 2021
Houston - Military Museum of Texas, Texas, United States29.79110336N 95.27545929WUH-1 (inside)Military29 Apr 20141
Houston - Police Museum, Texas, United States29.75565338N 95.36764526WH.269Civil6 May 20211
Houston-Hobby, Texas, United States29.63891983N 95.26728058WPA-34Civil28 Apr 20211
Houston-Hobby, Texas, United States29.64903259N 95.28630829WVariousCivil19 Nov 2021
Houston-Hobby - 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Texas, United States29.64702034N 95.28651428WVariousCivil25 Oct 20145
Hubbard, Texas, United States31.84895706N 96.7962265WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Huntsville, Texas, United States30.73624039N 95.58296967WVariousMilitary5 Nov 20195
Johnson Space Center, Texas, United States29.55011368N 95.09494781W2x T-38Civil7 Sep 20122
Johnson Space Center, Texas, United States29.55208397N 95.09703827WB747 with Space ShuttleMilitary5 Feb 20181
Jonestown, Texas, United States30.50210571N 97.91108704WCRJ.200 at a paintball field (helicopter is fake)Civil13 Oct 2022
Kaufman, Texas, United States32.51359940N 96.26531219WCe.150Civil1 Dec 20211
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38548470N 98.60017395WF-100Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38467598N 98.59957123WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38464546N 98.56604767WF-15Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38282204N 98.56065369WB-58, F-111Military2 Sep 20122
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38243484N 98.56388855WF-106Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.37390327N 98.58695221WF-105Military6 May 2016
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38703156N 98.59968567WF-16Military11 Aug 2017
Kennedy, Texas, United States28.83585548N 97.86901855WBe.50Civil3 Dec 2016
Killeen, Texas, United States31.07392502N 97.83583832WOH-58Military17 May 20141
Killeen, Texas, United States31.12076759N 97.72915649WAH-1Military2 Jul 20141
Killeen, Texas, United States31.08078766N 97.84393311WUH-1, C-130 fuselageMilitary7 Jul 2021
Killeen, Texas, United States31.08301353N 97.83924103WUH-1Military23 Mar 20231
Killeen, Texas, United States31.08001137N 97.84181213WH-58Military23 Mar 2023
Killeen, Texas, United States31.08055878N 97.82377625WC-12, OV-1Military23 Mar 20232
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.49221230N 97.82250977WA-4, T-2Military4 Dec 20162
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.49177361N 97.81990814WF-18Military2 Sep 20121
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.47037697N 97.85573578WA-4Military18 Sep 20121
La Grange, Texas, United States29.90901756N 96.94731903WF-100Military4 Jun 20141
La Grange, Texas, United States29.90039253N 96.79207611WBe.35Civil15 Sep 2020
La Porte, Texas, United States29.66773796N 95.0691452WSmall twin propCivil20 Jun 2020
La Vernia, Texas, United States29.38373375N 98.06465912WCommander fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil9 Dec 20221
Lackland, Texas, United States29.39139366N 98.6190567WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201229
Lackland, Texas, United States29.36860085N 98.62501526WC-141, C-118, 5x B707 (all fuselages only)Both11 Jun 20187
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37479210N 98.62836456WVarious i/a at Inter-American Air Forces AcademyMilitary3 Dec 20167
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37727356N 98.62739563WF-101Military11 Mar 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37360382N 98.64788055WF-104Military7 May 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37339020N 98.65126801WT-38Military7 May 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.39849472N 98.6245575WDC-9, C-131Military7 May 20132
Lackland, Texas, United States29.40011215N 98.62568665WC-123Military15 Mar 20231
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37098694N 98.59659576WF-4Military7 May 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37082291N 98.59940338WDC-3, O-2Military7 May 20132
Lackland, Texas, United States29.34978485N 98.66979218WF-101
credits: Erwin van Dijkman
Military6 Mar 20151
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37898445N 98.65499878W6x F-16Military13 Mar 20156
Lackland, Texas, United States29.39245796N 98.637146WB707Military11 Jun 20181
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37462807N 98.62729645WA-37, UH-1Military17 May 20232
Lackland - USAF Airman Heritage Museum, Texas, United States29.38403511N 98.62162018WF-84, F-86, F-105Military1 Nov 20163
Lago Vista, Texas, United States30.49445343N 97.9703064WF-4Military18 Sep 20121
Lago Vista, Texas, United States30.49234009N 97.96757507WCe.310, PA-23, PA-32 (all three visible on latest GE image)
credits: AnimeBirder
Civil14 Feb 2023
Lake Dallas, Texas, United States33.13438034N 97.01516724WSmall propCivil2 Aug 2019
Lake Jackson, Texas, United States29.02947998N 95.41959381WC-130 (submerged for scuba diving)Military18 Jul 20141
Lakeport, Texas, United States32.39274979N 94.70511627WVarious i/a at LeTourneau University Abbott Aviation CenterBoth5 Dec 20169
Lakeway, Texas, United States30.35754204N 97.99354553WErcoupeCivil29 May 20201
Lancaster, Texas, United States32.57346344N 96.7204361WScrapyardCivil23 Oct 2019
Lancaster - Cold War Air Museum, Texas, United States32.57971573N 96.72360992WVarious - mostly airworthyBoth18 Aug 201711
Lancaster - Commemorative Air Force, Texas, United States32.58352661N 96.72690582WVarious, mostly airworthy
credits: Grant Robinson
Civil22 Apr 20226
Laredo, Texas, United States27.54375267N 99.45388794WT-38
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military7 Jan 20231
Laughlin, Texas, United States29.34965897N 100.79336548WT-37, T-38Military2 Sep 20122
Laughlin, Texas, United States29.36538696N 100.79801178WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20128
Lockhart, Texas, United States29.76475143N 97.77909851WBe.50 fuselage in crashed positionCivil18 May 2022
Lone Star Executive, Texas, United States30.34850693N 95.42169189WHU-16 (and probably more around here)Civil13 Oct 20221
Lubbock, Texas, United States33.65924454N 101.81209564WB727Civil2 Sep 20121
Lubbock, Texas, United States33.63458633N 101.87835693WT-33Military7 Sep 2012
Lubbock, Texas, United States33.52875900N 101.87742615WT-38Military7 Sep 20121
Lubbock, Texas, United States33.65513611N 101.83417511WT-33, BassetCivil6 Jun 20182
Lubbock - FiberMax Center for Discovery, Texas, United States33.58560181N 101.82286072WG.164 insideCivil6 May 20211
Lubbock - Silent Wings Museum, Texas, United States33.65768433N 101.83355713WDC-3 and some glidersMilitary9 Jan 20163
Lubbock - Texas Tech Vietnam Center, Texas, United States33.58201599N 101.8771286WVariousMilitary5 Dec 20164
Manor, Texas, United States30.39467049N 97.56603241W2x small propCivil5 Feb 2018
Manor, Texas, United States30.35159683N 97.47901917WPA-23 fuselage
credits: AnimeBirder
Civil18 May 20221
Mansfield, Texas, United States32.51327896N 97.15882111WSeveral SF.340Civil5 Dec 2021
Mansfield, Texas, United States32.51420975N 97.15740204WSF.340Civil5 Dec 2021
Manvel, Texas, United States29.48030281N 95.32355499WM20?Civil19 Nov 2021
Marshall, Texas, United States32.52293396N 94.31220245WBe.18Unknown5 Sep 2018
Martindale, Texas, United States29.43531227N 98.38040161WUH-1Notset7 Aug 20231
Mathis, Texas, United States28.06949806N 97.85639191WM20Civil5 Jun 20181
McKinney, Texas, United States33.17950439N 96.59346771WBe.95Civil1 Dec 20211
Mexia, Texas, United States31.64057732N 96.51287079WSmall twin prop fuselageCivil3 Sep 2018
Midland, Texas, United States31.93829346N 102.2156601WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Milican, Texas, United States30.43289185N 96.25167847WUH-1Military6 Jun 20211
Mineral Wells, Texas, United States32.80058289N 98.03821564WUH-1, H-34Military17 Aug 20202
Mineral Wells, Texas, United States32.78560638N 98.0584259WT-38Military18 Sep 20121
Monahans, Texas, United States31.58220673N 102.90593719WJet ProvostCivil15 Dec 20171
Mt Pleasant - Mid-America Flight Museum, Texas, United States33.10114288N 94.96535492WVariousBoth23 Mar 2023
Northwest Regional, Texas, United States33.05580139N 97.22941589WDC-3, HU-16Civil21 Jan 20182
Odessa - Confederate Air Force, Texas, United States31.94184875N 102.21469116WvariousBoth19 Jul 20157
Old Kingsbury - Pioneer Flight Museum, Texas, United States29.63490295N 97.81143188WVarious pre WWII aircraft, most still airworthyBoth13 Apr 2013
Pampa - Freedom Museum USA, Texas, United States35.53797913N 100.97115326WF-4, F-105, B-25, UH-1, HH-3Military30 Jul 20195
Pasadena, Texas, United States29.67908669N 95.17223358WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Pearland, Texas, United States29.55329132N 95.32736206WT-28, Be.35 fuselage, small twin prop (nothing visible on latest GE image, still here?)Civil8 Aug 20232
Port Lavaca, Texas, United States28.58293343N 96.65366364WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Randolph, Texas, United States29.53695679N 98.27973175WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20127
Randolph, Texas, United States29.52827072N 98.2726593WT-29Military7 Jul 20141
Randolph, Texas, United States29.52890778N 98.2713089WC-45Military7 Jul 20141
Randolph, Texas, United States29.53476334N 98.27529907WT-43Military1 Dec 20121
Redmond Taylor, Texas, United States32.73144913N 96.98007202WUH-1Military2 Sep 2015
Refugio, Texas, United States28.29030037N 97.32538605W2x small twin propCivil17 Aug 2020
Richmond, Texas, United States29.55343056N 95.71437073WT-37 fuselage, unknown at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 2017
Rockdale, Texas, United States30.63370895N 96.98865509WWindecker Eagle (2x?, disassembled)Unknown18 May 2022
Round Mountain, Texas, United States30.46796989N 98.32631683WUnmarked Ce.310
credits: b7four7sp
Civil1 Jul 2018
Round Top, Texas, United States30.08751869N 96.68759155WPA-38 (in front), small prop (behind building)Civil10 Feb 20211
Royse City, Texas, United States32.98649979N 96.30303192WHelicopters at Southern Rotorcraft USA (no current inventory known, but this company stores and repairs helicopters)
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil7 Jan 2023
Royse City, Texas, United States32.98581314N 96.30410767WHelicopters at Rotormate (no current inventory known, but this company stores and repairs helicopters, some wrecks seem to visible in a compound behind the company)Civil7 Jan 2023
San Angelo, Texas, United States31.36170387N 100.50865173WUH-1Military7 Jul 20211
San Angelo, Texas, United States31.46553802N 100.4487381WT-33Military7 Sep 20121
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.44410706N 98.46367645WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.53977585N 98.47206879WB737Civil27 Sep 20161
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.53561401N 98.46138763WSeveral airlinersCivil1 Dec 20121
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.29774284N 98.36856079WS-2Military7 Jul 20141
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.52149391N 98.4668808WVarious i/a at Hallmark University College of AeronauticsCivil17 May 20235
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.46006012N 98.44875336WUH-1Military1 Mar 20151
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.55108643N 98.4116745WF-4 fuselage at F-4 Phantom II Phinal Phlight
credits: b7four7sp
Military2 Jul 20182
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.56828690N 98.46652985WCe.150Civil24 Apr 2019
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.38296700N 98.54965973WVarious i/a at Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center, St. Philip's College
credits: Grant Robinson
Both22 Apr 202212
San Antonio, Texas, United States29.52696609N 98.47228241WJN-4 inside the terminal
credits: Grant Robinson
Military22 Apr 20221
San Antonio - Army Medical Department Museum, Texas, United States29.46320152N 98.44786835WH-13, H-19, UH-1Military1 Mar 20153
San Marcos, Texas, United States29.88642883N 97.86128235WVarious plane partsCivil2 May 20173
San Marcos, Texas, United States29.88977814N 97.8682251W3x T-33, OV-1, EMB.120
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Both15 Jan 20235
Sanderson, Texas, United States30.18886757N 102.5689621WBe.70 fuselageCivil7 May 20211
Sanger, Texas, United States33.31214142N 97.17511749WBe.90 at a paintball fieldUnknown9 Dec 2022
Santa Fe, Texas, United States29.33409500N 95.11345673WSmall twin propCivil16 Sep 2020
Seagoville, Texas, United States32.65461731N 96.5587616WPA-28 at Wings Over Seagoville restaurant
credits: Václav Kudela
Civil5 Mar 2021
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.98204422N 98.51189423WB-52Military2 Sep 20121
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.99240494N 98.50550842WT-37, T-38Military2 Sep 20122
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97448349N 98.5036087WC-131Military2 Sep 20121
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97132874N 98.50466156WT-37, T-38, F-15, F-16Military2 Sep 20124
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.96089554N 98.4911499WC-130, 2x KC-135, F-15, F-16Military13 Jun 20213
Sheppard, Texas, United States34.00809860N 98.50754547WVarious storedMilitary2 Sep 2012
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97660446N 98.50868225WF-101Military12 Sep 20121
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97661972N 98.51153564WF-102Military12 Sep 20121
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97233582N 98.51159668WF-105Military12 Sep 20121
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97203827N 98.5083847WF-100, F-111Military12 Sep 20122
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.97030258N 98.50879669WA-10Military2 Aug 2019
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.96913910N 98.51179504WF-104Military12 Sep 20121
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.98863983N 98.50668335W2x C-130, 2x F-16Military26 Dec 20164
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.98097992N 98.50654602WVarious i/a at 82nd TRWMilitary26 Dec 201631
Sheppard, Texas, United States33.96607590N 98.51200867WT-38Military2 Aug 20191
Sherman, Texas, United States33.62894440N 96.58625793WCe.337Civil4 Dec 20171
Sherman, Texas, United States33.62789154N 96.58589935WCe.310Civil5 Jun 2018
Simonton, Texas, United States29.72218323N 96.06481934WCe.336Civil13 Jun 20211
Slaton - Texas Air Museum, Texas, United States33.48630142N 101.65879059WVariousBoth24 Aug 201613
Smithville, Texas, United States30.01619911N 97.16107941WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Snyder, Texas, United States32.69284058N 100.94734192WF-101, F-105Military16 May 20142
Spring, Texas, United States30.06672668N 95.40293884WSmall prop fuselage without wings on top of a car repair shop, kit helicopter in frontCivil12 Feb 2020
Stanton, Texas, United States32.13882446N 101.80771637WUH-1Military7 Sep 2012
Stinson - Texas Air Museum, Texas, United States29.33956146N 98.47576904WVariousBoth8 Aug 202310
Stonewall - Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park, Texas, United States30.24162674N 98.62516785WVC-140Military12 Sep 20121
Sweetwater, Texas, United States32.48411560N 100.41034698WT-33, UH-1Military7 Sep 20122
Sweetwater - WASP Museum, Texas, United States32.45853043N 100.4644165WVariousBoth5 Dec 20163
Temple, Texas, United States31.10418510N 97.32842255W2x F-14, F-4 wrecksMilitary27 Apr 20172
Temple, Texas, United States31.14949989N 97.30728149WSmall prop at a paintball fieldCivil9 Dec 2022
Terrell - No 1 BFTS Museum, Texas, United States32.71778107N 96.26972961WT-6, StearmanBoth8 Jul 20183
Texarkana, Texas, United States33.46258163N 94.0570755WT-33Military2 Jun 20141
Texas City, Texas, United States29.39824295N 94.89289093WF-100Military2 Sep 20121
Toco, Texas, United States33.65055466N 95.65777588WMartin 4-0-4Civil5 Dec 20161
Toco, Texas, United States33.65181732N 95.65756989WSeveral small prop fuselagesCivil6 Sep 20201
Tomball, Texas, United States30.07717514N 95.64031982WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Tulia, Texas, United States34.53572464N 101.76148224WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Tyler Pounds, Texas, United States32.35862350N 95.39848328WVariousBoth2 Sep 201217
Tyler Pounds, Texas, United States32.35277939N 95.39219666WSeveral (storage of museum)Both2 Sep 20153
USS Lexington, Texas, United States27.81496048N 97.38882446WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201222
Uvalde, Texas, United States29.21574974N 99.73825836WCommanderCivil5 Jun 20181
Victoria, Texas, United States28.84899902N 96.92453766WMartin 4-0-4Civil6 Jun 20181
Waco, Texas, United States31.61309814N 97.21723175WDC-3 hulk, small prop, small twin propCivil8 Aug 20231
Waco, Texas, United States31.63340378N 97.07800293WP-3 fuselage?Military9 May 2013
Waco, Texas, United States31.63827896N 97.07886505WVarious i/a at Texas State Technical College - exact hangar to be confirmedBoth31 Aug 20215
Waco, Texas, United States31.62438774N 96.99203491WSmall propCivil14 Jul 2019
Waco, Texas, United States31.63909912N 97.07904816WCe.150 suspended from ceiling in main lobbyCivil31 Aug 20211
Warrenton, Texas, United States30.02563667N 96.72406006WMiG-17 at the Bull MarketMilitary9 Aug 20231
Weatherford, Texas, United States32.90519333N 97.97383881W2x unknown fuselageUnknown4 Feb 2019
Wichita Falls, Texas, United States33.96441269N 98.49188995WJenny, T-38 inside terminalMilitary28 Apr 20212
Winnie - Agricultural Historical Museum, Texas, United States29.81363678N 94.38069153WStearman (museum open by appointment only)Civil13 Apr 20231
Yorktown, Texas, United States28.98298073N 97.49453735WUH-1Military5 Sep 20211
Zuehl, Texas, United States29.49899101N 98.15830994WBe.18 (two still listed, not sure which is still here)Civil23 Sep 20212
Zuehl, Texas, United States29.49641609N 98.15654755W3 cockpit sectionsCivil5 Dec 20163
Zuehl, Texas, United States29.50025368N 98.16056061WSmall propCivil5 Dec 2016
Zuehl, Texas, United States29.49213600N 98.15977478WCe.172Civil15 Feb 20191
Zuehl, Texas, United States29.49387360N 98.15438843WVariousCivil13 Mar 202312

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