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277 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Thailand. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Amphoe Phachi, Thailand14.43816757N 100.71029663E2x DC-3Civil9 Jun 20222
An Thong, Thailand14.53888226N 100.50354004EB747 forward fuselageCivil27 Sep 20161
Ban Nong, Thailand17.35684204N 102.78135681ETB-20 parked along side Highway 216, Udon Thani By-Pass (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Alec Wilson
Civil22 Mar 20231
Bang Kachai, Thailand12.54302979N 101.96321106EBe.58Civil4 Apr 20161
Bang Wua, Thailand13.54185200N 100.96151733EC-123Military27 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.89710999N 100.60266113EVarious storedMilitary26 Sep 201617
Bangkok, Thailand13.90612221N 100.61408997EUH-1, T-28Military23 Nov 20132
Bangkok, Thailand13.91924477N 100.61701202EC-123Military27 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.92041874N 100.61771393EDC-3Military26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.92563343N 100.62188721EF-86Military22 Mar 20131
Bangkok, Thailand13.92168331N 100.62552643EF-86Military22 Mar 20131
Bangkok, Thailand13.91863823N 100.62583160E2x T-28Military27 Sep 20162
Bangkok, Thailand13.92348957N 100.62541962EF-86Military22 Mar 20131
Bangkok, Thailand13.92216015N 100.62850189ET-33Military2 Feb 20191
Bangkok, Thailand13.89451218N 100.59755707ESE.210Civil23 Nov 20131
Bangkok, Thailand13.90086174N 100.59421539EVarious stored airliners, also being broken upCivil23 Nov 201321
Bangkok, Thailand13.80841351N 100.69577789ECV-440Civil4 Apr 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.80597401N 100.51995087EC-123, O-1Military2 Feb 20192
Bangkok, Thailand13.78268623N 100.50957489EF-5, T-33Military25 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.77234745N 100.51244354EF-5, T-37Military25 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.77309418N 100.51020813ET-33, 2x F-5 (and F-16 as well?)Military15 Mar 20231
Bangkok, Thailand13.95317173N 100.62246704EC-123, UH-1Military2 Feb 20192
Bangkok, Thailand13.95136833N 100.62162018ET-28Military11 Jun 20151
Bangkok, Thailand13.95181942N 100.62009430EO-1Military11 Jun 20151
Bangkok, Thailand13.92115211N 100.62438202E2x F-5, F-16, F-86Military23 Nov 20134
Bangkok, Thailand13.92322254N 100.61950684EF-5Military23 Nov 2013
Bangkok, Thailand13.91037464N 100.61248779ET-28Military4 Apr 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.90637684N 100.61296844ET-33Military23 Nov 20131
Bangkok, Thailand13.90699577N 100.61331940ET-37Military23 Nov 20131
Bangkok, Thailand13.93896866N 100.59892273EUH-1Military2 Feb 2019
Bangkok, Thailand13.87853146N 100.60034943ES.62Military16 Feb 20231
Bangkok, Thailand13.86947918N 100.59454346EH-13Military26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.80066776N 100.55292511ECe.180, H.269Civil2 Feb 20192
Bangkok, Thailand13.71784115N 100.54280853EAirtourer (hidden by the trees)Civil2 Feb 2019
Bangkok, Thailand13.71541500N 100.54013062ECe.337Civil25 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.74618244N 100.53485107EB737 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Siam Paragon shopping mallCivil5 Oct 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.77241611N 100.50983429EunknownMilitary25 Sep 2016
Bangkok, Thailand13.77530003N 100.55316925EUH-1 (not clearly visible)Military25 Sep 2016
Bangkok, Thailand13.87119389N 100.54821777EA300Civil26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.80003929N 100.55467224Evarious i/aCivil26 Sep 201610
Bangkok, Thailand13.82712173N 100.73875427EMini 500 (inside?)Civil26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.93803215N 100.60067749EUH-1Military26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.91254330N 100.61965179ECe.150Civil26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.91545773N 100.61428833ECe.150Civil26 Sep 20161
Bangkok, Thailand13.71388817N 100.53628540EB.206, B.47 at the "Rajamangala University of Technology"Military29 Jan 20191
Bangkok, Thailand13.71353626N 100.53485107ESD.330 at the "Rajamangala University of Technology"Military29 Jan 20191
Bangkok, Thailand13.93124008N 100.53153992EUH-1, O-1Military29 Jan 20192
Bangkok, Thailand13.86384964N 100.57099152EMD-82 at "Fly N Senses Airline Academy"Civil29 Jan 20191
Bangkok, Thailand13.93921661N 100.60197449EHS.748Military27 Dec 20211
Bangkok, Thailand13.92819881N 100.58061981EVarious at "Don Muang Technical College"Both29 Jan 20192
Bangkok, Thailand13.95176220N 100.62092590EB.47Military29 Jan 2019
Bangkok, Thailand13.90651989N 100.61334229EVarious inside building nr.4343 of "Air Technical Training School"Military29 Jan 20192
Bangkok, Thailand13.90616798N 100.61937714ECe.150Civil29 Jan 20191
Bangkok, Thailand13.91803074N 100.62117004EMuseum storage areaMilitary12 Feb 201913
Bangkok, Thailand13.71813774N 100.80187988EB747 at 747 Cafe
credits: xfwspot
Civil2 Jan 20211
Bangkok, Thailand13.72033691N 100.69122314EMD-82 in use as cafe
credits: xfwspot
Civil21 May 20211
Bangkok, Thailand13.62366486N 100.64052582EMD-81 in use as restaurant Nam Dang
credits: xfwspot
Civil24 Sep 20221
Bangkok, Thailand13.73077393N 100.78968811EPA-28, SD.330 at KMITL International Academy of Aviation Industry
credits: Ps1cho2
Both14 Nov 20222
Bangkok, Thailand13.92520428N 100.62638855ECT/4 at Glass Hangar Cafe
credits: Bertski29
Military9 May 20231
Bangkok, Thailand14.03935146N 100.72437286EA310 (and more) i/a at Rajamangala University of Technology ThanyaburiBoth9 May 20236
Bangkok, Thailand13.69302559N 100.65026855EDC-3 at Srinagarindra Train Night Market
credits: xfwspot
Military7 Feb 20241
Bangkok - Jesada Technik Museum, Thailand13.76433468N 100.48986816EShould have (at least) a C-47 insideUnknown27 Sep 2016
Bangkok - Museum, Thailand13.92013741N 100.62195587EVariousMilitary3 Jun 201671
Bangkok - National Science Centre for Education, Thailand13.71939087N 100.58312225EF-86, DC-3, PA-23, LA-4Both25 Sep 20163
Bangkok - Tango Sqn Museum, Thailand13.90018082N 100.60456085EVariousBoth6 Feb 201928
Bangphra, Thailand13.19032764N 100.93570709EDC-3Civil25 Sep 20161
Cha Am, Thailand13.01526260N 100.07271576EHS.748Civil24 Sep 20161
Chai Nat, Thailand15.19073677N 100.15397644EB747Civil21 Jul 20191
Chang Hua Man, Thailand12.74915218N 99.70489502EB.206, FU-24, PC-6Military2 Feb 20193
Chang Wat Lampang, Thailand18.25072098N 99.52698517ESmall prop or ultralightCivil3 Feb 2019
Chang Wat Saraburi, Thailand14.64353275N 100.88694763EBe.18 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil29 Jan 20191
Chiang Mai, Thailand18.77268600N 98.96739960EC-123Military27 Sep 20161
Chiang Mai, Thailand18.78660583N 98.96257782ET-28Military27 Sep 20161
Chiang Mai, Thailand18.84037209N 99.02467346EVariousCivil25 Dec 20173
Chiang Mai, Thailand18.77225876N 98.97831726EO-1 at restaurant "Ohkajhu"Military3 Feb 2019
Chiang Mai - Tango Sqn, Thailand18.78024101N 98.96607971EVariousMilitary14 Feb 201933
Chiang Rai, Thailand19.88753510N 99.82762909EFantrainerMilitary25 Sep 20161
Chonburi, Thailand13.34891319N 100.96968079EC-46Civil7 Feb 20191
Chonburi, Thailand13.38687897N 100.99216461EUH-1Military25 Sep 20161
Hat Yai, Thailand6.92931938N 100.40714264E2x T-33Military27 Sep 2016
Hat Yai, Thailand6.93088579N 100.41579437ET-33Military22 Mar 20131
Hat Yai, Thailand6.93056202N 100.41400146ET-33Military22 Mar 2013
Hua Hin, Thailand12.62988186N 99.95104218EU-17Military3 Apr 20161
Hua Hin, Thailand12.68074131N 99.95861816ESD360Civil3 Apr 20161
Hua Hin, Thailand12.68494129N 99.95335388EDHC.4Civil3 Apr 20161
Hua Hin, Thailand12.69834805N 99.95969391ESD330Civil3 Apr 20161
Hua Hin, Thailand12.62809181N 99.95279694EPL-12 inside the "Hua-hin Royal Rainmaking Center"Civil6 Feb 20191
Hua Hin, Thailand12.58621407N 99.95081329EC-47 fuselageCivil6 Feb 20191
Hua Hin, Thailand12.62750721N 99.95056152ETB-20Civil26 Apr 20241
Jomtien, Thailand12.83370686N 100.91355133EVarious at US Camping StoreMilitary7 Feb 20175
Jomtien, Thailand12.85512733N 100.92436981EC-123Military25 Sep 20161
Jomtien, Thailand12.84976768N 100.93587494EMaule MX-7Military25 Sep 20161
Jomtien, Thailand12.85378075N 100.92262268EMi-8Civil3 Feb 20191
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.09421730N 99.93379211ET-33Military22 Mar 20131
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.08944607N 99.94170380ET-6, T-37Military14 Jun 20152
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.09639645N 99.94639587ET-33, T-37, Fantrainer, H-34Military27 Sep 20164
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.08188248N 99.93052673EC-123, UH-1Military27 Sep 20162
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.09954071N 99.94645691ET-37Military15 Nov 20131
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.09508991N 99.91988373E3x T-37Military7 Feb 20193
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.10018635N 99.92315674EChipmunkMilitary14 Jun 20151
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.09841061N 99.92612457EFantrainerMilitary6 Feb 20191
Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand14.09917641N 99.92449188EUnknownMilitary12 Feb 2023
Kanchanaburi, Thailand14.31062508N 99.21554565EFantrainer (visible on latest GE image)Military6 Feb 2019
Kanchanaburi - World War 2 Museum, Thailand14.04082489N 99.50499725ECe.150, Alouette 2Both14 Jun 20152
Khao Kho - Weapons Museum, Thailand16.60294533N 100.98348236EUH-1, OH-13, O-1Military7 Feb 20193
Khlong Luang, Thailand14.12003613N 100.62117004EVariousMilitary2 Feb 20199
Khon Kaen, Thailand16.47958183N 102.83312225EUH-1Military22 Apr 20171
Khong Luang - Agricultural Museum, Thailand14.11582947N 100.62561035EFU-24, H.369Military18 Apr 20202
Khorat, Thailand14.87594795N 102.04367828EB747Civil27 Dec 20181
Ki Lek, Thailand19.07284927N 98.93933105EA330, Ce.172 at Air Diamond Cafe (not yet visible on GE image)Civil13 May 20211
Korat, Thailand14.93191338N 102.08427429ET-33Military22 Mar 20131
Korat, Thailand14.93872929N 102.09597015ET-37Military15 Nov 20131
Korat, Thailand14.92214680N 102.06230927EF-86, F-16Military30 Dec 20222
Krabi, Thailand8.04599667N 98.90798187EA-7Military24 Sep 20161
Krabi, Thailand8.02698994N 98.85433960EFantrainerMilitary2 Nov 20171
Lam Lu Ka, Thailand13.95735455N 100.88676453EO-1, Fantrainer (below the trees, not clearly visible)Military4 Feb 20192
Lam Luk Bua, Thailand14.03919125N 100.09419250EB747Civil14 Jun 20151
Lat Ya, Thailand14.12848186N 99.44419098EO-1Military24 Sep 20161
Lat Ya, Thailand14.12058163N 99.44075775E4x O-1Military4 Apr 20164
Lat Ya - Vietnam Veterans Museum, Thailand14.13272095N 99.44594574EVariousMilitary4 Apr 20164
Lelystad, Thailand52.45454407N 5.52665424ECe.150
credits: ErwinS
Civil10 Nov 20231
Loei, Thailand17.45153809N 101.72872925ET-28, Ce.182Both4 Feb 20192
Lop Buri, Thailand14.91319370N 100.64274597EDHC-2Military7 Feb 20191
Lop Buri, Thailand14.86924839N 100.64218140EF-86, OV-10, DC-3, UH-1, H-34Military27 Sep 20165
Lop Buri, Thailand14.94084644N 100.63687897EO-1, UH-1Military4 Feb 20192
Lop Buri, Thailand14.92011642N 100.62683105EO-1, H-13Military24 Sep 20163
Lop Buri, Thailand14.93689632N 100.65227509EDC-3Military27 Sep 20161
Lop Buri, Thailand14.81530190N 100.69149017EH-1, H-47Military27 Sep 20161
Lop Buri, Thailand14.87486267N 100.65634918EDC-3Military27 Sep 20161
Lop Buri, Thailand14.87471771N 100.64901733EDC-3Military18 Apr 20161
Lop Buri, Thailand14.87281132N 100.64865875EVariousMilitary24 Sep 20168
Lop Buri, Thailand14.87050056N 100.64820099EDC-3Military27 Sep 20161
Lop Buri, Thailand14.86874390N 100.63829803ET-28, H-34Military24 Sep 20162
Lop Buri, Thailand14.88735771N 100.66046143EDHC-2, O-1Military24 Sep 20162
Lop Buri, Thailand14.91906261N 100.63313293EO-1Military24 Sep 20161
Lop Buri, Thailand14.87592316N 100.65995026EH-34Military3 Feb 20191
Lop Buri, Thailand14.88622761N 100.66536713EVariousMilitary11 Feb 2023
Lop Buri, Thailand14.95295334N 100.65160370ELarge number of UH-1Military3 Feb 2019
Lop Buri, Thailand14.80879593N 100.69019318EG.222, UH-1Military11 Feb 2023
Lop Buri, Thailand14.80830574N 100.69147491EDC-3Military11 Feb 2023
Lop Buri, Thailand14.81231308N 100.68798065EUH-1Military11 Feb 20231
Lop Buri, Thailand14.81195641N 100.67402649EUH-1 at Special Forces HQMilitary12 Jan 2024
Lop Buri - Army Special Forces Museum, Thailand14.77438927N 100.64798737EUH-1, O-1Military30 Jan 20192
Lop Buri - Thai Army Museum, Thailand14.92368889N 100.63403320EVariousMilitary24 Sep 201619
Lopburi, Thailand14.80901146N 100.65388489EDC-9, UH-1Both22 Apr 20172
Minburi, Thailand13.80435085N 100.73903656EDC-9Civil4 Apr 20161
Mittraphap, Thailand14.63715076N 101.16287994EC-123Military26 Sep 2016
Muek Lek, Thailand14.62894821N 101.17368317EVarious planes and partsBoth26 Sep 201619
Nakhon Chaisi - Jesada Technik Museum, Thailand13.80423737N 100.28632355EAlouette 2, C-123Military14 Jun 20153
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.30311775N 101.13062286EF-86Military10 Jun 20151
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.30253696N 101.12992096EC-123Military10 Jun 20153
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.30073929N 101.13122559E2x F-5Military10 Jun 20152
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.30036545N 101.13639069ET-28Military4 Feb 2019
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.30366325N 101.12905884EA-37Military10 Jun 20151
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.29874897N 101.16585541ESD330, UH-1Military26 Sep 20162
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.22153187N 101.14798737EO-1Military11 Feb 2024
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand14.11244774N 100.94705963E2x Ce.172 fuselageCivil29 Jan 20192
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand13.84780979N 100.01992035EVariousBoth18 Nov 20187
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand13.83364773N 100.02619934EVarious at the "Hangar Café"Military6 Feb 20193
Nakhon Phanom, Thailand17.38012886N 104.65195465EFantrainerMilitary26 Sep 20161
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand15.06207085N 102.12331390EUH-1Military29 Jan 20191
Nakhon Sawan, Thailand15.67145538N 100.13757324EC-212Military3 Feb 20191
Nakhon Sawan - Kaset Museum, Thailand15.67261124N 100.13341522EVariousMilitary25 Sep 20163
Nam Sai, Thailand12.60457134N 100.94400787ESkyvanMilitary12 Jun 20211
Nam Sai - Royal Thai Navy SEAL History Building, Thailand12.60934353N 100.94765472EDC-3, UH-1Military30 Dec 20231
Nan, Thailand18.79949951N 100.78223419EN.22Military4 Apr 20161
Noen Hom, Thailand14.13421440N 101.37368774EUH-1
credits: Ronald B
Military9 May 20231
Nong Din Daeng, Thailand13.79760265N 99.96932983EO-1Military24 Sep 2016
Nong Khai, Thailand17.85330009N 102.75255585EVariousBoth29 Jan 20196
Nong Kor, Thailand13.14247513N 101.04883575EYS-11Civil25 Sep 20161
Nong Tum, Thailand16.51315308N 102.93441010EB737, ATR.72Civil17 Aug 2019
Nong Tum, Thailand16.50964928N 102.93704987EB767
credits: Alec Wilson
Civil19 Jul 20221
Pa Kho, Thailand17.00226402N 102.89488220ECe.172Civil29 Jan 20191
Pai, Thailand19.66391373N 98.41314697EUH-1 wreckMilitary25 Sep 20161
Pak Chong - Chokchai Museum, Thailand14.65336704N 101.34894562EvariousBoth26 Sep 20167
Parachuap, Thailand11.83695889N 99.78112030EATR.72
credits: Bertski29
Civil23 Nov 20181
Pattaya, Thailand12.92870140N 100.87868500EDC-3Military25 Sep 20161
Pattaya, Thailand12.85293484N 100.92276001E2x An-24Civil25 Sep 20162
Pattaya, Thailand12.91880417N 100.98765564EHS.748Civil25 Sep 20161
Pattaya, Thailand12.97273731N 100.97596741EFantrainerMilitary25 Sep 2016
Pattaya, Thailand12.94310665N 100.89222717ERTAF-4, FantrainerMilitary7 Feb 2019
Pattaya, Thailand12.95053959N 100.88882446EB737, SF.340 at Terminal 21 shopping center
credits: xfwspot
Civil29 Apr 20212
Pattaya, Thailand12.89998150N 100.93336487EPC-6Military3 Feb 20191
Pattaya, Thailand12.94268227N 100.88723755EB747 (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: xfwspot
Civil22 Apr 20221
Phetchabun, Thailand16.39421654N 101.12734985EO-1Military27 Sep 20161
Phetchabun, Thailand16.39783478N 101.11311340EO-1Military25 Sep 20161
Phetchabun, Thailand16.67448425N 101.13912964EO-1Military25 Sep 20161
Phetchabun, Thailand16.41438866N 101.16028595EMcCulloch J-2 at restaurant "House 66"Civil3 Feb 20191
Phetchaburi, Thailand13.29530716N 99.82227325EFantrainer (not yet visible on GE image)Military6 Feb 2019
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.78684998N 100.26871490EN.22Military4 Apr 20161
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.78858757N 100.27042389EDC-3Military27 Sep 20161
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.79592705N 100.27236938EN.22Military12 Feb 2023
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.79590988N 100.27352142ET-28Military23 Nov 20131
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.77380562N 100.27559662EDC-3, N.22Military7 Feb 20192
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.78505135N 100.27356720EN.22Military23 Nov 20131
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.77231216N 100.27465057E6x N.22 (in use as holiday homes)Military7 Feb 20196
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.83665085N 100.26183319EO-1, UH-1Military3 Feb 20192
Phitsanulok, Thailand16.77534103N 100.27446747ET-33, T-37?, UH-1Military12 Feb 2023
Phlu Ta Luang, Thailand12.75698566N 100.99107361EVarious at War camping and coffee war
credits: xfwspot
Both21 Mar 20216
Phuket, Thailand8.09267998N 98.30098724EH-1Military4 Oct 20221
Phuket, Thailand8.08953571N 98.32332611EB.206, Jabiru J450 at Thalang Technical College
credits: Milan Cibulka
Both29 Dec 20232
Pin Klao Phattana, Thailand13.78926086N 100.47082520EL.1011, UH-12
credits: xfwspot
Civil2 Feb 20191
Prachuap, Thailand11.78588963N 99.81166077EVariousMilitary19 Apr 20153
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand11.76215458N 99.79573059ET-28Military27 Sep 20161
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand11.74862194N 99.76124573EFuselage sections of MD-81, A300
credits: Bertski29
Civil29 Nov 20182
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand11.79543209N 99.80065155EOV-10
credits: Bertski29
Military29 Nov 20181
Pran Buri, Thailand12.42442322N 99.86576080ESD.330Military6 Feb 20191
Ram Inthra, Thailand13.85969162N 100.63626099EVarious helicopters stored (also inside)Military26 Sep 201613
Ram Inthra - Royal Thai Police Museum, Thailand13.85701752N 100.63415527EVariousMilitary26 Sep 201610
Ratchaburi, Thailand13.52546120N 99.97504425EA330Civil23 Mar 20241
Ratchasima, Thailand15.58048820N 102.55688477EA330Civil29 Dec 20181
Ratchathani, Thailand15.23768711N 104.82045746EB747
credits: xfwspot
Civil2 Oct 20191
Rayong, Thailand12.63585091N 101.33567810EATR.72Civil30 Dec 20231
Sai Mun, Thailand14.13757038N 100.98760223E2x Ultralight insideCivil4 Feb 20192
Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand17.29056358N 104.10845184EOV-10Military11 Jun 20151
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand17.47970963N 103.48479462EA330, O-1 at Sea Stars and Forest Resort (not yet visible on GE image)Both22 Oct 20231
Sam Phran, Thailand13.72634792N 100.21703339EDHC.4Civil3 Apr 20161
Samut Prakarn - Naval Museum, Thailand13.60946560N 100.59500122EHU-16Military25 Sep 20161
Samut Sakhon, Thailand13.54207039N 100.32801819ECe.150, Ce.152Civil6 Feb 20192
Samut Songkhram, Thailand13.44616985N 99.94245911E2x RTAF-4, A-37, O-1, FantrainerMilitary6 Feb 20191
Sattahip, Thailand12.66747952N 100.86877441EDC-3 fuselageMilitary27 Sep 2016
Sattahip, Thailand12.72958660N 100.88866425EA-7Military18 Jul 20151
Sattahip, Thailand12.75543213N 100.85735321EA-7Military7 Feb 20191
Sattahip, Thailand12.62213612N 100.92697144EHarrierMilitary6 Feb 20191
Sattahip, Thailand12.66703129N 100.91961670EAV-8
credits: Russkev
Military27 Mar 20231
Sattahip - Marine Museum, Thailand12.66360569N 100.86289978EHarrier, O-1, U-17Military23 Sep 20163
Si Racha, Thailand13.18376064N 100.94100189EU-10Military25 Sep 20161
Si Thep, Thailand15.42161274N 101.07408142EB737 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil29 Jan 2019
Song Phi Nong, Thailand12.85647964N 99.62537384EB727 at The Sky Airfield
credits: xfwspot
Civil12 Sep 20221
Suranari, Thailand14.87656212N 102.01656342ESmall twin prop at "Suranaree University of Technology" (more i/a?)Civil6 Feb 2019
Suranari, Thailand14.87695122N 102.01595306EPA-31 at "Suranaree University of Technology"Civil6 Feb 20191
Surat Thani, Thailand9.15570259N 99.14707947EF-5Military22 Mar 20131
Surat Thani, Thailand9.15301704N 99.14830780EF-5, OV-10Military27 Sep 20162
Swiss Valley, Thailand13.51144123N 99.28553772EO-1Civil11 Feb 20191
Takhli, Thailand15.25217247N 100.29177856EF-86Military22 Mar 20131
Takhli, Thailand15.25703144N 100.31047821EA-37Military23 Nov 20131
Takhli, Thailand15.27803040N 100.31832886EA-37Military23 Nov 20131
Takhli, Thailand15.26819515N 100.31102753ET-33Military25 Sep 20161
Takhli, Thailand15.26712227N 100.29062653EOV-10, Fantrainer, Arava as i/aMilitary7 Feb 20193
Takhli, Thailand15.25177193N 100.28857422EA-37, F-84Military3 Feb 20192
Takhli, Thailand15.27465057N 100.29185486EVariousMilitary3 Feb 20197
Takhli, Thailand15.25938606N 100.29994965EA310
credits: xfwspot
Military31 Jan 20201
Takhli, Thailand15.26415825N 100.30156708EFantrainerMilitary11 Feb 2023
Tambon Ban Kat, Thailand18.21379852N 97.93793488EUH-1Military3 Feb 2019
Tambon Bang Phra, Thailand13.21465206N 100.95833588ESeveral parts of a A300Civil3 Feb 20191
Tambon Huai Sai, Thailand14.41819763N 100.91734314EDC-3 forward fuselage (still here?)Unknown29 Jan 2019
Tambon Makham Khu, Thailand12.82124805N 101.13370514EDC-3Unknown3 Feb 2019
Tambon Talat Yai, Thailand18.80623055N 99.11592865EVariousBoth3 Feb 20194
Tambon Talat Yai, Thailand18.80404854N 99.11949921EA300 and more plane partsCivil3 Feb 20191
Tambon Watthana Nakhon, Thailand13.74795532N 102.31175232EFantrainerMilitary29 Jan 20191
Thawi Watthana, Thailand13.77994156N 100.34099579EHS.748, DC-3, 2x UH-1Military2 Feb 20192
Thawi Watthana, Thailand13.78063393N 100.34247589EG.222Military2 Feb 20191
U-Tapao - Naval Aviation Museum, Thailand12.69343281N 100.99510193EVariousMilitary23 Sep 201612
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand15.25058460N 104.86298370EC-123Military27 Sep 20161
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand15.24015331N 104.85489655E2x A-37Military21 Nov 20132
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand15.25018120N 104.85951233ET-28Military12 Feb 20231
Udon, Thailand17.37938118N 102.80668640ET-28, F-5Military27 Jun 20132
Udon, Thailand17.38047600N 102.83911133EC-46 fuselageMilitary26 Sep 2016
Udon, Thailand17.38029671N 102.79287720E2x F-5Military29 Jan 20192
Udon Thani, Thailand17.41967964N 102.78061676EUH-1Military2 Sep 20221
Udon Thani, Thailand17.41081238N 102.76670837EB747Civil2 Sep 20221
Udon Thani - Ramasun Historical Museum, Thailand17.29152489N 102.86940765EO-1Military16 Feb 20231
Utapao, Thailand12.65882874N 100.99964142EDC-3, O-1Military2 Jul 20212
Utapao, Thailand12.68965054N 101.00086975EVariousBoth27 Sep 20169
Utapao, Thailand12.69550228N 100.99475861EHU-16Military27 Jun 20131
Utapao, Thailand12.69682407N 100.99803162EU-17Military23 Sep 20161
Utapao, Thailand12.67824936N 100.99724579EvariousMilitary18 Jul 20156
Utapao, Thailand12.68776417N 100.99849701EHarrierMilitary18 Jul 20151
Utapao, Thailand12.65735340N 100.99412537EO-1Military30 Dec 20231
Utapao, Thailand12.66788197N 100.99472046EHarrier (visible on latest GE image)Military9 Feb 20211
Utapao, Thailand12.66286469N 100.99565125EAll the collected scrap from Utapao
credits: xfwspot
Both30 Dec 202326
Utapao, Thailand12.69699764N 101.00025940EB747 - scrapping area?Civil30 Dec 2023
Wang Noi, Thailand14.29061699N 100.81878662EDA-42Civil4 Feb 20191
Wang Noi, Thailand14.29117203N 100.81881714EA300 forward fuselageCivil29 Jan 20191
Wang Yen, Thailand13.70523739N 99.89398193EFantrainerMilitary6 Feb 20191
Wat Khae - Jesada Technik Museum, Thailand13.81402397N 100.19664001EvariousBoth7 Feb 201932
Wat Takhian Thong, Thailand12.92904377N 102.07640076ECe.206Military4 Apr 20161