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45 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Tunisia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bizerte, Tunisia37.24530411N 9.82207394EUH-1Military17 Oct 2021
Bizerte, Tunisia37.24861526N 9.82721806EHH-3Military23 Sep 20171
Bizerte, Tunisia37.24477768N 9.82539177EL-29?Military28 Jun 2015
Bizerte, Tunisia37.24956512N 9.83112907EHH-3Military17 Oct 2021
Bordj El Amri, Tunisia36.72724915N 9.94218636ESE.210Civil4 Nov 20141
Bordj El Amri, Tunisia36.72733307N 9.94103336ESmall propCivil4 Nov 2014
Bordj El Amri, Tunisia36.72663879N 9.94324875ESmall twin propCivil4 Nov 2014
Bordj El Amri, Tunisia36.73054886N 9.93465424EPA-23Civil18 May 20161
Bordj El Amri, Tunisia36.72558975N 9.94235420EMB-326Military20 Apr 20191
El Mourouj, Tunisia36.74296951N 10.19084358EB727 - badly damaged by fire 4 April 2017, wreck still hereCivil12 Aug 20181
Gafsa, Tunisia34.41939926N 8.81317902EC-130 forward fuselage, UH-1Military17 Oct 2021
Gafsa, Tunisia34.41194534N 8.80677700EF-86Military2 Feb 2018
Gafsa, Tunisia34.41259384N 8.80767155EUH-1Military17 Oct 2021
Gafsa, Tunisia34.42079926N 8.81266022E12x UH-1Military9 Aug 2018
Gafsa, Tunisia34.42130280N 8.81314754E2x UH-1Military9 Aug 2018
Hamout Souk, Tunisia33.86814880N 10.86186886ET-6
credits: R.H. Dijkhuizen
Civil11 Mar 20201
Manouba, Tunisia36.80659866N 10.08632851ECM.170, small propBoth20 Apr 20191
Manouba - Military Museum, Tunisia36.81183624N 10.09786606EVariousMilitary21 Oct 20224
Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia35.90581894N 10.58054066EVariousCivil22 Dec 20143
Rades, Tunisia36.76407623N 10.26239014ET-6Military2 Feb 2018
Sfax, Tunisia34.71697235N 10.69728279EMB-326Military25 Apr 20191
Sfax, Tunisia34.71439743N 10.69922256EHH-3Military25 Apr 20191
Sfax, Tunisia34.71472931N 10.69694805E2x L-59Military17 Oct 2021
Sfax, Tunisia34.71847153N 10.69580555ESeveral aircraft inside hangar at the aviation school, exact hangar TBCMilitary20 Apr 20193
Sfax, Tunisia34.73768997N 10.74274540ET-6Military20 Apr 2019
Sfax, Tunisia34.71678162N 10.69889927EMB-326Military20 Apr 2019
Sfax, Tunisia34.71747971N 10.69937229EHH-3Military17 Oct 2021
Sfax, Tunisia34.71692276N 10.70125961EL-59Military17 Oct 2021
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24582291N 9.78125095ET-6Military2 Sep 2012
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24721909N 9.78201580EC-130, F-86, MB-326Military17 Oct 20211
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24748611N 9.80680943E3x C-130Military23 Sep 20173
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24690628N 9.78413486EVariousMilitary21 Sep 20161
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24724960N 9.80831528ESeveral HH-3, UH-1, and 2x F-5 fuselage?Military22 Oct 2021
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24245453N 9.77564526EC-130Military17 Oct 20211
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24771881N 9.78822327EC-130Military22 Oct 20211
Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia37.24831772N 9.81042671EHH-3Military22 Oct 2021
Sousse, Tunisia35.82280731N 10.63338375ESaab 91Civil20 Apr 20191
Tozeur, Tunisia33.93653870N 8.11306095E2x B747, Ce.500Civil17 Oct 20212
Tunis, Tunisia36.84637451N 10.25103855ESmall propMilitary17 Oct 2021
Tunis, Tunisia36.84881210N 10.25912571EPA-23?Military19 May 2018
Tunis, Tunisia36.85915375N 10.21915817EA320Civil23 Sep 2017
Tunis, Tunisia36.84467316N 10.25206661EAlouette 3, BN-2?Military17 Oct 2021
Tunis, Tunisia36.84783173N 10.25239372EBN-2?Military17 Oct 2021
Tunis, Tunisia36.84762955N 10.25296783ET-6Military17 Oct 2021
Tunis, Tunisia36.85496521N 10.22273731EVariousCivil17 Oct 2021