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19 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Turkmenistan. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ashkabad, Turkmenistan37.99237823N 58.35285187ECRJ.700Civil9 Nov 20201
Askhabad, Turkmenistan37.96278763N 58.37047577EAn-2, Mi-2, Mi-8, B737, BAe.125Civil9 Nov 20202
Askhabad-Bezmein, Turkmenistan38.00299454N 58.20607758EMi-8 fuselage, An-26Military9 Nov 2020
Askhabad-Bezmein, Turkmenistan37.99938965N 58.19602966EVarious, most likely wfuMilitary16 Jul 2017
Askhabad-Bezmein, Turkmenistan38.00288391N 58.19333649ELarge number of MiG-23, MiG-25Military16 Jul 2017
Askhabad-Bezmein, Turkmenistan38.01154709N 58.18135071EMiG-19Military1 Dec 20151
Askhabad-Bezmein, Turkmenistan38.04029465N 58.19092560EMiG-17Military1 Dec 2015
Gokdepe, Turkmenistan38.13802719N 57.94364929EYak-42?Civil9 Nov 2020
Kizyl Arvat, Turkmenistan38.98956680N 56.34089661ELarge number of MiG-23Military6 Apr 2013
Kizyl Arvat, Turkmenistan38.98157120N 56.34213257ELarge number of MiG-23Military6 Apr 2013
Mary, Turkmenistan37.61548615N 61.88847733EVarious MiG-29 (most likely wfu)Military6 Apr 2013
Mary, Turkmenistan37.61545563N 61.88381577ESu-17Military7 Sep 2018
Mary, Turkmenistan37.65293884N 61.83926392ESu-17Military17 Apr 2013
Mary, Turkmenistan37.66471481N 61.83122253EHuge number of Su-17Military17 Apr 2013
Mary, Turkmenistan37.59629059N 61.85159683EMiG-19Military1 Dec 20151
Nebit Dag, Turkmenistan39.49585724N 54.35437393EMiG-23Military6 Apr 2013
Tedzhen, Turkmenistan37.36612320N 60.57133484EAn-2Civil9 Nov 2020
Yangadzha, Turkmenistan40.03182220N 53.33044434ELarge number of stored MiGsMilitary9 Oct 2013
Yangadzha, Turkmenistan40.01880646N 53.32883072EMiG-15Military1 Dec 2015