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3981 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in United States. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Abbeville, South Carolina, United States34.15084839N 82.35397339WSmall twin propCivil29 Jul 2018
Abbeville, South Carolina, United States34.16272354N 82.53694153WCe.150, PA-25Civil29 Jul 20182
Abbeville - Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum, Louisiana, United States29.97264862N 92.08651733WH-13Military14 Jul 20211
Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States45.45656967N 98.42041016WSingle engine propCivil2 Sep 2012
Aberdeen, Maryland, United States39.39927673N 76.27458954WC-130Military25 Oct 20161
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United States39.46599579N 76.16514587WB767Civil11 Jul 2018
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United States39.48886108N 76.14002228WBe.200Military28 Sep 2013
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, United States39.47303772N 76.16966248WUH-1, 2x AH-1Military9 Oct 2021
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.45992661N 76.18488312WMi-2, Mi-24, Ka-27, 2x MiG-23?, 3x MiG-21Military15 May 2014
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.46092606N 76.18341827WUH-1, AH-1, Mi-24, +2x helicopterMilitary15 May 2014
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.46262360N 76.18418121WLarge number of UH-1, AH-1 and other helicoptersMilitary11 Jul 2018
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.46233749N 76.18235016W7x A-7, C-130, C-9, 6x C-12Military11 Jul 20181
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.45927811N 76.18122864WSeveral airline hulksCivil15 May 2014
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.46535110N 76.17570496WB757Civil11 Jul 2018
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.46059418N 76.18592072WSeveral C-12, UH-60Military11 Jul 2018
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, United States39.46396255N 76.16940308WB777 to be destroyed in bomb tests, exact location unknown, may be gone before showing up on GE imageCivil11 Jul 20181
Abilene, Texas, United States32.41648102N 99.81337738WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Abilene, Texas, United States32.43033600N 99.688797WERJ.135Civil13 Feb 20231
Abilene, Texas, United States32.42815781N 99.68771362WVarious i/a at TSTC Texas State Technical Institute
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil7 Jan 20233
Accomack County Airport, Virginia, United States37.64236832N 75.76109314WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Acme, Michigan, United States44.76459503N 85.46717072WSmall prop inside abandoned hangarCivil21 Nov 2020
Addington, Texas, United States33.24507523N 97.22479248WCommanderCivil12 Mar 2020
Addison, Texas, United States32.96663666N 96.83203888W3x Da.20Civil24 Apr 20211
Addison - Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Texas, United States32.97275543N 96.83420563WVariousBoth2 Sep 201216
Adelanto, California, United States34.56764221N 117.55377197WGliderCivil19 Jul 2019
Adelanto, California, United States34.53882980N 117.46315002W2x small propCivil19 Jul 2019
Adelanto, California, United States34.53982925N 117.46515656WUnknown fuselageCivil19 Jul 2019
Adrian, Michigan, United States41.90555573N 84.03206635WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Afton - CallAir Museum, Wyoming, United States42.73113632N 110.93400574WVarious (in the Afton Civic Center, building not 100% sure)Civil22 Nov 20163
Agua Dulce, California, United States34.52611160N 118.32128906WL.1011 fuselage at Agua Dulce Movie RanchCivil13 Jun 20211
Aguada, Puerto Rico, United States18.38816643N 67.20173645W2x Ahrens 404, one mostly complete but toppled over by a hurricane and another fuselageCivil28 Feb 20211
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, United States18.47729492N 67.15135956WDC-4 fuselageCivil25 Apr 20171
Akron-Canton, Ohio, United States40.91786194N 81.43238068WL-29 (airworthy?)Unknown2 Sep 2012
Akron-Canton - MAPS Air Museum, Ohio, United States40.91745758N 81.45402527WVariousMilitary6 Mar 201542
Alameda, California, United States37.77298737N 122.28926849WA-4Military4 Sep 20121
Alameda, California, United States37.78895569N 122.30261993WA-4Military13 Feb 20131
Alameda, California, United States37.77997208N 122.29439545WA-7Military2 Apr 20151
Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States32.83983612N 105.99472809WF-4, P-2 (both visible on latest GE image)Both11 Mar 20232
Alamogordo - New Mexico Museum of Space History, New Mexico, United States32.92115021N 105.92073059WTornadoMilitary13 Jan 20191
Albany, New York, United States42.74406433N 73.7942276WAH-1, F-16Military4 Mar 20202
Albany, Oregon, United States44.64063263N 123.06060028W2x A-4Military24 Mar 20212
Albany, New York, United States42.75924301N 73.80142212WB727Civil4 Dec 20141
Albany, New York, United States42.74708939N 73.79529572WSmall twin propCivil4 Mar 2020
Albany, Oregon, United States44.64421844N 123.05838013WA-4Military9 Jun 20221
Albany, Oregon, United States44.64086151N 123.05870056WCe.337, Ce.501
credits: Stefan Jongen
Civil24 Mar 20212
Albany, Georgia, United States31.53927422N 84.19527435WL-610
credits: Antheii
Civil13 Oct 20221
Albert Lea, Minnesota, United States43.68020248N 93.36425781WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Albertville, Alabama, United States34.22830963N 86.24901581WVarious i/a at Albertville Aviation CenterCivil18 Dec 2016
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.03883743N 106.62285614WB727Civil18 Nov 20171
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.04981995N 106.59255219WHH-3Military26 Nov 20121
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.04886246N 106.57581329WMiG-21Military2 Sep 2012
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.05004501N 106.57686615WA-7, F-100Military2 Sep 20122
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.04854584N 106.56945801WP-51, F-80Military14 Dec 20121
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.04709244N 106.60591125WT-39Military2 Sep 20121
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.05452728N 106.59542847WHU-16, UH-1Military21 Apr 20182
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.05459213N 106.59251404WH-53, H-34, C-47Military21 Apr 20183
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.05437088N 106.59788513WVarious instructional airframesMilitary9 Jun 20141
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.04915619N 106.61687469WIngram-Forster biplane hanging inside terminalCivil21 Apr 2018
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States35.13289261N 106.84458923WT-28 at a paintball fieldMilitary14 Mar 2020
Albuquerque - National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, New Mexico, United States35.06546402N 106.53401184WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20127
Alexander City, Alabama, United States32.92618942N 85.97681427WA-7Military6 May 20141
Alexandria, Louisiana, United States31.32636261N 92.5294342WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20125
Alexandria, Minnesota, United States45.86544800N 95.38813019WT-33Military4 Sep 20121
Alexandria, Louisiana, United States31.27195930N 92.46694946WF-104Military2 Jul 20141
Alexandria, Louisiana, United States31.32089424N 92.55362701WDC-9Civil21 Oct 20161
Allen, Texas, United States33.06187057N 96.60593414WCe.401 fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil13 Oct 20221
Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States40.68523407N 75.35462189WH-37, Cl.600, Ce.150, SB2C submerged as diving attractionsBoth29 Apr 20172
Allentown - Allied Air Force, Pennsylvania, United States40.57470322N 75.4881897WVarious, exact location unknown, at Queen City Airport (not sure if these are still present)Military2 Jun 20161
Alliance, Ohio, United States40.91231155N 81.11036682WA-7Military4 Sep 20121
Alliance, Nebraska, United States42.06154251N 102.80251312WBe.18 fuselageCivil24 Sep 2016
Alma, Georgia, United States31.54193115N 82.4627533WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Almond, Wisconsin, United States44.25883102N 89.41623688WAH-1Military20 May 20141
Almont, Michigan, United States42.95859146N 83.05461121WVarious UH-1, HH-52Military7 Aug 2021
Alpharette, Georgia, United States34.07448196N 84.31053925WUH-1, T-33Military3 Jun 20142
Alton, Illinois, United States38.89104843N 90.0559082WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Altoona, Iowa, United States41.64440155N 93.45433807WA-7Military7 Sep 20121
Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States40.45335007N 78.41183472WA-4 (dismantled, visible on latest GE image)Military16 Sep 2020
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.65221786N 99.28807068WC-45Military2 Sep 20121
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.65580750N 99.28596497WC-135, C-141Military2 Sep 20122
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.66019821N 99.28603363WC-47Military2 Sep 20121
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.69833755N 99.33529663WC-141 hulkMilitary2 Sep 20121
Altus, Oklahoma, United States34.63807297N 99.31674957WB-47Military18 Sep 20121
Alvin, Texas, United States29.45187569N 95.29150391WVariousBoth4 Dec 20232
Amargosa Valley, Nevada, United States36.51502991N 116.42211914WUH-1Military8 May 20131
Amarillo, Texas, United States35.17238617N 101.86590576WF-100, UH-1Military7 May 20212
Amarillo, Texas, United States35.22397232N 101.69712067WDC-9 belongs to the local museum, but not on display and may never go on displayCivil21 Jun 2021
Amarillo - English Field Air & Space Museum, Texas, United States35.21368790N 101.71399689WVariousBoth29 Apr 20149
Americus, Georgia, United States32.10794449N 84.18707275WScrapyard of small propsCivil24 Sep 20134
Americus, Georgia, United States32.11495590N 84.18582153WVarious i/a at South Georgia Technical CollegeBoth9 Dec 20169
Americus, Georgia, United States32.11844254N 84.18693542WP-2, UH-1Military30 Jun 20231
Ames, Oklahoma, United States36.24576569N 98.18635559WT-37Military6 Dec 20211
Amuchee, Georgia, United States34.31585312N 85.17166138WDa.20, G.1159, PA-28 (in VW camper on a pole) at Sam's Burger BarCivil26 Nov 20192
Anacostia, District of Columbia, United States38.86153793N 77.00511169WT-28Military2 Sep 20121
Anaheim, California, United States33.82684326N 117.88980865WF9F-6Military2 Sep 20121
Anaheim, California, United States33.80823135N 117.92063141WCe.195Civil3 Jun 20161
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.16149139N 149.99108887WC-47, C-119Military29 Sep 20191
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.17353058N 149.98249817WVarious inside terminalCivil20 Feb 20153
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.18197632N 149.9982605WB727Civil1 Nov 20161
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.21466064N 149.829422WVarious i/a at University of AlaskaCivil17 Nov 20169
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.37788010N 150.43289185WF-101 wreckMilitary8 Dec 2016
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.21921158N 149.82099915WCe.120 hanging inside Brass Pro storeCivil4 Dec 20171
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.21396637N 149.82569885WMU-2Civil18 Mar 2019
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.17467117N 149.94985962WDC-6 (visible on latest GE image)Civil29 Sep 20191
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.16563797N 149.97869873WC-130, 2x bizjet (visible on latest GE image)Both30 Sep 2021
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.17242050N 149.94387817WDC-3 (and possibly more around here)Civil12 Nov 20201
Anchorage, Alaska, United States61.19704819N 150.00291443WC-119
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil10 Dec 20201
Anchorage - Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum, Alaska, United States61.17896652N 149.97233582WVariousBoth2 Sep 201218
Anderson, Indiana, United States40.02654648N 85.66372681WH-34 at a paintball field (and the fuselage of a small prop should be on the Cambodia field, in the woods)Both2 Nov 2023
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.81363678N 76.85770416WF6FMilitary10 Jul 20151
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.81579590N 76.85344696WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.80683136N 76.87944031WC-140Military2 Sep 20121
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.80843353N 76.85618591WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.81473923N 76.85847473WP-3Military10 Jul 20151
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.81375885N 76.85266113WF-100Military3 May 20191
Andrews, Maryland, United States38.81768417N 76.88043213WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Angel Fire, New Mexico, United States36.44141769N 105.29481506WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Angwin Field, California, United States38.57222366N 122.43400574W2x small propCivil6 Jun 20181
Ankeny - Iowa Aviation Heritage Museum, Iowa, United States41.69394684N 93.56970215WVariousBoth8 May 20145
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States42.23961258N 83.80056763WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Annapolis, Maryland, United States38.98348236N 76.5069046WF-18Military7 Sep 20121
Annapolis - US Naval Academy, Maryland, United States38.98731613N 76.49295044WA-4, F-4, F-14, EA-6Military31 Jul 20214
Apache Junction, Arizona, United States33.39571762N 111.58116913WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Apache Junction, Arizona, United States33.36555099N 111.5750351WUH-1Military3 Jun 20161
Apple Valley, California, United States34.57224655N 117.19113922WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Appleton, Wisconsin, United States44.26227951N 88.45477295WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Appleton, Wisconsin, United States44.24665451N 88.5107193WB727Civil13 Nov 20151
Aransas Pass, Texas, United States27.90944672N 97.14914703WUH-1 (dismantled, used to be on display here)Military5 Jun 2022
Arcade, New York, United States42.53284073N 78.43635559WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Arcadia, Wisconsin, United States44.24121857N 91.49344635WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Arcadia, Florida, United States27.21955299N 81.87328339WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Arcadia, Florida, United States27.12372208N 81.8544693WBe.18Unknown29 Apr 2019
Arcanum, Ohio, United States39.98666763N 84.55046844WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Arcola, Texas, United States29.50750160N 95.47040558WBe.95Civil14 May 20201
Ardmode, Oklahoma, United States34.29600906N 97.01152802WB737Civil1 Nov 20161
Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States34.29327774N 97.01886749WB727Civil2 Sep 2012
Arecibo, Puerto Rico, United States18.48105621N 66.69915009WMi-2Civil5 Jun 20221
Argyle, Wisconsin, United States42.70610046N 89.86761475WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Arlington, Minnesota, United States44.61074066N 94.08322906WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Arlington, Washington, United States48.16370773N 122.15333557WDC-3, MH.1521Civil27 Dec 20182
Arlington, Washington, United States48.16480637N 122.16963196WVariousCivil11 Sep 20201
Arlington, Washington, United States48.15478134N 122.15986633WUH-1Military2 Dec 2020
Arlington - The Air Station Museum, Washington, United States48.15923691N 122.1522522WS-2Civil27 Dec 20181
Arnold Field - Veterans' Museum, Tennessee, United States35.89476776N 89.40254211WA-7, H-46Military18 Dec 20162
Aromas, California, United States36.85282135N 121.63295746WJet CommanderCivil29 Oct 20191
Artesia, New Mexico, United States32.84751892N 104.39849854WF-84Military3 Jun 20131
Artesia, New Mexico, United States32.86423111N 104.4797821W3x B727Civil1 Nov 20163
Asheboro, North Carolina, United States35.72197723N 79.92494965WStripped UH-1 fuselage, H-58 at surplus store (not sure both are still here)Military30 Jun 20211
Asheboro - North Carolina Aviation Museum, North Carolina, United States35.65079498N 79.89393616WvariousBoth18 Sep 20195
Ashland, Nebraska, United States41.03883743N 96.29323578WF-105Military19 Jun 20141
Ashland - Strategic Air Command Museum, Nebraska, United States41.01799393N 96.32013702WVariousMilitary12 Jul 201432
Astoria, Oregon, United States46.15350342N 123.88348389WHU-25Military13 May 20151
Astoria, Oregon, United States46.15509415N 123.8801651WBe.18Civil21 Mar 20211
Atco, New Jersey, United States39.78095627N 74.88119507WScrap yard with at least one UH-1, perhaps moreMilitary7 Jun 20212
Athens, Tennessee, United States35.47552109N 84.59803772WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Athens, Georgia, United States33.96725845N 83.41046906WF-84Military21 Apr 20151
Athens - Alabama Veterans Museum, Alabama, United States34.80735016N 86.9699173WH-58Military3 Jun 20161
Atka Island, Alaska, United States52.03041458N 175.13690186WB-24 wreckMilitary19 Sep 20161
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.62550735N 84.4161377WB737Civil21 Apr 20151
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.71302795N 84.40618134WVarious i/a at Atlanta Technical CollegeBoth17 Jul 20184
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.80063248N 84.42049408WCe.150Civil19 Dec 20161
Atlanta, Georgia, United States33.72174835N 84.3863678WSmall twin prop fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil8 Jan 2017
Atlanta - Delta Flight Museum, Georgia, United States33.65591049N 84.42182159WVariousCivil21 Apr 201511
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.44362259N 74.58527374WF-16, F-100, F-106Military2 Sep 20123
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.43549347N 74.55460358WB727Civil17 Jun 20141
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.43659592N 74.55623627WBe.90Civil20 Mar 2021
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.45936966N 74.55775452WB737, B747, L1011Civil3 Nov 20161
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.44836044N 74.56185913WB727Civil15 Mar 20151
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States39.45155716N 74.56907654WB727Civil30 Nov 20161
Atlantic Field, North Carolina, United States34.88962555N 76.35070038WA-4, F-4, 2x A-7Military7 Jan 2017
Atoka, Tennessee, United States35.41093063N 89.72192383WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Attleborough, Massachusetts, United States41.99262619N 71.32862854WOH-13Military12 Sep 2012
Atwater, California, United States37.36747360N 120.56799316WVarious small propsCivil2 Apr 2020
Atwater - Castle Air Museum, California, United States37.36662292N 120.57935333WVariousBoth13 Oct 201778
Atwater - Castle Museum Restoration Hangars, California, United States37.36459351N 120.56736755WVariousBoth20 Dec 20189
Atwood, Kansas, United States39.83687973N 101.04636383WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Auburn, California, United States38.95326233N 121.07661438WAn-2 fuselageCivil31 Jan 20181
Auburn, California, United States38.95452118N 121.07225037W2x small propCivil31 Jan 2018
Auburn, Indiana, United States41.33297729N 85.09149933WVarious inside at J Kruse Education Center, several came from the Hoosier Air MuseumBoth19 Aug 20211
Augusta, Maine, United States44.31749725N 69.79200745WUH-1Military10 Jul 20151
Augusta, Kansas, United States37.71966171N 97.0460968WB737 fuselageCivil21 Oct 20161
Augusta, Kansas, United States37.67484283N 97.07964325WCM.170, PA-24Civil9 Jun 20222
Augusta - Kansas Museum of Military History, Kansas, United States37.67118073N 96.98130035WO-1, UH-1, H-58 (inside)Both20 Jun 20203
Aurora, Nebraska, United States40.89317322N 97.99638367WF-100Military2 Sep 20121
Aurora, Colorado, United States39.79801941N 104.58100891WVarious with Astre AirBoth31 Jul 20226
Aurora, Indiana, United States39.04982758N 84.8952713WUH-1 (not yet visible on GE image)Military3 Jul 2023
Austin, Texas, United States30.12956810N 97.83527374WF-4Military7 Sep 20121
Austin, Texas, United States30.17784882N 97.61502075WF-4Military7 May 20131
Austin, Texas, United States30.20686722N 97.67604065WB727Civil11 Feb 20211
Austin, Texas, United States30.29972649N 97.68956757WPA-28Civil6 May 20191
Austin, Texas, United States30.30848122N 97.68336487WBe.55 fuselageCivil28 Jun 20211
Austin - Camp Mabry, Texas, United States30.31521606N 97.75714111WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20127
Austin - Texas State History Museum, Texas, United States30.28031540N 97.73905182WT-6Military3 Dec 2016
Aviacres, Virginia, United States38.62524414N 77.78518677WSmall prop fuselageCivil11 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.57291603N 81.23638916WF-100 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.57361412N 81.23275757WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58050156N 81.23226929WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58329201N 81.23165894WT-37? range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58485985N 81.23126221WT-37 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58767700N 81.23173523WT-37 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58781242N 81.22860718WF-100 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58931923N 81.22660065WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.59074211N 81.22819519WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.59160042N 81.23029327WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.59250069N 81.23226929WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.58386421N 81.23415375WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70418358N 81.28813171WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70296860N 81.28843689WF-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70308495N 81.29024506WF-4 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.70961189N 81.29678345WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71383476N 81.30099487WA-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71638680N 81.30129242WT-39 range targetMilitary26 Apr 2014
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71174431N 81.2960434WF-100 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71512985N 81.29881287W2x F-4 range targetMilitary24 Sep 2013
Avon Park, Florida, United States27.71696091N 81.28217316W2x UH-1 range targetMilitary17 Dec 2016
Azle, Texas, United States32.84202576N 97.49929047WVarious fuselages and parts at a recycling companyCivil4 Jul 2021
Babcock, Wisconsin, United States44.23453903N 90.08826447WA-6 (range target)Military28 Jul 20141
Babcock, Wisconsin, United States44.23556519N 90.08001709WSeveral range targetsMilitary2 Sep 2012
Babcock, Wisconsin, United States44.23524094N 90.08898926WUH-1Military3 Jan 2017
Babcock - Hardwood Air to Ground Range, Wisconsin, United States44.23490143N 90.10198975WUH-1, OH-58, F-4 - visitor centerMilitary22 Dec 20162
Baghdad, South Dakota, United States33.25510406N 44.23951721EB727Civil24 Jan 20231
Baker, Florida, United States30.75507355N 86.69703674WMiG-23, An-2Military3 Jul 20212
Baker City, Oregon, United States44.83390427N 117.80962372WT-33Military22 Apr 20141
Baldwin City, Kansas, United States38.83921814N 95.18396759WCe.337 (visible on latest GE image)Civil3 Jun 20211
Ball, Louisiana, United States31.40700150N 92.4102478WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Baltimore, Ohio, United States39.85191345N 82.63000488WP-2Military2 Sep 20121
Baltimore, United States39.16652679N 76.66875458WDC-10 (not visible on latest GE image, but is still here)Civil8 Jun 20211
Baltimore, Maryland, United States39.33124161N 76.42967224WDismantled Sabre (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Dave Broome
Civil5 Oct 20231
Baltimore - Museum of Industry, Maryland, United States39.27360535N 76.60100555WMartin M-162A Flying Boat (inside)Civil2 Sep 2012
Bangor, Maine, United States44.81773376N 68.82148743WF-101, F-89Military2 Sep 20122
Bangor, Wisconsin, United States43.89006042N 90.9932251WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Bangor, Maine, United States44.80802917N 68.80957031WUH-1Military10 Jul 20151
Bangor, Maine, United States44.79250717N 68.81800842WSeveral SF.340 and DHC.8 stored (and being broken up)Civil10 Jul 2015
Bangor, Maine, United States44.80191040N 68.81188202W2x UH-1Military30 Dec 20161
Bangor - Cole Land Transport Museum, Maine, United States44.78567886N 68.80431366WUH-1Military10 Jul 20151
Bangor - Maine Aviation Historical Society, Maine, United States44.80059433N 68.80998993WUH-1, small prop outsideCivil4 Nov 20191
Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States21.31288338N 158.07492065WVarious - museum closed June 2020, all planes should be removed - supposedly, most of the collection has been acquired by the Castle Air Museum and will be moved to Castle shortlyBoth19 Oct 202115
Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States21.31328011N 158.07411194WPA-23 (for sale)Civil9 Sep 20201
Barbers Point, Hawaii, United States21.30978012N 158.07527161WDC-6Civil19 Oct 20211
Barking Sands, Hawaii, United States22.03112984N 159.78077698WH-3Military19 Dec 20161
Barking Sands, Hawaii, United States21.99927711N 159.76399231WH-3Military9 Dec 20171
Barksdale, Louisiana, United States32.48571014N 93.66588593WA-10, F-4Military2 Sep 20122
Barksdale, Louisiana, United States32.50759888N 93.65825653WA-10Military2 Sep 20121
Barksdale, Louisiana, United States32.51570892N 93.67797852WB-52 (i/a in light grey c/s, missing tail. Moves around base on pictures)Military30 May 20161
Barksdale - Eighth Air Force Museum, Louisiana, United States32.51342773N 93.68249512WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201217
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.16717529N 72.71952057WT-33Military9 Jun 20181
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.17112350N 72.7184906WF-100, F-84, F-86Military9 Jun 20183
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.17275238N 72.71785736WA-10Military2 Sep 20121
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.16880798N 72.72135162WAH-1Military22 Sep 2019
Barnes, Massachusetts, United States42.16276550N 72.71129608WF-15 stored in cocoon on base for future display on new west gateMilitary22 Sep 20191
Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States41.65847778N 70.26592255WPA-28Civil1 Jan 20171
Barnwell, South Carolina, United States33.25977325N 81.37814331WUH-1Military20 May 20141
Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, United States18.17469025N 66.33229828WDC-3, CV-440, SD.360 in use as restaurant Los AvionesCivil22 Feb 20183
Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, United States18.17545509N 66.33062744WBN-2 at entrance to Los Aviones restaurantCivil22 Feb 20181
Barstow-Daggett, California, United States34.85913849N 116.79084015WBe.65 fuselageCivil11 Apr 20201
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States36.71688461N 95.9311142WA-4Military29 Apr 20171
Bartlesville - Woolaroc Museum, Oklahoma, United States36.66347122N 96.10948944WTravel AirCivil29 Apr 20171
Bartow, Florida, United States27.95569420N 81.78277588WT-37Military4 Jun 20141
Bartow, Florida, United States27.94826126N 81.78102875WVarious amongst the operational onesCivil8 Aug 20193
Bastrop, Texas, United States30.10991287N 97.29382324WF-4Military29 May 20161
Bastrop, Louisiana, United States32.75620270N 91.88188171WCe.150, PA-28Civil22 Dec 2017
Batavia - Tri-State Warbird Museum, Ohio, United States39.07763290N 84.21318054WVarious (mostly airworthy)Both5 Jul 20199
Bates City, Missouri, United States39.01251221N 94.09024811WLearjetCivil24 Nov 20121
Bates City, Missouri, United States39.01831818N 94.08803558WHundreds of small props, commuters and biz jets being broken upCivil1 Dec 2012
Bath, New York, United States42.35145187N 77.30417633WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States30.44400406N 91.19026947WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States30.45037842N 91.10285187WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Baton Rouge, United States30.40998459N 91.18121338WT-33Military11 Nov 20211
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States30.52724648N 91.17473602WF-80Military13 Jun 20141
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States30.47987366N 91.13677216WF2HMilitary2 Jul 20141
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States30.36863708N 91.15901947WDC-9 at LSU Fire Training InstituteCivil24 Oct 20161
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States30.36714745N 91.15827942WUH-1 at LSU Fire Training InstituteCivil18 Mar 2019
Battle Creek, Michigan, United States42.31340408N 85.23632812WSmall propCivil11 Mar 2013
Battle Creek, Michigan, United States42.31085968N 85.23812866WB727 i/a at Western Michigan UniversityCivil17 Nov 20161
Battle Mountain, Nevada, United States40.60970306N 116.87351227WC-119 (dismantled, to be moved to Alaska?)Civil15 Jun 20211
Bay City, Michigan, United States43.59831619N 83.89724731WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Bayamon, Puerto Rico, United States18.41115952N 66.16088867WA-7, 2x UH-1Military2 Nov 20173
Baytown, Texas, United States29.78747177N 94.95602417WPA-24Civil30 Jul 20192
Beale, California, United States39.11373138N 121.39002991WSR-71Military2 Sep 20121
Beale, California, United States39.11338806N 121.39763641WU-2Military2 Sep 20121
Beale, California, United States39.12654877N 121.43736267WT-38Military2 Sep 20121
Beatrice, Nebraska, United States40.29982376N 96.74743652WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Beatty, Nevada, United States36.93981171N 116.72409821WBe.18Civil18 Dec 20121
Beaufort, South Carolina, United States32.45829773N 80.73303223WF-4, F-8, F-18, FJ-3Military2 Sep 20124
Beaufort, South Carolina, United States32.45931625N 80.72779083WA-4, F-18Military2 Sep 20122
Beaufort, South Carolina, United States32.45946503N 80.72660828WH-46Military2 Sep 20121
Beaufort, South Carolina, United States32.47544098N 80.73365021WVariousMilitary23 Apr 20155
Beaufort, South Carolina, United States32.46719742N 80.70266724WF-18Military23 Jul 20151
Beaumont, Texas, United States30.09705734N 94.11466217WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Beaumont, Kansas, United States37.65594482N 96.53276062WBe.18Civil31 Aug 20201
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, United States40.77436829N 80.39038849WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Beaver Falls - Air Heritage Museum, Pennsylvania, United States40.77692032N 80.39012146WVariousBoth2 Sep 201220
Beaver Island, Michigan, United States45.71915817N 85.51647186WSeveral small propsCivil3 Apr 2019
Beaverdale, Pennsylvania, United States40.32105255N 78.69692993WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Bedford, Virginia, United States37.33023071N 79.53552246WL-3Unknown18 Sep 20121
Beedeville, Arkansas, United States35.40307999N 91.12877655W2x small prop
credits: Bobby Allison
Civil25 Feb 20152
Beeville, Texas, United States28.40150833N 97.74880219WA-4Military25 May 20131
Belle Glade, Florida, United States26.69723701N 80.66256714WCe.188
credits: Antheii
Civil2 Aug 20221
Belle Plaine, Minnesota, United States44.61497498N 93.76715088WUH-1Military3 Jan 20171
Bellemont, Arizona, United States35.22850418N 111.82064819WUH-1Military30 Mar 20151
Bellflower, California, United States33.89488220N 118.14065552WMirage 3? fuselage at a paintball fieldMilitary20 Oct 2021
Bellows, Hawaii, United States21.36944580N 157.71488953WH-53Military20 Dec 2016
Bellview, Florida, United States30.54389763N 87.35095978WF9F-6Military24 Nov 20121
Belville, North Carolina, United States34.21915817N 78.00254822W2x small prop fuselage (visible on latest GE image), a L.1329 fuselage should also be in this yardCivil1 May 2019
Bemidji, Minnesota, United States47.50358200N 94.92998505WVarious (not yet visible on GE image, visible on street view)Civil11 Jun 20205
Benavides, Texas, United States27.62388992N 98.36911774WUH-1Military5 Sep 2021
Benson, Arizona, United States31.99747276N 110.35665894WDC-3Civil14 Oct 20221
Benson, Arizona, United States31.99292183N 110.3128891WPA-28 fuselageCivil9 May 20231
Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States41.95099258N 86.36559296WVarious i/a at Andrews UniversityBoth10 Dec 20162
Berwick, Pennsylvania, United States41.06740570N 76.18231964WPA-28Civil28 Jul 2018
Bessemer City, North Carolina, United States35.28462982N 81.3102951WF-94Military3 Jun 20131
Bethany Beach, Delaware, United States38.54743195N 75.05917358WUH-1Military4 Sep 20121
Bethel, Alaska, United States60.77633667N 161.84437561WBe.18Civil10 Jul 20191
Bethel - Golden Age Air Museum, Pennsylvania, United States40.48735046N 76.2677536WVarious - mostly pre-WWII era planes in airworthy conditionCivil29 Apr 2017
Beverly Municipal, Massachusetts, United States42.58599091N 70.91195679WUH-1Military7 Sep 20211
Beverly Municipal, Massachusetts, United States42.58900452N 70.91674805WC-1Civil11 Jul 20151
Biddeford, Maine, United States43.46605682N 70.47289276WSmall twin prop wreckCivil9 Sep 2017
Big Flats, New York, United States42.16000366N 76.87398529W2x glider hanging inside shopping mall at the food courtCivil4 Jan 20171
Big Flats - Wings of Eagles, New York, United States42.15546036N 76.91339111WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201215
Big Lake, Alaska, United States61.53712082N 149.81570435W2x Be.18, S-2Civil8 Jun 20183
Big Lake, Alaska, United States61.58388519N 149.80522156WB727, DC-6, DC-9 in use as lodge
credits: Thomas Stuenkel
Civil5 Oct 20233
Big Spring, Texas, United States32.22903824N 101.4988327WF-4, UH-1, AH-1Military2 Sep 20123
Big Spring, Texas, United States32.21247864N 101.52713776WSmall twin propCivil9 Mar 20151
Big Spring, Texas, United States32.07686234N 101.56538391WVariousBoth3 Dec 20161
Big Spring - Hangar 25, Texas, United States32.22230530N 101.51177979WVariousMilitary9 Mar 20159
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83151627N 106.38292694WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83089447N 106.39128113WOV-1Military2 Sep 20121
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83082771N 106.3927002WC-12Military2 Sep 20121
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83515358N 106.37410736WUH-1Military18 Mar 2019
Biggs, Texas, United States31.83323288N 106.37763214WH-47Military21 Apr 2018
Biggs, Texas, United States31.84799576N 106.37143707WUH-1 and several H-58 pods?Military21 Apr 2018
Biggs, Texas, United States31.82965088N 106.39655304WC-130 fuselageMilitary18 Mar 2019
Billings, Montana, United States45.81688690N 108.54753876WB727Civil4 Dec 20141
Biloxi, Mississippi, United States30.43209076N 88.90022278WUH-1Military3 Jan 20171
Birgmingham, Alabama, United States33.56383133N 86.74058533WSouthern Museum of Flight storage locationMilitary1 Jul 20211
Birmingham, Alabama, United States33.57666779N 86.75335693WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Birmingham, Alabama, United States33.55472565N 86.7530899WSeveral DC-9Civil1 Jul 2021
Birmingham - Southern Museum of Flight, Alabama, United States33.56293869N 86.74152374WVariousBoth2 Sep 201221
Birmingham - Southern Museum of Flight, Alabama, United States33.56346512N 86.73803711WVariousBoth23 Nov 201626
Bishopville - Lee County Veterans Museum, South Carolina, United States34.22084808N 80.24708557WT-33Military9 Jun 20221
Bishopville - South Carolina Cotton Museum, South Carolina, United States34.22046280N 80.24687958WCe.188Civil25 Mar 20231
Bismarck, North Dakota, United States46.75898743N 100.74106598WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Bizarreta, Puerto Rico, United States17.99470329N 66.45740509WUH-1Military23 Dec 20181
Black River Falls, Wisconsin, United States44.28892517N 90.86480713WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Blacksville, West Virginia, United States39.72107315N 80.20065308WF-84Military28 Jun 2016
Blaine Airport, Minnesota, United States45.13699722N 93.21704102W2x small propCivil26 Jul 20211
Blaine Airport - Golden Wings Museum, Minnesota, United States45.12761307N 93.21261597WVariousBoth6 Jul 202111
Blissfield, Michigan, United States41.83471680N 83.87108612WF-105Military7 Sep 20121
Bloomburg, Texas, United States33.13127136N 94.06837463WScrapyardCivil23 Oct 2019
Bloomfield, Missouri, United States36.86589813N 89.93066406WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States41.86088562N 72.70172882WSeveral helicoptersMilitary30 Jun 2018
Bloomington, Minnesota, United States44.85099411N 93.28404236WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Bloomington, Illinois, United States40.47733307N 88.93284607WERJ.145Civil7 Sep 2017
Bloomington, Indiana, United States39.15190887N 86.61426544WSmall propCivil24 Aug 2020
Bloomington, Illinois, United States40.48308182N 88.91403198WTilbury Flash inside the terminalCivil20 Jul 20211
Bloomington - Prairie Aviation Museum, Illinois, United States40.48764038N 88.92617798WVariousCivil2 Sep 201212
Blossom Point, Maryland, United States38.41175842N 77.10546112WA-4Military8 May 2018
Blue Ash, Ohio, United States39.25673294N 84.38635254WA-7Military4 Sep 20121
Blue Island, Illinois, United States41.66036606N 87.68780518WA-7Military7 Sep 20121
Blue Ridge, Florida, United States28.85594559N 80.90859222WSeveral small prop wrecksCivil28 Feb 2019
Blue Ridge, Georgia, United States34.87088013N 84.3055191WUH-1
credits: IGBFN
Military22 Nov 20191
Blythe, California, United States33.61438751N 114.71286774WPA-23Civil8 May 20171
Blytheville, Arkansas, United States35.95528412N 89.95055389WLarge number of stored airlinersCivil24 Oct 2016
Boca Raton, Florida, United States26.38440323N 80.10451508W3x LearjetCivil7 Mar 2023
Boerne, United States29.72646523N 98.69641113WCM.170 abandoned by ownerCivil22 Sep 20211
Boise, Idaho, United States43.55601120N 116.2179718WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Boise, Idaho, United States43.56163025N 116.22898865WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Boise, Idaho, United States43.55759048N 116.23269653WAH-1, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Boise, Oregon, United States43.53689575N 116.19073486WB727Civil13 Mar 20151
Boise - Idaho Military Museum, Idaho, United States43.55715179N 116.23933411WF-4, MiG-21, F-86Military19 Dec 20163
Bolingbrook - Illinois Aviation Museum, Illinois, United States41.69752502N 88.12763214WvariousBoth20 Jul 20215
Bolivar, Tennessee, United States35.21244049N 89.04232025WBe.18Civil2 May 20171
Bolling, District of Columbia, United States38.84514618N 77.01171112WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Bolton, Mississippi, United States32.30091476N 90.40802002WVarious i/a at Hinds Community CollegeCivil10 Dec 20163
Bolton Field, Ohio, United States39.90859985N 83.13607788WVarious i/a at Columbus State Community CollegeCivil10 Dec 201612
Bomar Field, Tennessee, United States35.56096649N 86.4443512WDC-3 (airworthy?)Unknown2 Sep 2012
Bonham, Texas, United States33.58214569N 96.16726685WUH-1
credits: emarsh5009
Military31 Aug 20191
Bonita Springs, Florida, United States26.38710785N 81.80977631WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
Boone, Iowa, United States42.04943466N 93.85411072WUH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Boone, Iowa, United States42.05218506N 93.85223389WUH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Booneville, Mississippi, United States34.65617752N 88.56233215WUH-1Military2 Jul 20211
Boque Field, North Carolina, United States34.69155884N 77.02471924WAV-8, H-46Military26 Jun 2021
Borger, Texas, United States35.69440460N 101.39699554W2x MiG-23 fuselageMilitary28 Nov 20212
Borger, Texas, United States35.69405746N 101.39459991W5x MiG-23 insideCivil30 Jul 20195
Boring, Oregon, United States45.43488312N 122.37339783WUH-1Military11 Jan 20171
Borinquen, United States18.49843979N 67.12490845WL.1049Civil26 Oct 20171
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.49988747N 67.12838745W2x PA-23Civil22 Feb 20182
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.50172043N 67.14090729WVarious i/a at Caribbean Aviation Training InstituteCivil22 Feb 20183
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.50237846N 67.14117432WCe.172Civil30 Apr 2021
Borinquen, Puerto Rico, United States18.46238327N 67.15547943WCe.150Civil6 May 2019
Borinquen - Ramey AFB Museum, Puerto Rico, United States18.49308395N 67.14506531WU-8Military22 Feb 20181
Boron, California, United States34.99938202N 117.65132904WVariousBoth24 Jun 20185
Boston, Massachusetts, United States42.38993835N 70.99668121WPA-28Civil17 Oct 2019
Bountiful, Utah, United States40.83842087N 111.86616516WA helicopter should be on this paintball field (exact location, presence and type of helicopter to be confirmed)Unknown14 Oct 2017
Bowie, Texas, United States33.41312408N 97.74318695WSeveral T-33 fuselages and wingsMilitary3 Dec 2016
Bowie, Maryland, United States38.90830231N 76.77520752WCe.150, Ce.337 at Six Flags parkCivil22 Dec 20171
Bowie, Maryland, United States38.94453812N 76.77191925WM20Civil24 Nov 2023
Bowling Green, United States36.91950607N 86.43505096WVariousMilitary6 Sep 20216
Bowling Green, Ohio, United States41.38560867N 83.63561249WT-33Military7 Sep 20121
Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States36.96120071N 86.42648315WComp Air JetCivil30 Jul 20191
Bowman, North Dakota, United States46.20360184N 103.37005615W3x small propCivil11 Dec 2017
Box Canyon, California, United States34.23826599N 118.6318512WThe 'Space Shuttle Cafe' (DC-3 transformed into driving space shuttle) rides from hereCivil13 Apr 2013
Brackett Field, California, United States34.08897400N 117.77951813WSeveral small propsCivil12 Aug 20182
Bradley, Connecticut, United States41.93555450N 72.70388031WA-10, F-100, F-102Military2 Sep 20123
Brady, Nebraska, United States41.00489807N 100.37683105WBe.50Civil20 Jun 2021
Brady, United States31.17780113N 99.31868744WPBY inside for restoration, will be moved to Russia after completion of the worksCivil21 Jun 20211
Brainerd, Minnesota, United States46.39155960N 94.14050293WF9F-6Military2 Sep 20121
Branson, Missouri, United States36.63834763N 93.28466797WPV-2Unknown7 Sep 2012
Branson, Missouri, United States36.64186478N 93.24586487WBe.18 inside at Fritz's AdventuresCivil17 May 20211
Branson - Veterans Memorial Museum, Missouri, United States36.64002991N 93.24105072WP-51, UH-1Military6 May 20211
Brasher Falls, New York, United States44.80829620N 74.77390289WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Brazil, Indiana, United States39.52453232N 87.11982727WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Breckenridge, Michigan, United States43.40831757N 84.48179626WT-33Military14 Apr 20131
Breckenridge, Minnesota, United States46.26836395N 96.58763123WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Breckenridge, Texas, United States32.72126007N 98.8927536WF8F wreck
credits: Erwin van Dijkman
Civil9 Mar 20151
Breckenridge - Breckenridge Aviation Museum, Texas, United States32.72101212N 98.89253235WVarious WWII warbirdsCivil9 Mar 2015
Bremerton, Washington, United States47.57910538N 122.6942749WF-8Military5 Sep 20151
Bremerton, Washington, United States47.55654526N 122.64980316WF-18 deck trainer, most GE images show it aboard a carrier, normal location on shore not knownMilitary15 Dec 2017
Brenham, Texas, United States30.17417526N 96.39945221WF-111Military15 Jun 20211
Brewster, Washington, United States48.09920502N 119.77913666WT-33Military2 Jun 20141
Brewton, Alabama, United States31.05142593N 87.05904388WT-34Military4 Sep 20121
Bridgeport, Washington, United States48.00086975N 119.66866302WH-21, F-86Military5 Nov 20142
Bridgeport, West Virginia, United States39.29987335N 80.21614838WVarious i/a at Pierpont Community and Technical CollegeBoth31 May 20228
Bridgewater, Virginia, United States38.36701584N 78.95820618WVarious King Air and Super King Air fuselages (more around the main building)Unknown11 Apr 2014
Brighton, Colorado, United States39.92670059N 104.79490662WSeveral planes and helicopters at a paintball fieldUnknown8 Jan 20171
Bristol, Virginia, United States36.59717178N 82.18198395WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Bristol, New Hampshire, United States43.59312439N 71.75074768WStearmanCivil14 Mar 20231
Bristow, Oklahoma, United States35.80774689N 96.42255402WUH-1, Ce.337Military1 Jul 2019
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States36.05189133N 95.79832458WBe.18Civil4 Dec 20171
Bronston, Kentucky, United States36.97269821N 84.62343597WSeveral small prop wrecks and partsCivil6 Jan 2019
Brookfield, Illinois, United States41.81075668N 87.84825134WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Brooklyn, Ohio, United States41.43972015N 81.73790741WT-33Military4 Sep 20121
Brooks Field, Michigan, United States42.25471878N 84.96266937WBe.18Unknown7 May 2013
Brookshire, Texas, United States29.83278656N 95.95058441W2x DC-9 forward fuselageCivil24 Oct 20162
Brookshire, Texas, United States29.83489990N 95.94917297WSmall prop, small twin propCivil7 Jul 2021
Brooksville, Florida, United States28.56362534N 82.49430084WT-34Military25 Oct 20161
Brooksville, Florida, United States28.46293449N 82.46123505WVarious for scrappingCivil6 May 2019
Brooksville, Florida, United States28.46313477N 82.45548248WVarious bizjetsCivil30 Nov 2021
Broomfield, Colorado, United States39.91510010N 105.11818695WVarious i/a at Redstone CollegeCivil9 Dec 20164
Brownsville, Texas, United States25.91149902N 97.41825104WViscountCivil12 Dec 20151
Brownwood, Texas, United States31.79194450N 98.95124817WF-4, F-111Military2 Sep 20122
Brownwood, Texas, United States31.67777061N 98.99142456WUH-1 (visible on latest GE image)Military6 Sep 20211
Brunswick, Maine, United States43.89816284N 69.92683411WP-3Military2 Sep 20121
Brunswick, Maine, United States43.90472794N 69.91905212WP-2Military2 Sep 20121
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.24694824N 81.48603058WF-104Military7 Sep 20121
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.26550102N 81.46329498WVarious airlinersCivil21 Apr 20152
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.22917747N 81.48466492W2x B727 i/a at the Federal Law Enforcement Training CenterCivil1 Nov 20162
Brunswick, Georgia, United States31.23380089N 81.4777298WVariousBoth9 Feb 20202
Brussels, Wisconsin, United States44.71694565N 87.66186523WT-33 (north of highway), MS.760 (south of highway), neither visible on GE image, both need to be confirmed if still hereMilitary8 Jan 2024
Buck Run, Pennsylvania, United States40.71107483N 76.33714294WBellanca Viking (only tail sticks out of the building)Civil11 Oct 20161
Buckeye - Lauridsen Aviation Museum, Arizona, United States33.42588806N 112.68186951WVariousBoth31 Dec 20144
Buckley, Colorado, United States39.70502853N 104.76364136WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Buckley, Colorado, United States39.71380997N 104.77233887WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Buffalo, New York, United States42.87770844N 78.88027954WFJ-4, F-101, UH-1Military18 Jul 20153
Buffalo, Minnesota, United States45.16037750N 93.84562683WT-33Military4 Sep 20121
Buffalo, New York, United States42.94017029N 78.73512268WB727Civil17 May 20211
Buffalo, Wyoming, United States44.37766266N 106.71062469W3x PV-2Civil17 May 20183
Buffalo - The Buffalo History Museum, New York, United States42.93543243N 78.876297WBell 30 - is part of the collection of this museum, but needs to be confirmed it is on public display, or even at this location currentlyCivil17 Sep 20161
Bull Shoals, Arkansas, United States36.38418579N 92.5871048WAH-1Military30 Jun 20211
Bullard, Texas, United States32.14992523N 95.32906342WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Burbank, California, United States34.17202759N 118.31845856WF-104Military18 Sep 20121
Burbank, California, United States34.19696426N 118.38572693WSeveral A-4 and C-212 fuselages and partsMilitary5 Apr 20197
Burley, Idaho, United States42.53769684N 113.76914978WT-33, UH-1Military18 Sep 20122
Burley, Idaho, United States42.54159546N 113.76712799WM-18Civil23 Dec 20181
Burlingame, California, United States37.57973480N 122.34575653WPA-24 inside Flights restaurantCivil27 Aug 20231
Burlington, Iowa, United States40.78247452N 91.11952972WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Burlington, New Jersey, United States40.06750870N 74.82730865WF-86, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Burlington, Vermont, United States44.48422623N 73.16550446WH-6, UH-1Military28 Nov 20122
Burlington, Vermont, United States44.47500229N 73.15071869WF-4, F-89, B-57Military12 May 20173
Burlington, Vermont, United States44.47168732N 73.14267731WF-102, Be.18Military12 May 20172
Burlington, Colorado, United States39.30138779N 102.26132965WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Burlington, Vermont, United States44.46270370N 73.14182281WVarious i/a at Burlington Technical CenterBoth17 Nov 20161
Burlington, Vermont, United States44.47676849N 73.1451416WF-16Military4 Sep 20151
Burlington, Kentucky, United States39.03723145N 84.71585083WH-58Military29 Dec 20161
Burlington - Heritage Flight Museum, Washington, United States48.46423721N 122.42062378WVariousBoth11 Jan 201815
Burnet - Air Museum, Texas, United States30.73977661N 98.23561859WVariousMilitary28 Apr 20144
Butler, Pennsylvania, United States40.77917862N 79.94818115WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Butler, Indiana, United States41.41387558N 84.8780365WUnknown fuselage at a paintball fieldUnknown10 Dec 2022
Butte, Montana, United States45.95465851N 112.50770569WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Butts, Colorado, United States38.67700577N 104.77325439WUH-1Military16 Feb 2021
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States41.75133133N 70.63048553WPA-28Civil1 Dec 2012
Byron, Georgia, United States32.61067581N 83.74211121WT-33
credits: IGBFN
Military11 Nov 20191
Byron, California, United States37.83161163N 121.62993622WL-39Civil6 May 2020
Byron, California, United States37.83037949N 121.62886047WPA-23Civil6 May 20201
Byron, California, United States37.82977295N 121.62963867WPA-23Civil6 May 20201
Cabot, Arkansas, United States34.93853760N 92.02243805WSeveral small propsCivil3 Jan 2018
Cabot, Arkansas, United States34.97380829N 92.02630615WCorsair homebuilt (never completed?)Civil18 Aug 2021
Caddo Mills - Aviation Unmanned Vehicle Museum, Texas, United States33.03780746N 96.23963165WPQ-14 (and many drones which are not covered on this website)Military22 Jul 2021
Cadott, Wisconsin, United States44.93703461N 91.14806366WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Cairns, Alabama, United States31.28238487N 85.72113037WAH-1Military30 Apr 20141
Cairns, Alabama, United States31.27740288N 85.716362WH-58Military27 Mar 20151
Cairo, Georgia, United States30.87895203N 84.20685577WUH-1Military22 Apr 20151
Cairo, Georgia, United States30.88794136N 84.20907593WUH-1 (on a trailer, may move around)Military5 Sep 20211
Calera, Alabama, United States33.17958069N 86.76104736WBe.90? fuselage, unknown fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil9 Dec 2022
California City, California, United States35.14838409N 118.0161438WConvairCivil1 Dec 20125
California City, California, United States35.14764404N 118.01574707WSmall propCivil1 Dec 2012
California City, California, United States35.15135956N 118.00714111W3x P-40 fuselage (plus more parts)Unknown17 Jun 2014
California City, California, United States35.15113831N 118.00848389W2x CM.170, MH.1521, still airworthy?Civil1 Dec 2012
California City, California, United States35.14809418N 118.02267456WVarious bizjetsCivil6 May 20166
California City, California, United States35.14920044N 118.01737976WWW.1124Civil21 May 20181
Callaway, Florida, United States30.14485359N 85.58585358WF-15Military1 Feb 20231
Callaway, Florida, United States30.15698051N 85.54599762WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Calverton, New York, United States40.92727661N 72.79184723WA-6, F-14Military18 Jul 20152
Camarillo, California, United States34.20753479N 119.07468414WT-34Civil14 Mar 20231
Camarillo, California, United States34.21043777N 119.08877563WAvtek 400Civil14 Mar 20231
Camarillo, California, United States34.20948792N 119.08061981WVarious helicoptersCivil14 Mar 2023
Camarillo - Commemorative Air Force, California, United States34.21014786N 119.08201599WVarious (most airworthy)Both14 Mar 202316
Cambridge, Ohio, United States39.97653198N 81.57985687WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Camden, South Carolina, United States34.28040695N 80.56273651WF-4Military3 Jun 20131
Camden - USS New Jersey, New Jersey, United States39.93880844N 75.13278961WSH-2Military2 Sep 20121
Cameron Airpark, California, United States38.68278122N 120.98467255WCe.414Civil15 May 20211
Cameron Airpark, California, United States38.67992401N 120.98464966WYak-52Civil15 May 2021
Camp Atterbury, Indiana, United States39.35971832N 86.03250122WUH-1Military4 Sep 20121
Camp Atterbury, Indiana, United States39.34810257N 86.02355957WF.27Civil25 Apr 20151
Camp Atterbury, Indiana, United States39.28222275N 86.05921173WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Camp Atterbury, Indiana, United States39.28365326N 86.05954742W2x UH-1Military27 Oct 2021
Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, United States31.36990356N 92.40409851WUH-1, F-100Military3 Jun 20132
Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, United States31.37079239N 92.4018631WF-15Military3 Jul 20141
Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, United States31.37228584N 92.39775848WH-58, small propMilitary3 Jul 20141
Camp Blanding, Florida, United States29.98034286N 81.98547363WC-47Military7 Sep 20121
Camp Blanding, Florida, United States29.97965622N 81.9837265WA-6, A-7, 2x UH-1, H-58Military7 Sep 20126
Camp Blanding, Florida, United States29.97897148N 81.98490906WF-106Military7 Sep 20121
Camp Bullis, Texas, United States29.66263008N 98.59144592W2x C-130, H-60, B707 fuselageMilitary5 Dec 20163
Camp Bullis, Texas, United States29.66038322N 98.58959961WUH-1, H-60Military27 Sep 2016
Camp Davis, North Carolina, United States34.50838470N 77.55101013WvariousMilitary24 Jul 20153
Camp Davis, North Carolina, United States34.50922394N 77.5486145WT-28, T-33Military4 Feb 2019
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, United States43.92805862N 90.264328WC-97Military26 Jun 20211
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, United States43.92616272N 90.26344299WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20129
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, United States43.92720795N 90.26361847WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, United States43.92778397N 90.26371765WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, United States43.94651794N 90.26913452WA-6, H-53, 2x C-130Military26 Jun 20212
Camp Fogarty, Rhode Island, United States41.62215424N 71.49581909WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Camp Grayling, Michigan, United States44.62452316N 84.87867737WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Camp Grayling, Michigan, United States44.62343216N 84.88245392WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Camp Grayling, Michigan, United States44.87009811N 84.57975006WUH-1Military2 Jan 2017
Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, United States35.67601395N 95.20484924WUH-1Military22 Dec 20161
Camp Guernsey, Wyoming, United States42.26374435N 104.73374176WF-86, UH-1Military22 Dec 20162
Camp Guernsey, Wyoming, United States42.23914337N 104.71511841WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Camp Johnson, Vermont, United States44.50033569N 73.1584549WvariousMilitary28 Feb 20196
Camp Johnson, Vermont, United States44.50098038N 73.16191864WF-4Military28 Feb 20191
Camp Lake, Wisconsin, United States42.52892685N 88.15650177W2x small prop wreckCivil11 Mar 2019
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, United States34.66663361N 77.2517395WAH-1Military20 Dec 2016
Camp Luis San Obispo - California Military Museum, California, United States35.32378387N 120.72943878WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Camp Luis San Obispo - California Military Museum, California, United States35.32488251N 120.72673798WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Camp Mabry - Texas Military Forces Museum, Texas, United States30.31371880N 97.76128387WVariousMilitary5 Jan 20175
Camp Mackall, North Carolina, United States35.03686905N 79.46867371WGlider mockup? (replaced the UH-1)Military27 Apr 2021
Camp Mackall, North Carolina, United States35.03987885N 79.47290039WUH-1Military27 Jun 20231
Camp Murray, Washington, United States47.11840439N 122.55975342WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Camp Murray, Washington, United States47.11584854N 122.56539917WAH-1Military5 Sep 2015
Camp Peary, Virginia, United States37.30796051N 76.64598846WC-130 fuselageMilitary29 Mar 20201
Camp Pendleton, California, United States33.30212021N 117.34642029WUH-1, AH-1, H-46Military18 Dec 20133
Camp Pendleton, California, United States33.26246262N 117.39940643WH-53? fuselageMilitary20 Dec 2016
Camp Pendleton, California, United States33.29411316N 117.44898987WH-46Military20 Dec 2016
Camp Pendleton, California, United States33.44961929N 117.54637146WAH-1Military20 Dec 2016
Camp Pendleton, California, United States33.29521942N 117.43508911WUH-1, H-53, C-130 fuselageMilitary20 Dec 2016
Camp Pendleton, California, United States33.28788376N 117.30722046WUH-1 at a paintball fieldMilitary14 Oct 20171
Camp Perry, Ohio, United States41.54252625N 83.01979065WUH-1, AH-1Military7 Jan 20172
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.09267426N 94.35177612WUH-1Military28 Dec 20161
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.11206436N 94.38411713WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.28894424N 94.35422516WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Camp Ripley, Minnesota, United States46.10654449N 94.35415649WAH-1, UH-1Military7 Sep 2021
Camp Ripley - Minnesota Military Museum, Minnesota, United States46.08071899N 94.34713745WVariousMilitary28 Dec 20166
Camp Roberts - Historical Museum, California, United States35.79797745N 120.74516296WAH-1, H-58?Military5 Jun 2018
Camp Robinson, Arkansas, United States34.88913345N 92.2613678WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Camp Ronbinson, Arkansas, United States34.84621811N 92.25922394WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Camp Santiago, Puerto Rico, United States18.00169754N 66.29181671WVariousMilitary28 Feb 20156
Camp Shelby, Louisiana, United States31.14661217N 89.16307068WSeveral UH-1 hulksMilitary5 Sep 2017
Camp Shelby, Louisiana, United States31.14316368N 89.15781403WSeveral UH-1Military5 Sep 2017
Camp Shelby, Louisiana, United States31.17288589N 89.16243744WUH-1Military5 Sep 2017
Camp Shelby, Louisiana, United States31.11898041N 89.08039093WUH-1Military7 Sep 2017
Camp Shelby, Louisiana, United States31.13079453N 89.07413483WUH-1Military7 Sep 2017
Camp Shelby - Museum, Mississippi, United States31.19774055N 89.22383118WVariousMilitary3 Jun 20136
Camp Williams, Utah, United States40.43360519N 111.92848969WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Campbell, New York, United States42.23005676N 77.19940948WAH-1Military11 Jul 20151
Canal Fulton, Ohio, United States40.87984085N 81.56487274WCe.500 at paintball fieldCivil8 May 20211
Canal Fulton, Ohio, United States40.88031769N 81.56690979WSmall propCivil2 May 2019
Canby, Oregon, United States45.25711441N 122.70175171WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Canby, Oregon, United States45.24943542N 122.65316772WH-34? at a paintball fieldUnknown10 Dec 2022
Canby, Oregon, United States45.25437546N 122.65042877W2x small propCivil3 Jul 2023
Cannon, New Mexico, United States34.40056229N 103.31877136WVariousMilitary25 Jun 20214
Cannon, New Mexico, United States34.39337540N 103.33262634WF-16, F-100, F-111Military26 Apr 20143
Cannon, New Mexico, United States34.36590576N 103.3194046WF-84Military26 Apr 20141
Cannon, New Mexico, United States34.39523697N 103.33101654WF-111Military1 Jul 20191
Canon City, Colorado, United States38.43391800N 105.10362244WAH-1, UH-1, F-4Military18 Sep 20123
Canton, Illinois, United States40.56121063N 90.07567596WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Canton, Ohio, United States40.92713165N 81.44734955WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Canton, Texas, United States32.54409790N 95.86244965WF-4, UH-1Military25 Oct 20162
Canton, Illinois, United States40.56702423N 90.07698822WPA-32Civil8 Aug 20191
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States41.66474915N 70.526474WHU-25, HU-16Military2 Jan 20152
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, United States37.23027802N 89.56351471WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Cape May, New Jersey, United States39.00419617N 74.90781403WCaribou storageCivil7 May 201412
Cape May - NAS Wildwood Museum, New Jersey, United States39.00511932N 74.90963745WVariousBoth18 Jul 202123
Cape May - Vietnam Veterans Museum, New Jersey, United States39.00441742N 74.90955353WH-58, H.269Military18 Jul 20212
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States40.20491791N 77.15738678WUH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States40.20278931N 77.15818024WAH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States40.18866730N 77.16719055WHU-16Civil27 Sep 20161
Carlsbad, California, United States33.12699127N 117.27449036WLj-24Civil17 Nov 20171
Carmel, New York, United States41.44287872N 73.70842743WAH-1Military9 May 20141
Carnesville, Georgia, United States34.26229095N 83.28723907WSmall prop fuselageCivil29 Jul 2018
Carolina - Children's Museum, Puerto Rico, United States18.41876411N 65.96746063WDC-9Civil22 Jun 20151
Carriere, Mississippi, United States30.63384628N 89.73379517WSmall propCivil2 Jul 2019
Carroll, Iowa, United States42.04612732N 94.78440857WA-7Military3 Jun 20131
Carrolltown, Pennsylvania, United States40.61127853N 78.70908356WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.11759949N 84.85016632WSF.340Civil14 Oct 2017
Cartersville, United States34.12350845N 84.84993744W3x LearjetCivil14 Oct 2017
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.12576294N 84.84971619WMS.760 fuselageCivil17 Jul 20181
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.12663269N 84.84669495WBizjet fuselageCivil14 Oct 2017
Cartersville, Georgia, United States34.14127350N 84.83509827WG.159 wreckCivil23 Nov 20201
Cartersville - Science Museum, Georgia, United States34.24205780N 84.77085114WB.47Civil6 May 20211
Carthage, North Carolina, United States35.34098816N 79.4352417WPA-23Civil3 May 2021
Caruthers, California, United States36.54758835N 119.79122162WBT-13Civil13 Apr 20131
Caruthersville, Missouri, United States36.17603302N 89.67090607WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Caruthersville, Missouri, United States36.19430542N 89.65671539WUH-1Military14 Jul 20151
Casa Grande, Arizona, United States32.89002228N 111.78889465WLarge number of H-19Military18 Nov 2015
Casper, Wyoming, United States42.87392426N 106.29771423WUH-1Military7 Sep 20211
Casper, Wyoming, United States42.89952469N 106.46185303WMiG-15 (and a second inside?)Military3 Aug 2021
Casselberry, Florida, United States28.68060875N 81.334198WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 Nov 20167
Casselton, North Dakota, United States46.85815811N 97.21600342WF-4Military3 Jun 20131
Castle, California, United States37.36248398N 120.55796814WBAC1-11, B737Civil30 Sep 20163
Castle, California, United States37.36492538N 120.56017303W3x C-130Both20 Dec 20185
Cave Junction - Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum, Oregon, United States42.10429764N 123.6815033WBe.18Civil22 May 2019
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.22176170N 81.88639832WB727 - no longer visible, but should still be here somewhere. In use by Florida Community College for aicraft maintenance training.Civil1 Nov 20161
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.22539139N 81.88161469WSeveral F-18 fuselagesMilitary11 Jun 2021
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.23093605N 81.89014435WA-7, F-18 (should both now be here at a memorial)Military23 Dec 20232
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.22164154N 81.88739777WVarious i/a at Florida State College at Jacksonville
credits: Antheii
Civil29 Sep 20223
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.23085785N 81.87987518WT-33
credits: Antheii
Unknown29 Sep 2022
Cecil Field, Florida, United States30.23383522N 81.88026428WSeveral F-18s (probably for spares recovery and scrapping)Military29 Sep 2022
Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States42.51982117N 92.44147491WAH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Cedar Falls - Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum, Iowa, United States42.49286652N 92.34381104WUH-1, P-51Military28 Dec 20162
Cedar Key, Florida, United States29.13229752N 83.05230713WPA-23 (plane visible at this spot on GE image is not the plane stored here currently)Civil6 May 20191
Cedar Park, Texas, United States30.52203941N 97.78349304WErcoupe fuselageCivil4 Jan 20231
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States41.96971512N 91.6690979WSmall propCivil13 Apr 2013
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States41.96840668N 91.68508148WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States42.00340271N 91.72885895WF-84Military12 Jul 20141
Centerville, Indiana, United States39.81926727N 85.00095367WDC-3 dismantled, not yet visible on GE image, intended to be put on top of a gas stationMilitary8 Jan 20201
Central Square, New York, United States43.28993225N 76.15222931WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Centralia, Illinois, United States38.53231812N 89.14970398WF-105Military3 Jun 20131
Centralia, Illinois, United States38.53000259N 89.15088654WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Chamberlain, South Dakota, United States43.79764175N 99.34039307WT-33, AH-1
credits: jamlaws
Military4 Dec 20232
Chambersville, Delaware, United States39.38709259N 75.57093048WUH-1Military16 Dec 2016
Chandelle Estates, Delaware, United States39.20494080N 75.48225403WCe.152?Civil16 Jan 2019
Chandler, Arizona, United States33.23432159N 111.7721405WF-86 (visible on latest GE image)Military31 May 20221
Chandler Memorial, Arizona, United States33.24634552N 111.91149902W4x DC-4Civil29 Oct 20144
Chandler Memorial, Arizona, United States33.24589920N 111.90887451WPV-2Civil29 Oct 20141
Chandler Memorial, Arizona, United States33.24560547N 111.90644073W2x PV-2Civil29 Jan 20242
Chantilly - Udvar Hazy Museum, Virginia, United States38.91086578N 77.44436646WVariousBoth23 Feb 2018128
Chapmansboro, Tennessee, United States36.32012558N 87.14688873WDC-8 in use as a houseCivil5 Nov 20161
Charles Wood, New Jersey, United States40.29154205N 74.08734131WC-130 forward fuselageMilitary5 Jan 2017
Charles Wood, New Jersey, United States40.29225922N 74.0860672WUH-1 cabinMilitary5 Jan 2017
Charleston, South Carolina, United States32.91334152N 80.0546875WC-121, C-124, C-141Military2 Sep 20123
Charleston, South Carolina, United States32.89867020N 80.05133057WC-47Military2 Sep 20121
Charleston, West Virginia, United States38.37129593N 81.58676147WP-51 (new location, visible on latest GE image)Military1 Oct 20211
Charleston, South Carolina, United States32.79621124N 79.96020508WAH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Charleston, South Carolina, United States32.79830551N 79.96141815WF-4Military6 Sep 20211
Charleston, South Carolina, United States32.93414307N 80.03164673WVarious i/a at Trident Technical CollegeBoth3 Feb 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States35.21699142N 80.92616272WF-86Military29 Nov 20161
Charlotte, Michigan, United States42.56502151N 84.85164642WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States35.22069168N 80.94411469WBellanca 14-9L inside terminalCivil18 Sep 20121
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States35.22496033N 80.93289185WVarious at the Carolinas Aviation Museum storage facilityBoth3 Nov 20165
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States35.21360016N 80.72418976WVarious airplane parts (mostly smaller parts)Unknown4 Oct 2015
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States35.21507645N 80.92503357WC-130Military4 Oct 20161
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States35.16179657N 80.73633575WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil14 Feb 20223
Charlotte - Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission & Museum, North Carolina, United States35.21949768N 80.93035889WVarious - closed for relocation, not opening until 2022 (new location not yet known)Both14 Jul 201923
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States35.07463837N 85.16342163WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Cheatham, Virginia, United States37.27864075N 76.61100769WC-130, H-53Military12 May 20172
Cheboygan, Michigan, United States45.56885910N 84.40000153WUH-1Military9 Jul 20141
Chehalis - Veterans Memorial Museum, Washington, United States46.65393066N 122.9769516WAH-1, F-105, P-51Military26 Mar 20213
Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, United States65.05346680N 146.06092834WDC-6Civil16 Feb 20231
Chennault, Louisiana, United States30.21737099N 93.16031647WB727Civil29 Nov 20231
Chennault, Louisiana, United States30.21638489N 93.16498566WCobalt Valkyrie on a pole (might be fake, to be confirmed)Civil29 Nov 2023
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.90364075N 76.89237976WA-6Military2 Sep 20121
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.88284302N 76.90666962WAV-8Military2 Sep 20121
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.90763474N 76.87136078WAV-8Military2 Jul 2021
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.94610977N 76.88728333WF-4Military13 May 20151
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.89165878N 76.90457153W2x A-6, H-46, AV-8Military25 Nov 20234
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.88662720N 76.8947525WVarious bits and piecesMilitary6 Jul 2018
Cherry Point, North Carolina, United States34.90245819N 76.88201141WC-130 fuselage in use as trainer inside one of the hangarsMilitary17 Jul 20211
Chesapeake, Virginia, United States36.77846527N 76.26869202WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 Nov 20162
Chesapeake City, Maryland, United States39.51728821N 75.79198456W2x H-47, small prop at a paintball fieldBoth14 Mar 2020
Chesnee, South Carolina, United States35.13101196N 81.86412048WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Chester County, New York, United States39.97762299N 75.87798309WCe.500Civil11 Mar 20231
Chesterfield, Virginia, United States37.40956879N 77.52099609WL.18Civil4 Dec 20171
Cheswold, Delaware, United States39.21767807N 75.59200287WUnknown small propCivil13 Mar 2018
Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States41.16362000N 104.82615662WF-84, C-130Military4 Jun 20132
Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States41.16842651N 104.84463501WF-86Military8 May 20141
Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States41.19511414N 104.8718338WUH-1Military8 May 20141
Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States41.16245270N 104.81858063WC-130 fuselageMilitary30 Nov 20161
Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States41.15356064N 104.80609131WSeveral Be.1900, SA.226Civil24 Jul 20217
Cheyenne - FE Warren, Wyoming, United States41.14659882N 104.84169769WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Cheyenne - Wyoming National Guard Museum, Wyoming, United States41.14660645N 104.81485748WT-33Military5 Jun 20221
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.97700882N 87.90605164WF4F-3 preserved inside Chicago O'Hare Terminal 2Military12 Sep 20121
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.99884796N 87.90903473WB767Civil9 Oct 20231
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.82568741N 87.6644516WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth14 Feb 20222
Chicago, Illinois, United States41.97483826N 87.93078613WB727Civil9 Oct 20231
Chicago - Museum of Science and Industry, Illinois, United States41.79055023N 87.58302307WVariousBoth2 Sep 20125
Chicago-Midway Airport, Illinois, United States41.78833389N 87.74060822WSBD (hanging inside terminal)Military3 Nov 20141
Chickamauga, Georgia, United States34.87424088N 85.28565979WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Chico, California, United States39.80370331N 121.8576355WVariousBoth25 Apr 20216
Chico, California, United States39.80767441N 121.85325623WPV-1Civil31 May 20221
Chillicothe, Missouri, United States39.77660751N 93.49434662WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Chillicothe, Ohio, United States39.23846054N 82.98347473WNavionCivil10 Jul 20191
Chiloquin, Oregon, United States42.58088684N 121.88148499WHeronMilitary5 Jun 20211
China Lake, California, United States35.67822647N 117.6770401WVariousBoth2 Sep 201212
China Lake, California, United States35.67170715N 117.74381256WVariousMilitary2 Sep 2012
China Lake, California, United States35.65161133N 117.66106415WA-4Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.77133179N 117.60488892WF-84 or F9F-6?Military12 Jul 2014
China Lake, California, United States35.90230179N 117.72388458WB-29Military12 Dec 20151
China Lake, California, United States35.75613785N 117.58422852W2x C-130, 3x P-3, B737, Da.20?, unknown fuselageBoth12 Jul 2014
China Lake, California, United States35.85385513N 117.65448761W4x F-4, A-4Military13 Feb 2013
China Lake, California, United States35.72792435N 117.56863403WA-4Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.73114395N 117.57134247WLarge number of stored planesMilitary20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.74105835N 117.55983734WVarious plane partsMilitary20 Jul 2014
China Lake, California, United States35.65242004N 117.65838623WA-1Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.65398026N 117.6584549WF-18Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.65525436N 117.65084076WUH-1, AH-1, AV-8Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.65818405N 117.65924072WF-4Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.65105820N 117.66941071WF-4Military20 Jul 20141
China Lake, California, United States35.78637314N 117.77692413W3x UH-1Military10 Nov 2014
China Lake, California, United States35.52443695N 117.17036438WB-29Military12 Dec 2015
China Lake, California, United States35.90294647N 117.73104858WF11FMilitary12 Dec 2015
China Lake, California, United States35.89571762N 117.7062912WA-6Military12 Dec 2015
China Lake - US Naval Museum of Technology, California, United States35.65441895N 117.64318085WF-18, A-6Military20 Jul 20142
China Lake - US Naval Museum of Technology, California, United States35.65549088N 117.64324188WVariousMilitary20 Jul 20145
Chino, California, United States33.97909164N 117.63566589WVarious (civil)Civil2 Sep 2012
Chino, California, United States33.97878647N 117.64163971WVariousBoth14 Jan 20185
Chino, California, United States33.97804642N 117.63967133WVarious partsCivil4 Sep 2012
Chino, California, United States33.98028564N 117.64378357W4x DrakenCivil24 Feb 20158
Chino, California, United States33.98175430N 117.64234161WSeveral small propsCivil20 Jul 2019
Chino - Planes of Fame, California, United States33.98173523N 117.64056396WVarious (stored and wrecks)Both20 Jul 201480
Chino - Yanks Air Museum, California, United States33.97985077N 117.64586639WVarious (stored and wrecks)Both20 Jul 201441
Chisholm, Minnesota, United States47.47946930N 92.89331818WUH-1, F-94Military22 May 20142
Choctaw, Florida, United States30.51228333N 86.9509201WA-4 wreckMilitary18 Apr 20151
Church Hill, Tennessee, United States36.59006882N 82.62704468WBe.35Civil3 Sep 20211
Church Hill, Tennessee, United States36.58950043N 82.62612915WPA-28 fuselageCivil6 Sep 20211
Churchland, North Carolina, United States35.78072357N 80.41719818WLearjetCivil10 Mar 2019
Churchville, Maryland, United States39.55462265N 76.23856354WCe.150Civil21 Mar 2015
Churubusco, Indiana, United States41.23355484N 85.32453156WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Cicero, New York, United States43.18834305N 76.12252808WNavionCivil12 Jun 20191
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States39.10380173N 84.42937469WAeronca C-3 inside terminal buildingCivil27 Apr 20211
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States39.11192703N 84.51433563WPA-28 fuselage inside bar Mecca OTRCivil9 Oct 20231
Cincinnati West, Ohio, United States39.25511932N 84.77798462WVarious i/a at Cincinnati State Technical and Community CollegeCivil17 Nov 20168
Circleville, Ohio, United States39.56752396N 82.93811798WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Clackamas - Oregon Military Museum, Oregon, United States45.41103363N 122.55876923WH-23Military11 Jan 20171
Claiborne, Louisiana, United States31.18929291N 92.64038849WF-4 (range target)Military3 Jul 20141
Clark, New Jersey, United States40.61970901N 74.29815674WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Clarksville, Tennessee, United States36.61438751N 87.42510223WVarious i/a at North Central InstituteBoth17 Nov 20163
Clear Lake, Minnesota, United States45.44041061N 93.96897125WSeveral small prop wrecksCivil18 Jun 2019
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.91161346N 82.69920349WHU-16Civil2 Mar 20151
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.90251732N 82.69213867WVarious i/a at National Aviation AcademyCivil14 Feb 20227
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.95477867N 82.73080444WSmall propCivil17 Dec 2016
Clearwater, Florida, United States27.91041756N 82.69184113WSeveral P.180 and othersCivil31 Jan 2018
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.51132202N 81.68785095W2X F-4Military2 Sep 20122
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.50540161N 81.60382843WS.76 fuselage i/a at Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, in use to train in-flight medical assistanceCivil17 Nov 2017
Cleveland, United States41.39603806N 81.85327911WC-97 (only visible on latest GE image)Military30 Apr 20201
Cleveland, Ohio, United States41.41322327N 81.85862732WS-3 - no longer visible on GE image, still here?Military30 Apr 2020
Cleveland - Frederick C. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Ohio, United States41.51352310N 81.61011505WVariousCivil14 Jan 20183
Cleveland - International Women's Air and Space Museum, Ohio, United States41.51156998N 81.68994141WSmith MiniplaneCivil29 Jul 20211
Cleveland - NASA Lewis, Ohio, United States41.41438293N 81.86034393WLj-23 - no longer visible on GE image, still here?Civil30 Apr 2020
Cleves, Ohio, United States39.20315552N 84.75506592WTS-11
credits: SabreOH
Civil1 Jul 20151
Cleves, Ohio, United States39.22127533N 84.75699615WA-7, plus B-47 fuselage parts (52-0410, main components are at Ellsworth, see location #3361)Military13 Jan 20171
Clifton, Arizona, United States33.06208420N 109.30156708WUH-1 (delivered here in November 2023 for a memorial site, likely permanent, but not 100% sure, exact spot to be determined)Military3 Dec 2023
Clinton, Ohio, United States40.92470932N 81.62529755WAH-1Military29 May 20161
Clinton, Arkansas, United States35.59712219N 92.44780731WLarge number of airplane partsCivil23 Feb 2016
Clinton, North Carolina, United States34.97129059N 78.36251831WCe.401Civil7 Jun 20181
Clinton, North Carolina, United States35.02559662N 78.3409729WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Clovis, New Mexico, United States34.40407562N 103.2458725WF-111Military2 Sep 20121
Cochran, Georgia, United States32.38072586N 83.34755707WCe.310Civil18 Sep 2012
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States47.78025436N 116.82357788WF27Civil6 Jun 20181
Coeur d'Alene, Montana, United States47.70261002N 116.78881073WH-58 fuselage stored at private residence
credits: SabreOH
Military26 Aug 2021
Coffeyville - Aviation Heritage Museum, Kansas, United States37.06542206N 95.6401825WF-84 and various insideBoth18 Jul 20215
Cohocton, New York, United States42.48075867N 77.49672699WSeveral helicoptersUnknown6 Jan 2017
Colbert, Georgia, United States34.03916168N 83.20869446WBe.23, Ce.150, PA-28
credits: IGBFN
Civil22 Nov 20193
Cold Bay, Alaska, United States55.19448471N 162.72610474WDC-6Civil4 Nov 20141
College Park, Maryland, United States38.99331284N 76.93909454WUH-1Military2 Sep 2012
College Park Aviation Museum, Maryland, United States38.97885895N 76.92228699WVarious small civilCivil20 Mar 20153
College Station, Texas, United States30.59656906N 96.35348511WAvenger should be inside the President Bush Presidential LibraryMilitary3 Jun 2013
College Station - Museum of the American G.I., Texas, United States30.51879120N 96.21451569WAH-1
credits: yangzao_li
Military20 Apr 20221
Collegedale, Tennessee, United States35.06262970N 85.06898499WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Collegedale, Tennessee, United States35.07380295N 85.09352112WSmall prop at Couch BBQCivil21 Jan 2018
Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States40.20385361N 75.42720032WCe.152Civil4 Dec 20171
Collen-Kingswood, Virginia, United States37.70276260N 78.94399261WUH-1, C-47 cockpit (both mobile exhibits on trailers)Military2 Dec 20231
Collinsville, Illinois, United States38.68099976N 89.9789505WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.82561111N 104.7009964WF-104Military2 Sep 20121
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.82142258N 104.70668793WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.82419586N 104.69834137WF-102Military28 Feb 20151
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States39.02117157N 104.85046387WB-52Military2 Sep 20121
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States39.00850677N 104.88869476WF-4, F-15, F-16, F-105Military2 Sep 20124
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States39.00603867N 104.8864212WX-24Military2 Sep 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.80651474N 104.72633362WC-97Military7 Sep 20121
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.96990585N 104.8285141WA-10, T-38Military18 Sep 20122
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.97799683N 104.86199951WF-100Military18 Sep 20121
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.97048187N 104.81261444WT-41Military14 Jul 20141
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States39.00748444N 104.89500427WTG-4, T-38 (both inside)Military14 Jul 20142
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.82900620N 104.71234894WT-33Military28 Feb 20151
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.82780838N 104.71286774WSmall twin prop fuselageUnknown16 Dec 2016
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States38.77203369N 104.854599WBe.18 at Cheyenne Mountain ZooUnknown20 Apr 2018
Colorado Springs - National Museum of WWII Aviation, Colorado, United States38.82144165N 104.72020721WVarious, mostly airworthy, also including temporary exhibits of other collectionsBoth20 Jul 2019
Colorado Springs - Peterson Air & Space Museum, Colorado, United States38.82278824N 104.70185852WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201213
Colorado Springs East, Colorado, United States38.87705612N 104.4072113WBe.200?Civil15 Sep 2022
Columbia, California, United States38.03023911N 120.41480255WS-2Civil4 Sep 20121
Columbia, Mississippi, United States31.29253387N 89.81752014WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Columbia, South Carolina, United States33.97657394N 81.0018692WB-25 (inside)Military12 Aug 20151
Columbia, South Carolina, United States33.94419479N 81.10877991WVarious helicoptersMilitary9 Jun 20214
Columbia, South Carolina, United States33.93983078N 81.10508728WVarious LearjetsCivil9 Jun 2021
Columbia - EdVenture Children's Museum, South Carolina, United States33.99723434N 81.04812622WCe.150, B757 cockpitCivil20 Mar 20231
Columbia - South Carolina Military Museum, South Carolina, United States33.96906662N 81.01688385WB.47 (inside), UH-1, H-58 (outside)Military9 Jun 20212
Columbia - South Carolina State Museum, South Carolina, United States33.99896622N 81.04805756WClemson SpecialCivil23 Mar 20231
Columbia - US Army Basic Combat Training Museum, South Carolina, United States34.01191330N 80.94403839WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Columbus, Indiana, United States39.25477600N 85.89733887WF-4, C-119 (not yet visible on GE image)Both29 Nov 20212
Columbus, Indiana, United States39.20088577N 85.86145782WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Columbus, Mississippi, United States33.50709152N 88.43174744WT-37Military2 Sep 20121
Columbus, Ohio, United States39.97840881N 82.90328979WUH-1Military7 Jan 20171
Columbus, Mississippi, United States33.61169815N 88.42168427WT-37Military12 Sep 20121
Columbus, Mississippi, United States33.62292862N 88.43653107WT-37, T-38Military24 Dec 20162
Columbus, New Mexico, United States31.87642670N 107.65183258WJN3 as wind vane (fake?)Unknown24 Sep 2016
Columbus, Indiana, United States39.26506424N 85.90330505WDC-3, B.206Civil27 Oct 2021
Columbus, Ohio, United States39.98104095N 82.89897156WAH-1Military29 May 2016
Columbus, Ohio, United States40.15956116N 83.11356354WBe.18 inside Columbus zooCivil7 Jan 20171
Columbus, Ohio, United States40.08588791N 83.07209015WHU-16Civil7 Jan 20171
Columbus, Ohio, United States39.99719238N 82.87475586WCaravelleCivil13 Jan 20171
Columbus, Ohio, United States40.07525253N 83.07529449WPiper Cub suspended from ceiling inside terminalCivil1 Oct 20201
Columbus - Ohio Historical Museum, Ohio, United States40.00485992N 82.9874115WSmall propCivil21 Sep 20162
Commerce - Northeast Texas Children's Museum, Texas, United States33.22928619N 95.87409973WPA-60 fuselageCivil19 Mar 2023
Compton, California, United States33.88873672N 118.24263WCommanderCivil31 Jan 20181
Compton, California, United States33.89060211N 118.24871063WVarious small civilCivil21 Feb 201915
Compton - Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum, California, United States33.88886642N 118.24063873WVariousBoth24 Jun 20186
Concord, New Hampshire, United States43.20994186N 71.50395203WUH-1Military25 Sep 20131
Concord, California, United States37.98621368N 122.05529785WUH-1Military6 Sep 20211
Concord, California, United States37.98373795N 122.05635834WSeveral UH-1Military4 Jun 2021
Concord, Georgia, United States33.04434967N 84.43349457WDHC-4Unknown8 Apr 2019
Concord - McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, New Hampshire, United States43.22416306N 71.53253937WF-8 insideMilitary4 Nov 20191
Concrete - Vintage Aircraft Museum, Washington, United States48.53068542N 121.75669861WVarious, mostly airworthy, spread over 6 hangars - museum may have closed, to be confirmedCivil5 Apr 202112
Conover, North Carolina, United States35.66442490N 81.18284607WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Conroe, Texas, United States30.32256126N 95.47171021WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Conyers, Georgia, United States33.66002655N 84.00164032WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Conyers, Georgia, United States33.74939346N 83.94802094WUH-1Military5 Sep 2021
Coolidge, Arizona, United States32.93505859N 111.42169189W4x C-130Civil30 May 20214
Coolidge, Arizona, United States32.93539429N 111.4205246WBe.35Civil26 May 20201
Copperhill, Tennessee, United States35.00002670N 84.38565063WPA-23 fuselage as billboard for a fireworks storeCivil8 Sep 20211
Coram, New York, United States40.85497665N 72.98080444W2x Bizjet, UH-1 at a paintball field and a small prop near the entranceBoth9 Jan 2017
Cordele, Georgia, United States31.95855904N 83.91146851WB-29, FJ-4, F-84, T-33, UH-1Military12 Jul 20145
Corona, Arizona, United States31.96589279N 110.7720871WF-4Military4 Sep 20121
Corona, California, United States33.89690399N 117.60773468WCommanderCivil27 Apr 20171
Corona, California, United States33.93248367N 117.62003326WVarious at a paintball fieldBoth13 Sep 20194
Corona, California, United States33.89595032N 117.60194397WCommander, Be.50Civil18 Aug 20192
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.69503212N 97.26783752WF-18, C-12Military17 Aug 20202
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.77682686N 97.44237518WVarious i/a at Del Mar CollegeBoth17 Nov 20175
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.78105736N 97.50832367WHU-25Military17 Aug 20201
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.69348335N 97.25772095WT-34Military15 Jul 20191
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States27.77949905N 97.49945831WT-34 (more?) i/a at Del Mar College
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Military2 Jan 20241
Corpus Cristi, Texas, United States27.67598152N 97.35140991WT-28?, small prop fuselageBoth17 Aug 2020
Correctionville, Iowa, United States42.47212601N 95.78649902WA-7, F-84Military3 Jun 20132
Corvallis, Oregon, United States44.50325394N 123.28465271WF-5 inside this hangar from Corvallis Aero Service
credits: Stefan Jongen
Civil24 Mar 20211
Costa Mesa, California, United States33.66979980N 117.91505432WVarious i/a at Orange Coast CollegeBoth17 Dec 201614
Costa Mesa, California, United States33.64051437N 117.92151642WF9F-4Military9 Mar 20231
Cottage Grove - Oregon Aviation Historical Society and Museum, Oregon, United States43.80191803N 123.0388031WVariousCivil28 Jun 20231
Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, United States38.36925125N 96.53347778WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Council Bluffs, Iowa, United States41.25675201N 95.76596069WVarious i/a at Iowa Western Community CollegeCivil9 Dec 201610
Cove Springs, Florida, United States29.97631073N 81.6585083WP-3Military19 Jun 20191
Covington, Indiana, United States40.13823318N 87.38456726WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Covington, Tennessee, United States35.56363297N 89.6493454WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Crab Orchard, Kentucky, United States37.46172714N 84.50701904WAH-1Military6 Dec 20131
Craig Field, Alabama, United States32.36053085N 86.98410034WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Crane, Indiana, United States38.86895370N 86.83659363WA-4Military25 Apr 20151
Crane, Indiana, United States38.86864471N 86.81993866WEA-6 (to be put on display in this factility, final location may be different)Military23 Dec 20161
Craven County, North Carolina, United States35.07332993N 77.03894806WC-123Civil27 Dec 20171
Craven County, North Carolina, United States35.07752609N 77.03469849WHarrierMilitary13 Apr 20131
Crawfordsville - Ropkey Armour Museum, Indiana, United States40.05933762N 86.79662323WX-14, UH-1, more (all inside)Both3 Jun 20134
Creech, Nevada, United States36.59594727N 115.66027069WF-15Military22 Dec 20161
Creek Side, Kentucky, United States36.89446640N 85.77375793WC-131 noseCivil29 Dec 20161
Creighton, Nebraska, United States42.46630478N 97.91152191WF-84Military4 Sep 20121
Creston, Nebraska, United States41.70929718N 97.35929108WUH-1Military7 Sep 20211
Crestview, Florida, United States30.77294540N 86.52399445WSeveral Mi-8 (visible on latest GE image)Unknown19 Jun 2021
Crestview, Florida, United States30.79395294N 86.53005219WVarious i/a Northwest Florida State College Aviation Center of Excellence
credits: Antheii
Civil10 Oct 20224
Crete, Nebraska, United States40.62357330N 96.92746735WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Cripple Creek, Colorado, United States38.74976349N 105.1919632WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Crossville, Tennessee, United States35.94129181N 85.03588867WA-4Military26 Apr 20141
Crossville, Tennessee, United States35.94009399N 85.03860474WT-33Military6 May 20141
Crossville, Tennessee, United States35.95368958N 85.08506012WPA-28, An-2Civil6 May 20202
Croswell, Michigan, United States43.27843857N 82.62736511WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Croydon, Indiana, United States38.23926544N 86.02591705WH-34 at a paintball field (there may be 2)Military8 Jan 2017
Crump, Tennessee, United States35.22184372N 88.31972504WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Crystal, California, United States34.48547363N 117.82764435WSmall propCivil19 Dec 2013
Crystal, Minnesota, United States45.06295395N 93.35918427WScrap yardCivil7 Jun 2021
Crystal River, Florida, United States28.87084961N 82.57691956WSmall twin prop, M20Civil22 Dec 20171
Crystal River, Florida, United States28.85540581N 82.55253601WMultiple wrecks
credits: Antheii
Military24 Sep 20222
Cuba, New York, United States42.23623276N 78.27618408WUH-1Military18 Jul 20151
Cuba, Missouri, United States38.06230164N 91.42907715WCe.150 on a stick (not yet visible on GE image, exact location not sure)Civil1 Oct 2020
Cullman, Alabama, United States34.17538834N 86.90078735WPA-23? fuselageCivil16 Nov 2021
Cullom, Illinois, United States40.87817764N 88.26899719WA-7Military30 May 20141
Cumberland, Maryland, United States39.64993286N 78.74752045WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Cushing, Oklahoma, United States35.95276260N 96.77314758WUH-1Military27 May 20141
Cynthiana, Kentucky, United States38.36820221N 84.2893219WU-8Civil5 Dec 20171
Dacono, Colorado, United States40.04265213N 104.95516205WH-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 2017
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.33012009N 77.03720856WA-6, F-14Military3 Jun 20131
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.35627365N 77.02075958WF-18Military3 Jun 20131
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.33786392N 77.03659821W2x jet fuselage, 1x helicopter fuselageUnknown11 Apr 2014
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.33129120N 77.03978729WF-18Military11 Apr 2014
Dahlonega, Georgia, United States34.56570053N 84.00965881WH-47
credits: Jan Broe
Military29 Nov 20201
Daleville, Alabama, United States31.29754257N 85.7210083WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Dallas, Texas, United States32.83580780N 96.94179535WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth16 Nov 20163
Dallas, Texas, United States33.02592468N 96.83646393WPA-28Civil4 Sep 20191
Dallas - Frontiers of Flight Museum, Texas, United States32.84211731N 96.83546448WVariousBoth2 Sep 201230
Dallas - Museum of Flight, Georgia, United States33.91687012N 84.94215393WF-14, T-34, BTD-1
credits: Djeek
Military16 Feb 20233
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88776016N 97.06482697WB727Civil9 May 20131
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88668442N 97.06666565WB727Civil9 May 2013
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88936234N 97.06596375WDC-9 and some other fuselagesCivil2 Aug 2019
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.88791656N 97.0663681W2x Helicopter, 3x small prop fuselageCivil18 Mar 2019
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.90850830N 97.06723022WMetroliner
credits: Jeroen van Toor
Civil7 Jan 20231
Danville, Illinois, United States40.12422180N 87.6370163WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Danville, Illinois, United States40.19845963N 87.60272217WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Danville - American Armoured Tank Museum, Virginia, United States36.64310455N 79.383255WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Darlington, South Carolina, United States34.44385910N 79.8866272WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Davenport, Iowa, United States41.61778641N 90.58118439WUH-1Military1 Nov 20171
David City, Nebraska, United States41.23262405N 97.12580872WF-84Military2 Sep 20121
Davis Monthan, Arizona, United States32.17609024N 110.88293457WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Davis Monthan, Arizona, United States32.14874268N 110.8163147WVarious airframes for crash rescue trainingMilitary23 Sep 20161
Davis Monthan, Arizona, United States32.14956665N 110.88202667WH-34Military14 Dec 20161
Davis-Monthan, Arizona, United States32.18632507N 110.87308502WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201210
Davis-Monthan, Arizona, United States32.17973328N 110.85746765WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Davis-Monthan - AMARG, Arizona, United States32.16023636N 110.84992981WVariousMilitary2 Sep 2012
Davison, Virginia, United States38.71274567N 77.17222595WUH-1Military21 Mar 20151
Dayton, Tennessee, United States35.48067474N 84.93901825WT-33Military6 May 20141
Dayton, Ohio, United States39.90493011N 84.23685455WB727 (should move to Wright State University)Civil24 Nov 20231
Dayton, Ohio, United States39.77794266N 84.09560394WVarious - USAFM storage facilityMilitary24 Dec 201622
Dayton, Ohio, United States39.78825760N 84.08347321WVarious i/a at USAFSAMMilitary20 Nov 20205
Dayton - USAF Museum, Ohio, United States39.78185654N 84.11143494WVariousMilitary6 Sep 2021190
Daytona, Florida, United States29.18619347N 81.05051422WVarious i/a at Emry-Riddle Aeronautical University, in and around these hangarsBoth16 Nov 20163
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States29.19878387N 80.99488831WPA28Civil2 Sep 2012
Daytona Beach, Florida, United States29.19034195N 81.05818939WF.27 fuselage
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Civil16 Oct 20181
De Funiak Springs, Florida, United States30.73365784N 86.14976501WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
De Soto, Missouri, United States38.11769867N 90.56031799WAH-1Military14 Jul 20151
Dearborn - Henry Ford Museum, Michigan, United States42.30352020N 83.23406219WVariousCivil29 Oct 20145
DeBary, Florida, United States28.86824226N 81.3109436WF-15Military2 Sep 20121
Decatur, Michigan, United States42.11531830N 85.9799118WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Decatur, Alabama, United States34.65090179N 86.94748688WCe.500, CommanderCivil4 Dec 20171
Decatur, Alabama, United States34.64879990N 86.94817352W2x An-2Civil4 Dec 2017
Decatur, Alabama, United States34.64920044N 86.94729614WH-58Military8 Jun 20181
Decatur - Children's Museum of Illinois, Illinois, United States39.82795715N 88.91255188WB.222Civil6 May 2021
Deer Lodge, Montana, United States46.39112854N 112.7653656WSmall propCivil5 May 2019
Deer Park, Washington, United States47.97434998N 117.43488312WBe.18Civil10 Jun 2021
Deer Park, Washington, United States47.97512054N 117.4344101WM10Civil5 Jun 20181
Deer Park, Washington, United States47.96655273N 117.43917847WScrap yardCivil6 May 2019
Deer Valley, Arizona, United States33.68418121N 112.07722473WCM.170Civil5 Jun 20181
DeKalb, Illinois, United States41.93088913N 88.72505951W3x C-212Military1 Nov 20173
DeKalb, Georgia, United States33.88490295N 84.30764771WJetstar fuselageCivil27 Oct 20231
DeKalb, Georgia, United States33.87419128N 84.29624176WCe.337, PA-31 fuselage, Be.200Civil2 Feb 20241
Del Rio, Texas, United States29.38377571N 100.9042511WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
DeLand - Naval Air Station Museum, Florida, United States29.05730820N 81.28793335WVariousMilitary23 Jan 20184
Delta County, Michigan, United States45.71399689N 87.08747864WF-84Military12 Jul 20141
Deltona, Florida, United States28.91718864N 81.21691132WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Deming, New Mexico, United States32.25035477N 107.71851349W3 or 4 H-21s at scrapyard
credits: Colin McKeeman
Military7 May 2020
Demming, New Mexico, United States32.25646591N 107.71640778WBe.18 (visible on latest GE image)Civil13 Oct 20221
Denali, Alaska, United States63.74613190N 148.8999176WCe.180 at Princess Wilderness Lodge (not yet visible on GE image, exact location unknown)Civil16 Feb 2019
Denison, Texas, United States33.70938110N 96.65992737WF-86Military14 Jun 20221
Denison, Texas, United States33.72366333N 96.66759491WBe.18 fuselage/wings, T-33A
credits: Dave Broome
Civil14 Jun 20221
Denison, Texas, United States33.71014023N 96.66600037WCe.172 fuselage behinc CAP building (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Dave Broome
Civil14 Jun 2022
Denison, Texas, United States33.70894623N 96.66836548WBAe.125 stored on mainramp, pin on current location, but moves around
credits: Dave Broome
Civil14 Jun 20221
Denison, Texas, United States33.72011948N 96.68003082WUnknown fuselageUnknown14 Jun 2022
Denison - Perrin AFB Museum, Texas, United States33.70891571N 96.66191101WT-37 (inside)Military14 Jun 20221
Denton, Texas, United States33.20901489N 97.19549561WBizjet (visible on latest GE image)Civil12 Mar 2020
Denton, Texas, United States33.20549011N 97.1938858WSeveral bizjets being broken up (visible on latest GE image)Civil12 Mar 2020
Denver, Colorado, United States39.86301804N 104.67372894WLj-35 inside suspended from the ceiling, concourse CCivil2 Feb 20161
Denver, Colorado, United States39.67425156N 104.93889618WDC-7 fuselageCivil1 Feb 20161
Denver, Colorado, United States39.85869217N 104.67384338WEaglerock (hanging inside Concourse B)Civil28 Feb 20151
Denver, Colorado, United States39.56108856N 104.85409546WDo.328 fuselageMilitary29 Feb 20201
Denver, Colorado, United States39.90189743N 104.67153931WMetroliner, 2x small propCivil29 Feb 20201
Denver, Colorado, United States39.90079117N 104.67113495WMetroliner, small propCivil29 Feb 20202
Denver - Forney Museum of Transportation, Colorado, United States39.77784348N 104.97075653WVariousCivil15 Sep 20213
Denver - History Colorado Center, Colorado, United States39.73560333N 104.98671722WUH-1 inside (may be only a temporary exhibit)Military18 Dec 2016
DeRuyter, New York, United States42.73413467N 75.8218689WUH-1Military6 Jan 20171
Des Moines, Iowa, United States41.54160690N 93.66127014WA-7, F-16, F-100, P-51Military11 Nov 20143
Des Moines, Iowa, United States41.51504135N 93.61728668WVarious i/a at McCombs Middle School (actual education may be provided by a different school)Both28 Dec 20165
Desert Air Sky Ranch, California, United States33.48234940N 115.87660217W3x small propCivil8 Jun 2018
Detroit, Michigan, United States42.56548309N 82.97734833WF-4, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Detroit, Michigan, United States42.28629303N 83.44544983WVarious i/a at MIATBoth17 Nov 20164
Detroit, Michigan, United States42.22110748N 83.3637619WDC-9Civil24 Oct 20161
Detroit, Michigan, United States42.33346558N 83.02716827WCe.337Civil2 May 20191
Detroit, Michigan, United States42.36274338N 83.0814743WPA-23 (visible on latest GE image, fully covered in grafiti)Civil18 Aug 20211
Detroit Willow Run, Michigan, United States42.24010849N 83.54386139WF-84, GulfstreamBoth18 Sep 20211
Detroit Willow Run, Michigan, United States42.23287582N 83.51196289WB-52Military18 Sep 20211
Detroit Willow Run - Yankee Air Museum, Michigan, United States42.23934937N 83.50801086WVarious (new location after fire destroyed the old location) - stored planes may not be at this locationBoth29 Dec 201616
Devil's Lake, North Dakota, United States48.10839844N 98.90278625WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Dickinson, North Dakota, United States46.88826752N 102.79490662WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Dickson, Tennessee, United States36.05615997N 87.36773682WUH-1Military6 May 20141
Dillingham, Hawaii, United States21.57664490N 158.20799255WVarious wrecks and partsCivil3 Jun 2013
Dillingham, Hawaii, United States21.57817268N 158.20042419WCe.337 (visible on latest GE image)Civil5 Jun 2022
Dixon, Illinois, United States41.84786224N 89.50350189WAH-1, F-105Military12 Sep 20122
Dixon, Illinois, United States41.83802795N 89.45042419WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.90048981N 84.51667023WVarious (4x Libyan AF Hercs, 4 more in the compound to the north east, not sure which are where)Military21 Mar 20159
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.90392685N 84.51335907W4x C-130 (Libyan AF?)Military2 Sep 2012
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.91786194N 84.5152359WC-5, C-130 hulksMilitary2 Sep 20121
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.92058945N 84.5044632WB-29Military21 Mar 20151
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.90457153N 84.51841736WC-5 fuselage in piecesMilitary24 Sep 2019
Dobbins, Georgia, United States33.92980576N 84.52441406W2x C-130Military24 Sep 2019
Dobbins - Marietta Aviation Museum, Georgia, United States33.93296051N 84.53878784WVariousMilitary12 Jul 201414
Doctor's Mesa, Colorado, United States38.85064697N 108.00925446WDC-3Unknown22 Jan 20161
Dodge City, Kansas, United States37.75201035N 99.97002411WA-26Military7 Sep 20121
Dodgeville, Wisconsin, United States42.99228287N 90.1403656WC-97Civil10 Oct 20161
Donaldson Center, United States34.76945496N 82.37349701WVarious i/aCivil26 Jun 20215
Donaldson Center, South Carolina, United States34.74898148N 82.37303162WP-3Military3 Oct 2021

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