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3611 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in United States. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Edwards, California, United States34.90003967N 117.86863708WVariousBoth2 Sep 201219
Edwards, California, United States34.91405487N 117.90106201WF-15Military2 Sep 2012
Edwards, California, United States34.91686249N 117.90066528WF-104Military2 Sep 20121
Edwards, California, United States34.91751862N 117.89943695WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Edwards, California, United States34.92077255N 117.90283966WF-4Military2 Sep 2012
Edwards, California, United States34.92169189N 117.89382172WF-16, F-86Military30 May 20142
Edwards, California, United States34.95048523N 117.88796234WX-1Military2 Sep 2012
Edwards, California, United States34.92443085N 117.89907837WP-80?Military2 Sep 2012
Edwards, California, United States34.94050980N 117.8976593WVarious wrecksMilitary2 Sep 20121
Edwards, California, United States34.95233917N 117.88889313WVariousBoth2 Sep 20123
Edwards, California, United States34.95895767N 117.88290405WVarious storedMilitary2 Sep 2012
Edwards, California, United States34.82214355N 117.82917023WF-101Military18 Dec 2012
Edwards, California, United States34.81615448N 117.86372375WB-58Military18 Dec 20121
Edwards, California, United States34.81909180N 117.85218048W2x B-52Military18 Dec 20122
Edwards, California, United States34.86122894N 117.78071594WB-47Military13 May 2014
Edwards, California, United States34.99289322N 117.88343048WB-52Military13 Apr 20131
Edwards, California, United States34.92242813N 117.88864899WT-38Military15 May 20141
Edwards, California, United States34.83102798N 117.77742004WX-21Military15 May 2014
Edwards, California, United States34.83206558N 117.76798248WF-100Military15 May 2014
Edwards, California, United States34.83682251N 117.74284363WX-21Military15 May 2014
Edwards - Air Force Flight Test Center Museum, California, United States34.91271210N 117.92060852WVariousMilitary19 Jul 201915
Edwardsville, Illinois, United States38.78476715N 89.9649353WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Eglin, Florida, United States30.47210312N 86.53981781WF-15Military7 Sep 20121
Eglin, Florida, United States30.51127815N 86.58586884WF-89 wreck plus partsMilitary13 Mar 2018
Eglin, Florida, United States30.50712204N 86.58931732WF-16Military28 May 2014
Eglin, Florida, United States30.62978554N 86.73885345WH-53 hulk?Unknown3 Jun 2013
Eglin, Florida, United States30.47149467N 86.48552704WSeveral helicopters (probably to be used as range targets)Military12 May 2014
Eglin, Florida, United States30.51000977N 86.58951569WVarious wrecks and partsMilitary28 May 2014
Eglin, Florida, United States30.49619865N 86.54924011WF-15, UH-1Military14 Mar 20152
Eglin, Florida, United States30.64572334N 86.31749725WF-101 range targetMilitary17 Dec 2016
Eglin, Florida, United States30.66604424N 86.41309357W2x A-7, maybe moreMilitary17 Dec 2016
Eglin, Florida, United States30.66588593N 86.4217453W2x F-16, F-15Military17 Dec 20163
Eglin, Florida, United States30.50370026N 86.36664581WVarious jets and choppers in these woodsMilitary17 Dec 20166
Eglin, Florida, United States30.55632210N 86.43577576WA-4Military17 Dec 2016
Eglin, Florida, United States30.69750977N 86.36604309WMiG-21, YS-11?, small propMilitary17 Dec 2016
Eglin - USAF Armament Museum, Florida, United States30.46627998N 86.5609436WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201228
Eglin Field Nr2, Florida, United States30.57971954N 86.44708252WC-130Military22 Mar 20151
Eglin Field Nr2, Florida, United States30.58166122N 86.44811249W3x F-4Military22 Mar 20153
Eglin Field Nr2, Florida, United States30.57698250N 86.44901276W2x F-15, 2x F-16Military22 Mar 20154
Eielson, Alaska, United States64.69082642N 147.09934998WVariousMilitary21 Dec 20166
Eielson, Alaska, United States64.70349884N 147.12774658WB-29 (wreck in lake)Military27 Mar 2015
El Centro, California, United States32.81337357N 115.67251587WA-4, F-4, F-11F, F-18Military19 Jul 20153
El Centro, California, United States32.81504059N 115.67403412WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
El Centro, California, United States32.82094574N 115.67537689WA-6Military19 Jul 20151
El Centro, California, United States32.81629181N 115.67483521WF-14Military19 Jul 20151
El Centro, California, United States32.82403564N 115.67111969WA-6Military5 Dec 20161
El Dorado Canyon, Nevada, United States35.70906448N 114.80226135WOV-1 wreckMilitary29 Jun 2019
El Dorado Canyon, Nevada, United States35.70805359N 114.79910278WLarge amount of T-28s (mostly fuselages)Military29 Jun 2019
El Mirage, California, United States34.61534119N 117.60492706WScrapyard with various aircraft partsUnknown18 Sep 20124
El Monte, California, United States34.05009079N 118.06393433WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
El Monte, California, United States34.08364487N 118.03353882WPrenticeCivil27 Dec 20171
El Paso, Texas, United States31.79276466N 106.38896942WVariousBoth2 Sep 20121
El Paso, Texas, United States31.79479027N 106.38657379WMD-220Civil6 Aug 20191
El Paso, Texas, United States31.81164169N 106.3728714WB727Civil3 Dec 20141
El Paso, Texas, United States31.79720497N 106.38605499WB727Civil19 Jun 20181
El Paso - National Border Patrol Museum, Texas, United States31.90314865N 106.44857788WPA-18, H.500Civil3 Dec 20161
El Reno, Oklahoma, United States35.51467133N 97.94807434WB-26Military2 Sep 20121
Elba, Alabama, United States31.40734482N 86.04319763WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Elderon, Wisconsin, United States44.78353119N 89.25657654WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States36.26308823N 76.19106293WHU-16, HU-25Military13 Oct 20162
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States36.26353455N 76.18241882WC-295 fuselageMilitary25 May 2018
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States36.25375748N 76.17417908WC-130Military13 Oct 2016
Elizabeth City, North Carolina, United States36.26257324N 76.16686249WHH-52, several H-60Military13 Oct 2016
Elk City, Oklahoma, United States35.42238235N 99.39698029WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Ellicot City, Maryland, United States39.25548172N 76.81500244WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Ellington, Texas, United States29.60154343N 95.17819977WF-84Military7 Sep 20121
Ellington, Missouri, United States37.24017334N 90.96542358WAH-1 (moved to De Soto, MO? Pictures show the Cobra there to have serial 15018 in the tail)Military4 Jan 20171
Ellington, Texas, United States29.60125351N 95.17225647WS-2Civil16 Sep 20201
Ellington, Texas, United States29.59475708N 95.1701355WCe.310Civil16 Sep 20201
Ellington, Texas, United States29.61184311N 95.1703186WT-33Military16 Sep 2020
Ellington - Lone Star Flight Museum, Texas, United States29.60431862N 95.17458344WVariousBoth20 Jul 20195
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.60285568N 95.17447662WC-135Military2 Sep 20121
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.61189651N 95.17157745WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.61455917N 95.17138672WF-4Military21 May 20161
Ellington Field, Texas, United States29.61649895N 95.171875WF-102Military2 Sep 20121
Ellsworth, Ohio, United States41.02600861N 80.86361694WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Ellsworth, South Dakota, United States44.13312149N 103.07277679WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201228
Ellsworth, Wisconsin, United States44.73159027N 92.58146667WUH-1Military9 Sep 20151
Elma, Washington, United States46.99174881N 123.42818451WCe.150Civil6 May 2019
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.24758530N 149.80206299WVariousMilitary1 Dec 20126
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.24831772N 149.80184937WP-38Military1 Dec 20121
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.23130798N 149.87107849WF-4Military1 Dec 20121
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.26249313N 149.8107605WDC-3Military1 Dec 20121
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.26199341N 149.81440735WF-86Military1 Dec 20121
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.26051331N 149.81687927WC-123, F-80Military29 Jul 20192
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.27234268N 149.63970947WT-33 (pin at new position, on most GE images still on other side of the road)Military29 Jul 20191
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.23165512N 149.74813843WH-21Military5 Nov 20141
Elmendorf, Alaska, United States61.27190018N 149.64149475WH-54 (only visible on latest GE image)Military29 Jul 2019
Elmira, New York, United States42.12263107N 76.89561462WGliderCivil22 Sep 20141
Elmira - National Soaring Museum, New York, United States42.12179565N 76.90119171WMostly Gliders?Civil2 Sep 2012
Elmira Regional, New York, United States42.17047882N 76.88586426WG.159Civil29 May 20161
Elmira Regional, New York, United States42.16993713N 76.88485718WHelicopterUnknown29 May 2016
Eloy, Arizona, United States32.80493546N 111.58419037W2x SkyvanCivil6 Dec 20173
Eloy, Arizona, United States32.80303955N 111.58587646WT-33 (dismantled, but seems to be moving around nonetheless)Military17 Nov 20171
Emerald Grove, Wisconsin, United States42.65597153N 88.87969208WU-8Military15 Nov 20171
Emporia, Kansas, United States38.33222961N 96.1807251WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Emporia, Kansas, United States38.38669968N 96.18102264WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Endeavour, Wisconsin, United States43.71383286N 89.46518707WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Enid Woodring, Oklahoma, United States36.38559341N 97.78517914WF-4, T-37Military2 Sep 20122
Enka, North Carolina, United States35.55094147N 82.66461945WF-84Military22 Jul 20151
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.34727478N 85.86442566WUH-1Military2 Jun 20131
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.29562759N 85.89789581WC-23, unknown twin prop, partsBoth27 Mar 20151
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.29638481N 85.85555267WSeveral UH-1sMilitary9 Jun 201817
Enterprise, Alabama, United States31.29552841N 85.85403442WSeveral UH-1sMilitary9 Jun 2018
Ephrata, Washington, United States47.31323624N 119.51895905WPBYCivil6 Jan 20181
Epler Field, Florida, United States30.53579521N 86.80677795WF-4, 2x F-101 (A third Voodoo was at Epler near the F-102/6 until at least 2010, gone by 2012. Not known which of the three that was.)Military6 Mar 20153
Epler Field, Florida, United States30.53474426N 86.8115921WF-102Military13 Mar 20151
Epler Field, Florida, United States30.53392792N 86.80580902WUH-1Military6 Mar 2015
Erie, Pennsylvania, United States42.03590393N 80.11518097WF-94Military2 Sep 20121
Erie, Colorado, United States40.00793839N 105.04138184WPA-28Civil6 Sep 2017
Erie - Spirit of Flight Center, Colorado, United States40.01019669N 105.05397797WVariousBoth6 Sep 20178
Eufaula, Alabama, United States31.94010544N 85.13274384WUH-1Military16 Aug 20171
Eugene, Oregon, United States44.11280823N 123.21443176WVarious i/a at Lane Community CollegeBoth17 Nov 20162
Eugene - Oregon Air & Space Museum, Oregon, United States44.11508942N 123.21266174WVariousBoth2 Sep 20126
Eureka Springs - Aviation Cadet Museum, Arkansas, United States36.43082809N 93.69419861WVariousMilitary8 May 20146
Evansville, Indiana, United States38.04393387N 87.53089905WC-130 fuselageMilitary30 Oct 20201
Everett, Washington, United States47.90860748N 122.27388763WVarious (Museum of Flight Restoration Center)Both6 Sep 201513
Everett, Washington, United States47.90934372N 122.27709198WVarious at Everett Community CollegeBoth10 May 201410
Everett, Washington, United States47.90336990N 122.27714539WB727Civil1 Nov 20161
Everett, Washington, United States47.85794830N 122.23017883WCe.172Civil5 Jun 20191
Everett - Future of Flight, Washington, United States47.92128372N 122.28998566WVariousCivil6 May 20163
Everett - Historic Flight Foundation, Washington, United States47.90136719N 122.29122925WVarious airworthyCivil16 Aug 201714
Evergreen, Alabama, United States31.41962814N 87.04309845WFJ-3, T-28Military2 Sep 20122
Ewing, New Jersey, United States40.27735138N 74.80290222WA-4Military18 Sep 20121
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.82308960N 147.85566711WVarious - property must be cleared by 8 May 2020Civil27 Apr 20209
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.80992126N 147.88296509WVariousCivil2 Sep 201217
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.79872131N 147.88223267WProplinerCivil4 Dec 20141
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.83200073N 147.8460083WDC-6 (nose section)Civil23 Feb 20151
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.85089874N 147.81407166WVarious i/a at Hutchison Institute of TechnologyBoth8 Dec 20162
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.82299042N 147.82878113WB727 i/a at the University of Alaska (more here i/a?)Civil1 Nov 20161
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.80996704N 147.88818359WVarious aircraft fuselages at a scrapyardUnknown8 Jun 20187
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.81616211N 147.88555908WVarious helicopter fuselages at a scrapyardUnknown8 Jun 2018
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.91870117N 147.62336731WDC-6Civil3 Jul 20181
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.81954956N 147.86201477WVariousCivil19 Jul 20187
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.86186981N 147.71641541WChampion 7DC (only outside in summer time?)Civil5 Jan 20191
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.80744934N 147.93214417WSeveral small propsCivil2 May 2019
Fairbanks, Alaska, United States64.81405640N 147.84178162WCe.170Civil27 Apr 20201
Fairbanks - Alaskaland Pioneer Air Museum, Alaska, United States64.83951569N 147.77519226WVarious civilCivil2 Sep 20127
Fairbury, Nebraska, United States40.17596054N 97.16738892WT-33Military28 Nov 20121
Fairchild, Washington, United States47.62254333N 117.66101074WF-102Military23 Dec 20141
Fairchild - Heritage Museum, Washington, United States47.63611221N 117.64305115WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20128
Fairfield, Iowa, United States41.04964066N 91.98426819WF-84Military3 Jun 20131
Fairfield County - Historical Aircraft Museum, Ohio, United States39.75404358N 82.66436768WVariousCivil22 Jan 20184
Fairmont, West Virginia, United States39.47044754N 80.13153839WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Fairmont, Minnesota, United States43.66698456N 94.45463562WAH-1 (at newly installed monument, not yet visible on GE image)Military23 Jul 20201
Fairmount, Indiana, United States40.42248154N 85.64280701WF-4, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Fairport, New York, United States43.09600830N 77.4230957WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Fall River, Wisconsin, United States43.38466644N 89.04703522WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Fall River, Battleship Cove, Massachusetts, United States41.70553207N 71.16307068WT-28, UH-1, AH-1Military2 Sep 20124
Fallon, Nevada, United States39.47826385N 118.80966949WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Fallon, Nevada, United States39.42015457N 118.71430206WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201215
Fallon, Nevada, United States39.42074966N 118.7236557WVariousMilitary26 Jul 20145
Fallon, Nevada, United States39.40877533N 118.69902039WEA-6 (for preservation on base, perhaps already at another spot)Military29 Dec 20161
Fallon, Nevada, United States39.24495697N 118.30921936WSeveral AH-1, UH-1Military5 Jan 2017
Fallon, Nevada, United States39.23659134N 118.27359772WA-6 wreckMilitary5 Jan 2017
Fargo, North Dakota, United States46.91362000N 96.80725861WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Fargo, North Dakota, United States46.91115189N 96.79998779WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Fargo, North Dakota, United States46.91200256N 96.80047607WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Fargo - Fargo Air Museum, North Dakota, United States46.90581131N 96.80416107WVariousBoth20 May 20149
Farmington, New Mexico, United States36.73879242N 108.2204895WA-7Military3 Jun 20131
Farmington - B Square Ranch, New Mexico, United States36.69892502N 108.15098572WDC-3, C-97, T-38
credits: AVL
Both29 Oct 20193
Faulkton, South Dakota, United States45.03277969N 99.1186142WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Fayetteville - Airborne and Special Operations Museum, North Carolina, United States35.05595016N 78.88551331WvariousMilitary22 Jul 20154
Fayetville, Georgia, United States33.42206955N 84.5020752WCommanderCivil6 May 20191
Federalsburg, Maryland, United States38.75474167N 75.75125885WCe.170Civil6 May 20191
Felker, Virginia, United States37.14072037N 76.60435486WUH-1Military21 Mar 2015
Fentress, Virginia, United States36.70669556N 76.12690735WE-2, F-18Military21 Mar 20152
Ferguson, Florida, United States30.39984131N 87.349617WSeveral helicoptersBoth9 Jun 2015
Ferguson, Florida, United States30.40051460N 87.35005951WSeveral small propsCivil6 Jun 20182
Ferguson, Florida, United States30.39495468N 87.35491943WUH-1 cabinMilitary16 Jul 2018
Fessenden, North Dakota, United States47.64625549N 99.62512207WF-100Military13 Mar 20151
Festus, Missouri, United States38.20566940N 90.39852905WF-84Military12 Sep 20121
Finley, North Dakota, United States47.50875473N 97.83607483WT-33Military12 Mar 20151
Flabob, California, United States33.98947144N 117.41493988WSmall propCivil18 Aug 2019
Flabob, California, United States33.98828888N 117.4157486WCe.337Civil18 Aug 20191
Flabob, California, United States33.99054337N 117.4084549WDC-3Military18 Aug 20191
Flagler, Colorado, United States39.29027557N 103.06223297WT-33Military24 Nov 20121
Fleming-Mason, Kentucky, United States38.53980255N 83.74552155WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Flint, Michigan, United States42.99074173N 83.6559906WCe.150, F280Civil2 Jan 20171
Florala, Alabama, United States31.00124550N 86.32852936WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Florence, South Carolina, United States34.17640686N 79.72758484WHU-16Military18 Jun 2014
Florence, Alabama, United States34.81224823N 87.62418365WAH-1, F-4Military27 Mar 20152
Florida, New York, United States42.89194489N 74.22536469WT-2, UH-1Military7 Mar 20202
Florissant, Missouri, United States38.79191971N 90.29866028WF-101Military6 Mar 20151
Floyd Bennett Field - Hangar B, New York, United States40.59487152N 73.88282776WVariousBoth14 Mar 201510
Flying Oaks, Texas, United States32.82941055N 97.53570557WM20 (not 100% sure of exact hangar)Civil4 Dec 20171
Foley, Mississippi, United States30.42694092N 87.70220947W2x small propCivil27 Sep 2020
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, United States43.76626968N 88.42822266WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Footville, Wisconsin, United States42.66701508N 89.21401978WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Forbes, Kansas, United States38.96426773N 95.68551636WB-57Military2 Sep 20121
Forbes, Kansas, United States38.94677353N 95.68377686WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20129
Forbes, Kansas, United States38.93860626N 95.68138123WUH-1Military1 Mar 20151
Forbes - American Flight Museum, United States38.94529343N 95.67591095WVariousCivil5 Oct 20203
Forbes - Combat Air Museum, Kansas, United States38.94122696N 95.67698669WVariousMilitary17 Jun 201427
Forest Park, Ohio, United States39.30322647N 84.51874542WCe.120 (inside mall, entrance to the Bass Pro Shops)Civil5 Nov 20141
Forney, Texas, United States32.81094742N 96.44940186WUH-1, 2x small twin prop at a paintball fieldBoth8 Jan 2017
Forney, Texas, United States32.69202423N 96.51950073WH-34 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 2017
Forney, Texas, United States32.70441437N 96.48255157WSeveral small propsCivil14 Jul 20194
Forsyth, Georgia, United States33.05125046N 83.97255707WUH-1 at Georgia Public Safety Training CenterMilitary18 Mar 2019
Forsyth, Georgia, United States33.02756119N 83.90731812WPZL 106, H-34Both6 Jun 20182
Fort Belvoir, Virginia, United States38.72088242N 77.15773773WOV-1Military22 Dec 20161
Fort Benning, Georgia, United States32.35470200N 84.96829987WDC-3Military3 Jun 20131
Fort Benning, Georgia, United States32.35447311N 84.96981812WC-119Military3 Jun 20131
Fort Benning, Georgia, United States32.33257675N 84.98206329WC-130Military22 Apr 20151
Fort Benning, Georgia, United States32.35894775N 84.96868896WC-130 fuselageMilitary3 Dec 20161
Fort Benning, Georgia, United States32.34754562N 84.98882294WC-130 fuselageMilitary30 Oct 2020
Fort Benning - Infantry Museum, Georgia, United States32.38862228N 84.95523071WUH-1 (inside)Military11 Oct 20183
Fort Bliss - Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museum, Texas, United States31.82181931N 106.42945862WAH-1, UH-1Military21 Apr 20182
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States35.16588211N 79.00339508WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20124
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States35.14545059N 79.03211212WH-60, C-130 fuselage, C-130 fuselage frame and a third is inside a building, probably in this area tooMilitary28 Feb 20193
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States35.11684036N 79.37071228WC-130 fuselage, H-47Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States35.12873459N 79.06208801WHH-3Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Bragg, North Carolina, United States35.17802811N 79.064888WC-130 fuselageMilitary15 Dec 2016
Fort Bragg - 82nd Airborne Museum, North Carolina, United States35.13037109N 79.02237701WVariousMilitary7 Sep 20127
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.66506195N 87.47998047WC-47, C-119Military2 Sep 20122
Fort Campbell, Tennessee, United States36.60199738N 87.46675873W2x UH-1Military26 Sep 20202
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.64283752N 87.45378113WUH-1, H-58, H-60Military30 Jun 20193
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.64578629N 87.46244812WC-130Military15 Dec 20161
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.63310242N 87.45141602WH-23 at Warrior Transition UnitMilitary1 Jul 20191
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, United States36.60278320N 87.45139313WUH-1, OH-58 (only visible on latest GE image)Military30 Jun 20192
Fort Campbell - Don F. Pratt Museum, Tennessee, United States36.63915253N 87.45439911WVariousMilitary29 Dec 201611
Fort Carson, Colorado, United States38.74061584N 104.79405212WUH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Fort Carson, Colorado, United States38.74135208N 104.79467773WAH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Fort Carson, Colorado, United States38.73818207N 104.80576324WAH-1Military7 Oct 20181
Fort Carson, Colorado, United States38.72344208N 104.75131989WUH-1Military18 Mar 2019
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States40.58992004N 105.04568481WSmall propCivil18 Jul 2019
Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States40.02957153N 74.61898041WUH-1, H-53Military25 Oct 20162
Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States40.01692963N 74.63546753WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Fort Dodge, Iowa, United States42.55026245N 94.17843628WF-84Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.12353516N 75.65444946WAH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.12673950N 75.63781738WUH-1 (minus its nose)Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.19388199N 75.47780609WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.20334244N 75.4677124W4x AH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.06117630N 75.69284821W2x AH-1, UH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.06199265N 75.69245911W2x AH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.04304504N 75.71636963W3x AH-1, UH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Drum, New York, United States44.05237961N 75.78369904WOH-6Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.14879608N 76.57962036WAH-1Military8 May 20141
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.14659119N 76.58861542WUH-1Military21 Mar 2015
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.16687012N 76.60193634WUH-1Military4 Sep 20151
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.15082932N 76.57929993Wvarious i/a inside hangarsMilitary21 Mar 2015
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.11252213N 76.57544708W2x Mi-8, Mi-24, 3x unknownMilitary18 Aug 2020
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.12827682N 76.59352875WH-47Military18 Aug 2020
Fort Eustis - USArmy Transportation Museum, Virginia, United States37.16409683N 76.57659149WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201223
Fort Fischer, North Carolina, United States33.98162079N 77.91820526WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Fort Garland, Colorado, United States37.42592239N 105.42055511WT-33Military26 Nov 20121
Fort Gordon, Georgia, United States33.42470551N 82.13470459WAH-1Military3 Jun 2013
Fort Gordon, Georgia, United States33.41677475N 82.17482758WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Gordon, Georgia, United States33.41675186N 82.18223572WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Gordon, Georgia, United States33.34954834N 82.21524811WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Gordon, Georgia, United States33.42500305N 82.15394592WC-12Military28 Feb 2019
Fort Harrison, Montana, United States46.62279892N 112.09729767WUH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.14485550N 97.72199249WAH-1Military27 May 2013
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.13722801N 97.74887085WUH-1, OH-13Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.13514900N 97.77099609WAH-1Military3 Jun 2013
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.15023613N 97.76918793WA-10Military28 May 20141
Fort Hood, Texas, United States31.14418221N 97.71744537W10x H-58Military4 Mar 2020
Fort Hood - 1st Cavalry Division Museum, Texas, United States31.13938713N 97.77059937WVariousMilitary27 May 20138
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States31.56179428N 110.33969879WOV-1, C-12Military18 Sep 20122
Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States31.58064651N 110.29727936WAH-1Military21 Dec 2016
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.43070602N 76.57006073WF-102Military4 Sep 20121
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.43264771N 76.56791687WEC-130, AH-1, UH-1, H-6Military24 Nov 20124
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.44350815N 76.55645752WUH-1Military6 Mar 2015
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.44417191N 76.55239105WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, United States40.43948364N 76.56780243WH-47Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Irwin, California, United States35.26679611N 116.6843338WUH-1, AH-1Military7 May 20142
Fort Irwin, California, United States35.26579285N 116.66688538WUH-1, H-3?Military23 Sep 2016
Fort Irwin, California, United States35.42162704N 116.75257874WT-33, OV-1 as range targetsMilitary19 Jul 2019
Fort Irwin, California, United States35.15630341N 116.76486969WAH-1Military5 Dec 2016
Fort Irwin - 11 CAV Museum, California, United States35.26078796N 116.68664551WH-23 (both exact location of museum, as well as presence of helicopter needs to be confirmed)Military5 Dec 2016
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.91000748N 85.96219635WH-47Military15 Dec 20162
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.90902710N 85.95063782WC-130 fuselage (outside, but under this roof)Military15 Dec 20161
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.88108444N 85.92947388WUH-1 (cabin only)Military23 Dec 2016
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.95827866N 85.81884003WHelicopterUnknown23 Dec 2016
Fort Knox, Kentucky, United States37.98748398N 85.86284637WUH-1 (cabin only)Military23 Dec 2016
Fort Knox - General Patton Museum, Kentucky, United States37.89656448N 85.97422028WUH-1 (inside)Military19 Apr 20151
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.13351059N 80.13561249WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.07919502N 80.16384888W2x B727Civil14 Mar 20152
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.19335175N 80.16921997WG.1159 forward fuselage at Banyan Pilot ShopCivil23 Nov 20171
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States26.19983292N 80.18089294WC-123, CM.170, Commander, several othersCivil8 Feb 20192
Fort Leanord Wood, Missouri, United States37.72821808N 92.14408112WF-18 fuselage, 2x UH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Leavenworth - Frontier Army Museum, Kansas, United States39.34835815N 94.91849518WJN4DMilitary23 Dec 2016
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.24808502N 77.33485413WH-47Military3 Jun 2013
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.25059128N 77.32434082WC-130, C-17 fuselageMilitary2 Dec 20161
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.21907043N 77.34545898WUH-1Military2 Dec 2016
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.29558945N 77.33345795WH-47Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.21925735N 77.34453583WUH-1Military28 Feb 2019
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.22029495N 77.34474182WH-60Military28 Feb 2019
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.22079086N 77.34609985WAH-1?Military28 Feb 2019
Fort Lee - US Quartermaster Museum, Virginia, United States37.24251938N 77.34668732WUH-1 (cabin only)Military12 May 2017
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.76361084N 92.11672211WA-10Military27 May 20131
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.74456787N 92.11134338WUH-1Military27 May 20131
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.71472549N 92.19462585WF-4Military13 May 2015
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.62855911N 92.22161865W5x AH-1, UH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.63892365N 92.2173996WAH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.72838974N 92.15814209WHH-3Military13 Jan 2017
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, United States37.71848297N 92.0504303WUH-1Military29 Oct 2020
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.06840515N 122.57278442WC-130Military25 Oct 20161
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.06755447N 122.57079315WH-47Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.07857513N 122.57074738WAH-1, OH-58Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.03005981N 122.54541016WC-130 fuselageMilitary15 Dec 2016
Fort Lewis Military Museum, Washington, United States47.09731293N 122.61514282WUH-1Military6 Sep 2015
Fort McClellan, Alabama, United States33.72966766N 85.78553009WUH-1Military27 Mar 2015
Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, United States44.01946259N 90.66442108WAH-1, UH-1Military2 Sep 2012
Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, United States43.95262146N 90.73751831WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Meade - Museum, Maryland, United States39.09856796N 76.74324799WUH-1Military23 Dec 2016
Fort Meyers, Florida, United States26.58705330N 81.8675766WT-6Military30 Jan 20181
Fort Missoula, Montana, United States46.84410095N 114.06469727WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Fort Pickett, Virginia, United States37.05294800N 77.94459534WUH-1Military22 Dec 2016
Fort Pierce, Florida, United States27.49397469N 80.37146759Wunknown bizjet?Civil25 Oct 2017
Fort Pierce - Navy Seal Museum, Florida, United States27.49497223N 80.3004303WUH-1, H-60Military15 Dec 20162
Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States31.05174255N 93.19736481W2x C-130 hulkMilitary3 Jun 20132
Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States31.04471207N 93.1856308WUH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States31.04915619N 93.1910553WAH-1, UH-1, H-56Military3 Jun 20132
Fort Polk, Louisiana, United States31.08177948N 92.94928741WUH-1Military21 Sep 2016
Fort Polk North, Louisiana, United States31.12183571N 93.1517868W3x UH-1Military21 Sep 2016
Fort Polk North, Louisiana, United States31.10625267N 93.11657715W2x UH-1Military21 Sep 2016
Fort Riley, Kansas, United States39.07515335N 96.7829361WA-10Military28 May 20141
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32376289N 85.71063232WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33880234N 85.71120453WCe.310, Be.50, CommanderMilitary17 Oct 20193
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.38413048N 85.70165253WUH-1Military2 Jun 20131
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33861351N 85.75488281WUH-1Military15 May 20141
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33219719N 85.68769836WH-47 (wreck)Military15 May 2014
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33226967N 85.68826294WH-58Military17 Oct 2019
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.33377457N 85.68767548WVariousMilitary17 Oct 2019
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32638359N 85.70779419WAH-1, H-58Military15 May 20142
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32217026N 85.74261475W3x UH-1, U-8Military15 Dec 20164
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32124519N 85.7401123WUH-1, H-47, OH-58Military31 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32196999N 85.71595001WVarious i/a at Army Aviation Technical Training SchoolMilitary15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45852280N 85.76981354WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46407509N 85.77955627WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45544815N 85.77590942WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45492172N 85.78830719WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45842743N 85.80542755WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46818924N 85.82322693WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.47335815N 85.81304932WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.44503784N 85.77570343WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.44975853N 85.77377319WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46881866N 85.81665039WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.46571732N 85.80329895WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45440865N 85.76786041WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45832443N 85.81472778WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45770073N 85.81622314WUH-1Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.45447350N 85.83997345WUH-1, 2x OH-58Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Rucker, United States31.32413292N 85.69955444W2x unknown helicopter (museum storage?)Military17 Oct 2019
Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States31.32789993N 85.7069397WStorage facility of the museum (exact building not 100% sure)Military26 Nov 20201
Fort Rucker - US Army Museum of Army Aviation, Alabama, United States31.32403755N 85.71273804WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201226
Fort Sam Houston, Texas, United States29.46658325N 98.41757202WF-4Military27 Jun 2017
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.64750290N 98.69280243WF-111Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.64477158N 98.69210815WT-33, T-37, A-7Military24 Dec 20161
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65835953N 98.69828796WA-4Military24 Dec 20161
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65679932N 98.70360565WUH-1Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65518570N 98.70563507WA-4, 2x AV-8Military24 Dec 20163
Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States34.65484238N 98.710289W2x A-7Military24 Dec 2016
Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States35.33914566N 94.37135315WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20126
Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States35.31231308N 94.29942322WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States31.85955429N 81.60794067WAH-1, H-58 (recently placed, not yet visible on GE image)Military28 May 20181
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States31.86156464N 81.61155701WUH-1Military28 May 20181
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States32.01328659N 81.83019257WUH-1Military23 Dec 2016
Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States31.86369324N 81.64243317WUH-1Military8 Apr 2019
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States40.98883820N 85.17451477WVariousMilitary20 Dec 20167
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States41.11625671N 85.12333679WF-84Military4 Sep 20121
Fort Wolters, Texas, United States32.81106567N 98.05492401WH-23, H-55Military4 Dec 20162
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.76448059N 97.42155457WF-18Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.76587296N 97.42080688WF-18Military3 Aug 20191
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.76641464N 97.42014313WH-34, F-14Military29 Nov 20162
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77062607N 97.4196701WF-86, F-80Military13 Jun 20142
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77706528N 97.42336273WF-4, F-16, F-105Military2 Sep 20123
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77469254N 97.42216492WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.78611755N 97.44706726W2x F-16, 2x F-35 (fake?)Military4 Jul 2014
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.74204254N 97.37023926WSmall propCivil3 Dec 2016
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.83493805N 97.38999939WCommanderCivil14 Jul 2018
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.62327194N 97.35388947W2x small twin propCivil21 Jun 2019
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.57217407N 97.30032349W2x small propCivil21 Jun 2019
Fort Worth, Texas, United States32.77357483N 97.42396545WA-4Military12 Mar 2020
Fort Worth - CR Smith Museum, Texas, United States32.83326721N 97.06355286WDC-3Civil13 Jan 20151
Fort Worth - Fort Worth Aviation Museum, Texas, United States32.80565643N 97.35539246WVariousBoth7 Apr 201824
Fort Worth - Vintage Flying Museum, Texas, United States32.81158829N 97.35626984WVarious, also airworthyBoth28 Dec 20203
Fort Worth Alliance, Texas, United States32.97985840N 97.31280518WVarious i/a at Tarrant County CollegeCivil30 Sep 20198
Forth Worth, Texas, United States32.96091080N 97.30828857WPiper Cub hanging from ceiling inside Cabela's storeCivil17 Oct 2019
Fortine - Stonehenge Air Museum, Montana, United States48.79778290N 114.88864899WVarious, mostly airworthy or being restored to airworthinessBoth5 Jan 201724
Fosston, Minnesota, United States47.57176590N 95.74258423WAH-1Military4 Sep 20121
Frankenmuth, Michigan, United States43.31834793N 83.73516846WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Frankfort, Kentucky, United States38.18215942N 84.91685486WH-58Military9 Sep 20171
Franklin, Nebraska, United States40.10126877N 98.95259857WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Franklinville, New York, United States42.34410477N 78.44620514WAH-1Military3 Jan 20151
Fraser, Michigan, United States42.53693390N 82.94502258WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Fredericksburg, Texas, United States30.24560738N 98.90721893WDC-3Civil20 Jul 20201
Fredericksburg, Texas, United States30.24465752N 98.90795135WSmall propCivil11 Oct 2016
Fredericksburg - National Museum of the Pacific War, Texas, United States30.27300262N 98.86760712WSome warbirdsMilitary4 Jul 20141
Freedom, California, United States36.94814301N 121.80596924WPembrokeCivil25 Jun 20181
Freehold, New Jersey, United States40.23115921N 74.20057678WHH-3 at Military Sealift Command Fire Fighting SchoolMilitary24 Apr 2019
Freeport, Illinois, United States42.24628067N 89.58506012WT-38Military5 Oct 20131
Freetown, Massachusetts, United States41.76384735N 71.01405334WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
French Valley, California, United States33.57575607N 117.13037872WBD-5Civil6 Jul 20191
French Valley, California, United States33.56835938N 117.13161469WSeveral fuselagesCivil6 Jul 2019
French Valley - Wings and Rotors Museum, California, United States33.57873535N 117.12998962WVarious (in hangar 7, pin may not be on the correct hangar)Both1 Mar 20155
Fresno, California, United States36.76591492N 119.71433258WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20125
Fresno, California, United States36.78071594N 119.70059967WAH-1Military5 Dec 20161
Fresno, California, United States36.77683640N 119.72817993WVarious i/a at San Joaquin Valley CollegeCivil9 Dec 2016
Fresno, California, United States36.77356339N 119.72315216WSD.360 (to become someone's house?)Civil3 Apr 20181
Fresno, California, United States36.76639175N 119.70920563WF-86, P-51Military25 Jun 20182
Friesburg, United States39.54195404N 75.28015137WDo.328 fuselage at a campsite (exact location within the grounds not sure)Civil12 Dec 20161
Frisco, Texas, United States33.09880066N 96.81344604WB737 forward fuselage at Kidzania in Stonebriar CenterCivil26 Jan 20201
Fruita, Colorado, United States39.15291214N 108.73604584WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Fullerton, California, United States33.87345123N 117.97745514WUH-1Civil25 Jun 20181
Fulton, Texas, United States28.09077072N 97.04754639WSeveral small propsCivil17 Aug 2020
Funny Farm, California, United States37.94815063N 121.64781189WT-33?Military19 Dec 2013
Furlow, Arkansas, United States34.81504440N 92.00108337WVariousCivil13 Dec 2016
Gaffney, South Carolina, United States35.07279205N 81.65340424WT-37, UH-1Military4 Jun 20142
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.64847565N 97.19405365WATL-98Civil12 Mar 20201
Gainesville, Florida, United States29.69842529N 82.2727356W2x Ce.500Civil6 May 2019
Gainesville, Florida, United States29.67455292N 82.3019104WPA-44Civil4 Sep 2019
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.64691925N 97.19540405W2x small twin propCivil12 Mar 2020
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.65334320N 97.20200348WDC-3 fuselageCivil12 Mar 2020
Gainesville, Texas, United States33.65152740N 97.19293976W3x small propCivil12 Mar 2020
Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States39.24558640N 77.14661407W2x small prop fuselageCivil2 Apr 2019
Galena, Kansas, United States37.07576370N 94.64205933WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Gallatin, Tennessee, United States36.37854767N 86.41172791WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Gallatin Field, Montana, United States45.76760483N 111.14980316W2x F-100. T-33Military2 Sep 20123
Gallup, New Mexico, United States35.51549530N 108.780159WT-38Military2 Sep 20121
Garden City, South Carolina, United States33.59957886N 78.99521637WRC-3Civil14 Jan 20151
Garden City - Cradle of Aviation Museum, New York, United States40.72832489N 73.59856415WVariousBoth1 May 201413
Gary, Indiana, United States41.52447891N 87.29819489WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Gates, Oregon, United States44.74525833N 122.41885376WSeveral small propsCivil2 Apr 2019
Gaveston, Texas, United States29.26266098N 94.85603333WSmall twin propCivil14 May 2020
Genesee County - Genesee Warbirds, New York, United States43.03023911N 78.17103577WHA200, L-29, CM.170 (all airworthy)Civil2 Sep 2012
Geneseo - National Warplane Museum, New York, United States42.79661560N 77.84709167WVariousBoth5 May 20164
Geneva, Alabama, United States31.04125023N 85.86581421WUH-1Military9 Jun 20181
Georgetown, Delaware, United States38.69177628N 75.36238098WVarious i/a (exact hangar not 100% sure)Civil28 Dec 20161
Georgetown, Texas, United States30.68546867N 97.67615509WCe.172, small prop under the treesCivil29 Jul 20181
Gibsonburg, Ohio, United States41.38680267N 83.31923676WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.96018600N 112.6795578W2x F-101Military26 Dec 20122
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.88431549N 112.72743988WF-84Military4 Sep 20121
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.66697693N 112.61299896W2x F-102/F-106 range targetsMilitary26 Dec 2012
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.64742661N 112.86949921WF9F Cougar as range targetMilitary3 Dec 2016
Gila Bend, Arizona, United States32.87808990N 112.73390198W2x A-4 fuselage, unknown fuselage and multiple partsMilitary26 Feb 2018
Gilbert, Illinois, United States42.10515594N 88.40390015WBAC1-11Civil20 Dec 20161
Gilboa Quarry, Ohio, United States41.01476288N 83.93541718WG.159 submerged as diving attractionCivil15 Jan 20171
Gillespie Field, California, United States32.81708908N 116.97118378WSmall propCivil19 Dec 2013
Gillespie Field, California, United States32.81888199N 116.97478485WSeveral wrecksCivil28 Jul 2020
Gillespie Field - San Diego Aerospace Museum annex, California, United States32.82868195N 116.96617126WVariousBoth2 Sep 201213
Gilmer - Flight of the Phoenix Museum, Texas, United States32.70162582N 94.94628143WVariousBoth12 Mar 2015
Girard, Kansas, United States37.50972748N 94.84199524WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Givens Hot Springs, Idaho, United States43.42072678N 116.70833588WSmall twin propCivil18 Jun 2020
Gladstone, Michigan, United States45.84875488N 87.0190506WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Glasgow, Montana, United States48.20447922N 106.64086914WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Glasgow, Montana, United States48.19026184N 106.60797119WPA-18Civil3 Dec 2016
Glasscock, Texas, United States29.37616348N 99.33953857WSmall twin propCivil24 Jun 2020
Glencoe, Oklahoma, United States36.18889236N 96.92807007WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52494049N 112.18557739WF-100Military4 Sep 20121
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52335739N 112.30124664WBe.90 (and others, moving around often)Civil31 Jan 20181
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.52714920N 112.29662323W3x UH-1, MiG-17, MiG-21 (note: all of these frequently move about the field and may be parked elsewhere at anytime)Civil4 Feb 20173
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.53591156N 112.2928772WVarious i/a at Western Maricopa Education CenterCivil17 Nov 20175
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.51454544N 112.25552368WOV-1Military22 Jun 20181
Glendale, Arizona, United States33.51526642N 112.25588226WOV-1Military22 Jun 20181
Glens Falls, New York, United States43.34175873N 73.60454559WSmall propCivil24 Sep 2013
Glenview, Illinois, United States42.09011078N 87.82553864WStearman hanging inside Von Maur shopping mallMilitary20 Dec 20161
Glenview - Hangar One Foundation, Illinois, United States42.09190369N 87.81490326WH-52Military20 Dec 20161
Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States39.50117111N 107.30741119WCe.401, Ce.170Civil14 Oct 20201
Globe, Arizona, United States33.35316467N 110.6607666WHU-16Civil30 Mar 20151
Globe, Arizona, United States33.35345078N 110.65994263W2x Be.18Civil4 Dec 20172
Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States35.45959854N 77.96875WBe.18Civil12 Feb 2020
Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States35.38599014N 77.99586487WF-86Military24 Sep 20161
Goldsby, Oklahoma, United States35.15513611N 97.47283936WCe.320 in one of these three hangarsCivil24 Apr 20191
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.42464447N 100.40885925WB-25Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43359184N 100.41012573WC-47, T-6Military6 May 20162
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43650055N 100.41092682WMiG-29Military6 May 20161
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43580437N 100.41267395WMiG-23Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43772888N 100.41000366WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43111610N 100.41320801WBT-13Military2 Sep 2012
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43261719N 100.40444183WH-43Military28 Nov 20121
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43597603N 100.39963531W2x C-130, F-14, H-53 (one of these often on the pad to the east)Military6 May 20164
Goodfellow, Texas, United States31.43164444N 100.41320038WT-28Military18 Sep 20121
Goodyear, Arizona, United States33.42771530N 112.3705368WVarious stored airlinersCivil2 Sep 201213
Gordon, Nebraska, United States42.79971695N 102.20155334WAH-1Military27 May 20141
Gowanda, New York, United States42.46309280N 78.93280792WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Graceland, Tennessee, United States35.04702759N 90.02573395WL1329, Cv880Civil2 Sep 20122
Grand Bay Bombing Range, Georgia, United States30.98126411N 83.13210297WF-4Military21 Apr 20151
Grand Bay Bombing Range, Georgia, United States30.97706413N 83.14978027WUH-1 cabin upside downMilitary17 Jul 2018
Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States35.94955826N 112.1463089WUnknown fuselageCivil10 May 2017
Grand Canyon - Planes of Fame Museum, Arizona, United States35.64769745N 112.14156342WVariousBoth2 Sep 201226
Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States47.94765854N 97.36759949WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20127
Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States47.94823456N 97.19455719WB727Civil4 Dec 20141
Grand Haven, Michigan, United States43.03702545N 86.19753265WF-100Military7 Sep 20121
Grand Island, Nebraska, United States40.94725418N 98.35983276WT-33Military7 Sep 20121
Grand Island, Nebraska, United States40.96101379N 98.29909515WUH-1Military9 Sep 2017
Grand Junction, Colorado, United States39.12018204N 108.52700043WA-6, F11FMilitary18 Sep 20122
Grand Junction, Colorado, United States39.09120560N 108.59528351WA-26Military29 May 2016
Grand Ledge, Michigan, United States42.77100754N 84.73042297WAH-1, UH-1Military7 Sep 20122
Grand Ledge, Michigan, United States42.77160263N 84.72826385WStar Lite on sticksCivil5 Jun 2018
Grand Prairie, Texas, United States32.70115280N 97.05329895WBo.105Civil9 Sep 2017
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States42.88491058N 85.53462982WPiper Cub hanging from the ceiling at Western Michigan Aviation AcademyCivil24 Oct 2016
Grand Rapids - Gerald Ford Museum, Michigan, United States42.96841812N 85.67741394WUH-1Military12 Jul 20151
Grand Rapids - Public Museum, Michigan, United States42.96608353N 85.67671967WSkylarkCivil21 Sep 20161
Grandview, Iowa, United States41.27701950N 91.19603729WUH-1Military10 May 20141
Granite City, Illinois, United States38.71786499N 90.13273621WF-84Military7 Sep 20121
Granite City, Illinois, United States38.75007629N 90.10041046WVarious i/a at Southwestern Illinois CollegeCivil9 Dec 2016
Granite Falls - Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, Minnesota, United States44.75097275N 95.55690765WVariousBoth17 Mar 20152
Grants, New Mexico, United States35.16668701N 107.89904785W3x CessnaCivil26 Sep 20191
Grass Valley, California, United States39.22264481N 121.00509644WF-104Military4 Sep 20121
Gravette, Arkansas, United States36.42153931N 94.44963837WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Grayling, Michigan, United States44.65893173N 84.71205902WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Grayling, Michigan, United States44.63325500N 84.77391052WUH-1Military9 Jul 2014
Grayslake, Illinois, United States42.32493973N 88.0791626WCe.310, PA-28Civil29 Jul 2018
Grayson County Airport, Texas, United States33.70938110N 96.65992737WF-86Military4 Sep 20121
Grayson County Airport - Perrin AFB Museum, Texas, United States33.70891571N 96.66191101WT-37 (inside)Military4 Jun 20141
Great Falls, Montana, United States47.48649216N 111.35113525WVarious stored and for scrappingCivil25 Oct 2016
Great Falls, Montana, United States47.47841263N 111.35922241WvariousMilitary17 Jul 20156
Great Falls, Montana, United States47.47325134N 111.36223602WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Great Falls, Montana, United States47.49440765N 111.26049042WF-102Military18 Sep 20121
Greater St Tammany, Louisiana, United States30.44593620N 89.98763275WPA-34 fuselageCivil5 Jun 20181
Greeley, Colorado, United States40.42654037N 104.63746643WT-38Military3 Jun 20131
Greeley, Colorado, United States40.42339706N 104.63942719WA-7Military2 Feb 20161
Greeley, Colorado, United States40.42228317N 104.63829041WSeveral wrecks and partsCivil2 Feb 20168
Greeley, Colorado, United States40.42636108N 104.63694WT8F hanging inside terminal buildingCivil2 Feb 20161
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States44.48189163N 88.07165527WStearman, inside Le Mieux & Son car dealershipCivil13 Apr 20131
Green County, Pennsylvania, United States39.89932632N 80.12944031WCe.310Civil15 Aug 2018
Greenfield - Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame, Iowa, United States41.32566452N 94.44358063WVariousBoth2 Sep 20122
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States36.07747269N 79.77000427WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States36.09632111N 79.95195007WVarious i/a at GTCC Aviation CenterCivil5 Oct 20182
Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.30919266N 79.53283691WUH-1Military27 Sep 20161
Greenup, Kentucky, United States38.55345154N 82.7973938WF-86, UH-1Military2 Sep 20122
Greenville, South Carolina, United States34.84135056N 82.39428711WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Greenville, Mississippi, United States33.48106384N 90.99090576WT-33 (601 is on a pole outside, 608 should be here as well, probably inside. Need confirmation of the 608 being here.)Military3 Jun 20142
Greenville, South Carolina, United States34.84503174N 82.34629822WVarious i/a at USAeroTech InstituteCivil11 Dec 20163
Greenville, South Carolina, United States34.84436798N 82.35071564WCe.310Civil24 Oct 20161
Greenville, Texas, United States33.06610107N 96.0559845W2x Unknown fuselageMilitary25 Oct 2016
Greenville, Maine, United States45.46493149N 69.55464172WDC-3Civil4 Nov 20191
Greenwood, Mississippi, United States33.48637390N 90.08429718WVarious stored airliners for scrappingCivil18 Dec 2012
Greenwood Lake, New Jersey, United States41.12947845N 74.34294891WL-1049Military2 Sep 20121
Greer, South Carolina, United States34.93171692N 82.22226715WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Grenada, Mississippi, United States33.76205063N 89.80641174WA-4Military12 Jul 20151
Greybull, Wyoming, United States44.51049423N 108.08518219W2x C-119, Be.18, 2x PrivateerCivil27 Jul 20155
Greybull, Wyoming, United States44.51604080N 108.08571625WSeveral C-130, C-82/119, P-2, C-97 and othersCivil18 Dec 2012
Griffin, Georgia, United States33.22415161N 84.27416229WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Griffin, Georgia, United States33.22822189N 84.27877808WLarge amount of plane parts (scrapyard)Unknown3 Jun 2013
Griffin - Yesterday's Classic Cars & Museum, Georgia, United States33.25594711N 84.28411102WJet ProvostCivil17 Jul 20181
Griffiss, New York, United States43.21627045N 75.40647888WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Griffiss, New York, United States43.22656631N 75.42608643WB-52Military2 Sep 20121
Griffiss, New York, United States43.22658920N 75.41952515WVarious i/a at Mohawk Valley Community CollegeCivil10 Dec 20166
Griffiss, New York, United States43.21579742N 75.39316559WSeveral airliners being broken upCivil10 Dec 2016
Griffiss, New York, United States43.22774124N 75.40864563WVariousCivil20 Oct 20171
Grimes Field - Champaign Aviation Museum, Ohio, United States40.13493729N 83.74890137WVariousBoth7 Jan 20159
Grissom, Indiana, United States40.66944885N 86.12960052WVariousBoth2 Sep 201226
Grissom, Indiana, United States40.66280746N 86.14865112WDC-9 (still here, inside?)Civil29 Jun 20191
Groton - New London, Connecticut, United States41.33425903N 72.04812622WUH-1, AH-1Military30 Jun 20182
Grove City, Ohio, United States39.85158920N 83.10928345W2x PA-28, Be.24 at LVL UP Sports Paintball Park
credits: SabreOH
Civil8 Nov 20203
Groveport - Motts Military Museum, Ohio, United States39.85923386N 82.88713837WVariousMilitary24 Dec 20165
Groves, Texas, United States29.95374870N 93.87799072WF-4, UH-1Military1 Dec 20122
Grumman Bethpage, New York, United States40.75131226N 73.49964905WF-14Military2 Sep 20121
Guam, Guam, United States13.56506634N 144.92810059EF-4Military21 Sep 20181
Guam, Guam, United States13.47774315N 144.79548645EVariousCivil26 Dec 20161
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States30.40783119N 89.07977295WMartin 4-0-4Civil3 Dec 2013
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States30.41624832N 89.06348419WUH-1, 2x H-58Military24 Dec 2016
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States30.41730499N 89.06336212WH-58Military24 Dec 2016
Gundys, Oklahoma, United States36.26677322N 95.78388214WBe.18Civil4 Dec 20171
Gundys, Oklahoma, United States36.26753998N 95.78353119WBe.18 fuselageCivil24 Apr 20191
Gundys, Oklahoma, United States36.26417542N 95.78330231WBD-5Civil31 Aug 2020
Gustavus, Alaska, United States58.44094086N 135.75708008WDC-3 wreck (under the trees, exact location not 100% sure)Unknown9 May 2013
Guthrie, Oklahoma, United States35.85220718N 97.41834259WLj-24Civil16 Nov 20171
Hagerhill, Kentucky, United States37.74763489N 82.78047943WSmall propCivil29 May 2019
Hagerstown, Maryland, United States39.70592880N 77.73297119WBAe.146Civil5 May 20161
Hagerstown, Maryland, United States39.71371078N 77.72414398WVarious i/a at Pittsburgh Institute of AeronauticsCivil29 Jul 20201
Hagerstown - Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Maryland, United States39.70739746N 77.72090149WVarious (several of the listed planes move around the airport quite a bit)Both5 May 20168
Hale County, Texas, United States34.17084885N 101.70765686WT-33Military26 May 20131
Halletsville, Texas, United States29.46057510N 96.93963623WAH-1Military13 Apr 20131
Hamburg, New York, United States42.71303558N 78.88488007WA-4, AH-1Military18 Jul 20152
Hamburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.55762482N 76.00201416WPA-18 (hanging inside store)Civil20 Mar 2015
Hamilton, New Jersey, United States40.21594620N 74.66635895WF-4Military2 Jul 20141
Hamilton, New Jersey, United States40.21072388N 74.66210938WAH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Hamilton, Ohio, United States39.36805344N 84.52230072WBe.18Unknown7 Jan 2017
Hamilton Fairfield, Ohio, United States39.36511993N 84.53235626WA-4, CommanderBoth5 Jun 20151
Hamlet, North Carolina, United States34.87615967N 79.72635651WUH-1Military18 Sep 2012
Hammondsport - Glenn H Curtis Museum, New York, United States42.39765167N 77.23223877WVariousCivil7 Mar 20202
Hammonton, New Jersey, United States39.66780853N 74.75604248WSmall prop fuselageCivil11 Apr 2014
Hampton, Georgia, United States33.38856888N 84.32938385WVariousCivil22 Dec 20172
Hampton - Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, Georgia, United States33.38886261N 84.32598877WVarious AH-1, UH-1 in various statesMilitary2 Jan 20173
Hampton - Virginia Air and Space Museum - History Center, Virginia, United States37.02407455N 76.34428406WVariousBoth20 Mar 201513
Hampton Air Park, Virginia, United States37.04330063N 76.36633301WVariousBoth2 Sep 20127
Hanscom, Massachusetts, United States42.46197128N 71.2798233WF-86Military11 Jul 20151
Hanscom, Massachusetts, United States42.46473312N 71.28496552WC-130, bizjetBoth1 Nov 20161
Hanscom, Massachusetts, United States42.47387314N 71.297966WDa.20?Military1 Nov 2016
Hardeeville, South Carolina, United States32.29704285N 81.07546997WSeveral F-18 at a scrapyardMilitary28 Jun 2019
Harlan, Iowa, United States41.57964706N 95.33532715WF-84Military7 Sep 20121
Harlingen, Texas, United States26.21523476N 97.66606903WVarious i/aCivil29 May 2016
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.20151901N 76.77909851WT-29Military10 Aug 20151
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States40.25262833N 76.82801819WCe.140 hanging from the ceiling in the boat showroomCivil12 Jan 2017
Harrisburg - State Museum of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States40.26583481N 76.88537598WSeveral small propsCivil12 Jan 20171
Harrod, Ohio, United States40.70957947N 83.92038727WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Hart, Michigan, United States43.70529556N 86.36265564WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Hartsville, South Carolina, United States34.40976334N 80.11412048WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Hartwell, Georgia, United States34.38220215N 82.94382477WA-4Military22 Apr 20151
Harvey Point, North Carolina, United States36.09707642N 76.31053925WB727? fuselageCivil2 Dec 2016
Hastings, Nebraska, United States40.59744263N 98.4274292WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Hastings, Florida, United States29.69219971N 81.50454712WSmall prop scrapyardCivil4 Feb 2019
Hastings, Michigan, United States42.66120529N 85.32711029WLuscombe 8 nose down as billboardCivil20 Nov 2020
Hat Field, Michigan, United States43.09799576N 86.09187317W2x small prop fuselageCivil23 Mar 2019
Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States31.27013588N 89.25226593WF-84, F-101, T-33Military2 Sep 20123
Hatton, North Dakota, United States47.63299179N 97.45372009WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Havelock, North Carolina, United States34.87987900N 76.89873505WVarious i/a at Craven Community CollegeBoth10 Dec 20164
Havelock, North Carolina, United States34.87581253N 76.90297699WAV-8Military7 Sep 20121
Havelock, North Carolina, United States34.89229965N 76.92457581WA-6Military7 Sep 20121
Havelock - Tourist Center, North Carolina, United States34.89112091N 76.92684174WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20125
Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States42.81084061N 71.143013WSmall prop, at least there from 1992Civil24 Jan 2018
Hawkins, Texas, United States32.59333801N 95.20570374WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Hawthorne - Ordnance Museum, Nevada, United States38.53133774N 118.625WHUPMilitary3 May 20151
Hayden, Idaho, United States47.76312256N 116.81127167WVarious i/a at North Idaho CollegeCivil15 Jun 20192
Hayden - Bird Aviation Museum, Idaho, United States47.76900864N 116.82220459WVarious (recently moved to Hayden, exact hangar not sure)Civil15 Jun 20196
Hayward, California, United States37.66343689N 122.12374115WJetstarCivil11 Sep 2019
Hazel Green, Alabama, United States34.91612244N 86.64538574WNavionCivil6 Jun 20181
Hazlehurst, Mississippi, United States31.87068939N 90.4120636WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Headland, Alabama, United States31.36322594N 85.31301117WCe.172Civil29 Jun 20201
Hector, Minnesota, United States44.73260498N 94.7188797WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Hedgesville, West Virginia, United States39.57235718N 77.96926117WSmall twin propCivil26 May 2019
Helena, Montana, United States46.60842514N 111.96655273WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Helena, Arkansas, United States34.52787018N 90.58827209WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Helena, Montana, United States46.60625076N 112.00390625WUH-1Military3 Jun 20131
Helena, Montana, United States46.60767365N 111.96353912WB727, CRJ?Civil4 Dec 20141
Helena, Montana, United States46.60643768N 111.96224213WF-16 fuselage?Military8 Oct 2018
Helotes, Texas, United States29.63529205N 98.80688477WUH-1 at a paintball fieldUnknown14 Oct 2017
Hemet, California, United States33.72963333N 117.0216217WS-2Military4 Sep 20121
Hemet, California, United States33.73166275N 117.01642609WVariousCivil4 Sep 20122
Hemet, California, United States33.73075104N 117.02070618WUH-1Civil2 Jan 20151
Hemet, California, United States33.73069382N 117.01863098WF-5, MiG-21 (note: these often change positions at the airport)Military8 Jun 20186
Henderson, Texas, United States32.15064621N 94.85198212WT-33Military2 Jun 20141
Henderson, New York, United States43.82442474N 76.20262146WAH-1Military18 Jul 20151
Henderson - WNC Air Museum, North Carolina, United States35.30550385N 82.43437195WVariousCivil25 Oct 20175
Hermansville, Michigan, United States45.70792770N 87.60394287WUH-1Military28 May 20141
Hernando, Florida, United States28.90900230N 82.37589264WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Herrin, Illinois, United States37.80572128N 89.02883148WAH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Hertford, North Carolina, United States36.28989029N 77.17202759WT-33Military12 Mar 20151
Hettinger, North Dakota, United States46.01719666N 102.6503067WF-86Military24 May 20131
Hickam, Hawaii, United States21.33376312N 157.95083618WVariousMilitary5 Dec 20124
Hickam, Hawaii, United States21.33868027N 157.95817566WA-26Military28 Dec 20131
Hickory, North Carolina, United States35.74036026N 81.39513397WVA-10, HA.200, F-105, F.27Both24 Apr 20193
Hickory, North Carolina, United States35.73802567N 81.38648987WA-4 (plus maybe more, see also location #3193)Military22 Apr 20171
Hickory - Hickory Aviation Museum, North Carolina, United States35.74158859N 81.38941193WVarious (see also location #17450)Military22 Apr 201713
Hicks, Texas, United States32.93494034N 97.41513824WSmall twin propCivil12 Mar 2020
Higginsville, Missouri, United States39.07332611N 93.67642975WAA-1Civil5 Dec 20171
High Springs, Florida, United States29.83401871N 82.59049225WA-7Military7 Sep 20121
Highland, Illinois, United States38.72627258N 89.66703033WT-33 south west of parking lot, AH-1 north of parking lotMilitary24 Nov 20122
Highland Home, Alabama, United States31.95169449N 86.31347656WF-16Military1 Sep 20131
Hill, Utah, United States41.11590576N 111.98191071WF-16, F-105Military3 Jun 20132
Hill, Utah, United States41.12500763N 111.95308685WVariousMilitary3 Jun 2013
Hill, Utah, United States41.11188126N 111.98056793WF-16Military4 Apr 20151
Hill, Utah, United States41.12123489N 111.95929718WF-16 fuselageMilitary23 Sep 2016
Hill - Aerospace Museum, Utah, United States41.16168594N 112.0196228WVariousBoth21 Mar 201555
Hill City, Minnesota, United States46.99050522N 93.60018158WAH-1Military7 May 20141
Hillsboro, North Dakota, United States47.39888763N 97.05873871WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Hillsboro - Classic Aircraft Museum, Oregon, United States45.53261948N 122.95137024WVariousBoth2 Sep 201213
Hillsborough - Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, North Carolina, United States36.06963348N 79.04782867WVarious helicopters, mostly mobile exhibitsMilitary7 Jan 20178
Hilo, Hawaii, United States19.71474838N 155.06246948W3x Small propCivil28 Dec 2013
Hilton Head, Georgia, United States32.21869278N 80.69892883W2x small prop wreckCivil9 Dec 2016
Hinsdale, New York, United States42.16332245N 78.39636993WF-4Military24 May 20131
Hoagland, Indiana, United States40.94782639N 84.99015808WF-84Military4 Sep 20121
Holden, Maine, United States44.76103973N 68.69907379WMiG-21Military4 Nov 20191
Holdenville, Oklahoma, United States35.08550262N 96.41355896WSmall prop fuselageCivil10 Jun 2018
Holiday Island, Arkansas, United States36.45498276N 93.71764374WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Holland, Michigan, United States42.79383087N 86.16130829WT-33Military12 Jul 20151
Hollister, California, United States36.88843536N 121.4141922WCM.170, small prop fuselageCivil19 May 2016
Holloman, New Mexico, United States32.83988571N 106.07570648WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201211
Holloman, New Mexico, United States32.84438705N 106.08137512WTornadoMilitary2 Sep 2012
Holloman, New Mexico, United States32.83901596N 106.11195374WF-86Military26 Apr 20141
Holmdel, New Jersey, United States40.38962936N 74.17480469WUH-1Military18 Dec 20161
Holmesville, Ohio, United States40.66525269N 81.94389343WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Holyoke, Massachusetts, United States42.20861816N 72.60223389WSmall propCivil13 Apr 2013
Homestead, Florida, United States25.49954414N 80.39616394WF-4, F-16Military2 Sep 20122
Homestead, Florida, United States25.48240089N 80.46302032WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Homestead, Florida, United States25.44408989N 80.50167847WUnknown fuselage at Robert Is Here Fruit Farm (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Dave Broome
Civil29 Aug 2020
Homestead, Florida, United States25.44668198N 80.50205994WCe.185, Ce.337 fuselage, unknown fuselage at Robert Is Here Fruit Farm
credits: Dave Broome
Civil29 Aug 2020
Hondo, Texas, United States29.36171532N 99.16313171WVarious for scrappingCivil24 Jun 2020
Hondo, Texas, United States29.35146332N 99.16910553WSmall twin propCivil24 Jun 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States21.31444168N 157.91964722WVarious i/a at Pacific Aerospace Training CenterBoth24 Oct 20162
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States21.31061745N 157.92170715Wvarious small prop wrecksCivil24 Jan 2016
Honolulu - Army Museum, Hawaii, United States21.27885818N 157.83352661WAH-1Military5 Dec 20121
Hood River - Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum, Oregon, United States45.67697906N 121.54116058WVariousCivil2 Jun 201639
Hooks, Texas, United States33.46650696N 94.2133255WF-111Military16 Feb 20181
Hoover, Alabama, United States33.37660599N 86.78644562WAH-1Military27 Mar 20151
Hope, New Jersey, United States40.90176773N 74.95743561WDC-3 forward fuselage inside 'Land of Make Believe'Unknown13 Apr 20131
Hopewell, New Jersey, United States40.29683685N 74.78387451WHelio Courier fuselageCivil8 May 2017
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States36.86139297N 87.46550751WUH-1 this one is submerged along with other objects for scuba divingMilitary18 Sep 2012
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States36.83389282N 87.47125244WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Horlick-Racine, Wisconsin, United States42.75514984N 87.81178284WOV-1 (airworthy?)Unknown4 Sep 2012
Horlick-Racine - Experimental Aircraft Association Museum, Wisconsin, United States42.76085663N 87.82061005WVarious, mostly old civil, OV-1 outsideBoth4 Sep 2012
Houma, Louisiana, United States29.57346153N 90.684021WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Houma, Louisiana, United States29.57380295N 90.6627121WF-16 (to be placed on permanent display elsewhere at this airport)Military3 Jun 20161
Houston, Texas, United States29.99345016N 95.30553436WSF.340Civil2 Sep 2012
Houston, Texas, United States29.82239723N 95.41978455WF-4Military3 Jun 20131
Houston, Texas, United States29.65857315N 95.28262329WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil17 Nov 20162
Houston, Texas, United States29.99407578N 95.41683197WVarious i/a at MIAT College of TechnologyCivil13 Dec 2016
Houston - Military Museum of Texas, Texas, United States29.79110336N 95.27545929WUH-1 (inside)Military29 Apr 20141
Houston-Hobby - 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Texas, United States29.64702034N 95.28651428WVariousCivil25 Oct 20145
Huachuca, Arizona, United States31.64172173N 110.33846283WU-8Military14 Dec 20161
Hubbard, Texas, United States31.84895706N 96.7962265WAH-1Military12 Sep 20121
Huggins, South Carolina, United States34.13880920N 79.92167664WT-6?Civil1 Dec 2014
Hunter, Georgia, United States32.02393723N 81.13134003WUH-1, AH-1Military7 Oct 20131
Hunter, Georgia, United States32.00086594N 81.18486786WC-130 fuselageMilitary30 Nov 20161
Huntington, Indiana, United States40.87855911N 85.5067215WT-33Military10 Jul 20171
Huntington, Indiana, United States40.85497284N 85.46835327WF-104Military2 Sep 20121
Huntley, Illinois, United States42.14123917N 88.40145111W2x stored civil single propCivil2 Sep 2012
Huntsville, Alabama, United States34.64765930N 86.63431549WAH-1Military13 Apr 2013
Huntsville, Texas, United States30.73624039N 95.58296967WVariousMilitary5 Nov 20195
Huntsville, Alabama, United States34.64763641N 86.63787842WH-6Military23 Feb 2019
Huntsville - US Space & Rocket Center, Alabama, United States34.71216583N 86.65444946WVariousMilitary10 Jul 20175
Huntsville - USSRC Aviation Challenge Camp, Alabama, United States34.70998001N 86.6410141WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201211
Huntsville - Veterans Memorial Museum, Alabama, United States34.69205856N 86.58615112WVariousMilitary3 Dec 20164
Hurlburt Field, Florida, United States30.41473579N 86.70062256WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201219
Hurley, Wisconsin, United States46.44476318N 90.1831131WAH-1Military9 Sep 20151
Huron, South Dakota, United States44.38474274N 98.21455383WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Huron, South Dakota, United States44.37078476N 98.20217133WT-33Military3 Jun 20141
Hutchinson, Minnesota, United States44.89410019N 94.36617279WAH-1Military19 Dec 20161
Hutchinson - Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Kansas, United States38.06529236N 97.92156219WVariousMilitary7 Jul 20143
Hyde Field, Maryland, United States38.74523926N 76.93524933WSeveral small civil airplanesCivil2 Sep 20121
Hyde Park, Vermont, United States44.60438538N 72.64118195WOH-6Military2 Sep 20121
Ida Grove, Iowa, United States42.35180283N 95.47357941WAH-1Military28 May 20141
Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States43.51142883N 112.06957245WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States43.51415634N 112.06017303WA2D (may be moving around at the airport)Military1 Nov 20141
Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States43.51847076N 112.06028748WCe.310Civil17 Jul 20191
Imperial, Pennsylvania, United States40.44143677N 80.23670197WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Imperial Beach, California, United States32.56640625N 117.10414124WF-18
credits: Polyarnik
Military3 Jul 2018
Independence, Kansas, United States37.23649979N 95.70272064WF-100Military13 Apr 20131
Indian Springs, Nevada, United States36.57656097N 115.67580414WF-84Military9 May 20131
Indiana, Indiana, United States40.63500214N 79.10179901WCe.310 aircraft was owned by James M. (Jimmy) Stewart after which the airport is namedNotset30 Oct 20201
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States39.87723160N 85.9996109WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States39.72382736N 86.2883606WB727Civil31 Dec 20201
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States39.73097610N 86.29985809WVarious i/aBoth26 Apr 201518
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States39.75306320N 86.28826904WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth24 Aug 20206
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States39.93439102N 86.04605865WCommanderCivil4 Dec 20171
Indianapolis - Indiana War Memorial Museum, Indiana, United States39.77325821N 86.15693665WAH-1 (inside)Military20 Dec 20161
Inyokern, California, United States35.64935684N 117.82601929WSmall twin propCivil19 Dec 2013
Ionia, Michigan, United States42.94141388N 85.0721283WVarious i/a at School of Missionary Aviation TrainingCivil20 Nov 20201
Iowa City, Iowa, United States41.63952255N 91.53931427WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Iron Mountain, Michigan, United States45.81375122N 88.11844635WT-33Military3 Jun 20131
Island Lake, Illinois, United States42.27900696N 88.20483398WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Jackson, Michigan, United States42.25504684N 84.46035767WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Jackson, Mississippi, United States32.32899475N 90.08341217WUH-1Military27 Sep 2016
Jackson, Tennessee, United States35.59852600N 88.91107178WUH-1, AH-1Military2 Sep 2012
Jackson, New Jersey, United States40.13908005N 74.43836975WF-104Military7 Jul 20141
Jackson - National Agricultural Aviation Museum, Mississippi, United States32.33657074N 90.15776062WVarious small civilCivil2 Sep 20124
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.48548126N 81.70279694WF-15, F-102, F-106, T-33Military2 Sep 20124
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.48340797N 81.70243073WF-16Military2 Sep 20121
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.22495842N 81.69698334WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201213
Jacksonville, Alabama, United States33.79522705N 85.76169586WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.22557449N 81.70018768WF-18Military18 Sep 20121
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.29676819N 81.50912476WB727 forward fuselage sectionCivil28 Jul 20181
Jacksonville, Florida, United States30.33389854N 81.51777649WCe.500Civil30 Jan 2020
Jacksonville - Museum of Military History, Arkansas, United States34.86705399N 92.12254333WF-105, UH-1Military22 Nov 20162
James Brothers, California, United States38.83694458N 121.5292511WVarious small plane wrecksCivil19 Dec 2013
Jamestown, North Dakota, United States46.92571640N 98.67871857WF-86Military2 Sep 20121
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States42.66648102N 89.03095245WF9FMilitary9 Sep 20151
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States42.66628265N 89.02973175WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Janesville, Wisconsin, United States42.61285019N 89.04470062W2x small prop fuselage (more inside in Blackhawk College's Aviation Center)Unknown3 Jun 20132
Jarales, New Mexico, United States34.61392212N 106.76435852WT-33 (plane may have been relocated to Belen, NM)Military3 Jun 20141
Jasper, Alabama, United States33.84056473N 87.23690033WF-4Military12 Sep 20121
Jasper, Arkansas, United States36.00071716N 93.29573059WBe.35 (not yet visible on GE image)Civil22 Dec 2017
Jefferson, Ohio, United States41.74673843N 80.76184082WAH-1Military30 Jul 20151
Jefferson City - Museum of Missouri Military History, Missouri, United States38.54904175N 92.07240295WVariousMilitary18 Apr 20206
Jeffersontown, Kentucky, United States38.18914032N 85.55476379WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Jenkins, Delaware, United States39.11690521N 75.58427429WPlane scrap yardCivil16 Dec 2016
Jenks, Oklahoma, United States36.03386307N 95.98181152WT-33Military3 Jun 2013
Jenks, Oklahoma, United States36.03449631N 95.98226929WVarious i/a at Tulsa TechBoth24 Oct 20161
Jerome, Idaho, United States42.72476196N 114.45232391WPV-2, F4UCivil4 Jul 20192
Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, United States41.20390320N 77.25700378WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Jet, Oklahoma, United States36.66637421N 98.17745972WT-37Military4 Jun 20141
Johnson Space Center, Texas, United States29.55011368N 95.09494781W2x T-38Civil7 Sep 20122
Johnson Space Center, Texas, United States29.55208397N 95.09703827WB747 with Space ShuttleMilitary5 Feb 20181
Johnston, Iowa, United States41.69850540N 93.7075882WA-7Military2 Sep 20121
Johnston, Iowa, United States41.69960785N 93.71273804WF-80Military28 Dec 20161
Johnston - Iowa Gold Star Museum, Iowa, United States41.70287323N 93.71211243WF-84 (more inside)Military1 May 20153
Johnston - Iowa Gold Star Museum, Iowa, United States41.70506668N 93.71342468WA-7Military1 May 20151
Johnstown, New York, United States42.99396515N 74.33758545WA-3Military18 Sep 20121
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States40.32132721N 78.84576416WAH-1, OH-6Military10 Aug 20152
Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States40.31912994N 78.84248352WAH-1Military29 Apr 2017
Joliet, Illinois, United States41.52072525N 88.1772995WSeveral in these shedsCivil26 Dec 20204
Jonestown, Texas, United States30.50209045N 97.91104889WUH-1 at a paintball fieldMilitary8 Jan 2017
Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States42.24015427N 85.55540466WT-34 and unknown float plane hanging inside terminalCivil1 Jan 2017
Kalamazoo - Aviation History Museum, Michigan, United States42.22747040N 85.5572052WVariousBoth18 Dec 201616
Kalispell, Montana, United States48.17987061N 114.30324554WPA-38Civil7 Dec 2017
Kalispell, Montana, United States48.17765427N 114.30844116WSeveral small prop wrecksCivil24 Apr 2019
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.43663979N 157.75663757WVariousMilitary3 Jun 20136
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.44829559N 157.76071167WP-3Military3 Jun 20131
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.44394112N 157.76690674WH-53Military3 Jun 20131
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, United States21.45431137N 157.77059937W2x F-4, 2x H-53Military19 Dec 2016
Kankakee, Illinois, United States41.10902405N 87.76251221WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Kankakee, Illinois, United States41.06296921N 87.84689331WAH-1, UH-1Military27 Jul 20152
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29228210N 94.69664001WVariousCivil21 Nov 2019
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29631805N 94.69478607WB737Civil21 Nov 2019
Kansas City, Kansas, United States39.07889557N 94.59918213WDC-3Civil19 Jan 20151
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29340363N 94.70105743WB727Civil21 Nov 20191
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.11463928N 94.59331512WDC-9 (probably part of the TWA museum and may move there)Civil24 Oct 20161
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.04954529N 94.49843597WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil17 Nov 20165
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.16102982N 94.46776581WSeveral planes at a paintball field (some may also be fake)Civil8 Jan 2017
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.12557983N 94.58756256W5x CommanderCivil27 Apr 20175
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.30009079N 94.71915436WL.1011, B727Civil21 Nov 20191
Kansas City, Missouri, United States39.29819489N 94.69772339WBAC 1-11Civil21 Nov 20191
Kansas City - Airline History Museum, Missouri, United States39.11875534N 94.60044098WAirlinersCivil7 Apr 20184
Kauai, Hawaii, United States21.97440529N 159.35351562WA-4Military25 Jul 20151
Kay Larkin, Florida, United States29.66449356N 81.68991852WBe.65Civil25 Oct 20171
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40806198N 88.91158295WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40617943N 88.91163635WF-105Military2 Sep 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40534019N 88.91099548WT-28Military2 Sep 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40411758N 88.91098022WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Keesler, Mississippi, United States30.40139198N 88.92314911WF-104Military7 Jul 20141
Keithville, Louisiana, United States32.34882736N 93.80004883WBe.18Civil21 Jan 20181
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38548470N 98.60017395WF-100Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38467598N 98.59957123WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38464546N 98.56604767WF-15Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38282204N 98.56065369WB-58, F-111Military2 Sep 20122
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38243484N 98.56388855WF-106Military2 Sep 20121
Kelly, Texas, United States29.37390327N 98.58695221WF-105Military6 May 2016
Kelly, Texas, United States29.38703156N 98.59968567WF-16Military11 Aug 2017
Kempton, Pennsylvania, United States40.62527466N 75.93921661WCe.172Civil13 Jan 2017
Kenai, Alaska, United States60.56428909N 151.24415588WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Kenai, Alaska, United States60.57840729N 151.2328186WDC-6 (the other one has since gone to Fairbanks)Civil13 Jul 20181
Kendall, Wisconsin, United States43.79008484N 90.36418915WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Kennedy, Texas, United States28.83585548N 97.86901855WBe.50Civil3 Dec 2016
Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States28.52720833N 80.78269196WSpace ShuttleUnknown2 Sep 2012
Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States28.52497673N 80.68122101WT-38Military2 Sep 20121
Kenner, Louisiana, United States29.99031830N 90.24382782WA-4, F-14Military13 Apr 20132
Kennesaw, Georgia, United States34.01445007N 84.5947876WVarious small propsCivil26 Dec 2017
Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States42.59033966N 87.92650604WAn-2, Ce.150Civil6 Dec 20172
Kern Valley, California, United States35.72182083N 118.41735077WBD-5Civil19 Dec 2013
Key Field, Mississippi, United States32.34646988N 88.7472229WH-47Military24 Dec 2016
Key West, Florida, United States24.58298683N 81.68974304WA-6Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58491325N 81.69002533WF-4Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58587074N 81.69070435WA-5Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.58160019N 81.68943024WA-4Military2 Sep 20121
Key West, Florida, United States24.55671120N 81.77031708WAn-24Civil6 Jun 20181
Keystone Heights, Florida, United States29.83722496N 82.05358124WDC-4Civil29 Feb 20201
Keystone Heights, Florida, United States29.83551788N 82.05040741WLearjet, 2x Ce.337, 2x small propCivil17 Dec 20161
Keystone Heights, Florida, United States29.83469391N 82.04949951W2x BN-2
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Civil18 Oct 20182
Keystone Heights - Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum, Florida, United States29.83983421N 82.04476929WVariousCivil7 Jan 20155
KI Sawyer, Michigan, United States46.34202194N 87.38333893WB-52, F-101, F-106, F-111Military12 Jul 20154
KI Sawyer, Michigan, United States46.34354401N 87.37905884WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Kidron, Ohio, United States40.75684738N 81.77735138WVarious fuselages and partsCivil12 Nov 20201
Killeen, Texas, United States31.07990456N 97.82394409WAH-1, UH-1Military2 Sep 2012
Killeen, Texas, United States31.07392502N 97.83583832WOH-58Military17 May 20141
Killeen, Texas, United States31.12076759N 97.72915649WAH-1Military2 Jul 20141
Kingman, Arizona, United States35.25640106N 113.94205475WVarious civil storedCivil2 Sep 2012
Kingman - Kingman Army Airfield Museum, Arizona, United States35.25507736N 113.9542923WVariousCivil24 Nov 20175
Kingsport, Tennessee, United States36.41897583N 82.53495026WT-33Military18 Sep 20121
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.49221230N 97.82250977WA-4, T-2Military4 Dec 20162
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.49177361N 97.81990814WF-18Military2 Sep 20121
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.47037697N 97.85573578WA-4Military18 Sep 20121
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.48150253N 97.82441711WT-45 (is this the mockup that used to be at the gate?)Military4 Dec 2016
Kingsville, Texas, United States27.47943497N 97.81885529WA-4Military4 Dec 20161
Kirtland, New Mexico, United States34.98410797N 106.54424286WF-4, F-16Military24 Dec 2016
Kissimmee, Florida, United States28.29162979N 81.43242645WSD.360 fuselageCivil25 Apr 2017
Kissimmee, Florida, United States28.32908821N 81.47135925WSmall propCivil2 May 2019
Kissimmee - Flying Tigers Air Museum, Florida, United States28.29493141N 81.44652557WVarious (mostly still airworthy)Both2 Sep 20126
Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States42.16241074N 121.74832153WF-4, F-15, F-16Military1 Dec 20123
Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States42.17112732N 121.73764038WP-2Civil15 Oct 20201
Knightsdale, North Carolina, United States35.79906082N 78.43743134WPA-23Civil30 May 2019
Kremmling, Colorado, United States40.05891037N 106.38047791WAH-1Military7 Apr 20151
Kualoa, Hawaii, United States21.51973724N 157.84225464WHH-3 wreck, used in a movie, fake tail, otherwise real. Exact location unknown, somewhere on this ranch in the jungle.Military15 Aug 2018
La Cholla, Arizona, United States32.45467377N 110.99992371WA-4Military22 Jun 20181
La Cholla, Arizona, United States32.45754242N 110.99871826WPrivate residence made up of B737 nose section, B727 tail section and two B707 fuselage sectionsCivil22 Jun 2018
La Crescent, Minnesota, United States43.83453369N 91.30188751WUH-1Military12 Jul 20151
La Grande, Idaho, United States45.28672028N 118.00788116WCommanderCivil10 Sep 2020
La Grange, Texas, United States29.90901756N 96.94731903WF-100Military4 Jun 20141
La Grange, Texas, United States29.90039253N 96.79207611WBe.35Civil15 Sep 2020
La Porte, Texas, United States29.66773796N 95.0691452WSmall twin propCivil20 Jun 2020
Labelle, Florida, United States26.74549103N 81.43492126WCe.310Civil5 Dec 2017
Lacey, Washington, United States47.06203461N 122.78479767WPiper Cub hanging from ceiling inside Cabela's storeCivil17 Oct 20191
Lackland, Texas, United States29.38359261N 98.63249207WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20128
Lackland, Texas, United States29.39139366N 98.6190567WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201222
Lackland, Texas, United States29.36860085N 98.62501526WC-141, C-118, 5x B707 (all fuselages only)Both11 Jun 20187
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37479210N 98.62836456WVarious i/a at Inter-American Air Forces AcademyMilitary3 Dec 20167
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37727356N 98.62739563WF-101Military11 Mar 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37360382N 98.64788055WF-104Military7 May 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37339020N 98.65126801WT-38Military7 May 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.39849472N 98.6245575WDC-9, C-131Military7 May 20132
Lackland, Texas, United States29.40011215N 98.62568665WC-123, UH-1Military6 Jul 20142
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37098694N 98.59659576WF-4Military7 May 20131
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37082291N 98.59940338WDC-3, O-2Military7 May 20132
Lackland, Texas, United States29.34978485N 98.66979218WF-101
credits: Erwin van Dijkman
Military6 Mar 20151
Lackland, Texas, United States29.37898445N 98.65499878W6x F-16Military13 Mar 20156
Lackland, Texas, United States29.39245796N 98.637146WB707Military11 Jun 2018
Lackland - USAF Airman Heritage Museum, Texas, United States29.38403511N 98.62162018WF-84, F-86, F-105Military1 Nov 20163
Laconia, New Hampshire, United States43.58082581N 71.42295837WBe.18Civil18 Mar 20201
Lago Vista, Texas, United States30.49445343N 97.9703064WF-4Military18 Sep 20121
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.87955856N 114.39512634WUH-1Military22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86951828N 114.38310242WC-130 fuselageMilitary22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86601639N 114.39839172WAH-1Military22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86592865N 114.40088654WC-141 fuselage, UH-1
credits: Polyarnik
Military22 Jun 20181
Laguna, Arizona, United States32.86758423N 114.40209961WH-46Military22 Jun 2018
Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States30.23430061N 93.22171783WUH-1Military18 Dec 20161
Lake City, Florida, United States30.15044975N 82.67292023WA-7Military4 Sep 20121
Lake City, Florida, United States30.17709923N 82.57156372WSmall twin propCivil25 Oct 2017
Lake City, Florida, United States30.04653549N 82.59985352WTwin NavionCivil9 Jun 2018
Lake City Airpark, Florida, United States30.04562759N 82.60075378WTwin NavionCivil9 Jun 2018
Lake Dallas, Texas, United States33.13438034N 97.01516724WSmall propCivil2 Aug 2019
Lake Elsinore, California, United States33.72953415N 117.4050827WSmall prop fuselage at a paintball fieldCivil9 Jan 2017
Lake Elsinore, California, United States33.72841263N 117.40575409WH-34 at a paintball fieldUnknown14 Oct 2017
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States42.58304977N 88.40873718WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Lake Istokpoga, Florida, United States27.42645836N 81.32506561WDove (wreck only)Civil24 Aug 20161
Lake Jackson, Texas, United States29.02947998N 95.41959381WC-130 (submerged for scuba diving)Military18 Jul 20141
Lake Los Angeles, California, United States34.60208893N 117.70157623WB727 cockpit sectionCivil6 Dec 20161
Lake Mead, Nevada, United States36.35944366N 114.38161469WB-29 wreck, submerged and only accessible with organised diving tours, exact location not disclosedMilitary15 Jan 20171
Lake Norden, South Dakota, United States44.58158875N 97.2129364WT-33Military6 May 20141
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.02606964N 74.3085556WF-18Military25 Oct 2016
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.01879120N 74.37253571WF-18, F-14, F11FMilitary3 Nov 20181
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.02554321N 74.31794739WF-14 (and two drones)Military25 Oct 20161
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.03102493N 74.3181839WA-4, A-7, F-4Military26 Jul 20143
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.03336334N 74.33919525WAH-1, UH-1Military25 Oct 2016
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.03122711N 74.33485413W2x C-23Military25 Oct 2016
Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States40.01689911N 74.39830017WE-2, F-18Military25 Oct 2016
Lakeland, Florida, United States27.98515129N 82.02233124WSeveral airliners (may be part of the museum)Civil3 Dec 20141
Lakeland, Florida, United States27.98156929N 82.01463318WMiG-21, A-4Military16 May 20152
Lakeland, Florida, United States27.97914124N 82.01196289WSeveral disassembled MiG-21sMilitary6 Jun 201819
Lakeland, Florida, United States27.97984886N 82.01397705WMiG-21Military6 Jun 2018
Lakeland - Florida Air Museum, Florida, United States27.98233795N 82.02770233WVariousBoth18 Sep 201211
Lakeport, Texas, United States32.39274979N 94.70511627WVarious i/a at LeTourneau University Abbott Aviation CenterBoth5 Dec 20169
Lakeville, Minnesota, United States44.65504074N 93.23532104WF-86 (under shed at the veterans memorial in Aronson Park)Military26 Nov 20121
Lakeville, Minnesota, United States44.61778259N 93.29524994WSmall prop in crashed position at Hot Sam's antiquesCivil23 Nov 2016
Lakeville, Minnesota, United States44.61863708N 93.29618073WSmall prop at Hot Sam's antiques, marked as N420, may be fakeCivil23 Nov 2016
Lakeway, Texas, United States30.35754204N 97.99354553WErcoupeCivil29 May 20201
Lakewood, California, United States33.84125137N 118.1160202WF3DMilitary26 Jul 20141
Lakewood, Washington, United States47.17610550N 122.5172348WT-33Military12 Mar 20151
Lakewood, Colorado, United States39.68246078N 105.08034515WBe.18, Ce.310 at Hangar 101 barCivil30 Dec 20181
Lambert Field, Oregon, United States44.73009491N 123.07542419WSmall propCivil14 Mar 2019
Lampson Field, California, United States38.98706818N 122.89505768WVarious bits and pieces of small propsCivil19 Dec 2013
Lampson Field, California, United States38.98794174N 122.89698029W2x C-1, HU-16, 2x CanberraCivil14 Jan 20215
Lancaster, California, United States34.74187469N 118.20568848WVariousBoth2 Sep 20125
Lancaster, California, United States34.67784882N 118.186203WD-558-2Military21 Jul 20141
Lancaster, California, United States34.70226669N 118.17363739WF-18Military2 Sep 20121
Lancaster, California, United States34.77220535N 118.28964233WT-33, Twin Pioneer, small propBoth24 Jun 20183
Lancaster, California, United States34.69869232N 118.13669586WF-4D at "Aerospace Walk of Honor"
credits: Luis Alvarez
Military25 Jun 20181
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States40.12357712N 76.29820251WSmall twin propCivil30 Nov 2016
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States40.11729813N 76.2976532WPA-30, GA-7Civil14 Dec 20172
Lancaster, Texas, United States32.57346344N 96.7204361WScrapyardCivil23 Oct 2019
Lancaster - Cold War Air Museum, Texas, United States32.57971573N 96.72360992WVarious - mostly airworthyBoth18 Aug 201711
Langley, Virginia, United States37.06695557N 76.36540222WF-4, B-52Military2 Sep 20122
Langley, Virginia, United States37.07499313N 76.35340118WF-15, F-16, F-86, F-105Military2 Sep 20124
Langley, Virginia, United States37.07461929N 76.37425995WF-15Military12 May 20171
Langley, Virginia, United States38.95412445N 77.14675903WA-12Military12 May 20171
Lansing, Illinois, United States41.54257965N 87.53884125WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Lapeer, Michigan, United States43.08727646N 83.30144501WUH-1Military7 Sep 20121
Laredo, Texas, United States27.54776955N 99.4703064W4x SabrelinerUnknown6 May 2016
Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States32.33428574N 106.75087738WUH-1Military18 Dec 20161
Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, United States18.17621040N 65.87221527WUH-1, A-7 at never completed memorialMilitary22 Feb 20182
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.08170319N 115.06903076WT-33 (and more?) as instructional airframe at Southern NV Vocational Technical CenterUnknown3 Jun 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.08531189N 115.15023041WCe.172 (hanging inside bagage claim area, not sure of exact location)Civil8 Jul 20151
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.08309174N 115.11766815WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 Nov 20161
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.08829498N 115.21001434W2x Nose section, H-47Both26 Feb 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.11182785N 115.09220123WAhrens 404 fuselageCivil24 Nov 20171
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.07120132N 115.10397339WFokker 28Civil3 Aug 20181
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States36.14275360N 115.16634369WB-52, AH-64 (both to be placed here soon)Military22 Dec 20182
Las Vegas - Battlefield Vegas, Nevada, United States36.13978958N 115.16834259WUH-1, H-34Military22 Dec 20182
Laughlin, Texas, United States29.34965897N 100.79336548WT-37, T-38Military2 Sep 20122
Laughlin, Texas, United States29.36538696N 100.79801178WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20128
Laurel - Veterans Memorial Museum, Mississippi, United States31.67670631N 89.1645813WCommanderUnknown18 Mar 2019
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, United States35.23452759N 87.26037598WCommanderCivil8 Jan 2020
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States33.94823074N 84.14763641WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceBoth16 Nov 20165
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States33.98126221N 84.08419037WSmall prop hanging inside Bass Pro ShopCivil26 Dec 2017
Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States43.65286255N 72.24340057WUH-1Military17 Jul 20151
Lebanon, Indiana, United States40.00683212N 86.43748474W3x twin propCivil6 Dec 20172
Lebanon - Wilson County Veterans Museum, Tennessee, United States36.20701599N 86.28734589WUH-1 (may not be here yet)Military18 Dec 20161
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States38.90370560N 94.35723114WPA-38Civil9 Dec 20171
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States38.96193314N 94.37606812WCe.152 (latest GE image does not show it because it was down for refurbishment for some time, already back again)Civil9 Dec 2017
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States38.96194839N 94.37684631WPA-23Civil9 Dec 2017
Leesburg, Florida, United States28.81402969N 81.87818909WUH-1Military18 Oct 2017
Lehi, Utah, United States40.43749237N 111.8890686W7AC Champion hanging from ceiling inside Cabela's storeCivil17 Oct 20191
Lehi - Museum of Natural Curiosity, Utah, United States40.43237305N 111.90808105WPiper Cub inside the playgroundCivil28 Aug 20191
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, United States40.65948105N 75.43914032WB727Civil23 Nov 20171
Lemoore, California, United States36.25722122N 119.90235901WA-1, A-4, A-7Military18 Sep 20123
Lemoore, California, United States36.25677872N 119.90539551WF-18Military18 Sep 20121
Lemoore, California, United States36.37224579N 119.76036835WA-4Military4 Apr 20151
Leominster, Massachusetts, United States42.55292130N 71.76784515WRC-3Civil1 Jan 20171
Lewis, Illinois, United States41.60610580N 88.08390045WVarious i/a at Lewis UniversityCivil23 Nov 20163
Lewiston, Idaho, United States46.37879562N 117.01067352WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Lewiston, Idaho, United States46.37979126N 117.01480103WSmall propCivil9 Oct 2013
Lexington, Georgia, United States33.88071823N 83.10868073WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Lexington, Nebraska, United States40.74024200N 99.73155975WUH-1Military29 May 20161
Lexington, Kentucky, United States38.03233719N 84.60126495WCe.150Civil26 Dec 20171
Lexington - Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles, Nebraska, United States40.74284744N 99.73693848WUH-1, picture on the museum website show two UH-1 outside and possible one inside as well (maybe the same)Military12 May 20145
Lexington - The Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Kentucky, United States38.03366470N 84.59855652WVariousBoth29 Dec 20169
Libby, Arizona, United States31.58109093N 110.347435WU-21, and AH-1 cockpit?Military22 Jun 2018
Liberal - Mid America Air Museum, Kansas, United States37.03898621N 100.95267487WVariousBoth2 Sep 201215
Lidgerwood, North Dakota, United States46.07808304N 97.15234375WAH-1Military7 Jan 20171
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States40.83789062N 96.75623322WUH-1Military24 Dec 20161
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States40.84126282N 96.75511169WF-4, F-84, F-86, T-33Military2 Sep 20124
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States40.84553146N 96.75649261WC-135Military18 Jun 20141
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States40.84962463N 96.74580383WLj-35Civil18 Nov 20171
Lincoln, Illinois, United States40.15802765N 89.33921051WCe.310Civil20 Aug 2018
Lincoln - Heritage In Flight Museum, Illinois, United States40.15883636N 89.33693695WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20124
Lincoln - International Motorsports Hall of Fame, Alabama, United States33.57834625N 86.07210541WPA-60Civil23 Feb 20191
Lineville, Alabama, United States33.31715012N 85.74423981WF-100, UH-1Military4 Jun 20142
Lisbon, North Dakota, United States46.42831039N 97.67798615WUH-1Military7 Jan 2017
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States34.89722061N 92.13498688WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201210
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States34.91001129N 92.13693237WF-84Military8 May 20141
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States34.88994598N 92.12452698WC-130Military2 Sep 20121
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States34.88948441N 92.10570526WC-130Military6 Jan 20141
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States34.74408722N 92.41790009WUH-1Military3 Jun 20161
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States34.90821075N 92.16098022WC-130Military25 Oct 20161
Little Rock - Camp Robinson, Arkansas, United States34.82276154N 92.28675842W2x UH-1Military3 Jul 20192
Little Rock - Camp Robinson, Arkansas, United States34.84426117N 92.30950928WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Little Rock - Camp Robinson, Arkansas, United States34.83826447N 92.30797577WUH-1Military23 Jun 20181
Livermore, California, United States37.69091797N 121.81009674WVariousCivil17 Nov 20171

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