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28 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Utah. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Bountiful, Utah, United States40.83842087N 111.86616516WA helicopter should be on this paintball field (exact location, presence and type of helicopter to be confirmed)Unknown14 Oct 2017
Camp Williams, Utah, United States40.43360519N 111.92848969WUH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Draper, Utah, United States40.51671982N 111.89043427WF-86Military2 Sep 2012
Hill, Utah, United States41.11590576N 111.98191071WF-16, F-105Military3 Jun 20132
Hill, Utah, United States41.12500763N 111.95308685WVariousMilitary3 Jun 20134
Hill, Utah, United States41.11188126N 111.98056793WF-16Military4 Apr 20151
Hill, Utah, United States41.12223434N 111.958992WF-16 fuselageMilitary8 Sep 20211
Hill - Aerospace Museum, Utah, United States41.16168594N 112.0196228WVariousBoth21 Mar 201554
Lehi, Utah, United States40.43749237N 111.8890686W7AC Champion hanging from ceiling inside Cabela's storeCivil17 Oct 20191
Lehi - Museum of Natural Curiosity, Utah, United States40.43237305N 111.90808105WPiper Cub inside the playgroundCivil28 Aug 20191
Logan, Utah, United States41.78346634N 111.85346985WVarious i/a at Utah State University (exact hangar unknown)Both13 Dec 20162
Orem, Utah, United States40.27909851N 111.7098465WDA-20 (never flew)Civil21 Mar 2015
Provo, Utah, United States40.22417831N 111.7184906WVariousCivil16 May 2021
Provo - AAA Lakeside Storage Museum, Utah, United States40.23611069N 111.73085785WBD-5 (and fake P-51)Civil29 Nov 2021
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States40.61302185N 111.9982605WUH-1Military8 Jan 20131
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States40.61389542N 111.99840546WOH-6Military8 Jan 20131
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States40.78077316N 111.95464325WVarious i/a at Salt Lake Community CollegeBoth13 Dec 20164
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States40.77207184N 111.95144653WCe.150 fuselage as promo tool for Lofte's Bar and Grill (not yet visible, or moving around?)Civil22 Jan 2018
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States40.79050446N 111.95418549WF-86 (dismantled, visible on latest GE image)Military29 Nov 20211
Salt Lake City - Discorvery Gateway Children's Museum, Utah, United States40.76755142N 111.90394592WAW109Civil6 May 20211
Salt Lake City - Fort Douglas Military Museum, Utah, United States40.76378632N 111.8335495WUH-1, AH-1, H-6Military29 May 20163
St George - Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum, Utah, United States37.03448486N 113.50363922WVarious jets, mostly airworthyBoth21 Feb 20188
UTTR, Utah, United States41.05297852N 112.92674255WVarious fuselagesMilitary26 Dec 2016
UTTR, Utah, United States41.12493134N 112.97413635WF-4 range targetMilitary11 May 2017
Vernal, Utah, United States40.45597839N 109.52629852WAH-1Military2 Sep 20121
Washington, Utah, United States37.13000107N 113.51706696WUnknown nose section (at site of closed Southern Utah Air Museum)Military4 Sep 2015
Wendover, Utah, United States40.72772980N 114.03686523WC-123, F-86 insideMilitary24 Nov 20122
Wendover, Utah, United States40.72740555N 114.02511597WDC-4
credits: Milan Cibulka
Civil20 Mar 20211