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94 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Venezuela. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Barcelona, Venezuela10.11278248N 64.69742584WCanberraMilitary20 Jan 20131
Barcelona, Venezuela10.11534405N 64.68501282WVariousCivil4 Jul 20181
Barcelona, Venezuela10.11295986N 64.68637848W2x B737
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil31 Dec 20182
Barcelona, Venezuela10.10030079N 64.69244385W6x Canberra
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20166
Barcelona, Venezuela10.14757156N 64.68427277WF-86Military9 Aug 20181
Barquisimeto, Venezuela10.04612732N 69.36540222WF-5Military20 Jan 20131
Barquisimeto, Venezuela10.04607677N 69.36631775WVariousMilitary28 Dec 20183
Barquisimeto, Venezuela10.08022308N 69.30522919WT-6Military2 Nov 20171
Barquisimeto, Venezuela10.07575893N 69.2845993WF-86Military27 Apr 2019
Borota, Venezuela7.89588737N 72.23899078WF-86Military29 May 20151
Calabozo, Venezuela8.92835236N 67.41439056WF-86Military1 Aug 20181
Camatagua, Venezuela9.81009674N 66.894104WSeveral small propsUnknown18 Jul 2019
Caracas, Venezuela10.60348892N 66.97263336WVarious stored planesCivil13 Jan 2016
Caracas, Venezuela10.60244370N 66.97534943WVarious stored airlinersCivil20 Jan 2013
Caracas, Venezuela10.59814262N 66.98868561WVarious stored airlinersCivil20 Jan 2013
Caracas, Venezuela10.48735905N 66.84064484WSkyvanCivil28 Apr 20191
Caracas, Venezuela10.48544979N 66.83772278WLearjetMilitary17 Nov 20171
Caracas, Venezuela10.46188641N 66.90237427WF-5Military29 May 20151
Caracas, Venezuela10.46464729N 66.89941406WT-6Military28 Apr 20191
Caracas, Venezuela10.43744755N 66.98817444WF-86Military29 May 20151
Caracas, Venezuela10.48552227N 66.85186005WSeveral Mi-8Military9 Aug 2018
Caracas, Venezuela10.48664761N 66.83872223WCe.337Unknown9 Aug 2018
Caracas, Venezuela10.43347263N 66.92586517WF-86Military9 Aug 20181
Caracas, Venezuela10.48616982N 66.84356689WBe.200, 2x Ce.500Civil27 Apr 2019
Caracas, Venezuela10.48406029N 66.84336853WVariousCivil27 Apr 2019
Caracas, Venezuela10.48485088N 66.84725952WVariousBoth27 Apr 20193
Caracas - El Museo Histórico Militar de Caracas, Venezuela10.50724888N 66.92682648WF-86Military27 Apr 20191
Caracas - Museo Del Transporte Guillermo J Schael, Venezuela10.49378109N 66.83466339WVariousCivil11 Sep 201710
Carrizales, Venezuela9.38063335N 66.94322968WF-86Military28 Dec 20141
Charallave, Venezuela10.29069328N 66.81430817WVariousBoth27 Apr 20192
Charallave, Venezuela10.29170799N 66.81112671WVariousCivil27 Apr 2019
Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela8.12661839N 63.53785324WFlamingoCivil27 Jun 20151
Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela8.12657928N 63.53297424WVariousCivil13 Jan 201613
Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela8.29012203N 62.75016403WCL-215Civil13 Apr 20151
Ciudad Guyana, Venezuela8.28326035N 62.76756668WDC-9Civil21 Mar 20211
Coro, Venezuela11.42657948N 69.64174652WF-86Military28 Dec 20141
Coro, Venezuela11.41522503N 69.67414856WL-410Civil19 Dec 20181
El Libertador, Venezuela10.17028904N 67.55952454WT-2Military26 Jul 20151
El Libertador, Venezuela10.17824650N 67.55132294WLarge number of stored planesNotset20 Jan 201314
El Libertador, Venezuela10.17402935N 67.5667572WMirage
credits: Carlos Fortner
Military21 Jan 20161
El Libertador, Venezuela10.17352676N 67.5697937WHelicopterMilitary9 Aug 20181
El Vigia, Venezuela8.62300968N 71.66350555WSeveral small propCivil31 Oct 2018
Guanare, Venezuela9.02986526N 69.7551651WMirage 50Military4 Oct 2018
Higuerote, Venezuela10.46369839N 66.09873199WYak-40, Metroliner, small propCivil27 Nov 20182
Isla Margarita, Venezuela10.91565800N 63.97389984WSmall prop wreck, twin prop, BAe.125Civil13 Jan 2016
Isla Margarita, Venezuela10.91742706N 63.95862198WB727, L-410
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil2 Dec 20181
Isla Margarita, Venezuela10.91564655N 63.96444702WAn-26Civil12 Dec 20171
La Ermita, Venezuela10.28483868N 68.75513458WCe.172, A.109Military28 Apr 20192
La Ermita, Venezuela10.28234291N 68.75437927W2x small prop
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
La Gran Sabana, Venezuela5.93880606N 62.30030441WDC-3Unknown4 May 20161
La Grita, Venezuela8.13178349N 71.98041534WF-86Military28 Apr 20191
La Guaria, Venezuela10.60507011N 66.91447449WDC-6, identity based on local media pages, to be confirmedCivil2 Dec 20171
Maracaibo, Venezuela10.56132412N 71.7221756WVarious airlinersCivil20 Jan 201311
Maracaibo, Venezuela10.56241703N 71.72400665WVarious small propNotset20 Jan 2013
Maracaibo, Venezuela10.55416775N 71.72519684WL.1329 (and more stored here?)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 2016
Maracay, Venezuela10.25491238N 67.65296936WJet ProvostMilitary3 May 20181
Maracay, Venezuela10.25759792N 67.65523529WF-86, T-2, T-6?Military28 Dec 20183
Maracay, Venezuela10.25973415N 67.6544342WF-86Military20 Jan 20131
Maracay, Venezuela10.25412369N 67.64696503WF-86Military20 Jan 20131
Maracay, Venezuela10.25070477N 67.6438446W2x F-86, small propMilitary28 Apr 20192
Maracay, Venezuela10.24447155N 67.65234375WT-34Military28 Apr 20191
Maracay, Venezuela10.24698353N 67.64953613WCV-580Civil28 Apr 20191
Maracay, Venezuela10.24822617N 67.57423401WT-2Military10 Nov 20141
Maracay, Venezuela10.22126389N 67.57369995WT-6Military10 Nov 20141
Maracay, Venezuela10.24897861N 67.57009125W2x C-123Military28 Dec 20182
Maracay, Venezuela10.22487068N 67.5693512WF-86Military28 Dec 20181
Maracay, Venezuela10.25166416N 67.59233856WT-2Military28 Dec 20181
Maracay, Venezuela10.24653149N 67.64783478WSmall propUnknown27 Apr 2019
Maracay - Estado Aragua Museum, Venezuela10.25264645N 67.59445953WVariousMilitary3 Jun 201655
Maturín, Venezuela9.74363041N 63.16278839WC-212, several small propsCivil25 May 2018
Mérida, Venezuela8.55807972N 71.2040863WT-6Military11 Jan 20141
Mérida - La Montaña de los Sueños, Venezuela8.48656559N 71.53835297WDo.28Civil2 Nov 20171
Metroploitano, Venezuela10.13648224N 66.78085327W3x L-410Civil3 Dec 20181
Michelena, Venezuela7.95364761N 72.23937988WF-86Military27 Apr 20191
Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela10.13101387N 66.7917099WVarious storedCivil4 May 20161
Oro Negro, Venezuela10.32841587N 71.31954956WCV-580Civil15 Jul 20171
Paramillo, Venezuela7.80015182N 72.20211029WSmall twin prop fuselageCivil27 Sep 2018
Píritu, Venezuela10.07922268N 64.9258728WBe.35Civil28 Dec 20181
Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela5.61887884N 67.60944366WTwin propCivil13 Jan 2016
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela10.47674751N 68.08003998WS-2Military11 Apr 20141
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela10.47793770N 68.07954407WSeveral wrecksUnknown28 Apr 2019
Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela8.29182816N 62.75042343W3x Small propCivil3 Jun 2018
Punto Fijo, Venezuela11.77680969N 70.14685822WBe.50Civil23 Feb 20181
Punto Fijo, Venezuela11.77867413N 70.14795685WVariousCivil27 Apr 20191
San Agustín, Venezuela10.49080658N 66.916008WCe.185 (still here, no longer visible on GE image since 2012, but could be covered by trees)Military28 Dec 20181
San Antonio, Venezuela7.83705616N 72.43963623WCanberraMilitary29 May 20151
San Cristobal, Venezuela7.78218222N 72.23878479WSmall twin propCivil25 Nov 2016
San Francisco, Venezuela10.59533787N 71.62812042WOV-10Military3 Nov 20171
Santo Domingo, Venezuela7.56849813N 72.04800415WDC-9Civil18 Nov 20181
Santo Domingo, Venezuela7.57609510N 72.05158234WF-86Civil18 Nov 20181
Trujillo, Venezuela9.37978554N 70.42952728WT-2Military2 Nov 2017
Valencia, Venezuela10.15215397N 67.94345093W2x DC-3, SD.330, Learjet, 2x twin small propCivil24 Dec 20174
Valencia, Venezuela10.15305901N 67.92493439WL.1329 (and more stored here?)
credits: Carlos Fortner
Civil21 Jan 20161
Valencia, Venezuela10.15155315N 67.93995667WVariousCivil12 Dec 20173