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40 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Victoria. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Avalon, Victoria, Australia38.02595901S 144.48374939EB747Civil4 Jan 20171
Avalon, Victoria, Australia38.02046204S 144.47804260ECanberra - currently stored inside, future in doubtMilitary7 Apr 2019
Avalon, Victoria, Australia38.02803802S 144.47384644EVarious (exact location unknown)Military7 Apr 201925
Ballarat - Aviation Museum, Victoria, Australia37.5147171S 143.78848267EVariousBoth29 Oct 20144
Ballarat - Friends of the Anson Air Museum, Victoria, Australia37.5188446S 143.78778076ESeveral AnsonsMilitary3 Sep 20183
Bandiana - Army Museum, Victoria, Australia36.14472961S 146.92689514EVarious (exact location on base not 100% sure)Military27 Oct 20142
Baybrook, Victoria, Australia37.79413605S 144.86221313EVampireMilitary20 Dec 20121
Benalla - Aviation Museum, Victoria, Australia36.55441284S 145.99836731EVariousBoth18 Oct 202211
Cohuna, Victoria, Australia35.81800842S 144.23345947ESmall propCivil29 Jul 2018
Coldstream, Victoria, Australia37.72778702S 145.40972900EPA-28Civil23 Dec 20191
Coldstream, Victoria, Australia37.72800827S 145.40898132ESmall twin prop fuselageCivil30 Dec 2017
Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia38.1174736S 145.28704834EMB.326Military29 Nov 20161
Dandenong, Victoria, Australia37.98620224S 145.21986389EUH-1Military4 Jan 20171
Dingley Village, Victoria, Australia37.96481705S 145.11877441E2x Commander at a paintball fieldCivil9 Jan 2017
Drysdale, Victoria, Australia38.17471695S 144.58287048EPA-28Civil14 Oct 20171
East Sale, Victoria, Australia38.10475922S 147.12129211ECA-25, MB-326, PC-9Military30 Nov 20213
Essendon, Victoria, Australia37.72198105S 144.89727783E2x CommanderCivil28 Jul 2020
Hamilton - Sir Reginald Ansett Transport Museum, Victoria, Australia37.74181747S 142.03607178EFokker Universal (more?)Civil21 Mar 20151
Lake Boga- Catalina Museum, Victoria, Australia35.45089722S 143.62767029EPBY-5Military4 Jan 20171
Lake Corangamite, Victoria, Australia38.11935043S 143.41722107EWirraway wreck (pin more or less where it should be in the water)Military29 Oct 20141
Launching Place, Victoria, Australia37.76714325S 145.64459229ECe.402 (formerly the site of the Derelict Aircraft Museum which has moved to location #23091, the Cessna may move there as well)Civil9 Jul 20191
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia37.82408905S 144.91319275ECanberraMilitary30 Oct 20141
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia37.65602112S 144.84228516EF.28 fuselageCivil29 Dec 2017
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia38.06578064S 145.20054626EB.47Civil3 Feb 20181
Melbourne - Melbourne Museum, Victoria, Australia37.80355835S 144.97174072EDuigan Biplane ReplicaCivil1 Mar 20181
Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia37.9759903S 145.08744812ERallyeCivil18 Jul 2019
Moorabbin - Australian National Aviation Museum, Victoria, Australia37.97655106S 145.09124756EVariousBoth2 Dec 201344
Parwan - Australian Gliding Museum, Victoria, Australia37.73467636S 144.43402100EVariousCivil24 Jul 2021
Philip Island - National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Victoria, Australia38.52065659S 145.32452393EVariousMilitary2 Jan 20179
Point Cook - RAAF Museum, Victoria, Australia37.92982864S 144.74876404EVariousBoth4 Jan 201756
Rupanyup, Victoria, Australia36.63160706S 142.72103882EDC-3Military24 Oct 20141
Seymour, Victoria, Australia37.01963806S 145.13061523EUH-1Military24 Sep 20161
Tooradin, Victoria, Australia38.21564484S 145.42163086ESeveral small propsCivil30 Dec 20172
Tyabb, Victoria, Australia38.27005005S 145.18115234ESeveral small prop fuselagesCivil30 Dec 20171
Tyabb, Victoria, Australia38.2636795S 145.18243408EVarious at The Old Aeroplane CompanyBoth22 Aug 20197
Tyabb, Victoria, Australia38.26618958S 145.18089294EPA-34 and more?Civil22 Aug 20191
Werribee, Victoria, Australia37.90806198S 144.64579773EB-24 (on rebuild, will probably move somewhere else once finished)Military5 Nov 20142
West Sale, Victoria, Australia38.09650421S 146.96105957ESeveral S-2 (several may have been moved already, others may be inside now, confirmation needed about which are still here)Military4 Jul 201811
West Sale - Gippsland Armed Forces Museum, Victoria, Australia38.09603882S 146.96424866EVariousMilitary22 Aug 20195
Yalca - Derelict Aircraft Museum, Victoria, Australia35.9280014S 145.23562622EVarious in derelict state (not yet visible on GE image)Both9 Jul 201914