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75 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Viet Nam. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Ap Bac, Viet Nam10.43805027N 106.19602966EUH-1Military19 Sep 20181
Bắc Ninh - Museum, Viet Nam21.18423271N 106.07550812EMiG-21Military10 Sep 20181
Biên Hòa, Viet Nam10.96386909N 106.82940674EMi-24Military10 Oct 20181
Biên Hòa, Viet Nam10.96493244N 106.81570435EMiG-21, F-5Military18 Jan 20161
Biên Hòa, Viet Nam10.95802784N 106.82970428EMiG-21, UH-1Military19 Sep 20182
Biên Hòa, Viet Nam10.97158623N 106.82627106EVariousMilitary19 Sep 2018
Biên Hòa, Viet Nam10.96645737N 106.82801056EMi-6Military20 Apr 20171
Biên Hòa, Viet Nam10.97099781N 106.81131744E10x An-26Military10 Sep 2018
Cam Ranh, Viet Nam11.97659492N 109.22705841EKa-25Military20 Jan 2019
Can Tho - Museum, Viet Nam10.03600311N 105.78529358EO-1, UH-1, A-37Military19 Sep 20183
Co Nhue, Viet Nam21.06876373N 105.76630402ETu-134Civil13 Mar 20191
Củ Chi, Viet Nam11.14141369N 106.46208191EVarious in this parkMilitary19 Sep 20184
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.05227280N 108.19499969ESeveral MiG-21, Su-22Military20 Sep 2018
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.03843117N 108.20556641E2x MiG-21Military24 Nov 2016
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.04943275N 108.20726013EVariousMilitary20 Jan 20197
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.04604912N 108.18700409E2x MiG-21Military3 Dec 2017
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.04551506N 108.19049072EMiG-21, Su-22Military3 Dec 2017
Da Nang, Viet Nam16.03919601N 108.20565033EMiG-21Military20 Jan 2019
Da Nang - 5th Military District Museum, Viet Nam16.04801559N 108.21777344EVariousMilitary21 May 20155
Dong Loc, Viet Nam18.39985466N 105.73925018EMiG-21, A-1 at the Dong Loc junction, the heavily bommed start of the Ho Chi Minh TrailMilitary1 Jun 20202
Hải Châu - Da Nang Museum, Viet Nam16.07594490N 108.22225952EUH-1Military10 Sep 20181
Hải Phòng - 3rd Military Region Museum, Viet Nam20.82282829N 106.63689423EMiG-17, B-52 wreckageMilitary13 Sep 2018
Hải Phòng - Museum, Viet Nam20.86198044N 106.68282318EMiG-17Military13 Sep 20181
Hanoi, Viet Nam21.04526901N 105.88084412EIl-14, An-2Civil3 Jan 20152
Hanoi, Viet Nam21.03792191N 105.82711792EB-52 wreckage (the B-52 lake, only very small part of the wreckage visible)Military31 May 2016
Hanoi, Viet Nam21.04070282N 105.75219727ETu-134Civil12 Jul 20161
Hanoi, Viet Nam21.21283150N 105.82155609EB727Civil21 Jul 20191
Hanoi, Viet Nam21.25774956N 105.83702087EMiG-17, MiG-21, Su-22, Mi-24?Military13 Sep 20182
Hanoi, Viet Nam21.25491905N 105.83574677EMiG-21Military21 Jul 2019
Hanoi - B-52 Victory Museum, Viet Nam21.03565788N 105.82582855EMiG-21, B-52 wreckageMilitary19 Dec 20141
Hanoi - Military History Museum, Viet Nam21.03343391N 105.84030151EVariousMilitary29 Jun 201610
Hanoi - Viet Nam Air Force Museum, Viet Nam20.99946976N 105.82923126EVariousMilitary27 Jun 201327
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam10.80762863N 106.65775299EVarious stored C-130, C-119, DC-3 and moreMilitary19 Sep 201815
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam10.80841827N 106.65309906EMi-8, Mi-24Military19 Sep 2018
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam10.79967403N 106.65448761EYak-40Civil19 Dec 20141
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam10.81967545N 106.67117310ETu-134, DC-3Civil20 Apr 20171
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam10.80217075N 106.64939880EUH-1Military3 Dec 2017
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam10.77809715N 106.67720795EUH-1Military16 Sep 2018
Ho Chi Minh - Campaign Museum, Viet Nam10.78645134N 106.70401001EF-5, A-37Military30 Dec 20143
Ho Chi Minh - Museum, Viet Nam10.80502129N 106.66089630EVariousMilitary29 Jun 20167
Ho Chi Minh - Re-unification Palace, Viet Nam10.77818012N 106.69516754EF-5 somewhere underneath these treesMilitary19 Sep 20181
Ho Chi Minh - Re-unification Palace, Viet Nam10.77689934N 106.69522858EUH-1 (on the rooftop)Military29 Feb 20201
Ho Chi Minh - War Remnants Museum, Viet Nam10.77914429N 106.69231415EVariousMilitary31 May 20166
Ho Chi Minh City - Museum, Viet Nam10.77623558N 106.69996643EVariousMilitary26 Dec 20143
Hue, Viet Nam16.46998405N 107.58267212EMiG-21, A-1, A-37, UH-1Military31 May 20164
Khe Sahn, Viet Nam16.65381432N 106.72461700EUH-1, H-47, C-130Military2 Jun 20163
Kim Son, Viet Nam21.09834671N 105.48416138EVariousMilitary28 Dec 20178
Kim Son, Viet Nam21.10224342N 105.46766663ETu-134Military31 Dec 2017
Kim Son, Viet Nam21.09935188N 105.48316956EMiG-21Military20 Sep 20181
Long Xuyen, Viet Nam10.40612125N 105.44544983EYak-40Civil12 Jul 20161
Nha Trang, Viet Nam12.23216343N 109.18973541EVariousMilitary22 Mar 2016
Nha Trang, Viet Nam12.23474789N 109.19293976EVariousMilitary31 May 201610
Nha Trang, Viet Nam12.23489475N 109.19210815EL-39Military21 May 20151
Nha Trang, Viet Nam12.23190689N 109.19067383EVariousMilitary16 Sep 201810
Ninh Bình, Viet Nam20.25860214N 105.98038483EMiG-21Military16 Sep 20181
Noibai, Viet Nam21.21198845N 105.81371307EIl-18Civil15 Jan 20161
Phan Rang, Viet Nam11.64446259N 108.94680023EA-37Military20 Apr 2017
Phan Thiet, Viet Nam10.92918110N 108.10074615EUH-1 (difficult to recognise on GE)Military27 Jun 2013
Quy Nhơn, Viet Nam13.76207638N 109.21856689E2x MiG-21Military16 Sep 2018
Sơn Tây, Viet Nam21.14032364N 105.50452423EMi-8, 2x MiG-21Military31 Dec 20173
Tam Kỳ, Viet Nam15.57174873N 108.46846008EMiG-21Military16 Sep 20181
Thai Binh - Museum, Viet Nam20.45251274N 106.34868622EMiG-21Military31 Jan 2020
Thái Nguyên, Viet Nam21.58261490N 105.81959534EMiG-21Military16 Sep 20181
Thanh Hoá, Viet Nam19.81472206N 105.78005219EMiG-17Military16 Sep 2018
Thành phố Vinh - Museum of Military Region IV, Viet Nam18.65782166N 105.69526672EMiG-17, Mi-4Military16 Sep 20182
Thành phố Vinh - Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Museum, Viet Nam18.67160416N 105.67029572EMiG-21Military16 Sep 20181
Thọ Xuân, Viet Nam19.89702225N 105.45291901EVariousMilitary20 Sep 20183
Thọ Xuân, Viet Nam19.90687180N 105.45176697E6x Su-22Military16 Sep 2018
Thủ Dầu Một, Viet Nam10.98920345N 106.66262817EUH-1Military16 Sep 20181
Tuy Hòa - Phú Yên Museum, Viet Nam13.09431934N 109.30182648EMiG-21, UH-1Military16 Sep 20182
Tuy Lộc, Viet Nam21.72586250N 104.87511444EMiG-21Military2 Aug 2013
Vinh Long - Museum, Viet Nam10.25688171N 105.97135162EA-37, F-5, UH-1Military31 May 20163
Vũng Tàu, Viet Nam10.40777111N 107.27821350E2x An-30Civil16 Sep 20182
Đông Hà - Museum, Viet Nam16.81911469N 107.09058380EUH-1, T-37Military13 Sep 20182
Đồng Hới - Museum, Viet Nam17.46824837N 106.62357330EMiG-17, A-1Military13 Sep 20182