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73 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Virginia. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Accomack County Airport, Virginia, United States37.64236832N 75.76109314WA-4Military2 September 20121
Aviacres, Virginia, United States38.62524414N 77.78518677WSmall prop fuselageCivil11 April 2014
Bedford, Virginia, United States37.33023071N 79.53552246WL-3Unknown18 September 20121
Bridgewater, Virginia, United States38.36701584N 78.95820618WVarious King Air and Super King Air fuselages (more around the main building)Unknown11 April 2014
Bristol, Virginia, United States36.59717178N 82.18198395WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Camp Peary, Virginia, United States37.31175232N 76.64141846WC-130 fuselageMilitary13 December 2016
Chantilly - Udvar Hazy Museum, Virginia, United States38.91086578N 77.44436646WVariousBoth23 February 2018127
Cheatham, Virginia, United States37.27864075N 76.61100769WC-130, H-53Military12 May 20172
Chesapeake, Virginia, United States36.77846527N 76.26869202WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 November 20161
Chesterfield, Virginia, United States37.40956879N 77.52099609WL.18Civil4 December 20171
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.33012009N 77.03720856WA-6, F-14Military3 June 20131
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.35627365N 77.02075958WF-18Military3 June 20131
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.33786392N 77.03659821W2x jet fuselage, 1x helicopter fuselageUnknown11 April 2014
Dahlgren, Virginia, United States38.33129120N 77.03978729WF-18Military11 April 2014
Danville - American Armoured Tank Museum, Virginia, United States36.64310455N 79.383255WAH-1Military2 September 20121
Davison, Virginia, United States38.71451187N 77.17502594W2x UH-1Military4 September 2015
Davison, Virginia, United States38.71274567N 77.17222595WUH-1Military21 March 20151
Edinburg - Longs, Virginia, United States38.80545044N 78.57048035WSmall propCivil9 April 2018
Felker, Virginia, United States37.14072037N 76.60435486WUH-1Military21 March 2015
Fentress, Virginia, United States36.70669556N 76.12690735WE-2, F-18Military21 March 20152
Fort Belvoir, Virginia, United States38.72088242N 77.15773773WOV-1Military22 December 20161
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.14879608N 76.57962036WAH-1Military8 May 20141
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.14659119N 76.58861542WUH-1Military21 March 2015
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.16687012N 76.60193634WUH-1Military4 September 20151
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.15082932N 76.57929993Wvarious i/a inside hangarsMilitary21 March 2015
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States37.11252213N 76.57544708W2x Mi-8, Mi-24, H-47, 2x unknownMilitary21 September 2018
Fort Eustis - USArmy Transportation Museum, Virginia, United States37.16409683N 76.57659149WVariousMilitary2 September 201223
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.24808502N 77.33485413WH-47Military3 June 2013
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.25059128N 77.32434082WC-130, C-17 fuselageMilitary2 December 20161
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.21907043N 77.34545898WUH-1Military2 December 2016
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.29558945N 77.33345795WH-47Military15 December 2016
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.21925735N 77.34453583WUH-1Military28 February 2019
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.22029495N 77.34474182WH-60Military28 February 2019
Fort Lee, Virginia, United States37.22079086N 77.34609985WAH-1?Military28 February 2019
Fort Lee - US Quartermaster Museum, Virginia, United States37.24251938N 77.34668732WUH-1 (cabin only)Military12 May 2017
Fort Pickett, Virginia, United States37.05294800N 77.94459534WUH-1Military22 December 2016
Hampton - Virginia Air and Space Museum - History Center, Virginia, United States37.02407455N 76.34428406WVariousBoth20 March 201513
Hampton Air Park, Virginia, United States37.04330063N 76.36633301WVariousBoth2 September 20127
Langley, Virginia, United States37.06695557N 76.36540222WF-4, B-52Military2 September 20121
Langley, Virginia, United States37.07499313N 76.35340118WF-15, F-16, F-86, F-105Military2 September 20124
Langley, Virginia, United States37.07461929N 76.37425995WF-15Military12 May 20171
Langley, Virginia, United States38.95412445N 77.14675903WA-12Military12 May 20171
Louisa, Virginia, United States38.01159286N 77.96920013WCe.150Civil26 December 20171
Manassas, Virginia, United States38.79445648N 77.5145874WVarious i/a at Aviation Institute of MaintenanceCivil16 November 2016
Metro Richmond Visitor Center, Virginia, United States37.54490280N 77.43815613WF-9F (exact location unknown)Military2 September 2012
Newport News, Virginia, United States37.13829422N 76.49835968Wvarious i/aBoth12 August 20151
Norfolk, Virginia, United States36.94484711N 76.27413177WVariousMilitary2 September 20127
Norfolk, Virginia, United States36.95294952N 76.30338287WvariousMilitary5 September 2015
Norfolk, Virginia, United States36.95704269N 76.32952118W2x F-18 in use as deck trainers (on most images visible on carriers)Military13 November 2018
Norfolk - National Maritime Center Nauticus, Virginia, United States36.84779358N 76.29496002WA-4Military2 September 20121
Oceana, Virginia, United States36.80792236N 76.02089691WVariousMilitary2 September 20127
Oceana, Virginia, United States36.82731628N 76.01081085WF-14Military19 July 20151
Oceana, Virginia, United States36.81411362N 76.02481079WT-34Military24 September 2016
Oceana, Virginia, United States36.82497787N 76.03697968WT-34Military13 November 2018
Quantico, Virginia, United States38.57481384N 77.5433197WH-46Military20 December 2016
Quantico, Virginia, United States38.50396347N 77.30184174WH-46Military24 February 2018
Quantico - National Museum of the Marine Corps, Virginia, United States38.54435730N 77.34280396WVariousMilitary24 February 201818
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.41434479N 77.43755341WF-14, F-15Military3 June 20132
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.41279221N 77.44489288WA-6Military3 June 20131
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.42765808N 77.44783783WA-10Military3 June 20131
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.41337204N 77.43987274WAH-1Military3 June 2013
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.41376877N 77.43642426WF-18Military5 September 20151
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.41444397N 77.43619537WF-84Military5 September 20151
Richmond, Virginia, United States37.51053238N 77.31467438W2x unknown fuselageUnknown20 December 2016
Richmond - Virginia Aviation Museum, Virginia, United States37.51692963N 77.33370209WVarious - CLOSED BY 30 JUNE 2016Both28 June 20165
Ruckersville - The Vietnam War Foundation Museum, Virginia, United States38.20186996N 78.40543365WUH-1, O-2Military12 May 20172
Science Museum of Virginia, Virginia, United States37.56104660N 77.46574402WLj-23 (and others)Civil2 September 20121
Virginia Beach - Military Aviation Museum, Virginia, United States36.67901230N 76.02812958WVarious (many if not all still airworthy)Both2 November 20161
Wallops, Virginia, United States37.94091797N 75.46762848WP-3 (and two C-23 also stored?)Unknown5 September 2015
Warren County Airport, Virginia, United States38.91873169N 78.24720001WF-86Military4 September 20121
Warrenton, Virginia, United States38.59096909N 77.71263885WPA-30, ErcoupeCivil1 January 20182
Williamsburg, Virginia, United States37.12551498N 76.49310303WDrakenCivil21 September 20181
Williamsburg, Virginia, United States37.23999786N 76.71542358WCe.172Civil31 December 20171