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78 locations with stored, preserved or otherwise out of service airplanes found in Washington. Click on a location name to go to the location page, or click on the coordinates to go to the map.

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Location nameCoordinatesDescriptionServiceLast update
Arlington, Washington, United States48.16370773N 122.15333557WDC-3, MH.1521Civil27 Dec 20182
Arlington, Washington, United States48.16480637N 122.16963196WVariousCivil11 Sep 20201
Arlington, Washington, United States48.15478134N 122.15986633WUH-1Military2 Dec 2020
Arlington - The Air Station Museum, Washington, United States48.15923691N 122.1522522WS-2Civil27 Dec 20181
Bremerton, Washington, United States47.57910538N 122.6942749WF-8Military5 Sep 20151
Bremerton, Washington, United States47.55654526N 122.64980316WF-18 deck trainer, most GE images show it aboard a carrier, normal location on shore not knownMilitary15 Dec 2017
Brewster, Washington, United States48.09920502N 119.77913666WT-33Military2 Jun 20141
Bridgeport, Washington, United States48.00086975N 119.66866302WH-21, F-86Military5 Nov 20142
Burlington - Heritage Flight Museum, Washington, United States48.46423721N 122.42062378WVariousBoth11 Jan 201815
Camp Murray, Washington, United States47.11840439N 122.55975342WF-101Military2 Sep 20121
Camp Murray, Washington, United States47.11584854N 122.56539917WAH-1Military5 Sep 2015
Chehalis - Veterans Memorial Museum, Washington, United States46.65393066N 122.9769516WAH-1, F-105, P-51Military26 Mar 20213
Concrete - Vintage Aircraft Museum, Washington, United States48.53068542N 121.75669861WVarious, mostly airworthy, spread over 6 hangars - museum may have closed, to be confirmedCivil5 Apr 202112
Deer Park, Washington, United States47.97434998N 117.43488312WBe.18Civil10 Jun 2021
Deer Park, Washington, United States47.97512054N 117.4344101WM10Civil5 Jun 20181
Deer Park, Washington, United States47.96655273N 117.43917847WScrap yardCivil6 May 2019
Elma, Washington, United States46.99174881N 123.42818451WCe.150Civil6 May 2019
Ephrata, Washington, United States47.31323624N 119.51895905WPBYCivil6 Jan 20181
Everett, Washington, United States47.90860748N 122.27388763WVarious (Museum of Flight Restoration Center)Both6 Sep 201512
Everett, Washington, United States47.90934372N 122.27709198WVarious at Everett Community CollegeBoth10 May 201410
Everett, Washington, United States47.90336990N 122.27714539WB727Civil1 Nov 20161
Everett, Washington, United States47.85794830N 122.23017883WCe.172Civil5 Jun 20191
Everett - Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, Washington, United States47.89946747N 122.28011322WVarious (most airworthy)
credits: Stefan Jongen
Both15 Apr 202127
Everett - Future of Flight, Washington, United States47.92128372N 122.28998566WVariousCivil6 May 20163
Everett - Historic Flight Foundation, Washington, United States47.90136719N 122.29122925WVarious airworthyCivil16 Aug 201714
Fairchild, Washington, United States47.62254333N 117.66101074WF-102Military23 Dec 20141
Fairchild, Washington, United States47.62051392N 117.66136932WF-86Military22 Oct 20211
Fairchild - Heritage Museum, Washington, United States47.63611221N 117.64305115WVariousMilitary2 Sep 20128
Fall City, Washington, United States47.55975342N 121.86457825WSmall propCivil29 Apr 2021
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.06840515N 122.57278442WC-130Military25 Oct 20161
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.06755447N 122.57079315WH-47Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.07857513N 122.57074738WAH-1, OH-58Military15 Dec 2016
Fort Lewis, Washington, United States47.03005981N 122.54541016WC-130 fuselageMilitary15 Dec 2016
Fort Lewis - Army Museum, Washington, United States47.09731293N 122.61514282WUH-1Military8 Sep 20211
Gig Harbour - Vintage Aero Museum, Washington, United States47.26788330N 122.5743103WVarious, mostly airworthyCivil6 Oct 20235
Green Valley, Washington, United States48.09680176N 122.0166626WSmall propCivil29 Apr 2021
Kelso, Washington, United States46.12025833N 122.89878845W2x HU-16Civil16 Sep 20211
Lacey, Washington, United States47.06203461N 122.78479767WPiper Cub hanging from ceiling inside Cabela's storeCivil17 Oct 20191
Lakewood - Antiques and Aviation Museum, Washington, United States47.17610550N 122.5172348WT-33Military31 Mar 20211
Lynden, Washington, United States48.95553970N 122.45542908WSmall propCivil12 May 2017
McChord, Washington, United States47.12227631N 122.50550842WF-4, F-15, F-16Military15 Aug 20213
McChord - Air Museum, Washington, United States47.13230896N 122.4829483WVariousMilitary2 Sep 201216
Mead, Washington, United States47.78191376N 117.35321808WAA200Civil6 Jun 20181
Moses Lake, Washington, United States47.18921280N 119.33503723WVarious i/a at Big Bend Community CollegeBoth20 Nov 20166
Moses Lake, Washington, United States47.19094086N 119.32681274WPBY, UC-67 (moving around on the ramps it seems)Civil8 Aug 20232
Moses Lake, Washington, United States47.19900131N 119.34095764WCV-340Civil8 Aug 20231
Oak Harbor, Washington, United States48.25040817N 122.67926788WSmall propCivil23 Apr 2014
Oak Harbor - PBY Naval Air Museum, Washington, United States48.28742981N 122.65475464WPBY-5Military29 Dec 20171
Olympia, Washington, United States46.96401978N 122.8898468WUH-1, OH-58, H-52Military2 Sep 20122
Olympia - Olympic Flight Museum, Washington, United States46.97584152N 122.89795685WVariousBoth2 Sep 201222
Othello, Washington, United States46.82592773N 119.17047119WT-33Military2 Sep 20121
Point Roberts, Washington, United States48.98015594N 123.08039093WPA-23Civil22 Mar 20241
Port Townsend - Aero Museum, Washington, United States48.05674362N 122.80791473WVariousCivil12 May 201719
Seattle, Washington, United States47.52072144N 122.30093384WUnknown experimental small prop hanging in main stairwell of Raisbeck Aviation High School, marked as N2013RACivil18 Dec 2016
Seattle, Washington, United States47.54930878N 122.3508606WVarious i/a at South Seattle College
credits: Aeroprintsuk
Both6 Jul 20188
Seattle, Washington, United States47.51928711N 122.29593658WBe.35 on it's belly (not yet visible on GE image)
credits: Stefan Jongen
Civil2 Apr 20211
Seattle - Museum of Flight, Washington, United States47.51882172N 122.29737854WVariousBoth2 Sep 201244
Seattle - Museum of History & Industry, Washington, United States47.62759399N 122.33663177WBoeing 6Civil2 Jan 20161
Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, United States47.44207764N 122.3004303WEaglerock inside terminal building (and Rutan Voyager replica)Civil15 Apr 20211
Sequim, Washington, United States48.09864807N 123.18873596WRC-3Civil22 Mar 20241
Silverdale, Washington, United States47.66181946N 122.73207855WVarious small propsCivil15 Dec 20173
Snohomish, Washington, United States47.90913773N 122.10660553W2x Be.18, small propCivil31 Aug 20201
Spokane, Washington, United States47.62363052N 117.52037811WB727 (this may not be its permanent location)Civil13 Nov 20151
Spokane, Washington, United States47.67867661N 117.32796478WPA-23, Ce.337 (aircraft here are part of the maintenance school at location #16611)Civil17 Jul 20191
Spokane, Washington, United States47.68203735N 117.31331635WVarious i/a at Moody AviationCivil10 Dec 20163
Spokane, Washington, United States47.68030548N 117.32064056WCassutt Special as windvane, homebuild racer but never flownCivil21 Nov 2017
Spokane - Honor Point Museum, Washington, United States47.67970657N 117.322052WStearman, MiG-17 to be added soonBoth19 Jul 20211
Tacoma, Washington, United States47.09840012N 122.28501129WVarious i/a at Clover Park Technical CollegeBoth13 Dec 201612
Tekoa, Washington, United States47.23659515N 117.04188538WBe.35Civil4 Jun 2020
Vancouver, Washington, United States45.63732910N 122.66038513WUH-1Military18 Sep 20121
Vancouver - Pearson Air Museum, Washington, United States45.62390518N 122.65639496WVarious (pre-)WWIIBoth2 Sep 2012
Whidbey Island, Washington, United States48.34142303N 122.66924286WP-3Military2 Sep 20121
Whidbey Island, Washington, United States48.34609222N 122.67406464WA-6Military2 Sep 20121
Whidbey Island, Washington, United States48.33362961N 122.66906738WA-6Military2 Sep 20121
Whidbey Island, Washington, United States48.32852173N 122.62994385W2x A-6Military9 May 20132
Whidbey Island, Washington, United States48.33199310N 122.66903687WA-3Military12 May 20171
Yakima, Washington, United States46.56777573N 120.53088379WCommander 700, PA-60Civil1 May 2019
Yakima - McAllister Museum of Aviation, Washington, United States46.56858826N 120.53160095WBD-5, SceptreCivil19 Jul 20212